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  1. To be honest, his claims of being in the royal navy actually sound pretty legitimate. Why is that, because he exhibits all the symptoms of having systematic biases brought on by interservice rivalry, and having been brainwashed by his particular branches propaganda. And i would hazard a guess to say he is heavily involved with submarines, probably a former submariner turned engineer. Yes this means in theory he should be quite educated on the matter. But in practice this also means educated by all the systematic biases present in his branch. It is alarmingly common for a particular military branch to brainwash their service members, or at least certain service members into believing their specific branch is much more important than all the others, and that every other branch is doing it wrong, or is outright obsolete, often falling down the, this one weapon is the only decisive weapon in war Fallacy. But that's it, its a fallacy. No single weapon has ever been the sole deciding factor in a war, and they never will be. War is a combined arms effort, whether at sea, on land, or in the air. It always will be, and no single weapon will ever be the sole arbiter of war, whether it is aircraft, surface ships, submarines, tanks artillery, infantry, not one of them will ever be the sole deciding factor. And in the case of a military service that sees little real action for long periods of time, such as the royal navy, interservice rivalry tends to get far far worse. This is not helped by the fact that due to often limited budgets, military contractor companies and their supporters in the military can and will often try and brainwash their members as much as possible into believing that their specific sub branch, their specific weapon specialization is the deciding factor in war, and that all those defense dollar should go to them, and all those competing weapons should be made obsolete, Irregardless of their actual effectiveness. No its all about milking the government of as much money as they can get away with, and RC1138 is yet another cog in a well oiled interservice rivalry propaganda machine. So naturally submariners are often told by their seniors that every other branch of the navy is obsolete, because that's what their branch top brass tells them, and what the contractors try to sell to get more money. Mix inn branch pride and you have a perfect storm of propaganda to convince all submariners they they and they alone reign supreme, which is of course extremely dangerous thinking in actual war, which quickly tends to disprove the notion that one weapon alone can win a war. Even worse, engineers involved in designing the things are often the most brainwashed of the lot when it comes to this kind of propaganda. It also often doesn't help that engineers can be quite disconnected from reality, or so focused on their specific field that they completely fail to see the wider picture. And they often have ego's that prevent them from ever admitting to that.
  2. The Russian navy wasn't exactly effective in their imperial days either, so having a [edited] navy isn't really something you can blame the communists on, especially considering how the russo-japanese war went. If anything, the 60-80's was the closest the Russian navy ever got to being a first rate navy.
  3. ryuukei8569

    Buff Monty Guns

    Eh i would say montana was pretty competitive until Kremlin showed up. It was both her and Yamato that remained Dominant in clan battles while all the other T10 BB's where a lot less relevant due to their much more gimmicky nature. then the fuckign kremlin shows up and all other T10 battleships are rendered obsolete. So hit Kremlin with the nerf bat and Montana, and all other T10 BBs can be relevant again.
  4. Which is why they should have never made it so that Pink is given out as an AFK penalty. Pink should be used as a warning to the rest of the team that you have a potential team killer on your team, so be cautious. Making it so that AFK gets it as well diluted it to uselessness. Yeah except that now teammates have no idea if the pink on their team is an accidental AFK'er or a genuine deliberate teamkiller/careless torpedo slinger.
  5. I would say its not so much poor armor T7 and up so much as the citadels are just too damn big. In theory their armor values are quite respectable, 150 mm + belts and 30 mm upper belts, but their citadels are just so enormous even compared to Tier mates that they eat citadel hits way too easily.
  6. ryuukei8569

