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  1. New Game Modes ARE Coming!

    I’m all for new games but this will dilute the the number of players for the random match.
  2. Do you have a higher screen resolution?
  3. You can probably submit a ticket to WG but I would just ignore it.
  4. Feeding the Duck

    In the UK, “Feeding the ducks” is a euphorism for something entirely different.
  5. Japanese CL line?

    Maybe the Japanese light cruiser line would be a great opportunity to introduce water mines or some new weapon? Maybe it can be used to temporaily block narrow passages?
  6. 1st tier 5

    The Omaha is worth grinding through to get the Cleveland in light the coming US light cruiser split. The Konisberg is also fun with the two rear mounted turrets.
  7. 2 days premium from WoWp

    Did anyone manage get the Corsair plane bundle for free?
  8. Consumable Torpedoes

    Don't encourage WG... it's bad enough on WOT with gold ammo.
  9. Lol... I suppose the BB will get a special ramming ability and receive minimal damage.
  10. John Candy would make an excellent captain.
  11. How will WG organize the nationalities of the captains in this line? You can't have the captains moving onto ships from other nations within the pan-Asia tech tree?
  12. Was your weekend a success?

    I have a great weekend. The premium time that WG gave, including camo and flags allowed me to grind past the emerald, myogi and Wyoming... Still at the Bellerophon and it's a great ship.
  13. NA server Lag

    Hi, Don't launch the game using the wargaming center. I have issues with lag and high pings when the center is loaded in the memory. Kill it in the taskbar menu as well since closing the window does not kill it. Thanks,
  14. Seagal does a mean kotegeshi and iriminage....
  15. Perth Gun Range

    There's a review by Jingles which talks about enhancing the range by using the spotter planes. I hope this helps.