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  1. No, this is not a good idea. Instead, how about just reducing the detection range on IJN torps, and perhaps buffing their torp speed a little. The problem with implementing OWSF, is there is little a good player can do to defend against it. The only way to counter it is to have a CV, and they are too rare to count on. On the other hand, torpedoes can be countered by good play, but poor play gets rightly punished. And nowadays, I don't think that the stealth torps spam would be all that game breaking. The general skill level of the player base has improved considerably. So my vote goes to, dropping the 12 km torp detection to 1.4k, same as gearing. drop the 20 k torps detection down to 1.6 k, and drop their speed down to 52 knots, that way so they are the less rewarding torpedoes. I would also say give all the shimakazes torp options to the yugumo as well. Kagero is mostly fine with their current torp options, but give the torps 1.4k detect and 12k range. Unfortunately, IJN DD's are always going to be somewhat hit or miss, they have been that way since the beginning of the game. And comparing OWSF to perth, Huang He and Haida with the crawling smoke is not a fair comparison. For one, when those three ships do it, they have to slow to 1/4th speed, this means that they cant even catch a Langley if it decides to run away. So when they do this, they cannot dictate the engagement range at all. But the IJN DD's can with OWSF. Not to mention, Perth and Hunag He are cruisers with more citadel than ship, anemic firepower and no heal. They tend to die if a cruiser looks at them funny, let alone a battleship. And Haida is a gimped T7 PA DD with four torps and even worse turret firing angles. The crawling smoke is more of a crutch to make up for how bad these three ships are, and in Huang He, that ship is just so horrible, even crawling smoke cant polish the fact that wargaming stuck a T4 ship at T6. Leander and perth never should have been T6's either, as they are T5 cruisers with a smoke generator.
  2. Iowa/Missouri speed mistake?

    Unfortunately it mans he is just like a lot of other people whom don't like facts that conflict with their preconceived biases, so they ignore those facts and treat them as if it is a personal attack. Some people just cant stand the idea of being wrong, and bsbr is far from unique here.
  3. Iowa/Missouri speed mistake?

    Funny how, that the game no longer consists of just USN or IJN ships anymore, so nerfing uSN shiips wont make the IJN ones more powerful, considering we have KM, MN and RN ships now. And I would think that for someone whom weeb's out so hard on yamato, he would whine about Conqueror's burning his ever so precious yammy to the waterline, or Kurfurst's face tanking those 18 inch shells. Or the Yueyang deepwater torps. Or better yet, the nearly 50 knot Russian biasnium "DD" also burning his yammy to the waterline. But no he wants to whine about USN BB's, the ships that a Yamato can still effectively bully. Dude, stop your winefest on the iowa, the ship ain't anything close to OP. No USN mainline battleship comes close to being OP, just leave them alone and give it a rest already. Most ships of that era couldn't maintain their top speed for very long, and any non nuclear ship burns through its fuel damn fast when running at top speed, so Iowa isn't really unique there
  4. Henri i found actually has one useful way to carry, but it requires a bit of stupid on the enemy team for it to work. The best way i found to play henri is to equip both steering gears modification 2, and steering gears mod 3. This allows her rudder to shift very quickly, and gives the ship hilarious dodging capability. Sure when she turns, she bleeds speed like crazy, but when you are already going 44 knots with speed boost, you can afford to lose ten in a turn. And that speed bleed is also really useful, because such a rapid change in speed, throws off peoples aim. I have dodged entire battleship salvo's at under 10 k. So yeah quip the two rudder shift mod's and her dodging ability becomes hilarious. I have found a way to exploit this to. your job is to be the shiny thing for the enemy team to chase. Enemy battleships hate begin set on fire. So you set them on fire, then get them to chase you, all while aim dodging their shots. Cycle your fire across multiple enemy ships, be that ooh shiny, and watch has half the enemy team chases you across the map in a futile effort to kill you while the rest of your team takes the caps and kills the cruisers and DD's that have now found themselves without BB support. Because the BB's just had to chase the Henri to the corners of the map. Oh the salt from the enemy team is glorious. Now obviously this doesn't work all the time. Unicums aren't tempted so much by ooh shiny thing syndrome. Your mostly getting the bad players to chase you. However getting four or five potatoes to chase you uselessly around the map deprives the unicums of their meat shields, and can make them very indignant on the matter. And even if you cant get the enemy team to chase you with vigor,, you can still muck about on the flanks' setting people on fire until they get pissed enough to shoot at you, but then you laugh as you effortlessly dodge every shot fired at you. And every BB salvo that splashes harmlessly near your ship is a BB salvo that didn't find the citadel of an allied cruiser or battleship. So in short Henri carries by being the ship that you want to get shot at, and that you want to be visible to the enemy team.
