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  1. some days i do good some days i don't I don't blame anyone but myself
  2. Biscuit

    some were brown and some were tan and had MRE stamped all over them we got them from the ARMY that were here helping. Definitely had meat in the ones we had. and let me tell you we were thankful to have that and the help all those guys and girls gave us.
  3. for those who continue to complain about detonations they do not happen as often as you think they do. period. 6334 battles - 26 detonations this whole thing is a non starter
  4. Biscuit

    I don't know if what they gave us were the same MRE's that the Armed Service's get, but when we were hit by Harvey last year here in Houston, we had to live off these for a little more than 2 weeks before we could get any other food, and we were very grateful to have them. Gourmet no, edible yes.
  5. Biscuit

    this was very informative thanks for taking the time :)
  6. AP Underwater Fix

    so you want bow camping back? because that's all this will do. you will have all those T9 and 10 BBs bow on going forward a little reversing, go forward a little reverse... you get the idea. such engaging game play
  7. Weekend spree

    I did ok more wins than losses. Did manage to finish off the USN Cruiser line which completes my USN setup so I'm happy
  8. i would love to have a dueling mode hehe
  9. Was this wrong?

    Always go for the win

    all in the title https://news.usni.org/2018/03/05/video-billionaire-paul-allen-finds-lost-world-war-ii-carrier-uss-lexington never mind my search didnt turn up the other thread sorry Devs please close this one
  11. Premium Ship Review: Gascogne

    Thanks for the informative review as always your help in making an informative decision on these ships is top notch.
  12. Why Do You Play WOWS?

    Because we are sailors at heart