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    too many to list, but history and military history is one....

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  1. nina_blain_73

    Weekend spree

    Taking a break from Wows
  2. nina_blain_73

    2019: year of CV and SS!

    ya gotta wonder if the cv rework would have already been done if they hadn't put resources into something they said never would be in wows... just sayin
  3. nina_blain_73

    Change USN Capt. John Doe name

    call him Jon Doh! and use homer simpson as the portrait
  4. nina_blain_73

    Weekend spree

    stayed in my asashio mostly with some Gearing thrown in for good measure. ran a couple of Missouri matches. Asashio was weird this weekend for me couldn't hit squat most of the time with my torps, but man I was a gunslinger in this boat sunday.gunned down several other DDs including a wild knife fight with an akizuki a even put down two cruisers(neither at full health) with gunfire and a bb with a fire I started with guns very weird weekend
  5. nina_blain_73

    British Destroyer Missions

    it's a joke
  6. nina_blain_73

    Go to Ships, OCT 2018 Edition

    Asashio, Missouri, Gearing, Kamikazi
  7. nina_blain_73

    Shimakaze and the Legendary NERF

    only thing legendary here is the disappointment
  8. I applaud your name and avatar
  9. nina_blain_73

    Best music while playing

    I prefer and anything else by Sabaton or and anything else by Amon Amarth or... ok i could do this all day but im sure you get the drift
  10. nina_blain_73

    Weekend spree

    One word BAD all i'm gonna say
  11. it's nothing but a scam. ... promo to get you to buy crates just play the game and dont worry about it those dds will be in the tech tree
  12. nina_blain_73


    if it isn't FXP i predict riots
  13. nina_blain_73

    Is MISSOURI coming back?

    free xp can cost doubloons doubloons cost real money. nerf missouri and they will create a s**tstorm