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  1. ryuukei8569

    Beta test for CVs will require WGC.

    And if you have an antivirus that frequently hallucinates and mistakes a pigeon for a duck. There have been many documented cases of antivirus software making some rather epic mistakes,, such as mistaking a system 32 file for a virus, deleting it, and crashing the whole computer (mcaffee did that). Norton AV has one epic [edited] up where it would mistake itself for a virus and attempt to delete itself. In fact, Malware bytes, the very program your using, is known for having a high false positive rate, and one incident in 2013 where it basically ruined hundreds of peoples hard drives becuase it decided every executable file, DLL and media file was a trojan to quarantine. So yes, antiviruses do often screw up and give false positives. And this is not even going into the possibility that some antivirus programs may be deliberately engineered to have a high false positive rate, in order to encourage people to pay for their service.
  2. ryuukei8569

    How many ship missions have you gotten?

    Managed to get the T5, 6 and 8 all today, and all through the free containers.
  3. Alabama was always going to be a premium, and wargaming was always going to sell it. It just that wargamings inter department communication is horrible, and this became painfully evident after the Graf Zeppelin incident. Wargamign has a habit of leaving its staff disturbingly uniformed, and alabamagate was just another example of their poor inter company communication. One Dev spouted off incorrect information (that Alabama was going to be ST only. the forums erupt in flames, then another dev corrects this and said that they where always going to sell it at one point. Other Dev's misinterpret the event and its causes and thus push out Alabama early, while several more uniformed Staff, then spread the rumor that the NA server forced them to sell Alabama, thinking that NA was being impatient, and thus not even knowing why the NA server was upset in the first place.
  4. The ocean would become so salty it become a desert. And the forums would go nuclear.
  5. they where, the only real difference was the 16 DP 5"38's on the Maryland while colorado retains the earlier secondary battery layout. This was mainly because Maryland was almost always in combat and never sat in a drydock for anywhere near as long as West Virginia.
  6. Becuase most T8 battleships have other factors to help them out. USN T8's get the 37 to 38 mm weather decks, allowing them to weather HE spam better. Germans get their incremental armor scheme, Roma has a really good weather deck and upper belt. The ones that are covered in nothing but 32 mm plating are Monarch, Amagi and Richelieu. Amagi has a shitload of firepower and speed to compensate for her fragility, while Richieleu also gets speed and an all forward gun layout, but she is a pretty crappy T8 all things considered. Monarch is also pretty terrible as well, but at least she can bow tank better than WeeVee since six of her guns are up front. So note how of the three battleships which have nothing but 32 mm plating, two of them are pretty poor ships. Also note that WeeVee has a 2 A 2 layout, so bow tanking isn't even a very good option for that ship, unlike the T8 USN BB's. You would need to give WeeVee buffs straight into magical territory in order to make the thing compete at T8, unless your goal is to make WeeVee the krasny Krym of T8. You yourself have criticized wargaming for doing stunts like this, so you of all people should know better what happens to a ship that gets this treatment.
  7. And you would expose her to the likes of Wooster and Yamato, whom would eat that 32 mm plating for lunch. And it is still 32 mm plating all round, unlike the 37-38 mm weather decks seen by all the other T8+ USN BB's. Its not enough, not by a longshot. Especially since the increased HP of the WeeVee is easily counterbalanced at T7 by giving WeeVee the standard 14% heal instead of colorado's 18.5% heal. With that heal considered, the only thing WeeVee has over Colorado is the TDS, which is (A - a crapshot because WG TDS values are pure arbitrary nonsense anyway, so WeeVee getting an improved TDS is not guaranteed, and (B, even if WeeVee gets an improved TDS value it can easily be counterbalanced by giving WeeVee worse handling characteristics, which is an expected and realistic weakness when you increase a ships weight substantially.
  8. You are way way way overestimating the effectiveness of the WV refit. Improved secondaries? Lert seriosuly, don't make me laugh. its still only 8 5'38's per side, that's a joke. particularity with the fact that that mounting usually has a gimped rate of fire. That secondary upgrade menas absolutely squat. AA. its better, but a far cry from orders of magnitudes better. you would get an improved long range aura of 120 AA DPS over current colorado, while mid range and short range changes very little. But Gneisneau still has a slightly stronger long range aura. A WV refit would give enough to allow the ship to claim best AA for T7, but still substantially weaker than T8 USN. Its better sure, but its not worth bumping up a tier. Improved survivability?. What improved survivability. She would still be covered in 25 or 32 mm plating all over, making her ludicrously vulnerable to HE or overmatch, the only improvement that would mean anything would be a larger HP pool, but this can be counterbalanced by giving WV a normal hull heal instead of the improved one that colorado currently has. Or did you forget that colorado currently has an 18.5% hull heal vs the 14% ones found on most battleships. If we where generous and gave WV a 66,000 HP pool, with the standard 14% heal, this gives WV a max potential HP value of 112,200. Colorado's current max potential is 114,040. SO in raw survivability there is no rela noticeable difference, unless WV was given an improved TDS value, but that can also be counterbalanced by giving her a poorer rudder shift. But wargamings TDS values are often so random that expecting an improved TDS value out of WV is a crapshoot. Note that South Dakota and Iowa both have practically the same TDS design, yet Iowa gets a 25% TDS but Alabama gets a 50% TDS. And note that Colorado already stands at a pretty respectable 39%, so WeeVee is unlikely to get a substantially higher number. She is a T7, through and through. People need to stop trying to shove square pegs into round holes, having ships at wrong tiers usually ends poorly. If you want to balance WeeVee with Colorado properly, there is a simple solution, give her more sluggish handling compared to colorado, which frequently happens in real life whenever a lot of weight gets added to a ship. That should be enough to counterbalance the only real meaningful improvement, which is improved AA values.
  9. ryuukei8569

