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  1. The new Garbage AI. round 2.,

    I don't mind smarter bots, but smarter bots + their magic special abilities (First salvo hit + fire every time, carriers will send a strike at an un-spotted ship way off on his own, torpedo beats at grand master level) Human teams still always win but the matches feel less like a fight then a script where the server AI is messing with damage to synthesize drama. When you miss or bounce you can't be sure it was because you made a poor decision or the AI decided it wasn't time for bot x to be beaten up. Co-op is still funner most of the time for me then the marathon shoot and scoot or dig in and barrage rnd matches.
  2. Enough two carrier matches

    Broke out the Texas last night to counter... no CV's in that match :(
  3. Enough two carrier matches

    I've had at least 3 yesterday. Why happen at all if it's known CV's are known to be disproportionately powerful?
  4. Title says it. Tired of match being dictated by four ships at a tier were few have the speed, rudder shift or AA to offer any sort of counter. One CV okay, but two come on. Make the clubbers sit in queue for a 1:1 match.
  5. What is this thing

    Thanks for the answer
  6. What is this thing

    I see this torpedo looking thing on many ships. Can someone tell me what it is?
  7. The New WGC Launcher

    What ever it is it's not worth handing over you identity to the inet ;)
  8. The New WGC Launcher

    Anyone ever Wireshark these tsr's game makers keep insisting on installing? I wonder what other shenanigans they might be up to.
  9. How many battles per day?

    2 to 4, I quit playing after frustration sets in after a couple games of: dd swarm games, dual carrier love, or just too much shot straddling of reds
  10. You probably get a Russian refund, it rolls over to 1?
  11. ONAVY Recruiting

    I'm pretty casual player (old dog who's lost his twitch reflexes), who's recently picked up WoWs (last couple of months) after becoming burned out on WoT. Mainly looking for a some folks to division with and pick up on better game play.
  12. Graphics update

    Harpoon 2018?
  13. I predict WG will find some way to cash in on returning the Belfast. I'd guess scratch offs ( prem crates). Think e25, type 59, m6e2a1 ...
  14. Possible Solution to Radar

    To address the spamming of rounds. Perhaps add a cool down mechanic? Gun crew fatigue, ready stores depleted etc.