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  1. honestly without the other hand I don't see how you could aim effectively and still be able to do everything else. I think that if it is going to be several weeks i'd ask if the doc could refit the cast if it wouldnt impact the healing
  2. Ship weary

    You take care too Devilfish
  3. Ship weary

    Take care IronWolfV, have a Merry Christmas and we'll see ya when you return or maybe in the skies...i really need to try planes again
  4. The Great Paradox

    wait...wut....I thought time travel =/= paradox
  5. Agreed Thank you WG for a thoughtful gift.
  6. The farming of downvotes begin.

    I tried Pulicat I really did but I just couldn't down vote ya... so I gave ya a cool
  7. Lets Play: "Never Have I Ever"....

    never have I... all of the above and more
  8. Need help with making a decision...

    economically Missouri is your best value I think - prints credits fun to play and if you use your signals and prem time you can make that free xp back much faster. Nelson is fun, but unless you need it for training captains I'd wait and get it later. why spend fxp on tech tree ships no no no... play the lines it isn't a race
  9. Weekend spree

    Finished the missions i was working on, got my vampire, found out that, after upgrading, the KGV isn't a bad boat. satisfied even if i didn't do spectacular
  10. Detonations

    you know I wish I could get detonated it seems to happen so much to so many...Please WG detonate my behind in something im sailing when i get sunk...I need some flags, i have been out like forever
  11. I play a select few ships every day. Kamikaze, Missouri, Nelson are my go to ships. I play these three everyday and in between my grind matches. Then I play one or more of my grind ships every day. Currently my grind is New Orleans, FDG, and KGV. I pick a grind ship each day to concentrate play in and if i get sunk (usually i do) I play one of the go to ships while I wait for the next grind battle. Sometimes I do play all the go to and grind ships to get the xp bonus but not always.
  12. Greetings!

    Welcome, welcome...come have some fun!