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    Hi, skyline. Thanks for your application, and sorry for late reply. In fact, we dont have any non-Japanese players now. So, you do not have to worry about your english skill. I believe our commander(kudlak) already replied to your application on discord's DM. But, if you did not receive any reply from him, let me know in here. (And, tell him your Japanese skill and your location please) friche
  2. I dont like any change from current RTS style. I dont accept to remove carriers just because many noobs cant handle it. So, I claim to refund in real currency for deleting my beloved unit, not exchange for ingame currency and dubloon. I dont wanna play this game without RTS-carrier, so give back my time and money in USD. WG should compensate in MONEY for <<<deleting our class>>>, and <<<making worthless our effort to build up tactics and skill>>>. WG did nothing to try to improve current carrier system over 3 years, and just delete it.
  3. friche_runamihn

    Why isn’t the CV rework priority 1 like it should be?

    Indeed, it's right players community does not work well, and there are some reasons. But, one is WG's secrecy. In most major update, they changed details of manual control. Most of them related to fighter's strafe, but also to APbomb's penetration system, way of dogfight and so on. Those changes always were happened without any explanation in Bulletins, movies, or interviews. (I checked RU's bulletin, but there was no explanation as well as NA/EU/SEA's) That makes really difficult to teach how to deal with manual, especially tech of strafe, because of repeated silent changes. Decents have enough experience to notice those slight change, and they can adjust or learn new tech. But, I assume others need explanation. Even they achieve carrier-rework, I believe this information and skill gap, especially gap between intermediates and unicums, made by their secrecy will happen again. And, most of you will continue to complain "carrier's skill gap"
  4. All of our clan members are coming from Japan, to study tactical differences between servers. That's the reason why we have to reroll. Your opinion is right, if you say about carriers in random. But, all participants are considered who already are prepared for CB. And, CB has quite strict rating-MM. That will prevents skill-gap include CV players, and the battle must be different from random CV game. I assume you have many experiences of competitive battle with CV( maybe include TeamBattle), but I think game with CV is more tactical, even as gun-ship participants. Even in game with CV, all ships cant spot because of extremely high and long AA. And, as you know, spotting by planes is not easy in current meta. This map shows what happened in KotS league-game. No one can make way for plane-spotting behind them. And, DM's safe-spotting range is just 200m. If someone can always plane in safe, that should be cheat or tech of god. But, yes, spotting system is totally changed in CV-game. However, all is not spotted, and even now, we can see almost all ships you need, if you prepared, thanks to so strong rader. All problem you raised are in random. And I don't say anything in random. But, I agree with you in some point. AA div is huge problem that WG should deal with, especially anchor div. But, again, I don't say anything about random.
  5. most of the top players have experience of competitive battle with carrier, and those battle are really fun if you have tactical knowledge about carrier. And, Skill gap problem exists in all types. That makes over 60%WRs in random, and does it happen only in carrier-players???
  6. lol, we have waited for long long time for that nonsense. WG postponed carrier-rework to end of this year, and Im sure next year will be "the year of carrier"
  7. We are tired to hear your excuse, like "year of carrier". And, here is the thing. How long you guys exclude from Clan Battle??? As you can see, the Bravo's becomes obvious obstacle for not-top clan in CW. And the number of participants becomes less and less in this season, in all server. Then, why only carrier-decents have to patient? You guys told that the reason carrier must be out from CB is ensuring easiness of participation in CW. But, you guys already made barrier for new-comer for uniqum's sake. And, I feel we need huge change for veterans who has joined CB for three season. Most of us getting bored to current season. Then, you should allow carriers to join CB, like KotS or other tournaments. Most of clan in Hurricane/Typhoon/Storm have own carrier player. We have so many complains to you. You change the range and power of strafe in every major update, without any explain. You change the detail of AP bombs several times without any explain. And, most of new tech tree ships and buffed ships has crazy AA. Finally, crazy GZ. But, I don't ask you much. I just ask you to getting us back to "game". NO MORE RANDOM, WE NEED COMPETITIVE BATTLE!!!
  8. Hello, can we not make Carriers great again I have a hard enough time not hitting land with my boat much less torpedoes. 

  9. Now, I'm looking for international RU-server's clan. If you have any information, please let me know via in-game chat or forum massage.