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  1. Finally got Kraken!!!

    Grats! I still get a thrill when I get one
  2. Asashio After A Few Weeks: Meh

    yeah mine is parked at the dock gathering rust. it just isn't fun to play to me. first premium i regret buying and trust me i have a lot of the "bad" premiums
  3. Premiun destroyer: Leningrad or Okhotnik

    Okhotnick. her guns are murder and if anything lets you get close enough for that wall o torps ...well bad day for them. great at deleting DDs, not bad with Cruisers, and can burn those big heavies I don't get a lot of Krakens but I have gotten most of the ones I have gotten in the 'Hot
  4. Caption the profile image above you.

    "You should have that Pink Eye looked at"
  5. Friendly fire

    All i will say is never assume the other person will act responsibly. DD may have been an idiot but then you assumed he would act responsibly. You were wrong in that assumption and now you are pink. You should have moved, and you should have looked to make sure you were clear.
  6. Salt Potatoes

    mmmm... potatoes...fried, mashed, baked, roasted your making hungry
  7. I can never decide ... do I want fried or roasted?
  8. Ranked Battles

    yes...yes they can
  9. Weekend spree

    very Meh weekend for me... my groove is off again and ranked sucks
  10. Plays a mix of battleships and destroyers Often finishes damaged enemies Very rarely uses torpedoes Key vehicle - Kamikaze my to most played ships Kamikaze and campbelletown and i rarely use torpedoes i guess i sunk all those ships with spitballs
  11. Weekend spree

    More losses than wins and I was carried on those wins. Played like crap the entire weekend. dont know whats going on maybe it's burnout
  12. some days i do good some days i don't I don't blame anyone but myself
  13. Pink... well that escalated quickly

    They have a Plan...
  14. Biscuit

    some were brown and some were tan and had MRE stamped all over them we got them from the ARMY that were here helping. Definitely had meat in the ones we had. and let me tell you we were thankful to have that and the help all those guys and girls gave us.