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  1. LA_Kid

    The Scharnhorst is horribly weak

    Out of the 135+ ships I owned over 4 years my favorite was the Geni. She was my go to highest winning ship. I recently bought the Sharn Black and I love it. It's a fast heavy cruiser. Tears up other cruisers eats DDs and plays havoc on BBs. Shes a close in kiting terror! Very easy to play. I am running a 19 pt commander w/manual secondaries. She is awesome!
  2. Received the Warspite! I had read and heard great things about this ship. I totally love it! Thank you!
  3. LA_Kid

    Apply to Beta Test Submarines!

    "Submarines never took part in active naval battles"?...Did you actually research the participation of submarines in WWII or just stated that out of ignorance? Here iare many examples of submarines taking part in a naval battle, including the biggest US/IJN naval battle of WWII and possibly history. Battle of Leyte Gulf: https://www.u-s-history.com/pages/h1757.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_submarine_actions The I suggest you do a little homework before posting non-facts or misinformation.
  4. LA_Kid

    Running the game on MacBook Pro

    I have been playing the game on my late 2013 MB Pro for three years now. I could only run it on the lower graphics settings and could not do the public tests at all. I still enjoyed the game but experienced crashes and log in problems more frequently over the years. When they went to the 64 bit platform (early summer) I could no longer play at all. I did the research and discovered I could use the Mac's Bootcamp dual OS program to partition my drive (60/40 Mac/Windows) and install Windows 10 OS Educational for free. I can now run the game and public test server at "high Graphics" and have had Zero issues. Its like a whole new experience. Note: I only installed WOWS and Discord on the Windows partition. I boot up into Mac OS if I want to "safely" browse or work online. I ran Windows machines for 15 years and was constantly having update and virus threats as opposed to having Macs for the last six years and never worrying about the former. Hope this helps you and any other fellow Mac users.
  5. LA_Kid

    Submarines are Coming

    I am not surprised at reading the negative comments here. Most of my posts in the last couple of years were and still are as an advocate for adding subs. Those who have stated that subs are not warships are using a different definition than I do. Those who complained about CVs make up most of the anti-sub groups. They have somehow reasoned that neither are "War Ships". The fact is between submarines and aviation the Allies were able to bring the Axis to its knees. I look forward to the future of WOWS as it strives to bring us the most realistic naval war game. "The dogs may bark but the parade goes on!"
  6. I am happy to report that for the first time since I started playing the game almost three years ago on my late 2013 MacBook Pro (Mojave OS), the game not only loads and runs smoothly, it now runs at the High Graphics setting. I accomplished this by using the the BootCamp Installer, partitioning the 500 gig hard drive 300/200 Mac/Windows. I downloaded Windows 10 Educational Version, found a free product key and a activation procedure (same web page easy to Google). After that, it was just a matter of updating Windows an their Apple support drivers. I am only running wows an Discord on this drive an in retrospect did not have to allocate 200 gigs (80-100) would have been fine. I run a 1T external drive to back up both Mac and Windows. It took me about three hours to configure including the downloads, but after not being able to play the game for three months after an update and to see High Res graphics for the first time.....I am a happy skipper!

  7. LA_Kid

    Update 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    Same here! I see someone has already sent the error file. Been through this before, although it's been a while. Actually have not had wows/mac problems for almost a year.
  8. LA_Kid

