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  1. Tus 200 batallas demuestran cuanto sabes del juego. Y que llegues a tier VI como maximo, demuestra que no tenes idea del juego a niveles altos donde el radar es monera comun entre cruceros.
  2. Buenos dias, soy gustavo123337 reclutador de [MOTIN]. En este momento estamos en necesidad de jugadores activos para Clan Wars. Estos son los requisitos! Win Rate > 50% PR reciente > 1700 (pueden checkear el suyo en http://wowstats.org/ ) PR general > 1100 (pueden checkear el suyo en http://wowstats.org/ ) Más de 1000 batallas Al menos un barco de nivel X (completamente equipado y listo para la batalla). Twitch App (hasta febrero del año 2018). Discord (A partir de febreo del año 2018). Microfono funcional. Habla Hispana. Actividad y buena voluntad para jugar Clan Wars. <---- [IMPORTANTE] Si usted no cumple algunos de requisitos no se preocupe, se pueden hacer exepciones! No dude en enviar su solicitud al siguiente mail! gustavonahuel123@gmail.com Saludos Capitanes! Buena Suerte!
  3. gustavo123337

    busco clan :V

    Hola, buenos dias! Por ahora tus estadisticas son buenas, pero necesitas barcos de mayor nivel para poder participar activamente en un clan. Al menos Nivel X. Saludos y buena suerte!
  4. gustavo123337

    Bugs ARE NOT solved.... (dispersion bonus)

    I think i still have it...
  5. gustavo123337

    Bugs ARE NOT solved.... (dispersion bonus)

    Here you have a replay video showing... https://i.imgur.com/jhzYo0B.mp4
  6. gustavo123337

    Bugs ARE NOT solved.... (dispersion bonus)

    Are you shure about that? Because it still remains... It already happened to me four times today... If i can share a video i will...
  7. gustavo123337

    JusT want to say THANK YOU!!!

    Hello to everyone! I have been playing the game since the closed beta, 3 years now!! WOW! I was 15 when started to play WoWs, now I'm 18 and I still play... But first, let me tell you my story... Before Wows or even War thunder, I played World of Tanks with my school friends, it was fun! And we enjoyed it a lot! Once I was reading the Wargaming Wiki and found that World Of Warships was in development (Alpha). I instantly got hyped by the game, so I looked forward to get access and give it a try... 2 months passed when WoWs team released an announcement saying that the first 2000 people to click and register (after the webpage was updated with a new article) could get access to the closed beta. OMG I went crazy when say the news! Fortunately, i was the ~#180 to register and I could get access to the closed beta. After downloading the game and having my first battle I knew I would love it. Nowadays, three years later, I have seen how the game has grown, the community growing each update. The development team getting closer to us, listening to our feedback, it was something no other game like World of Tanks or War Thunder has ever accomplished. I just want to say THANK YOU! to all the community, to the dev team, to the Comunity Contributors, for making possible such a game... (guys i'm almost crying ). If you see some mistake in my English, sorry, I'm from Argentina (Hi from down here ). Have a great day! see you in the seas...
  8. gustavo123337

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    Hello! I have played about 4 battles with midway... and I have noticed a few things... 1- The mouse controls the squadron a little bit when you have the view ahead but not when you see at the back or turn arround. 2- I would love the planes to be a little bit more responsive to my WASD keys... they seem kinda slugish... 3- The indicator of attack (For rockets and bombs) is ahead of the actual one (when you press click and engage), this makes the aiming for bombs and rockets very hard... 4- You are not able to control the ship's consumables AT ALL while flying unless you land your squadron (pressing F). If you get on fire, you have no way of deploying DCP. 5- There is NO SING OR EVEN A SMALL TEXT explaining that you can reinforce your AA with "O" (The character, not the number). The only way to guess that is by going to controls tab in settings. 6- There is a bug that doesn't display ships names correctly... this also happens for some other texts in game 7- There is no tutorial or something like that for us to learn the basics of the new CV mechanics... 8- At least for me, torps are verryyy hard to aim (maybe lack of skill, think I will get better with time). 9- The CV repair and service cost is HUGE!!! 5M credits!! 10- AA guns in port don't display any kind of statistic or value of damage per second, accuracy or even range... 11- The game has dropped in FPS from 50-60 (ULTRA SETTINGS) to 25-35(ULTRA SETTINGS). 12- There is no training room for us to learn how to control our planes! 13- Why you don't display the DPS instead of the RoF and DMG? It would be easier to understand for new players! Could you also explain the "Hit probability" in terms of DMG to the squadron? 14- There is no way to dodge AA fire as you told us... 15- Our test accounts don't have enough credits or XP for the game... 16- wth with fighters mechanics?? Sometimes they float around at the back of the squadron, others they rush and kill everything like rambo... Could you explain to us how they work? 17- I have noticed that while you do your bombing run is hard to reduce torps dispersion... That's all! Hope it helps you improve the game! Love you all WOWS staff!
  9. Soy gustavo123337. En el spoiler tienen mis estadisticas recientes. Tengan en cuenta que la cuenta es la misma desde la beta cerrada (2015) por lo que los resultados globales se pueden ver afectados por partidas antiguas de cuando era noob. Soy activo excepto en tiempos de parciales donde el estudio exige mi tiempo, fuera de eso, siempre trato de ingresar al juego. Mi principal objetivo al buscar un clan es que tenga los siguientes requisitos. Habla hispana Sistema de comandancia y organizacion. Uso de TeamSpeak3 o Discord para comunicarse. Participacion activa en Clan Battles o Batallas de Clan con tal de ganar recursos. Camaraderia y buena relacion con miembros. Comandantes y oficiales con mas de 52%/55% WinRatio (esto con el proposito de mejorar como jugador individualmente). <-- [IMPORTANTE] Cualquier consulta no dude en escribir al siguiente mail de contacto: gustavonahuel123@gmail.com Si usted es reclutador y desea invitarme a su clan segun los requisitos mencionados anteriormente, hagalo. Saludos compañeros!
  10. I was rushing a Missouri with my Minsk (the misso was rushing a cap, going full yolo no fuc*s given) I pop from the corner of the island while having my engine boost. He aims at me (of course AP loaded) fires and pens me so hard that I instantly lost 90% of HP. Died 3 mins later because of hydro... So WG when you plan to fix this? It is so frustrating for me as a DD player that loves to be aggressive! Thanks for the comments guys!!
  11. gustavo123337

    What do you advise me?

    Thank you all for your help!!
  12. gustavo123337

    What do you advise me?

    Hello! I'm not very experienced about this... but I have a question for all of you! With all the radar meta going on, playing a gunboat DD is kinda hard! but with cruisers, I might have a chance :) What T10 cruiser do you think has the most aggressive playstyle?? Could you please justify or give me a reason for that?? Thanks a lot WoWs players...
  13. gustavo123337

    wth WOWS!?!?

    I was in a DD... in the GNEVNY
  14. gustavo123337

    wth WOWS!?!?

  15. gustavo123337

    Is it just me or... (graphics)

    Yep, also for me... like the contrast or something! I don't know... but my Bayern looks amazing...