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  1. jager_geist

    Another one of those "what is this" questions...

    I guess radar.
  2. jager_geist

    I'm back (for now) - getting caught up. (PVE Thread)

    @AdmiralThunderWelcaon back!
  3. jager_geist

    Let me rename my commanders!

    I would like this feature for the organizing reason you give.
  4. jager_geist

    ship rental

    They have, on occasions. Not all ships, but they have. I cannot remeber the reason they had done that. Others have sugeested it so you could test the ship out before buying it. WG just wants to you straight up buy the ships.
  5. jager_geist

    hybrid ships and flying submarines?

    A 3D render of a Soviet thought back in the 1930's, of coarse never built.
  6. jager_geist

    The Euro DD Line

    The Skane up to the Halland I like. There isn't any smoke but you will clear the sky of planes with their AA. It will be harder for a CV to just keep focusing you with that AA. You will still need to dodge though. Great for torp fun. I think you should give them a try.
  7. jager_geist

    While not a bug per say

    I don't remember having to turn it off. Thanks for the info.
  8. jager_geist

    While not a bug per say

    I don't know, never been sank. Honestly, I don't seem to have this problem or notice it. Is it something added recently?
  9. jager_geist

    Log in issues with wargaming.net

    Make sure that it is NA and not another server.
  10. jager_geist

    Cat Meowing while in Port

    It's not in your port, we traced it to your house. Get out of your house WG is sending back up.
  11. jager_geist


    Maybe they bought the account?
  12. jager_geist

    Just Venting

    Yeah, go back to bed before anything else happens.
  13. jager_geist

    RIP Kitty

    Oh, my bad.
  14. jager_geist

    RIP Kitty

    True, and Thank You. Sorry for Kitty dying and I miss my Father. Still hard to believe. I will miss him till I die!