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  1. jager_geist

    The state of the game

    I got into the CBT from purchasing the USS Sims, but the game was never a subscription game. There wasn't a monthly bill you had to pay. I would have remembered that.
  2. jager_geist

    The state of the game

  3. jager_geist

    Will WOWS ever have submarines...

    Yeah, I think that the Halloween event is a good place for them and that is about it. IMO
  4. jager_geist

    Will WOWS ever have submarines...

    3 years ago they weren't working in subs. The halloween event had subs and they have a video out now that has reference to subs one day maybe in the game.
  5. jager_geist

    Why all the scary news stories over this Russian frigate?

    I haven't seen one thing about it. I even just clicked over to the home page and saw nothing In the news about it.
  6. jager_geist

    Why is everybody's victory percentage so low?

    You are playing against bots!
  7. jager_geist

    Where have all the players gone?

    You are right. I did not notice that.
  8. jager_geist

    Where have all the players gone?

    I don't know. I haven't been playing much myself, got tired of blowouts that I seemed to always be in.
  9. jager_geist

    Just a question

    You correctly got the credits.
  10. jager_geist

    WG MM At Its Best

  11. You are tapping the + button on your keyboard?
  12. jager_geist

    research ?

    Just go to the signals and look through the ones near the bottom to mid and pick the one(s) that give extra XP per match. That is if you have any economic signals. They show what they give when you are looking at them. I can't remember if you can just hover the mouse over it or you have too click on it to see the signals benefits.
  13. jager_geist

    Bot torpedo salvos

    I never seen a double torp launch like that before. The damn bots are learning hacks.
  14. jager_geist

    Time for steam bath of self pity

    A lot of that going on anymore.
  15. Well, unfornately I'm not allowed to get wins of late. So, If I get this email I hope it applies to CO-OP and Operations. If I even bother. Thanks for the heads up.