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  1. Galvanic_

    ST, skip-bombers

    Why can't we get an honest answer about balancing the current state of CV before we start adding more features to them? T4 cv should be removed from that game. It is a terrible experience for anyone, but especially new players having double cv matches is the absolute worst thing you can be doing right now AP anything cv needs sweeping nerfs Captain builds need to reflect an actual feel for killing more planes CV's are too stealthy and too tanky CV team spotting needs to be refined These are just a few glaring issues you could work on instead of skip bombs...
  2. So i guess you agree that if cv should take more damage from dd shells, than dd should go back to taking full pen damage from bb. fair is fair.
  3. Galvanic_

    Game is Unplayable

    I had to uninstall it too. CV is broken (still). Planes printing, rockets damage (especially against dd) is way too high, no squadron launch cooldown, no re-arm time for returning planes, broken spotting mechanic. AA has been gutted, fighters ineffective, defensive aa no longer scatters drops, flak ineffective against decent players. BB ap broken. Seems to always overpen, even broadside CL and CA, takes too much HE alpha damage (fire damage seems to be in a good place), they are incentive to stay way back because of this (and people always [edited] about it). Cruisers are in a good spot, although for MM reasons WG needs to define CL CA and BC to ensure balance (but they will never do that because there is no money in it). The desync aiming bug. The general apathy on WG part to retain any player, reflected in the average skill level of players. Which is comparable to an August dumpster fire. and now subs, which they say will have their own game mode, but I think we all know they are going to end up in randoms sooner or later.
  4. Galvanic_

    "Newish" Player looking buy tier 6 DD

    Don't pay money for anything, the regular tech tree lines are way good enough to have fun in. The game right now in it'd current state isn't a game you want to spend money on, especially on dd's.
  5. Galvanic_

    automatic punishment system

    Then create matches where players perceive they have a chance to influence the game.
  6. Galvanic_

    automatic punishment system

    no, I just think it's stupid
  7. Galvanic_

    automatic punishment system

    Rubbish, if that was the case they wouldn't have had to install a punishment system...
  8. Galvanic_

    automatic punishment system

    To answer your question, neither. and how would the game know a good from a bad match? If it knew that then the game wouldn't have this problem to start with... Finally, if a player quits a match they didn't think that they could do anything useful. The vast majority of dropped matches are done so because no one wants to waste time playing a game as fodder. Most of the time the team agrees. (like when a t8 cruiser gets slapped in an all t10 match). The point is, match making in this game is so bad that they had to create a system that punishes a player for not wanting to spend the next 20 of their life playing a game that is not fun. Instead of fixing matchmaking they installed a new punishment system to deter people from leaving a match early, and that is crap.
  9. Galvanic_

    player muting

    @wargamming When muting a player will you guys add map pinging to the things that are muted. Also being able to minimize chat when you team is a toxic turd sandwich would be really nice.
  10. Isn't punishing players who quit terrible match-ups early like just saying "[edited] you play our crapgame match or eat a turd?"
  11. Galvanic_

    new ranked season

    T6 with 5 v5 is such a crapidea. I mean why not just have ranked be a part of random battles cause that's what we're getting. A lot of low level no talent [edited]clowns dirtying up a "skill" battle. Make it T10 and get the riff raff out of the game mode.
  12. Galvanic_

    who even approved?

    cv's are toxic to this game, especially with the low level matches with 2 per side. They should have deleted them 2 years ago when people weren't having fun in the game because of them. Same thing happened in world of tanks with artillery. Turns out people don't like playing a game where they get shot by something they can't see or shoot back at.
  13. Galvanic_

    mini map

    Your AA on or off does affect your detection range. the detection from air ring works the same as the detection from sea ring. the major difference is you choose when to fire main guns and when that blooms. aa automatically triggers, so effectively it is never at the lower "aa off" setting. it'd be like if a ship came into your main battery range and the battery automatically fired and bloomed your detection. What I'm saying is two rings neither are dynamic. one is aa off, the other is aa on. and it would be helpful, especially as a dd to change vectors based on incoming planes.
  14. Galvanic_

    mini map

    because it would help in the game...and if you don't know why it would be helpful then you probably shouldn't criticize the idea no