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  1. DaggyWaggy

    How bad is it?

    I basically shelfed my T10 IJN CV for good at this point. Pre patch, she was awesome and could dish out the damage and control the airspace. Post patch, she is a joke. Her strong point is her long range Torpedoes and AP Bombs. People been dodging Torpedoes since game launch, and even then the few Torpedoes that do hit tickle the target instead of doing any real damage. As for the AP Bombs, they are RNG Trolls, more likely to overpenn a ship than to give you a Citadel or even a hit. That and the paper IJN planes have no chance against the pure AA spam of enemy ships. Sure you can dodge and leapfrog flak, but you have to dodge so much that your not able to aim your bomb effectively making them even more useless. A ship like the Worchester arrives on scene, you are dead at 6km's from walls of flak and sniper AA. Its been fun CVs. I used to enjoy you, and at one point CVs were my primary. But WG [edited] them up so much that they are not fun to play at all. Between your ships autopilot beaching you all the time, the fact only 1/3 of your planes drop bombs during a run, and the overpowered AA, its just... no. It just goes to show WGing has no idea what they are doing, ignores their community, and are just collecting that sweet sweet free-to-play, pay-to-win money.
  2. DaggyWaggy

    How bad is it?

    CVs are broken as of the reworrk and WG actively been nurf batting them further and buffing AA guns. AA makes it so you spend most of your time ferrying planes who die instantly, and repeat. T4 can be fun. T6-T10 you might as well uninstall.
  3. I like to have 4-6 CV games. But I'm in my AA geared/perked escort DD spewing fire and death while I can just sit in my magical smoke bunker cloud, drink some tea, and shoot down endless amounts of planes all the while spamming a battleship with also endless HE spam (from the same turrets being used for AA), because AA flak spam is as broken as CVs. The CV rework on paper is fun. Actually controlling planes and doing the bombing runs. At T4 I had a blast in the HMS CV. But T6 it starts to go downhill and it becomes horribly broken and not fun. Especially at T8 - T10 where every cruiser/battleship is manned by full perked/geared admiral and can send up walls of flak and your whole squadron can be shot down at impossibly far ranges. You spot a Worcester, you die essentially. Cant dodge flak on that level of spam. CV rework could've be fun, but Wargaming are asshats who fiddle with numbers to 'balance' mechanics, but dont realize its the mechanics that are broken. Personally, i still like the old CVs. Fighters could be sent to aid your fleet while bombing the enemy somewhere else. It made CVs much more strategic. Felt like if Wargaming took their heads out of their asses, those mechanics could've worked. But nope. "Reworked". Gotta divert from your bombing run to drop fighters over a friendly for some god awful reason, and your whole squadron flies over the target ship spewing AA fire and only 1/3 of the planes drop bombs. Either you gotta drop bombs into the ocean to "save" planes because you have no control of how many planes are launched, or uninstall. I bet there's a board meeting, and wargaming execs have zero idea why the CVs are dead again and dont listen to the community. Just collect that sweet sweet free to play, pay to win money.
  4. DaggyWaggy

    Fix. Auto. Pilot. Navigation. For. Carriers.

    I was thinking it was time to shelf this game for good anyways. I'm not getting much enjoyment out of it anymore and if that is WG's mentality to problems with their game, then I think the final nail of the coffin is set and ready to be hammered in.
  5. DaggyWaggy

    Fix. Auto. Pilot. Navigation. For. Carriers.

    .. wat? They think we want a DUMB auto pilot that gets you killed instead? A good auto pilot would have no complaints. This one is... special
  6. As I have zero control of my ship besides waypoints when performing bombing runs, can you PLEASE make auto pilot not the dumbest thing in the game. Its navigation ability is a massive joke. You can take a ruler to your screen to make sure that there is no way the thing will beach you around islands, yet auto pilot will find still new and exciting ways to beach you. It will happily collide you with allied ships and rack up friendly fire damage until you need to cancel your bombing run to fix it. It will go in reverse when you wanted it to turn around instead. Its a disaster. Just last game, my CV's got beached in front of destroyers because the auto pilot refused to adjust course by 5 degress to avoid a island. Any other ship, I could've outran them and sunk them, but im stuck with a crutch that i must use that gets me killed. And god help you when you are trying to micromanage bombing runs and fiddle with auto pilot to get you off a island, just for it to beach you again because it cant figure out how to rudder. Fix it. Jesus. At least pre CV patch, you could flip to your ship quickly and make desired course corrections. But not post patch, or at least you haven't made it obvious HOW to flip back to your ship without canceling a bombing run. Fixing auto pilot so that it can perform navigation easily from the map would make CVs much more fun to play. But until then, CVs are the most annoying things to play in game and no wonder no one is playing them again. Thinking about pre patch CVS, you could even steer the ship from the overhead. Was nice.