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  1. S7CentNickel

    Your monthly super container

    Bought the 360 days for 50% off a couple of years ago.
  2. S7CentNickel

    Random Prime LOOT Drop in!

    1k dubs too. That works.
  3. S7CentNickel

    Your monthly super container

    14 days premium time. Back over 500 days…again.
  4. S7CentNickel

    Weekend Spree, 9-12 June 2022

    Forgot to play…too nice outside!
  5. S7CentNickel

    Black Event Cost Breakdown

    I'm waiting for July. It amazes me how much people will pay to get a little early!
  6. S7CentNickel

    Kansas-Vermont Branch Changes

    I may need to start playing them again!
  7. I've got some Epoch & New Year camos for Tier 9s sitting around. Do I need to mount them before the changeover?
  8. S7CentNickel

    Permacamo's to purchase!

    Cost me 11k coal for the Congratulatory Camos, thanks to duplicates. Thanks for the info!
  9. S7CentNickel

    Feedback on ...What you like about WoWs!

    1. my clan 2. it's not armored warfare
  10. S7CentNickel

    Firepower crates

    What are in firepower crates? I recall seeing them, but never had much interest in earning/buying.
  11. S7CentNickel

    Coal - Tulsa, Carnot, or wait?

    I’m waiting. Neither of them have the “ I need to have this ship” factor.
  12. 100 Sierra Mikes - Could be worse!
  13. S7CentNickel

    Nelson Auction. What did you bid?

    I think my 375k FXP investment is looking pretty good about now!
  14. S7CentNickel

    Mainz or Weimar. Mainz was the choice!

    Thanks for everyone’s thoughts. Went with the Mainz. Been wanting it for a while & the coupon sealed the deal. 8475dubs isn’t too bad.
  15. Decided I'm going to burn my 25% bonus coupon. Which cruiser do you prefer, Mainz or Weimar? I'm thinking Mainz because I do not play a lot of scenario stuff and Tier 8 vs 7. Thoughts? Ended up buying the Mainz.