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    too many to list, but history and military history is one....

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  1. nina_blain_73

    Weekend spree

    no wows for me i'm grinding a toon in STO.... i'll come back to wows when Alaska shows up, and then only if it's FXP y'all have a Merry Christmas
  2. nina_blain_73

    My Toughts About Steel/Coal...

    WG has no idea how to fix their economy, what they are doing is ticking off their customers and if they keep on the path they are on they will destroy their own game through mismanagement IMO
  3. nina_blain_73

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer 2

  4. nina_blain_73

    What happened to my Steven Segal Captain?

    i'm gonna be nice today
  5. nina_blain_73

    Santa Crates $3.00 Jackpot

    no splurging for me this year... this is the lean times
  6. nina_blain_73

    I adopted Lert!

    very pretty kitty good job brushwolf
  7. nina_blain_73

    Krohstadt or Alaska?

    ugh i need to have coffee before posting nevermind
  8. nina_blain_73

    Musashi: What could have been.

    I'll say it again, Mush and Kron are not being removed due to OPness or Popularity... they are going away so the new ships can be priced higher, something they would have a hard time justifying if these two were still for sale at the reduced price and why not raise the price on these ships... yeah that would be a ****storm in the making. These ships will all come back in containers and never sold again until WG needs the money
  9. nina_blain_73

    blacklisting potatoes

    then quit
  10. nina_blain_73

    Use of Doubloons in Arsenal

    oh yes we screwed up FXP and are in the process of screwing up Steel and coal let go ahead and screw up Doubloons why we are at it. come on WG stop effing things up
  11. nina_blain_73

    Why is everyone so upset about the steel thing

    WG can't help themselves the say that the economy is messed up and they need to fix it then they go and mess it up some more. sigh
  12. nina_blain_73

    Follow up to BB accuracy post

  13. nina_blain_73

    Useless coupon

    more bad wg marketing
  14. nina_blain_73

    Captain Fry just left the ship

    sorry for your loss, hugs