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  1. That's not the Alaska! That is the Guam
  2. jager_geist

    Tirpitz Tuesday!

    The flaw of these ships was having the boat plug attached to a ball of yarn.
  3. jager_geist

    Countermeasures Hack

    No such thing, they are making fun of the fact that you think there is.
  4. jager_geist

    Matchmaking - was this a fair match?

    According to the date you are in the future from me.
  5. jager_geist

    Steel to coal

    Don't do it. You don't get enough coal for the steel.
  6. jager_geist

    Why no CVs in Santa Crates?

    There are no CV prems at this time. You won't see them until after the rework goes live.
  7. jager_geist

    I just put my cat to sleep

    Very sorry for your loss. Hope she comes back too you in kitten form meowing at your doorstep and start the friendship over.
  8. jager_geist

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    No they were not.
  9. jager_geist

    Pinked by server timeout

    I did not miss his point. You missed my point. It will be faster to just play the 3 games then waiting for WG to respond to everyone that is going through this today. WG isn't going to give him anything for the pink. It is a game and the pink doesn't really matter. There is no "matter of principle" here.
  10. jager_geist

    Pinked by server timeout

    You will be done with the 3 games before they can even react to your situation. So, just play the 3 games and move on.
  11. jager_geist

    Pinked by server timeout

    Yes, you can play the 3 games and move on.
  12. jager_geist

    Twitch Crate

    Did you watch their Twitch channel?
  13. jager_geist

    Quitting until Belfast comes back

    No one cares, just leave. It isn't going back in the shop.
  14. jager_geist

    Viewing and Saving Replays

    As far as watching them. I just don't have WoWs open, then I go to the replay file and double click on it and it starts playing. https://replayswows.com/ This link you can put your replays on. I have never done that, so I don't how exactly to do that.