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  1. There just should not be Bots in Asymmetrical Battles, either remove the game type or add more time to wait for players. then again, I will not know if you do because i will never attempt to play it again, because of the chance to be paired with bots.
  2. G13Homi

    Players that won't push

    Current CV meta forces passive gameplay. Boats must grouo together for AA.
  3. This is what auto pilot is for.simply plot your course, plop. Then back to battle-none the wiser.
  4. Oh the good old days of Alpha testing
  5. G13Homi

    What's the best paint job in the game?

    SOUTHERN DRAGON. That is all.
  6. G13Homi


    Please stop. Dont tell them.
  7. For the grind and effort that i (we) put in to earn the Benham. I would hope not.
  8. Amalfi, Rich Lou, and my Bayard ( its better than the premium stock camo) and imo its one of the best Camos in the game outside of the Halloweenies
  9. G13Homi

    Armory issues?

    I find that my setti g keep reverting back to windowed mode. I simply return it to fullscreen and my Armory works after that.
  10. @CAPTMUDDXX thank you for the santa crate. May your 2020 bring you everything you desire. What a cool thing to do for a stranger. Again many thanks.
  11. G13Homi

    What is the worse grind - PR or Benham?

    i easily achieved the benham event. i very much enjoyed the torpedo fest and played it out of enjoyment. The PR event is not possible for a person with a job. even if i throw real money at it.
  12. G13Homi

    $800 dollars in, got Mo

    ooff. Glad i got her wit the free xp a few years ago
  13. G13Homi

    Who have you seen in game

    im not allowed to give a thumbs up. so thanks @Rollingonit I love that thing, its basically the Perth in CHinese skin
  14. G13Homi


    @hiramkeyNA i found the game was running in windowed mode, once i set it to full screen all the issues were resolved. hope this is the issue you have as well