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  1. i cant wait, 2 more months!

    Is this written done anywhere? Don’t get your hopes too high based on last year’s giveaways. That is one thing I have learnt from WG.
  2. Closest I have achieved it around 1500xp.
  3. Get Rid of KARMA

    I would love to see this system in WOT. What a firestorm we would see!
  4. Introduce subs in PVE only. That will make it interesting.
  5. Sounds like the player got banned from PVP and is venting in PVE games.
  6. It’s probably people trying to complete one of the Indianapolis missions where you have to start 5 fires and do 15k Fire damage. The Cleveland is a good choice for this.
  7. Naval tactical/strategy pc games?

    I think you can download some classic games like Harpoon on some retro gaming websites.
  8. Lol! You didn’t detect the hint of sarcasm?
  9. If you are lucky you can get some compliments from both teams.
  10. I like the new Cleveland. It’s still stock at the moment and playable. The IFHE is definitely a must and it was instrumental in a couple of games I had in defending a base from BBs.
  11. New Game Modes ARE Coming!

    I’m all for new games but this will dilute the the number of players for the random match.
  12. Do you have a higher screen resolution?
  13. You can probably submit a ticket to WG but I would just ignore it.
  14. Feeding the Duck

    In the UK, “Feeding the ducks” is a euphorism for something entirely different.
  15. Japanese CL line?

    Maybe the Japanese light cruiser line would be a great opportunity to introduce water mines or some new weapon? Maybe it can be used to temporaily block narrow passages?