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  1. Skilled player, LOL. If you were skilled you be playing higher tiers and have good stats. The I don't play higher tiers because everyone but myself is bad and can not rely on them, is a joke.
  2. Next, it will be on the consoles and may then take some players away. I would think that most of the current player base would prefer PC over any other platform, though.
  3. It doesn't matter to me one way or the other, but it does to you. You should think for yourself and not the masses that you follow.
  4. Gibberish, Do you deny that is all you are speaking? A repeat from someone else that had said that?
  5. No, you tell only your opinion. That is two very different things.
  6. He just got out of jail.
  7. But, you are in a BB.
  8. Ok, it may not be fun having to use WASD hacks against a stalker, but being a DD spotted is a lot less fun. I play a lot of BB and just try not to sail in straight lines, change my speed randomly at times, when there are DDs still out there. They want to play as well.
  9. I have the same issue, weird.
  10. Everyone knows about BlitzKrieg but few know about the naval tactic in WWII, the YoloKrieg.
  11. You got burned down by one did ya?
  12. I haven't had any problems in my Gneisenau, but I have read about other people have issues with their guns firing. Though those people said none of the guns would fire,
  13. LOL, no hacks just bad coincidence.
  14. I'm confused, you say "This ship has huge emotional meaning not just to us brits" but you say that you live in Australia and that your father was Australian. I guess I am missing something.
  15. Well, American BBs have never been called fast battleships in this game. I would imagine after WG finished with getting other Nations navies into the game they may do something like this.