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    Colbert is an “AA Cruiser”???

    Yeah agree on paper it looks good. But in reality, even with AFT/BFT, a T10 CV can make 2 passes on a Colbert (without DefAA). On a Mino, a CV would barely make a first pass. I don’t know what it is. Lack of range combined with non-existent short range AA maybe. It’s very lackluster. With DefAA, planes die very quickly.
  2. Why does the Colbert have such weak AA? Compared to the likes of Minotaur, Worcester, and even Smolensk (same class ships), the Colbert AA is pathetic. Colbert already lacks the utility of these other ships, is more challenging to play, and on top of that, it HAS to slot DefAA (giving up hydro) to even stand a chance against CVs. IMHO the AA should be buffed.
  3. The launcher thinks my PTS instance is up to date (, but the game won't let me log in due to outdated version. How to fix?