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    How to Control your Win Rate

    While this is a great post, it has 1 fundamental flaw as far as I am concerned : The notion that you can succeed in this game without teamwork. Actually, IMHO, the greatest asset one can develop in this game is how to work with others. Unlike the other fast past game of this genre, World of Warships has a low skill floor : meaning that even a bad player can make significant contribution if supported well. The skill set is less important in this game than your overall (team) strategy. So more important than knowing mechanics is to know your role and the role of others. Namely : 1- Instantly spot good players that you can work with. (Those who don't yolo or go on solo mission; those who communicate [properly] on chat) 2- Adapt your role to the team your with (scouting, assisting or zone control). This requires to know your ships as well as know the other ships. 3- Learn to communicate effectively with potential (worthy) teammate The thing in this game is that even the best player will go down if FFed by 2-3 players. There is no scenario where your skills alone will be sufficient to (consistantly) get you out of a 3+ encounter, unless you have help. Once you get that down, then you can further improve your impact on the game by working on your fighting skillz...