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  1. CloudySix

    Premium Ship Review #113 - Vanguard

    WOW. I actually love this boat as its rudder shift is fantastic for WASD dodging at mid/long ranges. Almost feels like a battle-cruiser. While you harp about penetration, keep in mind that this is tier 8. Go tier 10 and you can't AP, so switch to HE with high rate of fire and fire chance. If you're in a tier 6 battle, you have citadels all day with AP. I also find it curious that you're picking basics of survability over +1 consumable. Bear in mind that 1 heal with heal flag does about 18k worth of heal. I don't understand how putting out a fire quicker > +1 18k heal. I'm in total disagreement with this rating.
  2. CloudySix

    DDs buffed, now armor the cruisers!!!

    Dude, you have radar that goes through islands. You have a 1 button to win mode - the most overpowered thing in the game whenever you are JUUUUST detected. Are you kidding me? Radar is a first person shooter equivalent of a bazooka "noob tube". Now you want extra armor and extra buff to go along with that noob tube? If anything, WG caters to noobs. Please don't give them extra ideas.
  3. Mmm, sounds like someone just wants to disagree with everything. You're taking a few words from my original post about my opinion that this copper is crappy and you're telling me to "stop complaining." No point in talking to you.
  4. It is crappy. I can't even get a camo for a ship I own. The only ones they offer are camos for Flint and Black. Even if they offered camo for all ships, I still wouldn't be thrilled because you'd need to rank out 3 times to get a crappy camo. No, steel you can actually buy ships with. Two completely different things.
  5. Everyone got 1 copper at the end of ranked and you need 3 to buy a camo.
  6. Hundreds of battles to get to rank 1 in normal rank then it gets deleted. All I'm left with is a crappy copper which I can't even use on a camo. Thanks WG. Another thing to remember - getting real tired of all this dysfunction - especially their unwillingness to change radar to line of sight.
  7. CloudySix

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    I'm sure you can do better. I'll bring the popcorn.
  8. CloudySix

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    Since you're so good with a 70% win rate, I'm sure you'd get there in under 100 battles, right? It's just SO EASY to make it to rank 1! Look at this guy on his high horse who simplifies the game down to only win rate and damage..
  9. CloudySix

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    No you're right, you're a self proclaimed expert who knows everything, right? I actually consider 500 battles to be a good number in ranked. Look at Final8ty's stats, I consider him a good player in ranked and he has about that much. I know others in ranked who have played more battles to get to rank 1. I know you're trying to twist me around, attack me as a player, blah blah but I don't care. I don't know you, you don't know me. There is a LOT more to this game than stats like smoking for teammates, defending, keeping people spotted as a DD or with radar. A LOT more things than just damage. Unfortunately, you're not pointing any of that, going to a quick stats page, looking at damage and win rate then jumping to conclusions based on that, trying to troll this thread and point out flaw in my game. LOL okay bro
  10. CloudySix

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    Mmhmm, I'm sure you have the experience and the know how to be lecturing everyone here on what their stats should look like and if they were "carried to rank 1" even though you've always been in tier 8 ranked battles and hide your stats. LOL okay bro
  11. CloudySix

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    Sure, I can stat pad and do what others do by just deleting the account I've had since the start since SEASON TWO and creating a new glorious one with all these good stats. but I'm not like that. I find it laughable you're pointing out Player Rating when it's a severely skewed stat, heavily based on damage and ship kills. Does it take into account for a lot of those matches I was playing as a Mino/Wooster to hunt DDs down? Nope. You understand that ships who hunt high value targets like DDs are low damage and have lower player ratings as a result, right? I bet you don't, either. As for the 1842 battles, yeah, I did suck when I started. My win rate was horrid back then. As for the "failing to rank 1" part, it's actually really difficult to do that because deaths impact teams much more than random and the skill level when going up a league is much more challenging. I'm sure you're the expert since you've likely never been past rank 10. Good job pointing out you have a 62% win rate in lower leagues with 82 battles in those lower leagues (but the inverse is true, right? lol) Clearly you have no idea what you're talking about.
  12. Matches in randoms have become almost vile. Same story every game - people start drying, big ol crocodile tears start coming out. I feel sorry for whoever is getting told off by some newbies who are already dead. It has almost become an incentive to win, just so I could avoid all these people complaining and using the last players alive as scapegoats. Ever notice that? Whenever someone starts complaining, they immediately start bashing the last players who are alive? Stuff like this speak volumes to the personal character of these individuals - pointing the finger at others when they themselves suck. I get that in ranked, tempers are high and you NEED to win because it's expensive re-equipping tier X ships with premium upgrades/flags. It's okay to be angry in ranked because it's COMPETITIVE. What I don't understand is the same exact thing happening in randoms. Randoms are supposed to be for fun and introduce new people into the game. How can we except to grow this game and community when there are so many toxic people like this? When 70% of my matches end up with someone going off the rails and trying to tell someone off and make the match that much more un-enjoyable for others? I had spent 3 prior matches where the complaints were directed at others. On the 4th match, I was AFK at the start because someone urgently needed to talk to me. I come back on a capture the epicenter mode for Tears of the Desert as a Harugumo. There are two DDs already in the center of the map and just as I approach the center, I am met with, "Cloudy, why didn't you help me, you pu**y" "Cloudy I swear I'm going to torp you." I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about because I JUST got there and there were no other DDs around. I was dumbfounded on what he was talking about. I started trying to comply explain to him I had no idea what he was talking about and I don't even care because I don't know him. Then he proceeded to say "You're still a pu**y" and kept trying to rag on me for being a noob." I killed 2 ships then responded with "You see that? Still gonna torp me? You're talking to a rank 1, noob." (I was rank 1 and he's rank 15 or something) Nevertheless, I ended up getting report spammed and found it was almost comical in his case of mistaken identity. My guess is the moron was probably in periscope mode, looked over to the nearest DD and automatically thought it was me "not helping." My point is - crap like this has got to stop. In randoms, I'm generally more respective of people because randoms are supposed to be for FUN. That incident made me want to take a long break from the game and if it was some new player, I'm sure it would drive them away from it. The salt has got to stop in randoms if we expect to grow this game.
  13. CloudySix

    British Navy Hall of Fame Rewards

    Ah I get it now. Thanks! Thought the reward was just 1 container
  14. Top 25% - 1 container Top 10% - 1 container Top 5% - 1 container ...wth?
  15. My world record was like 29km dev strike on a Cruiser. This was done in a Yammy. In ranked I regularly get ~10k hits on DDs at roughly 12 to 15km. So, 20km on a DD is possible. I don't even use any kind of hacking or aim assist or anything, just play the game like a maniac for several years and you'll get a good/subconscious feeling on where to shoot.