  5. Actrually no, that probably the one part that is pretty accurate, the 5.25 inch gun really was not a very good gun. The royal navy had chronic problems with the 5.25 inch gun system, its one of the reasons why the 4.5 inch guns became the standard post war Royal navy gun, rather than the 5.25 inch guns.
  6. The only thing is, Wargaming doesn't always model the citadel location correctly. Generally all USN ships in real life their engine spaces stopped at the splinter deck, howeversome ships, such Baltimore Des moines and Buffalo, still have the deck above the splinter deck modeled as a citadel space, despite the fact that in real life this wasn't the case. This used to also be the case for Montana, Iowa and Missouri, but that was changed some time ago. In a few rare cases the citadel spaces are smaller than normal, mainly high tier RN BB citadels are modeled too small compared to real life. Most BB citadel spaces are pretty accurate, but many cruiser citadels are still larger than reality.
  7. Eh, Republique does it better than any of the RN BB's. But the difference between Republique and say conqueror, is republique has both really good AP and really good HE. Most of the RN BB AP is pretty anemic, and on some, like Monarch or KGV, their AP is just downright bad. Most people spam the HE both just because of the stupid ridiculous fire chance, but because in general, RN BB AP is the worst for their tiers in penetration.
  8. Oh, damn, completely forgot I had that upgrade mounted on mine. Well that means Alaska has an even bigger accuracy advantage than I thought.
  9. Aside from the speed, and the TDS, Kronstats statistics pretty much match the real design, but this is because kronshtat was a complete blueprint, and the ships where partially constructed, though never completed. TDS ratings are inaccurate on pretty much every ship in the game, it seems that they decide ship TDS by playing a game of drunk pin the tail on the donkey. As for AP damage, they apparently add shell velocity into the equation as well, but the usable AP damage of Alaska should be significantly higher. Alaska has a 216 m dispersion circle at 20 kilometers, so 10.8 meters of dispersion per kilometer. Kron has a dispersion of 225 meters at 18.2 kilometers or 12.4 meters per kilometer. So Alaska is considerably more accurate, though their sigma is the same. Even the speed isnt that big of a difference. In game kron is 1.5 knots faster than her real life counterpart. That same kinda weirdness is present in Montana too and that ship isn't even russian. Also noting the difference in AP damage is very minor, 9000 to 8900 in favor of Kron. Armor model I wouldn't worry about too much, they are usually pretty accurate about that, particualry with real designs. If they do model alaska's armor correctly though she will have a pretty strong advantage in one area, and that is a 36 mm weather deck. That would allow her to autobounce any battleship caliber shell that hits the main deck, something that kronshtat cannot do. When it comes down to russian bias, i find that this is more prevalent among the true paper napkin design's, with things like the khabarovsk. Most of the Russian ships in game that were real or at the very least had finalized blueprints tend to be largely unremarkable, and kron i find definitely falls into the latter category. She has her advantages, but she is nothing like Moskva or Khab. Of course final judgement will be reserved until I see Alaska's citadel layout. If her citadel turns out to be like Baltimore, Buffalo, Cleveland or Iowa, then i would definitely call Alaska the stronger ship. However if she has a Des moines style citadel, then not so much. Personally I would prefer a Baltimore stlye citadel. Alaska is derived from the baltimore design so the citadel layout should be similar, and a Baltimore style citadel would put the above water parts of her citadel pretty far from the bow, with two well armored barbettes to block and shells that might hit it.
