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  1. ryuukei8569

    USS Georgia Model - Man those guns are longgggg

    Personally I would prefer that design to get used for the Second USN BB line that is going to eventually come.
  2. ryuukei8569

    Testing the Russian BB's on live server

    The only truth to your argument is your willingness to engage in whatever mental gymnastics is required to support your preconceived biases, and even being slapped in the fact with hard numbers wont dissuade you otherwise.
  3. ryuukei8569

    Testing the Russian BB's on live server

    knock about 1 to 1.5% WR off those ships and you will get their actual winrates. Reason being, is that external stat collection sites do not gather data from everyone's account for a variety of technical reasons, and the vast majority of the unaccounted for stats come from accounts with very low WR values. That's why if you actually look at every ship's collected winrate stat, only 92 ships have Wr lower than 50%, but over 230 ships have winrates of above 50%, which statistically should be impossible, as realistically half of all ships should have above 50% and half below. But instead over 70% of ships have a recorded WR of above 50%. So the true median win rate for external stat collector sites is 51-52%, indicating that these cruisers are actually balanced or pretty close to it.
  4. ryuukei8569

    Russian Armor Comrade; Is Balans

    This isn't the same game it used to be anymore, having a huge citadel now is a very huge weakness. Bow on and reverse tactics dont work as well as they used to, not with fire monsters like Harugumo, worcester or Conqueror. To survive in this day and age, you need the option of being able to turn away from a bad flank. Take for example a very common scenario, you go down one flank with three or four teammates. But oh no, eight of the enemy team are going down that flank,including HE monsters like Conqueror, worcester and harugumo. Now if your in a UK BB, you can easily turn away from that fight, showing broadside for a short time wont kill you. German BB's will eat a little more in that scenario, but they too can get away with it. French BB's, yeah it can also hurt, but thanks to french speed, again that turn is doable. Montana, very iffy to get away unless you have CE build. But Yamato or RU BB, your options are try and bow on reverse, and get BBq'ed in two minutes, or try and turn around and get deleted. Basically, if you end up going down the wrong flank, much like with Yamato, an RU BB cannot get out of that situation. at least Yamato can effectively snipe however.
  5. ryuukei8569

    Russian Armor Comrade; Is Balans

    Being a few seconds faster with the rudder shift wont make up for the aircraft carrier sized turning circle.
  6. ryuukei8569

    Russian Armor Comrade; Is Balans

    So if russian BB's are as stronk as everyone claims, I dare all you RU BB players, please go out there and give flat broadsides to every BB you see. Go ahead, I dare you, I'm sure that glorious stalinium will protect your motherland sized citadel.
  7. Guilio Caesare is only doing so well because most of the T5 Mainline battleships suck. A lot of the T5 BB's are basically sidegrades over T4's, and many of the DD's are not much better off. If T5 wasn't filled with so many stinkers then GC wouldn't be overperforming so egregiously.
  8. Yeah even in Coop the AA is a bit much. I got tired enough is is i literally went full IFHE secondary build an Hakuryu and charges straight into the nearest cap circle. I still tired to use my planes, but my secondaries did way way more damage. Its kinda silly that going battlestar galactica with your CV's is now a more effective way to sue them in coop.
  9. ryuukei8569

    The Million Free XP---We're Waiting Club?

    Yeah I'm at almost 2.4 mil, and with every T10 and FXP ship in the game unlocked, I have nothing to spend it on anyway.
  10. ryuukei8569

    Worst Tier 10 Cruiser

    I have to agree. When it comes to game winning utility, Zao doesn't really bring anything except spam HE at long range against battleships. Great for farming high damage numbers, but not great for winning games. Salem, DM, Worcester, and Moskva bring Radar Mino can bring Radar or Smoke. Henri bring's speed, and when used appropriately, can distract a large portion of the enemy team. Hindenburg brings German hydro and survivability, while being damn competitive with Zao in terms of DPM.
  11. ryuukei8569

    Lol 15km radar on Soviet tier VIII-X BBs

    How is this power creep, their reload is garbage, at 33 seconds for 9 and 8, and 34 seconds for ten, their range is anemic, and their sigma is pretty meh.
  12. It also required the target to be stationary, as Tallboys required straight line high level bombing to work, which was also notoriously inaccurate even against stationary target. If any target ship is at sea and capable of maneuvering, then those types of bombs are completely worthless. Its one of the reasons why dive bombing even became a thing, as dive bombing is accurate enough to hit moving ships at sea.
  13. You look at any warship ever designed, with or without treaty limitations and you will find design issues and flaws. Treaty battleships are hardly unique in that regard, and no one has ever successfully made the perfect warship.
  14. ryuukei8569

    The state of the Leone

    Yeah, no doubt. If I was in charge, I would have kept RN CL he, but configure the base game mechanics so it is impossible for cruisers and BB's to smoke fire. So when a cruiser or BB fires in smoke, their detection goes up to full gun bloom, but stays at full bloom for say ten seconds instead of twenty. That way RN CL's can keep their smoke, but still have HE, and they can get normal Cruiser hull plating values. And of course dropping emerald from the line, slotting Leander in at T5 and Ceylon at T6. As for BB's, well their biggest problem was KGV. I'd imagine becuase of KGV's lack of overmatch potential is the big reason why the RN BB line ended up as HE slingers. So for this reason, I would drop KGV and replace with nelson. Get rid of the super HE, use something more normal for BB's. Lower nelsons citadel somewhat, but give RN BB's a warspite esque heal with improved citadel damage healing instead of the Zombie heal. For T8, I'd put the current Lion in but with only the 406 mm guns, the same style heal mentioned for Nelson, a citadel is somewhat above the waterline and a 38 mm weather deck and upper belt. For T9 I'd put an improved Lion class with greatly improved accuracy, say 2.2 sigma, a dozen twin 4.5 inch secondaries, and a ship that is larger with more HP and improved armor values. For T10 I'd put a stretched conqueror with only 457 mm guns, that have vastly improved autobounce angles, say 80%, very high main battery accuracy, more HP and 38 mm weather deck and main deck, plus the same dozen twin 4.5 inch secondaries, but conversely, this version of conqueror also has an above water citadel, but not as sky high as Yamato. But none of these BB's would have the ridiculous HE spam capability of the current line.
  15. ryuukei8569

    The state of the Leone

    Yeah, but its not the biggest gripe I have with the RN CL and BB lines. I really feel that both British battleships and light cruisers where pretty poorly implemented.