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  1. Expires soon (an hour?) Gives set of missions with 1 mil credits and a German container.
  2. Wow! looks like you got another port slot! (along with a captain and some scrap metal..)
  3. mumphred

    Beast made of Steel mission

    OP, be sure you are looking at base xp. In the screenshots below base xp is in blue. Red is not the base xp.
  4. mumphred

    3 Premium cruiser missions

    Was that before, or after he said they were a 1 time deal? edit> after, apparently
  5. mumphred

    3 Premium cruiser missions

    No, you can complete each mission only 7 times.
  6. I see two flaws.. Estimated Tokens per Container: Average = (5*50 + 10*25 + 15*15 + 25*10 + 150*4 + 700*1) / (50 + 25 + 15 + 10 + 4 + 1) Average = 21.67 tokens/container This assumes that the different containers have the exact same drop rate but it looks like the 5 token containers drop much more often. Rewards you can Probably Buy: With these free tokens you can expect to get the following: Mikoyan (300 tokens) Tallinn camo (400 tokens) Tallinn (500 tokens) If you buy these 3, you will have 356 unused tokens. You have to buy the bundles in order. You cant buy Tallin until you buy the perma-camo for Tallin (bundle #2)
  7. mumphred

    PSA - Free Russian Tokens

    Umm... I think it means there will be 10 buttons total. (x5 = 50 tokens..)
  8. mumphred

    PSA - Free Russian Tokens

    But you only get 5 tokens per click.. not sure why I thought it would be 10.
  9. mumphred

    wargammer denied my PTS rewards

    Replays from the PTS are in a different folder than the reg game. (C:Games/World-of-warships-PT/replays) If replays are enabled you should have your last 10 PTS games saved.