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  2. Rub_My_Cit_Harder_BB

    New Game Modes

    7 vs 7 Randoms, 3 vs 3 Randoms, 1 vs 1 Same Ship battles. Realistic battles without any caps (in ocean format) would also be nice. The effect of good players in this game on randoms in this current state is minimized by players who suicide/afk. Add more game modes but smaller sized battles. There is too much emphasis on adding more ships for more $$$ rather than focusing on the actual game, itself.
  3. Rub_My_Cit_Harder_BB

    Release Average Base Experience to the public

    People farming for damage would also greatly reduce as damage is used in player ratings. Base experience is based off damage done by percentage, rather than total, which is a better reflection of impact on a game. 20k dmg to a destroyer is not the same as 20k dmg to a battleship. However, since base experience is not counted, people resort to farming battleships behind islands to boost their overall damage, which reflects on their player rating.
  4. Think about this: Players complaining about others being bad at the game. Players spamming what to do in chat. All this grief over your own team winning and LOADS of discussion on these message boards over bad "weekend" players. Lets get to the root cause of this: Winning percentage. Unfortunately, we don't have decent measures of individual skill in this game because base experience is not recorded. Win rates are currently used as the best indicator of skill at the moment, even when they can be manipulated by divisioning up with good players. As a result, players need to bump their win rates to get into certain clans or be recognized as a "good player." A player with 40% win rate can have their stats pumped from players with 60 or 70% win rates by playing with them all the time. Does that make that 40%er a good player? Not really. There are lots of players attempting to pump their own win rates without those 60% WR friends. There are lots of good players on horrible teams who need to suffer because of others who do not care about the game. This leads to lots of stress and spamming chat telling others what to do, thus taking away from the enjoyability of this game. There are even websites which attempt to measure individual skill based on formulas with damage, winning percentages and kills. What these formulas don't include are percentage damage done to ships, damage to other ships upon spotting, capping, defending caps, playing objectives - basically everything base experience includes. All of these issues mentioned above can be resolved simply releasing base stats - a simple feature that would be easy to add and have major impact on this game's enjoyability. Players would not care about winning and losing if their skill was based on average base experience. All the stress would go away and all the flaming in chat would go away. Please add this.
  5. Rub_My_Cit_Harder_BB

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    Absolutely no mention of win rates in ships taken into account. This is why there are so many one-sided matches. Hilarious how WG thinks tiers make a difference when sometimes they don't, due to wargaming's Tier X nerfs. Kitakaze > Harugumo. Chung Mu > Yue Yang. Mogador > Kleber. Some might say Saint-Louis > Henri XIV because it doesn't have a super nerfed acceleration, quicker reload and better detection. No, it's not the tiers that make a difference in a game. It's how well a player plays their ships. Wargaming has it completely backwards.
  6. Spotter planes always hover near a ship and can barely spot enemy ships. This is not accurate to what a spotter plane was historically used for - to spot things! Spotter planes should hover around a ship at a farther distance away from it - like 3 or 4km away so ships farther away can be spotted. Also reintroduce second spotter plane commander skill which would be beneficial to surface ships.
  7. Rub_My_Cit_Harder_BB

    Balance the teams

    Here is the thing. As a customer, you don't understand what algorithms are. There are many variables to organizing a team. Do you select it so that you get an even amount of BBs, CAs and DDs then distribute based on win rate? What about divisions? Where do you put them? What ships do you put where? What about ship tiers? I listen to people say "fix this, do this" but fail to clearly lay out what algorithm they've developed for fixing the problem. With that said, I am a coder and understand this is a complex math problem. I have attempted constructing an algorithm on how to evenly distribute ships and anything is much better than what WG is doing now.
  8. Rub_My_Cit_Harder_BB

    Premium Ship Review #113 - Vanguard

    WOW. I actually love this boat as its rudder shift is fantastic for WASD dodging at mid/long ranges. Almost feels like a battle-cruiser. While you harp about penetration, keep in mind that this is tier 8. Go tier 10 and you can't AP, so switch to HE with high rate of fire and fire chance. If you're in a tier 6 battle, you have citadels all day with AP. I also find it curious that you're picking basics of survability over +1 consumable. Bear in mind that 1 heal with heal flag does about 18k worth of heal. I don't understand how putting out a fire quicker > +1 18k heal. I'm in total disagreement with this rating.
  9. Rub_My_Cit_Harder_BB

    Burst mode setting for firing salvos

    Hmm..what I am looking for is a function where you can just hold your mouse button down and all your turrets fire simultaneously, at the same time once all your turrets are loaded. I get that you can double click but when I have my Haru guns spec'd out at near 2s reload times, it's pain on my fingers to keep double clicking for the entire duration of smoke. I wish I could just hold my mouse button down and it keeps firing my guns all at once (instead of rapid succession). I might take up personator's idea of an autoclicker if I could find one.
  10. I hate having to click my mouse a bunch of times just to get all my shots off at the same time. I suspect a lot of players feel this way, as well. How about a hot key setting to change from rapid fire to burst mode in game? My reasoning is in rapid fire while sitting in smoke makes it easier for an opponent to guess where your ship is and shoot at it. I opt to fire bursts of salvos to help prevent that situation - but when you're in a high rate of fire ship like a Mino or Harugumo, doing that is likely to send you down the fast path to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  11. Rub_My_Cit_Harder_BB

    DDs buffed, now armor the cruisers!!!

    Dude, you have radar that goes through islands. You have a 1 button to win mode - the most overpowered thing in the game whenever you are JUUUUST detected. Are you kidding me? Radar is a first person shooter equivalent of a bazooka "noob tube". Now you want extra armor and extra buff to go along with that noob tube? If anything, WG caters to noobs. Please don't give them extra ideas.
  12. I disagree with "secondary activities at the expense of main." It IS the main job of a DD to spot. With all the anti-DD stuff in the game like radar going through islands or radar traps where spotting distance = radar distance (I would suggest decreasing radar range by 1km or increasing radar ship viewing distance by 1km but nope, they hate DDs), planes, etc etc, you would think WG would at least reward DD players with something. Nope.
  13. Yes, and it is not rewarded in the current statistical system. It is punished. Doing damage to a destroyer is more difficult to do and provides less damage overall for yourself. There is no benefit under the current model. That's what I was trying to describe in my original post. I am attempting to normalize that by equating doing damaging a destroyer to damaging anything else. It should be the same. Therefore, basing this formula off percentages rather than overall damage makes sense.
  14. I meant nearest ally in the back. You know, when BBs are farming with full hp and contribute nothing except personal damage farming. Everything else about strategy, I totally agree with you.
  15. Hunting DDs is not selfishness. Selfishness is stat padding and being 10km away from the nearest ship hiding in the back or behind an island not contributing toward capping. The current system promotes that and that is not teamwork.