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  1. wkcw1

    HERMES I Like It.

    What’s the ship we have to grind to get to the UK CV?
  2. wkcw1

    Next Country for Carriers

    After UK we might see French or German and then the Russians with their super star destroyers...
  3. wkcw1

    Battleship Hiei wreck found off Guadalcanal

    That's what I thought initially but steel in the pre nuclear era is well sought after for medical uses.
  4. wkcw1

    Battleship Hiei wreck found off Guadalcanal

    Modern day salvage ships will have no problems going down at that depth. I’ve read that the Chinese have ships that can reach down to 6km.
  5. wkcw1

    Battleship Hiei wreck found off Guadalcanal

    Let's hope no one starts salvaging the ship for the metal and leave the wreck and dead in peace.
  6. WG should give a reward for playing a set amount of games (e.g. 10 games) for each type like we sometimes see in missions. Maybe give coal along the way and some steel when you complete the whole task.
  7. Played one game after the patch in a DD. Got spammed by rockets and noticed all the team are huddled together. Didn’t know the meta going that away so I was alone with planes constantly buzzing around me. It was not a nice experience. Get rid of the rockets and just have planes fire machine guns like they should do. The bombs and torps I can handle but not the rockets.
  8. wkcw1

    I just put my cat to sleep

    Sorry to hear that...
  9. wkcw1

    Jingles has lost his edge?

    It's harder to do a lot of entertaining videos now with use of someone else's music the risk of copyright strikes. I used to enjoy the old Why you Heff to be Mad vids but now they are gone.
  10. Will we have to unlock the modules when the change happens?
  11. wkcw1

    44K Free XP. What to buy?

    Emerald to Leander might be worth the jump if you have ssues. The T6 Farragut is a good ship to get in my opinion.
  12. You should try WOT. The toxicity is much worse hence they disable cross team chat. We still have it here and you don’t see the the rage as much as the other game.
  13. Works for WOT and you also get boosters with that as well.
  14. wkcw1

    Is 15k Coal Super?

    The last two supers I received was a 1000 doubloons and 50,000 free exp. 15,000 coal seems to be in that ball park.