    Thunderer; Money Conquers Morality

    Thats the understatement of the century. 18 inch conqueror was complete dogshit. That being said, Thunderer should have been an alternate tech tree ship, not a coal ship.
  7. You have just described the exact behavior of the entire [edited]game industry. This behavior is far from unique to wargaming or Wow's, in fact its practically ubiquitous these days. And Wargaming is hardly even the worst offender. They have yet to get to the level of EA or Activision, so no it isn't really a sign that Wargaming specifically is in financial trouble, at least no more than what is average. Rather its more likely wargaming is simply looking at the level of other games monetization and has decided that Wows is not monetized enough compared to other games. And to be honest, they wouldn't be entirely wrong in that assessment either. If anything, world of Tanks is still likely more monetized than Warships,, as we have yet to see premium ammo arrive to this game. And with World of warships, you dont have to worry about paying $60 just to get the game itself, nor are pieces of the game sectioned off under various nebulous preorder packages, and even though there are lootboxes in the game, the lootboxes themselves dont provide much in the way of competitive gameplay advantage, so they can be ignored easily (unlike Star Wars battlefront 2 at launch).
  8. ryuukei8569

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    Id say gie the USN Battleships their final AA refits. Wyoming could get the final AA refit of Arkansas, New York her final refit, and same New Mexico. As for other low tier battleships id have some AA refits as well, so giving Bretange the Final refit of Lorraine would be helpful. The Kongo's should also get their final AA refits, and the Italian Battleships, when they eventually get into the game would get theirs too. I think one of the Ganguts also had a pretty Hefty final AA refit. Unfortunately Wargaming would have to make up refits for the British and German low tier BB's, as well as any of the paper designs or other T4's that simply didn't make it to the 1940's. Unfortunately for the cruisers I dont think most of the low tier ones even had much in the way of AA refits for the ones that lasted, and even the ones that did didn't get very good ones. Omaha for example pretty much has her historical AA refit, so the lions share of AA refits would be left with the battleships.
  9. ryuukei8569

    Ohio available in RB 62k.....

    These Research Bureau prices are just [edited]excessive.
  10. ryuukei8569

    Eurobeat How To Smolensk

    Your biased against BB's and BB players, that's why you disagree. Even though this thing harms cruiser and DD play more than BB.
  11. ryuukei8569

    Eurobeat How To Smolensk

    Still doesn't change the fact that Smolensk is a broken ship and never should have been introduced in its current form. People are rightly calling out a ship for being broken.
  12. ryuukei8569

    Eurobeat How To Smolensk

    300 k games dont happen because your a unicum. 300k games usually happens when the enemy Team is full of enough dumb idiots that just feed themselves to you in the most retarded way possible, and your in a position to exploit it. But it also requires your team to also have enough braindead idiots so that it isn't a complete roflstomp. Like this stalingrad game of mine. The only two times i ever broke 300 k, both in stalingrad incidentally, happened because the enemy team just fed themselves to my guns, but my team didn't wipe them out quickly.Yes getting games like this does require a certain level of skill, but it also involves a lot of very bad decisions on the part of the enemy team to pull off. Of course that doesn't mean Smolensk isn't broken, that thing is pretty damn broken.
  13. Yeah if that heavy cruiser happens to have guns over 230 mm, which is basically just one CA, Henri IV, and the large cruisers. The rest cannot.
  14. The things that an IFHE Smolensk can do to another cruiser is just absolutely disgusting. Ships like Smolensk should be somewhat weak to heavy cruisers, instead it utterly [edited] on them.
  15. ryuukei8569

    Why Kremlin and Smolensk exist

    No, not really. The 1940's refit where good, but not good enough to justify changing their tier. I recommend you stop listening to the people whom seem to think that a West Virginia 1944 is good enough for T8, because its not, and would require a metric ton of gimmicks to even come close to it. Adn anyone whom thinks that a 1944 WV would work at T8 utterly fails to grasp the concept that all the advantages those refits afforded just doesn't translate in game aside from improved AA and more HP (and also fail to grasp the concept the Colorado is still a poor performer at T7). Besides at this point, Nevada being at T5 is a good thing, because New York is a pile of crapanyway, just like putting 1944 WV at T7 is merely giving the USN a respectable T7 instead of a lame T7. In game the only thing those refits really amounts to is improved AA and beefier hitpoints, which can easily be counterbalanced by just simply giving them worse handling compared to their 1930's versions. South Dakota 1920 has way too much firepower to fit at T8, and hell 12 x 16"/50's is a lot of firepower for a T9.