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  1. Credits man like I said in my post. It costs between 15million to 28million to buy a tier 10 ship. Lots of FTP players sell their ships to grind a line or simply need credits. I mean not everybody has premium account or signals to blow to make money. You get a wide range of players from high rollers who buy everything wargaming puts out to broke FTP guys. I'm in the middle I buy alot but not everything. Wallet warriors! :D
  2. Beyond the story, it helps those free to play users participate when they have no credits to buy a tier 10 ship. Of course this is very niche in the community. He couldn't afford to buy back a ten for this season of ranked. Now he was able to play and participate. The tier 10 wall is real. Not alot of people discuss that.
  3. I know the title seems like click bait but honest hear me out. This threw me off big time. I "was" whole heart anti-rental ships in ranked. I'm sure other people are the same way "what the hell Wargaming what are you doing!" So I was shooting the $hit this afternoon with my clan commander. He tells me hey I got a new guy join other night. Nothing new there, always enjoy hearing the story on the new people. He tells me to look at his profile and look at his tier 10 ships. He had several of my favorite tens. He said guess what hes using in ranked. I figured Des Moines his most played ship. Nope. Then what? Rental. I told my commander bull$hit. He sold all of his tier 10s for credits. He has been using the rentals in ranked. So my commander says guess what rank he is. I responded with my rank because its a place to start 10. He responds go lower. So hes rank 8? No try 5. Believe it or not this fella has been using a rental ship in ranked and reached rank 5. After I had the conversation I felt like an [edited]after criticizing rentals in ranked. I know alot of the players in rentals probably shouldn't be there but we as a community shouldn't lump everyone into one label. There are a few great players in rentals. Those few are lost in the anti-rental rants which I was part of. Karma always comes back to get me somehow. Anyways I thought it was an interesting story and had to share it! Cheers and happy sailing!
  4. Let me throw this out there to add some thought. I take some pride in grinding out a tier 10 and earning that ship. I put alot of time and effort into getting one. Tier 10's are similar but not exact to the play style of lower tier ships(IE. most radar ships start at 8 with except to a few tier 7s). I also put my highest skilled captain into that ship. Getting a captain to 19 points takes a while. And for those who say oh just open up the wallet. Well that's not true. You can't buy ship experience to convert unless you actually play that ship earn that experience then convert with gold. You don't buy 19 point captains. Yes you can convert experience but again you first have to play and earn that experience on ship to convert. Just think of the incentive to play the game and earn the ship to play ranked. If the person wants to get there sooner of course open the wallet and convert xp but at least they have played the game. Right now you can buy a tier 8 and play a single battle in that ship to play ranked? God I told myself I wasn't going to rant. I'm stopping >_<) PS: CV in the ranked are fine. I think people have $hit on CV's for far to long and I'm not a CV main
  5. This is the first time I actually looked hard at post battle. The three rentals damn near died in the first 4mins of the battle. The moskva lived the longest because moskva. It really sucks having to try to pull these battles back once you start losing ships. God bless it this can be so frustrating. I mean the guy is 7 ranks below me. Can't believe MM pulls in such low players.
  6. I'm gonna try with every fiber not to rant here. My questions is this. When do you stop getting rental players in your matches? Look at this example:
  7. ocklawaha

    Fix the Port FFS PLEASE!!!!

    You know why we are talking about port bugs this one is great. Hasn't happened in the last few patches but this used to be a b$tch. First you would get the critical error. Thats like WG version of BOD. NOTE( the link is not below the link is the link) Well one night I decided f$ck it I'm gonna click the link. Then you get that beautiful russian support page and all her glory! :D
  8. ocklawaha

    Fix the Port FFS PLEASE!!!!

    You are right on with this remark. This is exactly why I did a cooling overhaul thinking it was my system. Im talking all new liquid cooling and everything. It helped but my god the system leak is terrible.
  9. ocklawaha

    Fix the Port FFS PLEASE!!!!

    I've got 80 ships in port. My resolution is 1904x1122 windowed the highest I can go. The crashing is just simply trying to click on something in port. For instance, if I click on battle mode button the game whites out and says not responding. It will sit there for between 3 and 8 secs before it clears up. Ive had it when I click on accept division invite game client goes black and closes out. Then it reloads and im in the division.
  10. ocklawaha

    Fix the Port FFS PLEASE!!!!

    Im using DX11 and 64bit
  11. ocklawaha

    Fix the Port FFS PLEASE!!!!

    To be honest I thought it was my PC. Did a complete cooling overhaul. Replaced power supply and swapped SSDs out. Same old issues. :( Sidenote: anyone delid a CPU? Is it worth?
  12. Tired of the port locking up and either not responding or goes black. Id like to be able to push join division without the client crashing. I really wanna push the chat button and communicate with out the server having a heart attack. Forget trying to join or create a training room. Might as well be turned off. My god its been three or four patches over TWO MONTHS and still not performance or error fixes????!!!!! Sigh.... Anyone else getting this? Oh the support people are great! But.. They can't fix everything :( Cheers
  13. I'm looking for more information on this mechanic. I've heard of this occurring but wrote it off. Then while searching on the WOWS wiki for another stat, I located the following piece of information: Armor-Piercing Internal Ricochets An AP shell that ricochets after penetrating armor will cause another instance of penetration damage in the section where the ricochet occurs. Additional ricochets will cause additional instances of penetration damage until the shell exits the ship or explodes from fuse activation. This extra source of damage is most commonly encountered when shooting at "turtleback" armor schemes (common on all German battleships and other nations' dreadnoughts). Plunging fire that is insufficient to penetrate interior decks may also ricochet, causing one or more extra instances of damage.(http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration) I'd like to see some discussion and information on this. Here are some of my questions: 1) Does this apply to all AP shells? 2) How does the damage appear in the ribbons and reported in post battle results? 3) What is the damage percentage for the shell ricochet? 4) Layer penetration resulting in a final shatter, overpen or guarantee fuse arm? 5) What is the interaction with modules? Anything helps and I look forward to any comments or answers. Thanks