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  1. nina_blain_73

    Cruiser Tallinn for Token, a pipe dream?

    Are any of you really surprised by this? After everything else they had done to us, I'm not.
  2. nina_blain_73

    Cruiser Tallinn for Token, a pipe dream?

    Come on you should be used to it by now.
  3. nina_blain_73

    So what changes would you make to submarines?

    only change i recommend is removing them.
  4. nina_blain_73

    Best way to spend 1mil plus free Xp

    Of the two I have probably enjoyed the Nelson more it is a fun BB that play differently than other BBs. Not a great ship but fun as all hell. The Alaska is also fun and if I were better in cruisers I would probably play her more. that being said I have had a few amazing matches in Alaska. Have to agree with @Ensign_Cthulhu here, do the grind and see what you have, need after your done. As for which fxp ship. if you play t9 and t10 predominately Alaska, if the lower tiers Nelson. Both are worth the expenditure.
  5. nina_blain_73

    A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To My Job

    Oh there is one I can share. I was an EOD Tech in the USAF stationed at the above mentioned RAF Feltwell. One fall we went on a training assignment with some British Ordnance troops and one of the things we did was walk the Wash during low tide which was like half an hour before dawn that day. Part of the Wash is a practice bombing range and has been since like forever. well bombing runs are tightly scheduled and we had to operate between them. What we were doing was looking for any unexploded ordnance or anything historical that may have washed up. The Brits do this all the time but it was something we Americans hadn't done before. So there we were trudging along the water line the sun is barley rising and it freezing and we aren't finding anything when we hear the sound of an A-10 behind us. An A-10 has a very distinctive sound and it GAU-8 Cannon even mores which is what we heard next. There were 2 of them doing a run blazing away at the ground, more than likely never saw us and really they weren't that close to us so we probably weren't in any danger any way... but still scared us s**tless and we all dived into the surf since they do the bombing and shooting on the exposed shore. The planes made two passes and flew away. We crawled out of the freezing water and made our way back off the bombing area to were the brits Landrover and our truck was parked. the British Captain who was in charge never said anything even though our Staff Sargent was all "what are we supposed to do report the planes". The brit just said "No, these things just happen some time. Any one wnat a spot of breakfast I could do with a nice egg and sausage sandwich." So we had egg and sausage sandwiches while soaking wet after being strafed by A-10s on the Wash.
  6. nina_blain_73

    A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To My Job

    Wow, RAF Mildenhall that's a name I haven't heard in a while. I was at RAF Feltwell, can't share any of my stories though, not any of the good ones anyways.
  7. nina_blain_73

    Another ship setting sail...

    Hope you all the world of happiness Fem.
  8. nina_blain_73

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    every single thing WG has done this year has been a complete mess...why did we expect this to be any different?
  9. nina_blain_73

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    biggest ripoff so far
  10. nina_blain_73

    The music thread

    feeling playful
  11. nina_blain_73

    Thunderer or Smolensk?

    cannot make up my mind, so I will check back in 24 hours to see what advice/opinions y'all have on these two and let y'all decide for me. Be gentle friends.
  12. nina_blain_73


    2nd one still works as of this post
  13. nina_blain_73

    Next T9/10 Free XP premium ship?

    agree..put the ships in the armory for coal or steel or makem FXP or something and burn that system to the ground.
  14. hmmm does server transfers mean population drops....hmm