  10. Even then the conq is really only enjoyable to lower skill players whom find it easy to rack up large damage totals, despite those damage totals being rather meaningless. Conqueror also has the problem of having a low skill ceiling. High skill players often find they just cannot get as much out of conqueror as they can out of other battleships, with even Kurfurst having a higher skill ceiling than conqueror
  11. I think that the biggest problem with the RN BB line is that their gimmicks of choice makes them a low skill floor but low skill ceiling ship line. RN BB's make it easy, particularity for low skill players to rack up large damage totals. But that damage has less meaning. And the fact that RN BB's don't have a lot of good qualities that a high skill player can use to gain leverage. Their AP is not very good for punishing broadsides, so citadel sniping is far less effective in the RN line. So often times even good players are forced to use HE a lot, and this means that they arent going to do substantially better than a low skill player. Plus the light hull armor plating means that there is not much a high skill player can do to mitigate incoming cruiser HE spam, while the AP rounds, while they overpen less, they also reach citadels less. So good play is rewarded less in RN BB's. And also because of their playstyle, there is little another BB can do to mitigate damage form an RN BB. They are stuck just having to take it, or hopefully drop of detection and wait for the RN BB to find another target. But ultimately there is little a skilled player can do to mitigate damage from an RN BB. On top of that, with the RN BB microcitadels, other BB players cannot easily punish an RN BB either. This is what makes then so frustrating. An RN BB can be a total potato, but still do a decent chunk of damage to a good player, but conversely, a good player doesn't make an RN BB work all that much better than a potato one. So basically both the skill floor and skill ceiling is set way too low. RN BB's also have the sin of beign way too RNG reliant. In addition to the normal battleship gun RNG, for success they also have to have good fire RNG as well. Again, this takes power away from skilled players and makes to to where RNG has more influence over who wins and who doesn't. more so than other lines. And the final sin of the RN BB line, is that these dumb gimmicks where given to RN BB's. The royal navy often set the standard for naval construction all the way up to WW2. of all the antions in the game, the Royal navy should be one of the last nations where their play style depends on stupid gimmicks. the RN BB line, more than others should have been a more traditional line. at least for their first BB line anyway. Simply put, Wargaming made the wrong choices when designing the RN BB line. The T3 through T6 BB's should have been more like warspite in playstyle, with good accuracy, good AP, and pretty standard HE. But the lower tier RN BB's aren't too badly flawed. And really the T3 through T6 BB's didn't need the HE spam gimmick. Had they been given a more traditional battleship playstyle, they would have done fine. However where wargaming really screwed up was the T7 through T10. It started with the choices of ships. KGV was going to be a hard ship to balance, because the game mechanics where not going to be kind to her. So they never should have brought her in with the first RN BB line. Instead, they should have used Nelson. The T8 should have been Lion, but without the super HE, without the fake 419mm guns and without the super heal. This would have given us a perfectly functional T8. The T9 RN BB should have been a larger version of the Lion Design study, mainly the B3 1944 design, again without the gimmicky super heal, without the super HE, and without the fake 419 mm guns. call it the Thunderer. Then we have conqueror, and one of my biggest disappointments with wargaming performance. Here we learned that no, 457 mm guns don't overmatch 32 mm bow plates while 460's do, despite the 3 mm difference in caliber. Instead of finding a way to make the 457's work, wargaming threw their hands in the air, said [edited] it, slapped on a dozen 419 mm guns and made her an HE spamming Montana clone with a super heal. Really they should have just stuck with 18 inch guns, that would have given us a different playstyle. What they should have done is give those 18 inch gun RN CL autobounce angles, and make them very accurate on top of that. Who care if Yamato no longer gets to be the most accurate BB. They also should have gone with a Beefier design, with more HP say around 95 k, a 38 mm weather deck and the 12 x 2 4.5 inch secondaries, but also a more conventional heal. Oh and give the whole RN BB line Warspite's damage control party.
  12. Not quite. Stalingrad is a T10, so not really comparable, but compared to Kron, alaska's advantages include, better AP auto bounce angles, better HE, significantly better dispersion, longer range, 27 mm bow plating compared to 25 mm bow plating, a lot better AA, slightly better rudder shift. Kronshtat has the advantage of a larger HP pool, slightly better speed, slightly better concealment. Better AP damage, better shell velocity, thicker armor belt and massively better torpedo protection. The one stat we don't see however is citadel size and shape. Kronstat has a low citadel, it just barely peeks above the waterline, but it is very very long. it extends pretty far into the bow, and well into the stern, with sections of the citadel roof being vulnerable to overmatch from all BB's it see's and the entire citadel roof is vulnerable to overmatch from Yamato, Musashi, Conqueror 457 mm, and Republique. Alaska, we dont know what her citadel shape is yet. Hopefully her citadel will be like baltimore and buffalo or like Iowa's, where eitherthe sections under the turrets are small and very deep under the waterline, or the whole citadel is quite low to the waterline. however if her citadel is like DM's, then she will be quite vulnerable.
  13. Alaska's Shell weights are AP - 517 kg HE - 426 kg So Alaska's shells are heavier than kronshtat, so they will have better velocity retention. And much better velocity retention than High tier USN CA's. So alaska's shell arcs will be no where near as archy as DM/Buffalo/Baltimore, but more archy than Montana or Iowa.
  14. Your probably not going to see alaska's get very close though, at least not early on. She only has 27 mm bow armor and is a big fat target. Overmatch mechanics are going to be brutal for her and unlike Stalingrad or Kronshtat, Alaska does not have an armored bow. BB's are going to be brutal to her, so i rather doubt Alaska's radar will have anywhere near the impact that a USN CL or CA radar will have, or even Missouri's radar, as Missouri can bow tank any BB's not named Yamato or Musashi.
  15. Seattle: Why Bother?

    Yeah, Baltimore is much more effective in the Op than cleveland.