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    Reading and video gaming are my favorite pass-times. Call me weird, but I like school (when books and video games are unavailable).
  1. Aseron

    Premium Request -- V-25

    Yes, but that is not a premium. Basically just want a fun low tier ship that I can throw my german DD captain in without having to deal with retraining. Sometimes, its just nice to stop playing a T9 or 10 and have a little fun in a ship that is entirely too fast for its tier :D Just would like to be able to do that while also getting my german DD captain a bit of XP.
  2. Not really sure where to put this on the game forums, so I put it here. The TL:DR version is that I think a great idea for a low tier premium would be a premium V-25. It is my favorite little T2 and is a great deal of fun -- as all premium ships should be. Also it does not hurt that 73 of the things were built: plenty to choose from. P.S. Anyone who cries "Seal Clubber" needs to take a look at the soon-to-be-released USS Charleston. Nothing screams seal clubber louder than a premium St. Louis.
  3. Aseron

    USS Alaska is coming!

    Really hope they add it to arsenal. For some reason, I seem to be gathering coal much faster than free XP — I can usually get 1000-2000 coal per day compared to roughly the same of free xp, the difference being its relative price in coal or free xp. Would be nice to see a cruiser other than the Salem that you can buy for coal in the arsenal shop.
  4. Is there any way to download or install the wargaming.net client to something OTHER than the C drive? When I download the game, and by extent the wargaming.net client, it is automatically installing to my C drive. The C drive only has 100 gb of spare space, and I am going to need all of that for another game that needs a SSD much more than WoWs does. So as you could imagine, not being able to choose the destination folder for WoWs and the Wargaming.net client is a massive PITA.
  5. I like bacon... I could really go for some bacon right now :)

  6. Aseron

    Douglas MacArthur

    I am aware that McArthur was not a naval leader, however, he did lead a key role in the pacific and believe he deserves recognition for it. Does anyone have an opinion on this matter?
  7. World of warships looks promising.

  8. World of warships looks promising.

  9. Cant wait for the open beta. I've always been a fan of wargames, and naval wargames have not been done so ambitiously before. I have high hopes for this game and believe that wargaming.net will exceed them.