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  1. wkcw1

    the benefits to UN-RE-Installing game

    Is it 60G after clearing out the replays and patches?
  2. wkcw1

    Code from Stream

    Cheers mate!
  3. Still on the Hawkins... it’s a bit painful...
  4. You know that she didn’t actually say that and it was just an SNL skit that she couldn’t shake off?
  5. Maybe a kid was playing his parent’s account? Is does happen because I do it from time to time...
  6. wkcw1

    The Podcast Regrets To Inform You...

    I will miss you contributions on the podcast. Take care,
  7. wkcw1

    Weekend Game Play

    It was a bad night yesterday evening. The only victories I had were from coop games.
  8. WG didn’t listen to many people including CCs about the british light tank line. Why would you think they would do anything do anything here?
  9. wkcw1

    20 games today, 15 defeats by blowout

    I started play a lot more coop to complete missions. The turnaround time is quicker and it is less frustrating...
  10. The incentives to play are discovering the nuisances of what each nations offer the how to play each class. For me there were certain ships that will really help how to play in the later tiers. Find those ships and spend time in them learning the skills to survive and how to influence the game.
  11. wkcw1

    $142.49 down the toilet

    Thank you for supporting the free to play players...
  12. wkcw1

    Winning streaks!

    It happens... sometimes I switch to a different ship class and nation entirely to see if will break the trend....
  13. wkcw1

    Knife fighting to Victory featuring Farragut

    Nice vid and learnt a few things!
  14. We’ll see how it goes. Personally I wouldn’t mind that some control over dropping depth charges on the subs. I can envision that CVs will also have a big role to play in searching for subs so that will help the DDs from being focus fired by the rocket planes...
  15. I hope there will be a but more energy put into it this time. The "fire fire fire" one really disappointed me.