    Top ten reasons people hate BBs

    Uh, yeah you do pay the price, because A battleships weakness is in positioning. Positioning is the most important for a battleship, because is they are in a bad position, there is little they can do about it. Cruisers and DD's both are better at getting out of a bad spot than a BB can, and most experienced BB players know that committing to a bad position either means you die early or are irrelevant throughout the match. And learning good positioning in the game is one of the hardest things to learn.
  10. Here is my assessment of the situation. GK's secondaries are still top notch, and its a combination of aspects. Of course, their range is very good, and all her secondaries fir HE, but another aspect is their survivability. GK's secondary mountigns are quite small, so they arely eat direct HE hits, and the 150 mm secondary guns are very well armored, only a direct AP hit can destroy them. Republique is a very close second. In terms of raw firepower, Republics Secondaries are much more powerful than GK' with higher shell damage and higher fire chance, plus more Dakka. they also have a slight range edge. However where they fall apart is survivability. Republiques 127 mm secondaries are very vulnerable to He spam, generally any HE round that hits the mountings directly will knock them out. the 152 mm secondaries are tougher, but something lime Mino AP spam will still destroy them. One game where a Mino would not leave me alone left me with only two functional secondary turrets, one of the 152 mm and one of the 127 mm turrets. Third place, I actually put montana. Sure montana's secondaries are hamstrung with a fairly short range, but their fire chance is insane, plus their RoF and raw shell damage is good, along with good shell arcs. The mountings themselves are also very tough, generally only direct AP hits or Royal Nevy BB HE hits will destroy them, as well as aforementioned minotaur. However they shrug of cruiser and DD HE hits like nothing, so unlike Republique, lots of HE attention from cruisers and DD's wont leave you without secondaries. If montana's secondaries ever got a range buff, i would rate them as comparable to republique. Fourth place. Yamato. Now why do i rate Yamato's as worse than montana's. Yamato's secondaries have better range don't they. Yeah, and that is literally all they have. Their DPM is actually worse than Montana, due to their shorter range, and the 155's only fire AP, severely limiting their usefulness. But the shell arcs are also absolutely horrible. Yamato's 127's fire shells that are lighter and with less muzzle velocity than the infamously floaty USN 5/38. Yes they are that bad. Meaning the only thing Yamato's secondaries will ever hit at range is a relatively stationary battleship. But they are effectively worthless against a DD' or even a quick moving cruiser at range. One more, they are stupidly fragile. Get any attention from an HE spamming cruiser or DD, and Yamato's secondary mountigns drop like flies. Plus six of her mountings lack even splinter protection, so it doesn't even take a direct HE hit to destroy them, splash damage will do. secondary mountains on every other T10 battleship at least have splinter protection, so it requires a direct shell hit to knock them out. Last place, Conqueror. And its obvious as to why. Short range like Montana, but with only eight guns to a side instead of ten. Her secondaries also have an abysmal reload. They have a six second reload and that's with BFT. The mountings themselves are also not particularity tough, and with only four of them per side, losing one turret takes off a quarter of her secondary power on that side. The only decent thing that can be said about them is their fire chance and damage is decent, and their shell arcs are decent. But their DPM and range are so abysmal. Yamato's are at least functional if you don't get shot at by cruisers, but there is no circumstances where conquerors are ever usable.
  11. ryuukei8569

    Bring Back Open Water Stealth Fire...

