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  1. I would spend monies for this as well
  2. and I nominate TheRadicalMomo just for being cool
  3. seconded
  4. I have none wish i did, I have been detonated a total of 23 times out of 5525 games so yeah it's way overpowered
  5. KK Bye
  6. fixing stuff they broke yesterday
  7. I'm baking cookies, what kind do you like
  8. Time management... If you only have time for a couple of games here and there I would suggest grinding only one line. that being said I do feel that now that there are so many lines it is a good idea to get a feel for what you will like so I do echo the suggestion of playing several of the lines at least to T3 to find what you will like the most YMMV
  9. Bad way to do this WG.... y'all knew you were making the changes and could have told us the ships were being pulled but no you wait until the day before the patch. This smells like a money grab hoping to generate sales from a knee jerk reaction. [edited] maneuver WG pure [edited]
  10. ramming speed?
  11. Grats man thats a nice haul :) keep practicing mighty mo will reward you handsomely I may need to give this a look see As for my weekend it was meh but nobodies fault but my own. At least I achieved my goals so there is that
  12. really if the "seals" can't deal with the clubbers and learn how to dodge torps then they shouldn't be in randoms let them go play co-op and learn. I have low tier ships in my port because I earned them. WG doesn't force me to sell them, doesn't take them away from me when I pass a certain level, so it must be ok for me to play them if I want. Stop babying the new players. They get nothing from it but the sense that they are special snowflake immune to the same things everyone else playing the game has had to put up with. all you ever hear around here anymore is nerf this, limit that... that is the kind of thinking and attitude which will kill this game not so called "seal clubbing"
  13. funny how those seals usually end up clubbing me when i play lower tiers...hmm
  14. kamikazi Nelson Missouri these are the three i turn to to relax and have fun