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  1. PSA Salem

    I have to disagree premiums were designed with one purpose and one purpose only... to seperate the Whales (and I'm one) from their cash....
  2. PSA Salem

    yeah i trust LWM she has never led me astray... read her review and pulled my coal trigger for Musashi since it will be years before i finish the IJN BB line. Saving FXP for Alaska
  3. Austin Tx that's central it's 15 to 1 right now
  4. Do I free XP Seattle or Neptune?

    grind it out skipping is a waste of resources
  5. didnt they have a sale around the fourth of july
  6. Weekend spree

    Play wise? this weekend sucked as did the previous week altogether. but i had enough wins to start the climb back from my abysmal 37% i had in the middle of the week had a few good games that were still losses like this one from Friday night did get the last bit of coal needed for this toxicity is way too high this summer. and it's not just the new people I have seen quite a few "Old Hands" getting pretty salty in chat.
  7. Maxed Eagles Points and got my Camo.

    I agree these camos that are supposed to be special are horrendous looking it's like WG wants you to be the laughing stock of the match when you use them. it's "HAHA work your butt off doing our event and get a camo that you didn't spend thousands of doubloons on but make you look like a clown HAHA"
  8. I ran out of flags last week 1st game without my Fletcher went boom with the first hit. ran out of those flags beginning of this week first game without in my Gaede and boom ... very rare for me to get boomed I only have 33 dets in over 5k games
  9. Got my 1st Solo Warrior!

    grats man! this one still eludes me
  10. Cruisers at T10 focus on using radar if they have it. they find the choke point hide behind the island and wait for radar to come up when it does they stick a gun or two out shoot for the 30 or 40 seconds they have and slink back inot hiding. They are now as passive as BBs Hide radar shoot hide...rinse and repeat. the only cruisers now that don't do this are the ones without radar at all and the few good players who don't rely on the crutch. denying that Radar proliferation is ruining this game is like denying climate change
  11. Torpedo Tuesday - Launching an Attack

    an ambush is an ambush regardless of the class of DD. seems like you are also assuming those kills were only from an Asashio when they were from Yugumo, Fletcher, Gearing ,Shima, and an Asashio
  12. T-61 Guaranteed?

    never mind misunderstood your question. i really need to remember to read the whole thing in the future....