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  1. jager_geist

    I will quit!

    Wasn't serious.
  2. jager_geist

    I will quit!

    I'm glad you saw that.
  3. jager_geist

    I will quit!

    Just to let you know. You keep making me lose I will quit. Edit: Since people didn't catch the sarcasm. I wasn't serious.
  4. jager_geist

    AA OP at tier 6 and above

    Get better MM
  5. jager_geist

    Why do I have to enroll in Naval Battles?

    Its only for clan battles I believe. You don't have to enroll, I never have.
  6. jager_geist

    a legitimate MM complaint

    They do team kill though.
  7. Wasn't you! I got it from the internet, when I googled cat eating popcorn gif.
  8. jager_geist

    Is Italian Smoke Broken or Something?

    Working as intended. You pretty much only use their smoke to break contact, not used to sit in and fire.
  9. jager_geist

    Republique?? What happened?

    I don't know, I used it in ranked and did't have any real problem with it.
  10. ??? I have used it several times but not that many times.
  11. jager_geist

    I Think I am going to be in trouble next time I play

    Agree and scotch is for cleaning silver ware, not drinking.
  12. jager_geist

    Visby Gun Reload Problem

    Yes, that is the way it is. It is annoying.
  13. jager_geist

    PAY $4 FOR $2.86 of stuff in Bundle? NO THANKS!

    You can't go to Vegas & gamble right now. They shut the strip down. Time to get some bundles.
  14. jager_geist

    Team harassment

    Had that happen a couple times. Blamed me for greifing them one time.