    No, this is not a good idea. Instead, how about just reducing the detection range on IJN torps, and perhaps buffing their torp speed a little. The problem with implementing OWSF, is there is little a good player can do to defend against it. The only way to counter it is to have a CV, and they are too rare to count on. On the other hand, torpedoes can be countered by good play, but poor play gets rightly punished. And nowadays, I don't think that the stealth torps spam would be all that game breaking. The general skill level of the player base has improved considerably. So my vote goes to, dropping the 12 km torp detection to 1.4k, same as gearing. drop the 20 k torps detection down to 1.6 k, and drop their speed down to 52 knots, that way so they are the less rewarding torpedoes. I would also say give all the shimakazes torp options to the yugumo as well. Kagero is mostly fine with their current torp options, but give the torps 1.4k detect and 12k range. Unfortunately, IJN DD's are always going to be somewhat hit or miss, they have been that way since the beginning of the game. And comparing OWSF to perth, Huang He and Haida with the crawling smoke is not a fair comparison. For one, when those three ships do it, they have to slow to 1/4th speed, this means that they cant even catch a Langley if it decides to run away. So when they do this, they cannot dictate the engagement range at all. But the IJN DD's can with OWSF. Not to mention, Perth and Hunag He are cruisers with more citadel than ship, anemic firepower and no heal. They tend to die if a cruiser looks at them funny, let alone a battleship. And Haida is a gimped T7 PA DD with four torps and even worse turret firing angles. The crawling smoke is more of a crutch to make up for how bad these three ships are, and in Huang He, that ship is just so horrible, even crawling smoke cant polish the fact that wargaming stuck a T4 ship at T6. Leander and perth never should have been T6's either, as they are T5 cruisers with a smoke generator.
  12. ryuukei8569

    Iowa/Missouri speed mistake?

    Unfortunately it mans he is just like a lot of other people whom don't like facts that conflict with their preconceived biases, so they ignore those facts and treat them as if it is a personal attack. Some people just cant stand the idea of being wrong, and bsbr is far from unique here.
  13. ryuukei8569

    Iowa/Missouri speed mistake?

    Funny how, that the game no longer consists of just USN or IJN ships anymore, so nerfing uSN shiips wont make the IJN ones more powerful, considering we have KM, MN and RN ships now. And I would think that for someone whom weeb's out so hard on yamato, he would whine about Conqueror's burning his ever so precious yammy to the waterline, or Kurfurst's face tanking those 18 inch shells. Or the Yueyang deepwater torps. Or better yet, the nearly 50 knot Russian biasnium "DD" also burning his yammy to the waterline. But no he wants to whine about USN BB's, the ships that a Yamato can still effectively bully. Dude, stop your winefest on the iowa, the ship ain't anything close to OP. No USN mainline battleship comes close to being OP, just leave them alone and give it a rest already. Most ships of that era couldn't maintain their top speed for very long, and any non nuclear ship burns through its fuel damn fast when running at top speed, so Iowa isn't really unique there
  14. Henri i found actually has one useful way to carry, but it requires a bit of stupid on the enemy team for it to work. The best way i found to play henri is to equip both steering gears modification 2, and steering gears mod 3. This allows her rudder to shift very quickly, and gives the ship hilarious dodging capability. Sure when she turns, she bleeds speed like crazy, but when you are already going 44 knots with speed boost, you can afford to lose ten in a turn. And that speed bleed is also really useful, because such a rapid change in speed, throws off peoples aim. I have dodged entire battleship salvo's at under 10 k. So yeah quip the two rudder shift mod's and her dodging ability becomes hilarious. I have found a way to exploit this to. your job is to be the shiny thing for the enemy team to chase. Enemy battleships hate begin set on fire. So you set them on fire, then get them to chase you, all while aim dodging their shots. Cycle your fire across multiple enemy ships, be that ooh shiny, and watch has half the enemy team chases you across the map in a futile effort to kill you while the rest of your team takes the caps and kills the cruisers and DD's that have now found themselves without BB support. Because the BB's just had to chase the Henri to the corners of the map. Oh the salt from the enemy team is glorious. Now obviously this doesn't work all the time. Unicums aren't tempted so much by ooh shiny thing syndrome. Your mostly getting the bad players to chase you. However getting four or five potatoes to chase you uselessly around the map deprives the unicums of their meat shields, and can make them very indignant on the matter. And even if you cant get the enemy team to chase you with vigor,, you can still muck about on the flanks' setting people on fire until they get pissed enough to shoot at you, but then you laugh as you effortlessly dodge every shot fired at you. And every BB salvo that splashes harmlessly near your ship is a BB salvo that didn't find the citadel of an allied cruiser or battleship. So in short Henri carries by being the ship that you want to get shot at, and that you want to be visible to the enemy team.
  15. Actrually no, that probably the one part that is pretty accurate, the 5.25 inch gun really was not a very good gun. The royal navy had chronic problems with the 5.25 inch gun system, its one of the reasons why the 4.5 inch guns became the standard post war Royal navy gun, rather than the 5.25 inch guns.