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  1. Missouri Gone

    Where the hell have you been?
  2. How is the team you are on decided?

    A ship turns pink when they have done enough damage to friendly ships. They then have to work off the pink color by not doing any damage to freindlies for a certain number of games.
  3. Play The Z-39? How was it?

    After all the camo, captain skill and concealment module, she shows 6.1 km dectectability range.
  4. Disappearing Ships

    Because you were spotting the ship. Once you are sunk the ship will no longer be spotted. Your torps didn't hit because the other ship dodged them.
  5. I think he is talking about the ships that was built.
  6. age and Intelligence Requirements

    You are definitely not grow up and again, you wouldn't pass that test.
  7. age and Intelligence Requirements

    You wouldn't pass such a test.
  8. May the forth be with you. Though, I'm waiting for the the Revenge of the fifth.
  9. They are it's called CO-OP.
  10. Trouble logging in?

    I had no problem logging in.
  11. The funny AFK excuses thread

    My dog ate my internet.
  12. reset chat bans please?

    We don't all deserve it. I have never been chat banned. I don't go in to chat and start anything and if something is said to me or others I just don't respond to the negative. I just report and carry on. I only use chat to respond to GLHF, questions and ask questions. You just have to learn how to do that or you will just go through all your chances one whether they reset you or not.
  13. reset chat bans please?

    No, just watch what you say in chat. If you can't do that, then you get what you deserve.
  14. That's not an accident , that's being careless.
  15. It's CO-OP, it doesn't matter!