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  1. S7CentNickel

    About WOLF clans

    My 2nd Clan, but my favorite! Last one was too interested in CB's, after all this is a hobby (or obsession) not a job!
  2. S7CentNickel

    wows na crash?

    Killed the game & was able to get back on. WOWS has been pretty laggy lately.
  3. S7CentNickel

    Salem Impression - From Below Average Player

    Have enough for the Salem but I have that pretty Eagles camo on my DM so I guess that's a wash & will probably let the coupon expire until something really "floats my boat".
  4. S7CentNickel

    wows na crash?

    Locked up & couidn't get back in
  5. S7CentNickel

    Books on Russian navy?

    Grimm’s Fairy Tails comes the closest you would find in the non-fiction section.
  6. Which two of these ships are keepers & deserve permanent camos, Vladivostok, Chapayev, Kiev or Ognevoi? I figured it's the next best thing since I only got 1100 tokens. Opinions?
  7. S7CentNickel

    Transferring gold from World of Tanks to WOWS

    Actually the premium times run concurrently, but you only get the bonus of the higher one. So WG gets to burn off more player premium time with less benefit for the players. Classic!
  8. S7CentNickel

    Hipper - C hull or range first?

    That's what I thought. Thanks!
  9. S7CentNickel

    vladivostok is a MONSTER

    burn & torp...rinse & repeat
  10. Working on the Hipper. I'm thinking get range module before the "C" hull. Thoughts?
  11. S7CentNickel


    I'll have to try it. I didn't mind the York any other cruiser (especially brawlers), but I guess I just need to learn how to run & gun to stay alive as I move up the IJN line.
  12. S7CentNickel


    Is the Myoko the worst ship in the game? It sure feels like it to me!
  13. S7CentNickel

    Neustrashimy for 20,500 steel

    I'm sitting at 15.5k steel and so with the coupon I could get the Neustrashimy or get a Black with a little change left, but I think I will let the dust settle and see how things really shake out. I was actually trying to save for the Bourgogne.
  14. S7CentNickel

    do you desert after the 1st day

    Is there any way to see how many points you earned the day before without choosing a team today?