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  1. Never Underestimate Your Team Mates

    So, they went through the whole battle and didn't do any damage. Impressive!
  2. Eagles duped me...somehow

    No, it's shanghaied VERB shanghaied (past tense) · shanghaied (past participle) historical force (someone) to join a ship lacking a full crew by drugging them or using other underhanded means. informal coerce or trick (someone) into a place or position or into doing something. "Brady shanghaied her into his Jaguar and roared off" synonyms: enlist · sign up · enroll · engage · take on · [more]
  3. Wrong Answers Only: 17

    Clearly a U-boat, U-48. We will never see this ship in game since WG has said they will not put subs in the game.
  4. Eagles duped me...somehow

    You have been Shanghaied!

    If you have the time you will get there. If you have alot of free time then you will get there plqying 6 to 8 hrs a day.

    You want to get 10k games in 24 hrs?
  7. How does this make sense? DOY

    How else are is a metal ship going to catch on fire.
  8. Bad MM and I see it to often
  9. Clan Season 3

    And he is threatening WG with a sit out because of one day.
  10. You should've held your smoke. You don't want to be broadside in the smoke either or that happens.
  11. The first to die tend to be that way. I see it all the time. They say all sorts of stuff. I really like it when they call the team trash after they die within 5 minutes of the game start. Then the team goes on to win the round. That's my favorite.
  12. New EULA

    It is pretty much the same as before. I take it you didn't read it before, because it hasn't really changed much. Just some verbiage updates. You are not losing anything from the pervious EULA.
  13. Atlanta video on Netflix

    Thanks for sharing. I will be watching this tonight.
  14. Consistentsy?

    Double spoiler alert it is in many places.
  15. White Phosphorus

    Thank you, I'm going to check that out tonight.