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  1. My best in Co-op is Yamato Damage Caused: 359,281 Montana: Aircraft Destroyed: 47 Tirpitz: Warships Destroyed: 6
  2. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    1. Let new players play in a special co-op mode that allows them to rent high tier ships after they complete so many random games. This will give new players a better idea of what ship lines they would like to grind. 2. Create a link in the client for each ship that takes you to training videos of how best to play that ship.
  3. I play co-op and I play it a lot. Why? Because it is stress free. There can be a challenge with co-op if you want it to be or it can be a derp fest. That's what makes co-op fun.
  4. Removing and Refunding CV's

    Not a popular option but I feel the only solution to fixing CV's is to remove manual drops. The most skilled CV captains would leave but you would have many more play CV. The skill level between someone who can manual drop and someone who cannot is great.
  5. Germans make the best looking BB's. Americans make the best looking CV's. Japan make the best looking CA's. British make the best looking CL's. Russians make the best looking DD's. The French are right out! Have I forgot anyone?
  6. Who have you seen in game

    I had sbcptnitro in a few games.
  7. When WG sends questionnaires I have asked for this on everyone. I am really looking forward to playing these scenarios. This is the mode I have been waiting for. As far as people playing PvE so what? I have almost as many PvE games as I have PvP and enjoy both modes.
  8. This is so accurate. My beagles can hear a cheese wrapper from the neighbors house.
  9. What are Mine action Guns?
  10. The picture I saw looks like an enlarged HMS Vanguard.
  11. Derfflinger class battlecriser. Spanked the British at Jutland.
  12. The Bismarck. We often forget in war that the enemy we are fighting are people too with families and love ones. Although the Axis powers did some unspeakable atrocities many of the solderers experienced fear and suffered not knowing the true reasons of the war.
  13. As much as I hate players dragging down teams just remember we do have some people that play who have a physical handicap. This may be the reason for the sub par performance.