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  1. Davos joins the Arms Race

    I really like this mode and want to play but I am 1-12. I won the first one and have lost 11 straight. Sad thing is this is the first time I have played in two months. Now I am thinking I need to take another two month break.
  2. Massachusetts is incredibly fun.

    I have Alabama and the master of secondary builds Alsace. I may pass on Mass.
  3. Pan-American nation in!

    I want this for Brazil. Although they never really received the ship. :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Agincourt_(1913)
  4. I agree. I am addicted to co-op and operations. The most fun I have is to play co-op with a secondary spec BB and have at it with the bots. Sure I win 95% of the time but it is fun.
  5. Mesrith kicked my but many times but I have gotten him a few times. The only other person that got the best of me on a regular basis is Autisimspeaks. I mainly play BB and he was one of the best at exploiting stealth firing in DD's when that was still allowed.
  6. 102 years since Battle of Jutland

    I would love to see a Jutland operation.
  7. Axis vs Allied mode

    Operation Hermes. Axis vs allies.
  8. New York is a fine ship at Tier 5. It has been power creeped recently but mind your angles and you can do well.
  9. Mostly plays battleships, especially medium-tier and is excellent in them Deals a large amount of damage Very often finishes damaged enemies Rarely uses torpedoes Key vehicle - Tirpitz
  10. Sounds like artillery in World of Tanks.
  11. So I received a 30% off coupon. This coupon cannot be used for anything in the premium shop. Why would they hand out coupons that you cannot even use due to the restrictions on the coupon? I have tried everything just see if I can find something that works with the coupon. Nothing.
  12. I knew it was you behind this! Newman!!!!