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    I love Warships especially Battleships specifically The Big Girls Yamato, Musashi, Nagato and Mutsu. I absolutely love Kantai Collection or KanColle which also might play a role in my love for Warships. I am Japanese, American and British English and so much more. I Absolutely Love Black Tea and Food.

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  1. Today was My Birthday and it was very pleasant and enjoyable despite what I was initially expecting...I am satisfied with how it was


  2. A Random Battle that I had while in a Division from two nights ago I was entirely expecting it to be just another average or below average battle for myself but instead...One Hundred and Sixty-Five Thousand Damage Done, Bane Of The Oceans, Confederate, Kraken Unleashed and High Caliber alongside a Million Silver and sooo much XP and Free XP in Kii! My Third Kraken Unleashed!

    5BD3728BFE77C13AF2CE16405E7EB1C9361CFF6C (1280×800)

  3. Alcohol is refreshing...Especially after suffering from some rather stressful and anxiety inducing Defeats that appeared avoidable...__nagato_yamato_mutsu_musashi_and_yonai_

  4. Hello! It certainly has been a while! I have not been as active on My Laptop for the majority of this year it appears because I have been mostly preoccupied playing on My Xbox One, although I have been occasionally playing World of Warships and I have been active on it for the past several days and My Fourth Anniversary was sometime last month making me a Sea Wolf which I came back to the game this week celebrating and used My Thirty Percent Off Coupon which was rewarded to purchase Azuma. However My Forums Profile has been largely inactive for quite a long time so I saw it appropriate to make adjustments to it and update its information it which I will be working on...The most prominent and noticeable change being that I decided to change My Profile Photo and Profile Cover to Battleship Princess from Yamato because it would appear more understandable considering I am Battleship Hime and not Yamato although this is something minor and trivial since I love Yamato and I may continue posting Yamato related content I just saw it appropriate.

    __battleship_hime_kantai_collection_drawn_by_kangetsu_fhalei__2c95405459710f3cea9526377bc536be (1).jpg

  5. I am back after what seems like about three or four months since I have been on my computer last at all I believe I stopped around what was supposed to be The Carrier Rework Update and up until now I have been on my Xbox One for the most part playing games but also due to the fact I have either been falling asleep accidentally before I could get onto my laptop or I have been playing on my Xbox One until it was too late at night for me to get onto my laptop to play anything on Steam since I play WoWs through Steam as an out of library game and I have been feeling extremely guilty or remorseful because I have not played in so long and missed out on so much and I was worried about my clan and everything

  6. Happy New Years!...even though I do not have any followers or visitors...

    1. The_first_harbinger


      Some hotfix coming right up!

  7. My Birthday happened on the 22nd mmm of course I don't really have any Followers or a whole lot of Profile Visitors but I guess I just wanted to say anyways mmm...I forget but I wanted to or I should try and be more active on here...but I am talking to myself FB_IMG_1532748341189.jpg

  8. My Birthday was today...or ours today and even World of Warships wished me or us a Happy Birthday earlier from Facebook It Made Us Happy So Thank You World of Warships~

    1. Dictonary


      Happy birthday BattleshipHime. It should be a joyful occasion for you and hope it shall continue to be that way.