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  1. S7CentNickel

    Thunderer/Georgia thoughts?

    I got the Thunderer and will get the Georgia next. I love the Thunderer and have sent many Georgia’s to the bottom. Both HE& AP are great. I would do it this way again in a heartbeat.
  2. Finally made it to Stage 4 this morning and was surprised at what was in my container. It wasn't a PR but LeTerrible works for me!
  3. Scharnhorst is the easiest of the bunch to do well. Good armor , decent guns and torps too!
  4. S7CentNickel

    Which Coal Ship?

    I got the JB, Smolensk and just picked up the Thunderer. I like the Smolly (especially in PVE). Thunderer is good in mist situations. I just get along with the JB, it seems like a good boat but I just can’t get it to work.
  5. S7CentNickel

    Pondering some premium time

    I bought WG Premium time cuz I play WOT too.
  6. S7CentNickel

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    S7Cent Nickel NA Smolensk is my go to, fun boat now although I just picked up the Thunderer and am enjoying it immensely too. (Did I mention that I always wanted to be a firemen and I guess I am one now!)
  7. S7CentNickel

    Yoshino or Thunderer?

    I picked up the Thunderer the other day. Just been playing PVE but still getting close to 100k damage regularly. Don’t have the Yoshi but I’m enjoying being a fireman.
  8. S7CentNickel

    Which Coal Ship?

    Got the Smolensk, JB and a DM so my only question is Georgia or Thunderer. But I think I have Georgia on my mind.
  9. S7CentNickel

    Aslain's - problems?

    Anybody else having problems downloading Aslain's. It's been down for me since the update.
  10. S7CentNickel

    Should I buy Sommers?

    I will probably get her with the coupon after the 26th. (Just shy without it)
  11. S7CentNickel

    Will I regret it if I don't get Smolensk?

    I didn’t get the Missouri, Belfast or Kuznetsov and swore I would never let that happen again. So I got the Musashi, Kronstadt and Smolensk just to be sure. ( not that the last 3 are going to be in the same class)
  12. S7CentNickel


    I got the Smolensk, haven't regretted it at all. I had missed out on a lot of the OP boats that got removed (other than the Mush & the Kron) Having a rough night, over to coop for some fun! Don't need to run any premium flags or consumables & you still make lots of $$ even w/o prem time!
  13. I was an alpha & beta tester for Legends. I think I’ve played about a dozen games since it went live. The maps are so small it feels like you are playing in a bathtub. It just wasn’t fun enough to take seriously.
  14. S7CentNickel

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    Four straight games with my Shiratsuyu last night with CVs. (Trying to finish her up for the steel snowflake) Hung it up for the night and will try again later. ugh
  15. S7CentNickel

    Legendary upgrade

    I was in the same “boat” last year with the Wooster. It rolled over and I got my Legenday upgrade last month, but haven’t mounted it. Probably won’t.