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  1. jager_geist

    Login fail

    Checked the CAPS & NUMS lock? That is what has gotten me in the past when I couldn't loggin.
  2. jager_geist

    Login fail

    You logging in on the right server. Make sure it is NA if that is the server your account is on.
  3. jager_geist

    good movie while thinking about Subs

    "Das Boot" is as mentioned above a great one. Though, for an arcade game the movie "Periscope down" maybe more fitting.
  4. jager_geist

    Are there any good books on WW1 and WW2 comerse raiders?

    The Wolf: The Mystery Raider That Terrorized The Seas During World War I
  5. jager_geist

    Cossack or Haida?

    I like my Cossack but I will be getting the Haida as well. You won't see T10 but will still see T9.
  6. jager_geist

    Season 11 start date?

    LOL, I went with Rank 10 being the farthest I was going to go. My blood pressure medicine was like candy. I think the guy should wait longer anyways. He doesn't have that many battles under his belt.
  7. jager_geist

    Season 11 start date?

    Ranked just ended, they won't post a date for awhile.
  8. jager_geist

    Absolute garbage games.

    My goal was to get back to 49 from 48.5 and was looking promising. Then the losing streak and didn't take a break. I'll do as you suggested and go look at my 30 - 90 day numbers. Fair seas too you!
  9. jager_geist

    Absolute garbage games.

    Well, I can't get my WR to go up. It was going up and now it plummeted and has me wanting to quit the game. I have been improving my average xp and trying to improve kd. I just have been in so many games where 4 or more ships are sunk 3 minutes into the game. I can't do anything about that, just wish they would balance out the teams by xp I guess. Keep the normal MM team selection but then do some xp balance with that group. I just have seen too much one sided games and that isn't fun.
  10. jager_geist

    An idea to improve ship customization

    Doesn't bother me that much, but there are some crazy looking camo patterns. I'm not going to install a mod to remove camos.
  11. jager_geist

    An idea to improve ship customization

    Well, you said that but history has shown WG likes some crazy looking camo patterns.
  12. jager_geist

    So are Super Containers Not a thing anymore?

    I have received 4 SC of the last 2 months. I went a long time before that without receiving any.
  13. jager_geist

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    I have been seeing 4 - 5 DDs in a game on a regular basis. I have been one of them and I find it annoying.
  14. Just click on purchase for the the amount you want to buy. At the screen where you select payment type and you will see a "for gift button".
  15. jager_geist

    British destroyer smoke. Do you all like it?

    I actually like the smoke.