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  1. I respect your posts and this one is certainly correct, but I think you are in error by addressing his idea because he neglected to present historical data from which to perform analysis and present a conclusion.
  2. Pytheas

    Really what's wrong with Russian bias?

    Capital likes keeping status quo. USSR suggested a different idea. Capital decided that idea must be destroyed.
  3. Pytheas

    Really what's wrong with Russian bias?

    *looks at my whole fleet* I got you, fam
  4. Pytheas

    Today's update no fix

    Lootboxes? Integrity check failed.
  5. Pytheas

    Today's update no fix

    I heard a patch was in an Italian crate, .000001% of getting it.
  6. Pytheas

    Lenin, Yay! or Nay!

    Great boat, even better leader.
  7. Pytheas

    A challenge to the community.

    I understand your distinction now. I've played in a handful of matches with you and you've always been friendly and polite. It would be great of more people followed your lead.
  8. Pytheas

    A challenge to the community.

    My experience of witnessing unicums stat shaming people is most certainly not what you describe.
  9. Pytheas

    Why do people think CUTER will win?

    Perhaps they are more likable? Many times these polls are interpreted as who do you want to see win.
  10. Pytheas

    Whither Worcestershire

    It has been demonstrated that spelling pronunciation of this cursed word has no standard or at least consensus. This word exists in the lexicographical wild west.
  11. Pytheas

    Black Friday Ships

    Alabama ST B