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  1. Here is a silly question. How do you create a clan? I do not see anything for WOWS clan creation. I may be blind though.
  2. Give it up, you don't know what you are talking about.
  3. OtterWolf has pictures of those aliens ship that are looking to probe some sailors. Everyone watch your stern.
  4. You can't really see the name though, most of it isn't shown.
  5. Well, You better do what it says!
  6. I'm not sure what real life fleet makeup has to do with an arcade game.
  7. I have never had this issue.
  8. Whose the fascist, elitist? He only asked a question and added a survey. You though, went right into hate speech and then telling him to confine himself to some other game modes. Most people here disagree with the limiting players by skill from tiers, but they didn't go off fascist, elitist with their opinions. Calm down, it's a game and only a question.
  9. Skilled player, LOL. If you were skilled you be playing higher tiers and have good stats. The I don't play higher tiers because everyone but myself is bad and can not rely on them, is a joke.
  10. Next, it will be on the consoles and may then take some players away. I would think that most of the current player base would prefer PC over any other platform, though.
  11. It doesn't matter to me one way or the other, but it does to you. You should think for yourself and not the masses that you follow.
  12. Gibberish, Do you deny that is all you are speaking? A repeat from someone else that had said that?
  13. No, you tell only your opinion. That is two very different things.