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  1. wkcw1

    New code

  2. wkcw1

    PSA: 24 Hrs Premium Time

    Thank you sir!
  3. wkcw1

    Bonus code

    TURRYWEARESORRY This worked last night.
  4. wkcw1

    Super container

    It’s insidious….
  5. Did you get a confirmation email?
  6. I’ve seen a few videos covert garden pots into smokers and tandoori ovens...
  7. I get that issue when I launch torpedoes..
  8. There was a post a few days ago reporting a bouncing ship from a CV player as well..
  9. wkcw1

    the benefits to UN-RE-Installing game

    Is it 60G after clearing out the replays and patches?
  10. wkcw1

    Code from Stream

    Cheers mate!
  11. Still on the Hawkins... it’s a bit painful...
  12. You know that she didn’t actually say that and it was just an SNL skit that she couldn’t shake off?
  13. Maybe a kid was playing his parent’s account? Is does happen because I do it from time to time...
  14. wkcw1

    The Podcast Regrets To Inform You...

    I will miss you contributions on the podcast. Take care,
  15. wkcw1

    Weekend Game Play

    It was a bad night yesterday evening. The only victories I had were from coop games.