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  1. Since the update, I've noticed that the camos that are purchased with Doubloons for the NC and the camo for Anshan have changed. NC's used to be the water camo style, while now it's the standard one you can get with credits. Anshan's also seems different. I think it changed from its sea green to a blue one. I didn't sea anything about this in the patch notes, or did some files change? Am I just crazy? I really liked the sea camo where everything was some shade of blue on the North Carolina.
  2. Do you know/remember who made the Megumin ship skin for the Alabama? I don't know which skin pack it was in (I have like, 3 different ones installed right know that I chose at the same time) And I don't want to have to uninstall multiple ones just to find out which one has it. Really, if anyone knows, that would be great.
  3. In real life, strafing was used to damage ground targets or distract/disable enemy AA on ships and installations. They weren't used, at least effectively, against other planes unless they were Super fortress bombers over Germany. Even then, actual dog-fighting was more effective. I know it's added in game to insta-kill or cripple enemy squadrons, but I would like to see strafes do damage to ship AA also, and not necessarily damage the ship itself.
  4. Yep. Right before chopping the table in half.
  5. This but with captains uniforms on the bridge of a battleship would make it a mod pack with a loading screen.
  6. Would anybody be willing to make a mod where the captain portraits are replaced with pictures of dogs, preferably dressed up ones? They could be nation specific too with Shibas being Japanese captains, Golden retrievers being US, Corgis or bulldogs being UK, Pugs or Pekingnese for china, Siberian huskies for Russia, German Shepards for Germany (obviously), and maybe a mix of other breeds for the commonwealth (Cattle dogs, Australian shepards, etc.) Along with this, a captain voice mod replacing voices with barks, whines, growls, and snarls would fit the captains perfectly.
  7. If it was an option I would definitely put some money aside for one of these. No issue getting money out of me for something like this.
  8. I got a module that didn't really help me at all, and then 30 days of premium recently. Not that I don't mind the premium time, (Helps greatly with grinding free xp) but i REALLY want those premium ships. Going for a Imperator Nikolai. One day, it shall be mine...
  9. DCP doesn't actually activate when you press it if there is nothing to fix. A fire must have started before you engaged, and he wasted it on that.
  10. ARP Iona Sub confirmed? probably not, but maybe,
  11. A lot of ships used speed and maneuverability as a means of defense over more armor and slower movement. The HMS Hood for example had thin armor, high speed and maneuverability, and big guns. The concept was it could dodge shells shot at her and outrun those threats too great to her. The Battle Wagons of the US BB line have slow speed, but thick armor that in reality were hard to penetrate, while the upper tiers like North Carolina and Iowa reduce armor for speed to keep up with the CV fleets as escorts.
  12. Atlanta + HEAP = No more ricochet shots. Just saying.
  13. Hate/love is a bit too extreme, but I'm on the meh/like side of the update. For me, it hasn't changed much, but does add more specialized builds.
  14. Alright, looks promising. RNGeesus doesn't bless me with fires too often on the Atlanta anyways, so maybe it is worth it.
  15. Does anybody know if HEAP is worth it on the Atlanta? It seems like small caliber guns benefit the most, but the raw damage of the shells are usually lacking. Any thoughts?