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  1. S7CentNickel

    gneisenau 1st skill

    Just got the gneisenau this weekend and put a 15 pt captain on her with zero skills. On Ship Comrade they say DCCA for the first skill but I was thinking maybe PM would be a better choice after the CV rework. Thoughts?
  2. S7CentNickel

    Captain Respec...thought it was thru 2/11????

    I think 5am EST is reset time.
  3. S7CentNickel

    Halsey best class?

    My new Colorado captain...Thanks!
  4. S7CentNickel

    Halsey best class?

    Is Halsey better for BB's or Cruisers? I've already have all the cruisers and just got the Colorado. I would like to put him in that for free. Thoughts?
  5. You need to ask this question with a WG game?
  6. S7CentNickel

    JB is a monster!

    Enjoying mine much more than my Kronstadt.
  7. S7CentNickel

    Fletcher or Jutland?

    Going to pick one up tonight for ranked. Which one do you prefer?
  8. S7CentNickel

    Alaska will not be available: confirmed?

    Just think, if they wait 14,584 more days they can release it on the 100 yr anniversary of Alaska's statehood!
  9. S7CentNickel

    JB still worth it?

    Finally got my 228k coal for the JB & now I am questioning if it is worth it. I already have a DM with perm camo so the Salem isn't a need, and the Musashi & Kron were my last two expenditures of coal & FXP. Problem is, I hardly ever see JB's in battle any more, maybe one every dozen battles or so. So, is it still good or did it just lose it's new boat smell? Opinions are appreciated.
  10. S7CentNickel

    Snowflake end date

    When does the Snowflake event end? I've got some FXP to get some steel.
  11. S7CentNickel

    TX Permanent Camo?

    The only ones I have are from the Sharks/Eagles event. (Think the second one was 1/2 off)
  12. S7CentNickel

    Commander Respec

    I was more worried about getting my clan battle boats back to their regular skill set rather than the CB skills.
  13. S7CentNickel

    Commander Respec

    Just what the Dr. ordered.
  14. S7CentNickel

    Commander Respec

    Are we going to be able to respect our Captains after Clan Wars? (I really need to change some of them) If so, when?
  15. S7CentNickel

    Belle Epoque Collection

    ugh, still working on that too.