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  1. The New WGC Launcher

    What ever it is it's not worth handing over you identity to the inet ;)
  2. The New WGC Launcher

    Anyone ever Wireshark these tsr's game makers keep insisting on installing? I wonder what other shenanigans they might be up to.
  3. How many battles per day?

    2 to 4, I quit playing after frustration sets in after a couple games of: dd swarm games, dual carrier love, or just too much shot straddling of reds
  4. You probably get a Russian refund, it rolls over to 1?
  5. ONAVY Recruiting

    I'm pretty casual player (old dog who's lost his twitch reflexes), who's recently picked up WoWs (last couple of months) after becoming burned out on WoT. Mainly looking for a some folks to division with and pick up on better game play.
  6. Graphics update

    Harpoon 2018?
  7. I predict WG will find some way to cash in on returning the Belfast. I'd guess scratch offs ( prem crates). Think e25, type 59, m6e2a1 ...
  8. Possible Solution to Radar

    To address the spamming of rounds. Perhaps add a cool down mechanic? Gun crew fatigue, ready stores depleted etc.
  9. Possible Solution to Radar

    Indication of reefs could be signaled to players in many ways. White caps for extremely shallow (DD only area), highly rippled surface for medium depth (DD, CA only area) and deep reefs would have no visual clue to counter these we'd need WG to add a depth under keel indicator BB operators would have to keep one eye on this as they approach their hide to keep from taking hull damage or running aground. Also a ships draft would be a published stat. This would also add another dimension to a ships/classes individual flavor. For instance a heavy CA wouldn't be able to go to all the places a light CA could or a Yamato where a (insert some lighter BB). The shape of these reefs could also dictate how someone would have to maneuver to 'hug' an island. Think of some crescent shape extending from an island, sure you can back your ship into it and enjoy the cover, but you've only one way out, or perhaps you have to sail around the reef (exposing yourself) to back in. Just spit balling here... As I said I'm a fairly new player and though island hugging might not be an issue for those used to the meta, for me removes the 'Naval Warfare' feel of a match. It makes combat similar any other shooter where folks have to use cover/hiding spots and snipe at others until one side scores enough kills to be able to overwhelm the opposition. Another issue with islands is everyone is going to use it even if their class is meant to tank, who would pass up a chance to use an impenetrable and occasional invisibility cloak.
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    Just a thought, perhaps put sunken reefs randomly around islands. This would discourage ships with deep drafts from hugging them. Or populate the islands with hostile natives with RPGs in fast attack canoes. (kidding)
  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    I'm pretty new to the game and don't have experience at higher tiers, but when I have taken out my T7 premium I have noticed the teams clustering behind islands. From behind these islands comes a rain of mortar fire causing any type of push to just turn away. This type of game play isn't for me. I do enjoy T5 where there is less of this. One of the aspects of the game I really enjoy is the historical aspect of it. Each ship has a story and is fairly unique. Playing peek a boo with a BB/CA, for me, breaks the immersion. Please WG don't turn this into WOT.
  12. Can I take breaks to change my Depends? If so I'm in!
  13. Is it just me?

    So far co-op battles seem to be dominated by torpedo launching allies. They race ahead to some choke point and just wreck the bots as they charge in. Is this the nature of these battle types as you get to higher tiers?