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  1. Maybe they tipped over. In WoT if some idiot is spamming Help Help Help they've tipped themselves over somewhere embarrassing.
  2. NK_33

    I, I, I - saw a Claus....

    Then check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBykUNtYty4 For some reason I can't imbed the video.
  3. On April 1st they will float a trial balloon about including premium ammo in the game. None Few will check their calendars and the salt will be enough for Serb to resell to finally buy his moon base.
  4. NK_33

    Amazon Pay not working ISSUE!

    Karma Coin works, but it's a pain in the keester to buy the cards, then combine them to make larger purchases. I've seen cards up to $500 in 7-Eleven, I think those are rechargable, but I've been picking up a few when I buy groceries, then combining them.
  5. NK_33

    WG, your Scrooge is showing.

    Does the OP not know you can use flags, camo, etc. to get to the 4 million credits? Flying all econ flags, you can get the entire 6 mission run done with 24 decent games. I'm not expert, but I've gotten 190000 credits on a well played loss with no econ flags flying, so if I can do it, anyone can do it.
  6. NK_33

    Who's the idiot???

    I've quit dodging `friendly` torps. Too often they are launched beyond the range that they'll hit the enemy. So if the launcher keeps getting penalized, eventually they will (or should) receive. bans. I notice that this behavior infests the higher tiers, I don't see it as often at the low tiers. I have yet to have to implement the technique I use in WoT, where if a blue player does anything suspicious, I delete them. Had a blue platoon approaching my TD in a bush. I didn't wait, I turned and fired on them.
  7. NK_33

    Forum Funnies

    That's why you don't let Gilligan drive the boat.
  8. If any of you are familiar with the Destroyermen series, there is an interesting Japanese battlecruiser, the Amagi which is basically the existing Amagi hull, with 10 10 inch rather than the 10 16 inch guns. There's also the Walker (Wickes-class) and the Mahan (Wickes-class) but these don't have the unusual qualities of the Amagi. Considering that WG has done collaborations with anime, how about a collaboration with an book series?
  9. Karma Koin is a reasonable alternative, although you have to combine them for larger purposes. No Amazon pay, so fewer purchases. I wonder if WG got deplatformed because they are from a 'bad' country.
  10. NK_33

    Amazon Pay not working ISSUE!

    Well, this is going to save me a bunch of money this weekend. I got KarmaKoin prepayed cards to get the Dreadnought, but I'm not going out into the shopping frenzy to get more, not this weekend. I might check if I can recharge that sucker and get any crates with that. But my cards are US only and can only accept International charges on a one at a time basis. I hope WG NA makes a note of the purchase drops from lack of Amazon Pay.
  11. NK_33

    No more amazon pay?

    Yeah! No Black ships, no loot boxes, no temptation to spend hundreds of dollars to get one or two ships I want. Maybe Wargaming Anonymous hacked the site.
  12. NK_33

    Black Black Friday Crates??

    Basically, if you have lots of the premiums, this is a half-price sale on gold. I bought the Armada to get about 5 premiums of the group, and I still have over 200K gold left from the conversions. So when the 35/1 FXP conversions roll around, I clear all the XP off the ships I enjoy playing and get the FXP ships that are being offered. Considering that $600 is less than most people spend on coffee ($3-5 a cup) and movies ($25 with popcorn and a drink) in a year, and it's my entertainment budget, I think it's a good deal and a good move for WG. If you can't afford it or don't want it, more power to you keeping the server pop up which is the other thing keeping the game alive.
  13. NK_33

    PSA for our resident Armada whales.

    So if you have a lot of premiums already, this is gold at 50% off. I did it last year and still have over 200K gold left over. Just waiting for the FXP 35/1 sale.
  14. Turkeys are labelled event_turkey_## where ## is a 1,2 or 3 digit number. I am one of the turkeys, so you're getting it from the gobbler's mouth.
  15. NK_33

    Super-Battleships: Which was best?

    Tillman - the Tillman IV (24 16"/50's)