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  1. DarthChatton

    This has to stop

    ^^^ This
  2. Here's my idea of what you should play: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASC020&modules=1111&upgrades=233113&commander=PCW001&skills=806913040&flags=2423&consumables=1111&pos=0 Almost useable full AA DM...
  3. DarthChatton

    WoWs players have a HUGE karma problem.

    Probably actually attempting to play the game well... top 6 isn't anything i'll ever expect to get complimented on. I never expect them, and tend to only get compliments when I am number 1 with 1k+ base xp more than anyone else on my team.
  4. DarthChatton

    Any possibility of new opportunity to earn ARP ships

    Shuttup, weeb. Edit: jokes people. Jokes.
  5. DarthChatton

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    This on so many levels. I'm more than willing to help out someone eager to learn, but I'm not a good teacher. I point out mistakes quickly and bluntly. I don't pull punches on that, and that's not how a good learning environment is formed. I always make sure that if i'm trying to help or teach someone who is willing to learn, be that clanmate or a rando who joined our discord, I take a clanmate with a more moderate view with me, to make sure that i'm not being a jerk. I'm happy to teach skills in the game, especially for competitive ships, but I'm not the best teacher. Need to have the relationship go both ways, and that's hard when you're taking a small minority of the playerbase in terms of skill, then trying to find the teachers within it. If you go onto any top clan's discord you will be welcomed and as long as you aren't a jerk, you will find a lot of helpful information just by asking. I encourage any and every person to join communities of players at a higher skill level than where they are now and learn more about the game. It's fun, and that's why we all play it.
  6. Thank you for that. And I'm glad that there was compensation equal to the rewards that could have been earned. Thanks for not repeating the mistake from the cross-server CB testing where no-one got rewards.
  7. For real. I even changed my sleep schedule around to make sure i wouldn't get shafted by staying up till 2 AM Eastern. I appreciate it WG, real f'ing smooth.
  8. DarthChatton

    Incomplete Results but FUN.

    All of that to literally get nothing useful out of it. You played 4 battles, which maybe takes an hour. Are you happy with the results?
  9. DarthChatton

    Incomplete Results but FUN.

    It's not my stats that I care about, but the fact that i don't play with random people to begin with. I play because I enjoy the game, and winning is a part of that. I div with people who I already know, and enjoy conversing with them. Several people i regularly div with aren't considered unicorns by most standards. I just want to know what OP is trying to find out, because teams are always random.
  10. DarthChatton

    Incomplete Results but FUN.

    The fact that you can't recognise 2 obvious troll/sarcastic posts on this thread is disheartening. First with enderland (where even looking at the clan tag should tell you he's being sarcastic), and now with an obvious forum troll. Just look at this guy's post history. Obvious troll is obvious. And you almost belong on r/whoosh
  11. DarthChatton


    Perhaps YIKES? kinda appropriate for the thread at least
  12. DarthChatton

    Wargaming and a Failed Knowledge Management Process

    To the end of dating though I wonder if the prefer the PF Chang's right outside of WG's office, or take a bit of a stroll to the Cheesecake factory down the street.
  13. DarthChatton

    Wargaming and a Failed Knowledge Management Process

    Good, I'm not the only one who heard this as well. Idk if it's supposed to be public knowledge, but it's out there.
  14. DarthChatton

    Clan battles and all the P2W ships

    For real! I bought mine for 1 credit as well. This is unacceptable WeeGee! You can't just markup a premium by millions of percents and not expect a public outcry! This is outrageous! It's unfair!
  15. DarthChatton

    What to expect for the future of competitive

    Katori is probably the most meta selection for cruiser. It's the highest performing of all the tier 3s, plus it's the most accurate, has decent torps, and is all around a very solid pick.