    Feedback on Dasha Commander

    I was very excited to get the Dasha commander. Looked forward to that last 8 credits and then buying it....I decided to get the French Dasha and put her on one of my French ships. I really expected the new command voices to be her NA server English voice over with the Russian accent. I was very disappointed when I discovered this was not the case. In fact the Russian voice I hear is not even her voice! It is the voice of a women that does not sound anything like her. I mean really? How difficult would have been to have Dasha and the woman that does her english over-dubs record a few dozen lines, then allow us to choose which one we prefer in the audio settings? I am disappointed! I did not play any of the HSF IJN ships I won for over a year. I could not stand the shrill teenage girl commander's Japanese commands. I would have sold all six of the ships, but NG would not allow that either. They just sat there in port! It was only after they allowed me to assign a male English speaking commander to the ships before I began to use them. I should have waited until I checked the forum and this thread before I wasted my credits. Sorry NG, but you dropped the ball on this one!....LOL
  9. That is the simplest, but most complex and truthful answer. It's qualitative/quantitative value however is a matter of perspective and personal opinion. the perspective and opinions of the players doing the drinking versus those of fellow players who are indirectly affected by the former's behavior. I often drink and play in the evenings. Rum is my choice of grog. In "moderation" I have fun, as it takes the edge off the intensity of battle and often provides me with a degree of courage i.e. _______ Ounces of Alcohol = ________ Degree of Courage. This is, however, not a linear equation, as the degree of courage can inversely diminish the degree of a player's skill as our blood alcohol level rises. Example: "Tales of a Drunk Skipper" - IMO, taking a high tier ship (GK) out, while drinking rum, in order to wage battles while dealing with the sometimes overly serious ranting gamers, seems to make it more enjoyable. However, my experience has demonstrated that after playing the Gk all evening with too much drinking, fighting and fun........can..... in the wee hours of a morning, result in unpleasant rewards.... Spanning a 6,000+ record of battles, six battles have earned me "The Pink" and one "The Orange" penalties. I earned the pink after excess rum and wrongly deciding that my poor playing ability could be positively offset or therapeutic by dropping down to a much lower tier in a vastly different ship....Bad Idea!...LOL...I would stagger out of my T-10 BB (Prevost tour bus w/cannons) and crawl aboard a T1-3 DD (Ninja Jet Ski w/RPG, AK47 & NOS) and go "Seal Clubbing" .......I have felt certain remorse when considering those innocent and sober newbie players having to deal a drunken ole salty dog. I was terrible, awful and out of control!...Packing all the goodies I could possibly pile on (10-19 commander, premium consumables, special camo, signals and of course my red "Skull & Bones" pirate flag) I was hell bent for a fight!. Blindly racing around the map like a drunken pirate captain overdosed on false courage and devoid of situational awareness, It was bound to happen....YIPPEE!, YAY!...SHOOT UM UP!....BAM!..BAM!...BAM!.........BOOM!..(the sound of my torps hitting and sinking my fellow teammate's ship).... "WARNING, DO NOT FIRE ON YOUR TEAM MATES!"............ "Ooooops!"...[types chat message] "Where did he come from?"......" I'm sorry!"..."My bad!".... ....."Time to go nite, nite!" PS: I believe the one Orange penalty was garnered while being reasonably sober, but hungover, while trying to work off the previous night's Pink (2 game punishment). As I had learned how to work it by off by taking my Kongo (Fast T5 BB) into C0-OP rather than random, looking around before the start of the battle, and determining the safest course to avoid any further FF......Unfortunately it did not work this time.....I was accidentally scraped by the team mate next to me piloting his BB. This should not have upset me, It was an accident, but did!...I fired off an angry chat message to him explaining how I, not he, would be further penalized because of him.......Man, was that a mistake!...No sooner did I get that message out, I was rammed again, on purpose this time, by a second player in a DD who thought it would be funny to add to my misery. I think he also counted on my response........LOl. Yep!....I brought all of the Kongo's mains to bare and fired a full broadside, point blank salvo into his little DD.......BOOM!......ORANGE! I can say now mates, that my 10 battle Orange penalty was a sobering and positive influence on my future playing habits...I love the game and I like to drink my rum. I now endeavor to be more careful to not jeopardize what I love by not "Moderating" what I like. The End...
  10. LA_Kid

