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    too many to list, but history and military history is one....

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  1. nina_blain_73

    The music thread

  2. nina_blain_73

    Let's compromise on the Missouri.

    Missouri camo is not where the credits come from the credit bonus is built into the ship... i can drive around all day in a naked mo and make coin and don't let anyone fool you it was the credit making that go her banned not anything else... and if they go ahead withte GC nerf I fully expect them to nref the Missouri and put it back on sale in the future
  3. nina_blain_73

    Tonnage Tuesday - Most Ships Sunk

    Kamikaze with 650 kills Missouri at 389 Campbeltown with 314 those are my top 3
  4. my reply was " Nah dude we ain't bots, we're clones"
  5. nina_blain_73

    When do you open your daily containers?

    i open when i get them usually choose more resources or more signals (rarely nowadays) never try your luck, Sc are mostly a waste imo
  6. nina_blain_73

    Weekend spree

    Maskarado #47, 75 battles 50.67Wr survived 11 games, Had a Terrible cold all weekend was medicated and just blah but still had fun.
  7. nina_blain_73

    Kreml Preview - A powerful, balanced tinderbox

    I agree in today's meta fighter is much more useful than radar wish i could have one on my missouri, plus it's hilarious to launch a squadron instead of a single plane off the rails of a BB
  8. i had, still have, a horrible cold all weekend, still managed 75 games. although one ended on a sour note when I sank a fellow Mask, meds, tunnel vision and the heat of the moment contributed. My apologies #104 still a fun event thanks to Fem and all the others who made it possible and thanks to the fellow masks who volunteered to give back. These are the best time i have had in wows by far
  9. nina_blain_73

    Kreml Preview - A powerful, balanced tinderbox

    Is this not the most ridiculous thing out of all the ridiculous things WG has done? I mean come on if you have to go to this length to make it "fair" just leave the stupid radar off entirely.
  10. nina_blain_73

    Missed it by 1 game... Event results

    great amount of games...I was fighting a cold and only managed 75 but it was rough.
  11. nina_blain_73

    Sabaton History

    Sabaton are awesome
  12. nina_blain_73

    Have you ever had one of those teammates?

    hell sometimes I'm one of those teammates...
  13. what? you don't drive DDs :)
  14. #47 laissez les bon temps rouler
  15. nina_blain_73

    A Concern With Sub Octavian and the Giulio Cesare

    they picked an obvious OP ship to do this with to make it easier to "get away with it". once precedent is set it will be open game on any premium they have... Missouri? it makes too much silver... we can change that now, Kamikazi's these are too powerful at V lets bump them up, and so on. Put out a new ship knowing OP and after the sales dry up bump it up or nerf it in some other way. If they do this it will just be the beginning. It is their game they can do what they want. You just have to decide if you want to support them or not.