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  1. Soulcaller

    Can't equip consumables

    When I try and load a prem consumable, or buy an upgrade (hull A to B lets say) I get an error, "Transaction failed, try later". Solution: Ran an integrity check from the launcher, when it finished problem ended.
  2. Soulcaller

    The lack of torpedo autobounce is ridiculous

    Humm makes me think torp bombers could get some variance to their drop pattern. Not every squadron can be the Blue Angles.
  3. Soulcaller

    Ships ive gotten from the santa boxes

    That is a very fun boat, unless focused by a CV (which smart CV'r will do)
  4. Soulcaller

    Ships ive gotten from the santa boxes

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who splurged. Spent $972.85 75 x Mega, 240 x Large, 80 x Regular. I eventually ended up with all possible drops I believe, the rarer ships didn't start showing till the plain ships where dropped. Final drops: Musashi Loyang Kamikaze Gremyashchy Kronshtadt (last on 1/1)
  5. Thanks, I'll check it out.
  6. oh cool, what are the better options for a WW1 WW2 Naval game? I wish someone would make a decent reboot of Harpoon.
  7. From my point of view, I can't see any reason a none CV player would want CV's in their match. Not saying the class doesn't have value for the green team, but it's seems to me it's a crap shoot with more down sides then pluses. Your carrier gets wiped, your carrier chooses not to defend your area, your in boat with marginal AA, end game it's you and a CV you have to endure wave after wave of attacks while trying to putt putt to a shooting position at the back of the red side behind some island. Or your team is winning and your friendly CV is harvesting a disproportionate amount of exp simply because they can fly fast anywhere and don't even need to drive around things. I get CV's are cool, CV's were in the time period, but I don't get why if your not in one you want one on your side. Why do you like playing with CV's (Not driving them)
  8. Soulcaller

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    Why not let MM make 2 v 2 CV matches? The CV's get their games and the rest of us can not worry about death and detection from above.
  9. Soulcaller

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    Comparing DD's to CV's isn't even close. Yes DD's have concealment and in theory the ability to attack undetected, but that pales in comparison to the capabilities of a CV. I'm not in favor of the button because I dislike CV's, I'm in favor of the button as CV's have a disproportionate effect on the match which DD's will never come close to.
  10. Soulcaller

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    Oh interesting, who have you gotten so far?
  11. Soulcaller

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    Seems like a good idea to me. If the only matches CV's get are against other CV's then it's a level playing field and CV players will revel in the challenge.
  12. Soulcaller

    Fun question! Most fun ship for coop?

    My good man, though I strongly concure with your assessment of the IGN cruiser line I feel I must correct you on one point. We are talking about warships filled with brave men overflowing with fighting spirit. These fantastic machines of war never "swish" they go HARD to Port and HARD to Starboard!
  13. Soulcaller

    A change that I have always wanted

    Well said!
  14. Soulcaller

    Matchmaking - was this a fair match?

    The unfairness comes from if one teams carrier thrashes the other teams carrier, the team with the winning carrier's team now has a HUGE advantage.
  15. Soulcaller

    Refund for AA themed ships Atlanta and Texas?

    I'd rather have a refund for my ships which have little to no AA and will be exp pinatas for the controller crowd.