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  1. WGing has continually pushed out game changes that incentivize cowardly play and camping. I'm done with it. I YOLO every match that I'm in now. Many times it works, because the other team expects everyone else to cower, camp and snipe for 10 minutes. The NA server needs to move more toward the Russian Server gameplay style. It's much more fun.
  2. ksaorsa

    The iChase Case

    CVs are a cancer. IChase is echoing what the vast majority of players have been saying. Potato and Coward CV Captains who want to be free to farm damage without risking their ships love the new meta. For everyone else, it is completely and utterly broken.
  3. ksaorsa

    Just got my Montana

    Hello fellow Lonewolf! I primarily play BBs and American BBs are my favorite. Montana is my second most used ship after the NC. I also play a brawling style. I cannot stand the cower and snipe meta. It's the most disgusting, dishonorable, cowardly, and boring playstyle ever invented. I don't know why that meta exists. I went with a secondary heavy on my Montana, but didn't quite go full secondary. People will tell you not to do it, but it works for me and my playstyle. (Most cowards want to sit back and snipe, so I guess the secondary build wouldn't work for them.) I take Aux Arm 1, Damage Control 1, Secondary Battery Mod, Steering Gear, Enhanced Damage Legendary, Artillery Plotting Room 2. For Captain skills, I have a 19 point Captain. PM, EM, AR, [edited], BFT, AFT, and MFC. I used concealment expert for a while, but it is absolutely worthless with the sky cancer meta. So I moved those 4 points to the secondaries. You can't ever show your sides in a MT and you have to be careful about how you close the distance. Prioritize shots on cruisers.
  4. ksaorsa

    Soviet BB mission receipt probability

    I received Tier V and Tier VII from premium boxes. I received Tier VI from a regular box. I have used all of my allowance tokens for the boxes, because I don't want the cruiser. It took a LOT of regular boxes to get that mission. The drop chance is much higher with the premium boxes.
  5. ksaorsa

    What is the most powerful (OP) tier IX/X battleship?

    The current version of Pobeda is the most OP Tier X BB, and it isn't even close. It's the only ship in the game that is more accurate at long range than at short range. There isn't any other BB that has that kind of dispersion, and can literally take you off the map with one Salvo from 24km away. WGing may nerf it, but it is Soviet, so it more than likely will not be nerfed. None of the CCers that have reviewed it can figure out what WGing is thinking with that thing. I like the idea of the new Soviet BB line, where your dispersion gets much better as you close the distance, because all of the game design should be focused on eliminating cowering and camping.
  6. Pobeda is completely, and utterly broken. Absurdly so. The most broken ship in the game. Every single CCer has said so. Even those who toe the line.
  7. Buff AA. Remove unlimited planes. Remove the ability to strike multiple times per attack. Remove ability for planes to spot for other ships.
  8. ksaorsa

    From Sub Octavian on reddit regarding CVs

    Why not introduce that change for ALL ships in the game. It would not only go a long way to fixing CVs, but it would fix the cower and camp meta. If you had to get closer to actually see enemy ships, we could have the glorious brawling battles that make the game actually fun to play rather than camping behind islands and sniping with a 2% hit chance.
  9. ksaorsa

    From Sub Octavian on reddit regarding CVs

    DING DING DING!!!! THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WGing wants people to play the cower and camp in a mass meta. CVs have made that 1000% times worse than it ever was. I will NOT, EVER, play that ridiculous and boring meta. People need to be encouraged to charge in close and brawl. That's what makes this game fun. WGing keeps introducing changes that reward cowardice and camping.