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  1. High tier co-op BB play is no fun anymore. I don't get a chance to brawl with influx of all the DD's. As soon as the match starts the DD's zoom forward and unload all their torps into the bot BB's and in 5 min match is over just as I am getting into the battle. I guess the only mode I have fun playing anymore is operations and they took all the good ones away except for Narai.
  2. I own almost every premium in the game. I will be honest the talk of adjusting premiums does not set well with me. Right or wrong I personally feel as if a fast one is being played on me. With the CV rework and the CV premiums I sold back I am sitting on 41k gold with nothing to spend it on. Even if WG says you can sell this ship back for gold so what? Up until this point I had no issue spending money on premiums good or bad because I felt confident that the ships spec would be stable therefore I knew the product I was buying. Now I feel no confidence in spending money because the Ferrari I bought yesterday could be traded in for a Yugo tomorrow.
  3. Rangestalker

    This isn't fun

    Nah that was Star Wars Galaxies combat update. This may be a close second. :)
  4. Rangestalker

    Operations: 5 out 9 Ops removed?!

    This one hurts. I only play PVE and operations. I always roll my eyes when people say they are taking a break because of a change. Well I think I may take a break. Poor poor planning.
  5. Rangestalker

    Santa Crate Saturday - Best Prize

    I'll trade you my kamikaze for a USS Massachusetts. I already had the Kamikaze R. :(
  6. Rangestalker

    Scenarios Blow!!!

    Holy Necro thread Batman!
  7. Greenpeace wasn't even around. Besides it would have not mattered. They wanted to test what nuclear bombs would do to combat laden ships. All the ships had full combat loads.
  8. Rangestalker

    Random folks in Co-op please chill out

    I had two people report me because I died in my GK brawling. It is co-op. Lighten up folks.
  9. Rangestalker

    Davos joins the Arms Race

    I really like this mode and want to play but I am 1-12. I won the first one and have lost 11 straight. Sad thing is this is the first time I have played in two months. Now I am thinking I need to take another two month break.
  10. Rangestalker

    Massachusetts is incredibly fun.

    I have Alabama and the master of secondary builds Alsace. I may pass on Mass.
  11. Rangestalker

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    My best in Co-op is Yamato Damage Caused: 359,281 Montana: Aircraft Destroyed: 47 Tirpitz: Warships Destroyed: 6
  12. Rangestalker

    A detailed look at SMS Blucher

    I love the old warships but I hate the torpedo netting. It ruins the lines of the ships.