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  1. wkcw1

    Jingles has lost his edge?

    It's harder to do a lot of entertaining videos now with use of someone else's music the risk of copyright strikes. I used to enjoy the old Why you Heff to be Mad vids but now they are gone.
  2. Will we have to unlock the modules when the change happens?
  3. Radar.... radar.... radar at the higher tiers.
  4. wkcw1

    44K Free XP. What to buy?

    Emerald to Leander might be worth the jump if you have ssues. The T6 Farragut is a good ship to get in my opinion.
  5. You should try WOT. The toxicity is much worse hence they disable cross team chat. We still have it here and you don’t see the the rage as much as the other game.
  6. Works for WOT and you also get boosters with that as well.
  7. wkcw1

    Is 15k Coal Super?

    The last two supers I received was a 1000 doubloons and 50,000 free exp. 15,000 coal seems to be in that ball park.
  8. wkcw1

    Will WG nerf Lyon?

    Saw a YouTube video with a platoon of Lyons or Normandies. It was fun watching them coordinate their attacks on a target. It was like watching a platoon of KV2s in WOTs...
  9. wkcw1

    Bonus Code

    Had a look at the video and had no idea how people got this code but it works.
  10. wkcw1

    Go Navy: What Wargaming Did Wrong

    What happens if you go beyond the 75 tokens? Can you switch then?
  11. wkcw1

    Missed Code, I think

    Most of the time I get notified by following the forum and blog sites like amputee patrol or the daily bounce.
  12. wkcw1

    Missed Code, I think

    Not a personal email thing. This unlocked a personal mission for me as you have described above. It may have expired.
  13. wkcw1

    Missed Code, I think

    Try this W0W54TG4M35C0M
  14. wkcw1

    new Game Center doesn't work

    In my experience the WGC is the main cause for the lag spikes I have been observing in both ships and tanks. I told WGC a long time ago and I got the usual robotic responses so I gave up.
  15. Do you still have the arpeggio ships? You can sell them off to get some extra credits.