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  1. Other than having an account with both and sending the gift while logged into that same steam or WOWS account as the gift receiver. I don't think you can.
  2. Toxic players are not confined to this game or to F2P. Any multiplayer game is going to have them, whether you purchased the game or it is F2P.
  3. Yeah, I sent in a ticket about that. Their reply didn't sound like it was going to happen any time soon. I play warships on my 50" 4K TV and have to use a lower setting for it not to crash. Still looks pretty good though.
  4. Yes, you need to be running their version for their shop items.
  5. Yeah, I think you are right. You probably would still be buying straight from WG and not the Steam shop.
  6. There is a video that was put up on ichasegaming youtube's channel yesterday about how you can log in on Steam with your existing account.
  7. Well, send in a ticket. I'm not the only one here that thinks it's a non-issue. In fact, if you read through the comments, most agree with me.
  8. You said you were being forced, so what is it. Are they forcing you or not? You are really blowing this out of portion. The ship isn't really good and the flag does nothing. It is a non-issue.
  9. I have been there before. That happens a lot.
  10. If your problem is about using your existing account on steam. Then no, you cannot. Since you didn't actually say anything about a problem.
  11. Play the same tier of your son and quit getting him low tiered. You have the ships to do it. What you are doing is what they call a "fail division".
  12. That firing line is just a suggestion. If the ship spots you he is likely to change course and you will miss.
  13. I have seen this suggestion before. I just don't think it'll ever be put into the game. As said above the islands would get one heck of a beaten. I don't think the majority of people would like having little too no hits. I don't think it would add better game play, so I wouldn't really like to see it in game.
  14. It's a "work in process" ship. They'll get it right.