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  1. Dear downvote fairy / stalker,

    I think this stalker has a few more down votes planned for @Lert. If he has done what Lert said, then he will be back. The stalker may have just sprained his thumb. LOL
  2. Dear downvote fairy / stalker,

    haha, his damage is done for today.
  3. Dear downvote fairy / stalker,

    The stalker is here down voting everyone Get him!!!
  4. Receiving the same personal mission 2x now.

    They should be in the French crates you receive from finishing missions. They just are RNG, rolling the dice with every crate.
  5. Receiving the same personal mission 2x now.

    You might want to put in a ticket. I got all 4 of the ships missions in my crates and no repeats. I may just have been lucky though.
  6. Dear downvote fairy / stalker,

    I bet it's one of those Corgi captains. Dogs don't like cats.
  7. Warships Shot displacement

    Maybe candy crush is more your speed. No, really go play candy crush! Auf wiedersehen
  8. French BB`s

    Try reading instead of coming on here looking like a fool. It isn't hidden info about them coming out in a few weeks.
  9. 2 CVs per battle

    It sucks as a DD, even a BB but its fine with two at the most.
  10. That's what I am thinking, just bad rolls. Once I got the Lyon I never went back to her.
  11. I only played her twice but the AP seemed fine when it connected.
  12. kill status

    That means you have killed a lot of team members. I have messed up and killed I think 4 since I started the game and every time it is 5 games.
  13. Who have you seen in game

    Sorry, just doing my job.