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  1. The_Big_Dumb_Newb

    My Wallet Is Closed!

  2. The_Big_Dumb_Newb

    My Wallet Is Closed!

    Small suggestion for WG. If you want to make a ton of money find a way to sell steel and coal. I have more money than time to play the game. Help me break through the barrier. When the friedrich was sold with the "monsters of steel" thing attached to it.. Your dam straight i bought that piece of crapship and grind out all that steel with no regrets to the cost.
  3. The_Big_Dumb_Newb

    Willing to purchase a tier 7 ship

    Scharnhorst is fun and forgiving if your a newb.
  4. The_Big_Dumb_Newb

    Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    when does the event start for the eastern time zone? i have the dubloons... i guess i will just get the kronstadt.