    ARP Ships

    I did not even remember how I won the ARP ships (Kongo plus her three sister ships, the Myoko and her sister ship). I had never heard of or watched the shows. I took one out and was instantly turned off by the shrill teenage female voice barking messages in Japanese. They stayed parked in my port for almost a year, until WG provided an english speaking commander. Then I began to take the Kongo out and as I studied her online and in the forums, watched videos and got used to her, I began to win battles and make money with her, to the point that she became my main grinding boat for over seven or eight months. I sold the other three Kongo class ships and Myoko's sister ship and even though I have picked up the HSF Graf for grinding coins and commander xp , I began to grind the IJN BB line. I have the Nagato now. I am really only interested in getting the Yamato. I am a die hard German BB player, as they fit my play style better. I have destroyed every tier IJN BB with my German BBs over the years.
  11. There have been some issues over the last 3-5 weeks with in game extreme lagging, freezing and crashes in operations. They were not Mac exclusive. As a matter of fact, I have not had any client issues for over 8 months. I am running a late 2014 15' MacBook Pro with audio settings set at high and graphics basically at lower levels. I am running "SystemPal" app cleaner to maintain memory levels. It's an inexpensive program that I purchased last fall along with a dual 5" fan cooling pad when I was experiencing game crashes frequently due to overheating and memory drains. WOWS is the only program that has ever made me have to reboot to recover. I hope this helps you. I do look forward to NG rolling out a dedicated Mac OS version, but until then I can cope with the lower graphics and inability to try their Public Test server.
  12. LA_Kid

    Graf Spee?

    I just bought my HSF Graf a couple of weeks ago. I have had an eye on her ever since she was released. I am predominately a German BB player having owned the entire tech tree line. I have only purchased a couple of low tier T3-4 ships in the two years and 5k+ battles. After watching my fellow clan members play the Graf and rack up coins and win battles I made the $25 purchase. From the very first battle I played her I knew I got more than my money's worth. If you know how to play the German BB's and American cruisers, like me, you will feel right at home in the Graf. Take your time in the beginning of a battle, wait for intel then choose your targets and topography carefully like you would with an American CL or German BB. She needs to avoid healthy BBs at first, get out of open water, get in close and smash any and all cruisers she can target, Her torpedos have the range to suppress and deny territory to all. They are also powerful enough to sink anything. Her main guns, even if they are slow to reload or traverse are brutal to the heaviest of BBs, devastating to other cruisers including other Grafs and instantaneously evaporate the poor DDs that catch her salvos. She is like a "Pit Bull" dog w/oversized fangs and claws (mains and torpedos). Don't put this dog in a fight with a healthy grizzly bear or big cat. Wait until the big nasty things get worn down a little,...... then turn her loose on them. She's a killer and I love her!
  13. LA_Kid

    Cleveland needs to be moved!

    I bought and sold Cleveland six times and bought it back again within the last 22 months....Why?... That statement should be self evident. I love her but practiced poor economical judgement and sold her to finance other ships. I loved her at T6 and I believe I will continue to love her at T8. Yes, she now faces greater threats when matched with T9 and 10 opponents, however she feels a little more nimble, faster and more situationally aware of potential threats. It took me awhile to understand and adjust to the U.S. cruiser line. That is to say, I had to put aside my American arrogance and ego that had me believing that just because it was an U.S. Navy cruiser it was tougher and more powerful than those produced elsewhere....LOL...I have been sunk many times by smarter skippers who knew their ship's strengths and weaknesses and played them accordingly. Tactical awareness is fundamental to survival and success in real world battlefields. Sure, an Apache Gunship can shred a Toyota pickup truck with four men and mounted heavy machine gun, however, a stealthy enemy soldier can step out from behind a building or rock and shoulder launch a $5,000 Russian SA-7 missile and take down that U.S.$25,000,000 chopper....BOOM! I have had my German BBs decimated by a DD who waited patiently behind an island for me and delivered a fresh Sashimi "Last Meal" for my consumption...LOl Same goes for just about any MM low/high tie battle scenarios. If you play your ship like your life depends on it you will be amazed how tactically aware and effective you can become. I have learned to play the Cleveland and all other ships that way, irregardless of MM. IMO, all U.S. cruisers, especially CLs, are best played in a support or escort role, providing AA, electronic surveillance (Radar/Hydro), target suppression (IFHE spam) and reinforcement for DD scouting or cap advances. I believe the Cleveland will hold up at T8 with skippers who have learned how to play her there. It is still to early to make a statistically based fair evaluation.