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  1. My problem with CV's is best expressed by the Pigs and Chickens fable. Question: In a bacon-and-egg breakfast (Match), what's the difference between the Chicken (CV) and the Pig (BB,CL,DD)? Answer: The Chicken is involved, but the Pig commits!
  2. I was just thinking about that today. Have played a couple games since patch but just doesn't seem to be as much fun. Planes buzzing all over feels like a console game to me.
  3. Soulcaller

    And now for something completely different

    Cool stuff. I'm probably mistaken but aren't there a couple tall ships (UK & US) still in service?
  4. Soulcaller

    Why are we not seeing much CV vs Cv combat?

    I for one have learned stop worrying and welcome our carrier overlords, praise be.
  5. Soulcaller

    After hotfix if you are getting deplaned try this...

    I don't see how they can balance the system in such a way as to make CV's contribute to damage early game against the initial red fleet bait ball, and not have the same CV be OP late game when the ball has been thinned. To this issue factor in 2 lvl mm and imho it's impossible.
  6. Soulcaller

    Current Community Sentiment

    Don't suppose you left any gold burried here by chance?
  7. Soulcaller

    How many rocket attacks can planes make?

    Working as intended I'm sorry to say. The trick is to get the enemy player to fly all 18 planes (or is it more 3x3 rocket, 3x3 bombs ? 3x3 torps) into one of your two aa puffs. Then you'll have mastered the AA game.
  8. Soulcaller

    Current Community Sentiment

    Good one, makes me thing WG is going to stay the course till the end
  9. Soulcaller

    Over Penetration??? wth IS THAT???

    I've really had to hold myself back from writing on this wall
  10. Soulcaller

    which class of ship to play

    Based on your criteria there is really only one class for you, the CV. Why? You get to sit at the back and not get shot at until the match is almost over, if ever. You have the best vision in the game bar none. You can pick and choose which boats you want to fight. You don't risk anything meaningful, you can just attack things, once you master the dodge the puffballs minigame At least 60% of the opponents you'll meet can't do anything meaningful to your squadrons (which rebuild anyways) You have the best vision in the game When you do have a close game and it boils down to you and one or two enemies, you can just kite away whittling them down exhausting their consumables (if they have any left at this point) Wargaming has made it perfectly clear they will stand by this class until the bitter end.
  11. Soulcaller

    Take Command Tuesday - Your Warship

    Hands down I'd command The Love Boat ;p
  12. Soulcaller

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    Isn't this a variation on Claus's Russian Refund?
  13. I completely agree. Some of these issues could have been uncovered with applying some simple napkin math (torpedo spamming). They are either seriously understaffed, or lack pride in their product or respect for the player base.
  14. Soulcaller

    Texas AA nerf

    I suspect MM has some algorithm which it applies in CV matches. Something like SUM(RedTeam_AA) <= X, thus CV's don't get stuck in matches of complete no fly ships. I've experience the same as you, I fight CV's all day, then load up an AA ship with flags and am put in a match with no CV's.