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  1. NK_33

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Mouse thank you for your work. I was nervous about this ship, and every trusted reviewer convinced me to save my money. sigh. I wonder how it would have worked if they had gone the Kii route and left the torpedo tubes, making them more flexible..
  2. Admittedly First World problem, but has anyone else been having trouble using Amazon Pay in the Premium shop? I can still buy stuff from Amazon, but Amazon Pay doesn't work. I can get a Karma Koin, but I just wanted someone at WG to know there is this problem.
  3. NK_33

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Pinkie Pie
  4. NK_33

    STOP charging us to play higher tiers

    I'm no Unicum, in fact I'm mediocre, but flags, various camos, and Tier 8, 9 and 10 premiums rake in the credits for me. So if you are paying money, buy some tier 8/9 premiums equip them with flags/camos and use them to finance your tech tree ships.
  5. Glad to see you at least up and around LWM. Hope you are feeling better. I did the calcs and just decided to get the big package (I've still budgeted for the Christmas free port slot/gold sale: Armada Package) but I like most of the ships on the list so having a few more isn't bad. And expecting the need from lots of free XP for the Christmas surprise.
  6. NK_33

    Ultimate Battleship encounter

    For Vanguard and Iowa, and possibly Jean Bart, one word : Radar The Axis ships never had a radar system that enabled them to watch the fall of shot and correct. The old dreadnoughts at Suriago Strait showed what radar-controlled guns could do. The Bismarck and Scharnhorst both lost their radar in battle and they suffered for it.
  7. NK_33

    Latest ingame survey

    Asking the brands was also difficult, I buy what I have coupons for/is on sale. I'm not brand conscious for cheese or 'soft drinks', which I thought were sodas, but the next question asked about coffee and tea. I guess this is the next phase of the Cola Wars, the Forces of Darth Pepsi and Inquisitor Coke against The God Emperor Dr. Pepper with Fanta and Shasta bringing up the rear (the Skaven?). The Orks are Mountain Dew, but that's a Pepsi subsidiary. Or maybe it'll be Tim Horton's versus $tarbucks.
  8. NK_33

    Missed out on the Benham?

    If you just want to buy it, about $200 of gold (converted to containers in game) or grind to get it, or some of both.
  9. NK_33

    Welp, I finally got my first T10

    Congratulations on your achievement, my condolences for your experiences in high tier games.
  10. NK_33

    The new ships

    I put it through Google Translate but it insisted that was English.
  11. NK_33

    Player names/Tags

    In almost every online game I've played 'Awesome DeathDoom McCool Name' goes down like a [REDACTED]. Nerf Puppy, Flower_poi, Kiss the Cook and such are the names you have to watch out for.
  12. The moment someone invents a paw-operated can opener, all cats will murder their owners in their sleep.
  13. NK_33

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    Glad you're back Mouse, you also got highlighted on Jingles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlMoKgLbIGc Now for the Heresy. Am I the only one who sees the Georgia and the Massachusetts as Destroyer captain trainers rather than Battleship captain trainers? The skills required look more like a DD main build than a BB main build.
  14. NK_33

    Simple solution to passive play

    This is never going to happen. 'Better' players all play passively, punishing impatient players or those who make a slight mistake. If you want a fast-paced brawl, play Co-Op or lower tiers where your opponents aren't frightened of getting their paint scratched.