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  1. Mavrick101a

    An Aircraft Carrier Reversion

    Attack Planes were the only strong defense a CV had and Y'all took that away. I am disgusted that DDs can own my CV. It is bad enough that the planes armament is crappy with tiny squadrons at the highest teirs. The USS United States and HMS Eagle are the most fun all the CVs. I hope y'all don't destroy them. I only play them a the test server cause your puny reward programs take 5 years to earn them!!! I play cause I have 238 ships. I don't have time to play the game 24/7. 24/7 is only way to benefit playing your game.
  2. Mavrick101a

    An Aircraft Carrier Reversion

    This one fix I hate is the added machine guns on attack fighters. When they shoot they leave rockets ineffective cause it take to long and ships like destroyers can easily avoid enemy fire even if you lead your target. Until this change, CVs were able to defend themselves with the attack planes. Now DD hunters can have their way with CVs at will. The CVs has no defense against the DDs in the games current configuration. CV captians can't rely on a teammates. No one unless you have experenced players will protect the CV. The one thing that is needed for the World of Warships is "Assisted Kills". Just like you have Assisted Captures. Can you do away with the America Dive Bombers? They are useles in Tier VIII thur X and *. Every time I try to bomb the planes are wiped out because of how close bombers have be to be effective. If you drop bombs farther away the bombs strattle the enemy ship and miss everytime!!
  3. Mavrick101a

    Fix the American and British CVs

    OK fools Ha ha ha!! Yet since y'all are having fun at my expense. I do know one thing that is very wrong with your battle fields. The Scale of planes to ships are to small. You made the planes so damn big it make the ships they bomb look like toys. That is why the bombing is so inaccurate. Either make the planes smaller or the ships bigger. Plus your DDs turn so fast you think you are driving a PT Boat.
  4. Mavrick101a


    Your News Feed and Armory options keeps going blank and locks up. It just locks up and shows nothing on my account game.
  5. Both American and British Torpedoes are very slow. They are always out run by even by BBs. All CV Planes are almost always shot down after the first strike as well. The Attack size needs to be increased because the torps are so slow. