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  1. I was getting that on chrome, worked fine in firefox
  2. ButtersGames

    Weird Player behaviour during Puerto Rico Event

    For whatever reason my games did not update in WoWs numbers until i just logged into the game. I have played 490 games in the month of December. So yeah, while a few went to the full distance, its still insane.
  3. ButtersGames

    Weird Player behaviour during Puerto Rico Event

    My 2 cents... There is absolutely no way in hell that people are able to play 4k games a month. I have been grinding the PR Directives hard core (Even during the Holidays) and the last 21 days I only put in just over 200 games. Hell for [edited] and giggles I checked a player who is notorious for just driving into battle, dying, raging, and then running another game immediately and they only have 504 games in 21 days... There is no way someone is playing 4k games in a month, there is no way humanly possibly to even do 4k games a month, at 20 minutes a game thats 43 hours not including time in cue, even a ton min game is 21.5 hours for a whole 31 day calculation. If someone were to pull that feat off, they must look like this. or this or this or this or maybe even this
  4. ButtersGames

    WoWs NA Twitch Streamers

    https://www.twitch.tv/icantbelieveitsbutters Rated M