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    I love Warships especially Battleships specifically The Big Girls Yamato, Musashi, Nagato and Mutsu. I absolutely love Kantai Collection or KanColle which also might play a role in my love for Warships. I am Japanese, American and British English and so much more. I Absolutely Love Black Tea and Food.

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  1. I am back after what seems like about three or four months since I have been on my computer last at all I believe I stopped around what was supposed to be The Carrier Rework Update and up until now I have been on my Xbox One for the most part playing games but also due to the fact I have either been falling asleep accidentally before I could get onto my laptop or I have been playing on my Xbox One until it was too late at night for me to get onto my laptop to play anything on Steam since I play WoWs through Steam as an out of library game and I have been feeling extremely guilty or remorseful because I have not played in so long and missed out on so much and I was worried about my clan and everything

  2. Happy New Years!...even though I do not have any followers or visitors...

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      Some hotfix coming right up!

  3. My Birthday happened on the 22nd mmm of course I don't really have any Followers or a whole lot of Profile Visitors but I guess I just wanted to say anyways mmm...I forget but I wanted to or I should try and be more active on here...but I am talking to myself FB_IMG_1532748341189.jpg

  4. My Birthday was today...or ours today and even World of Warships wished me or us a Happy Birthday earlier from Facebook It Made Us Happy So Thank You World of Warships~

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      Happy birthday BattleshipHime. It should be a joyful occasion for you and hope it shall continue to be that way.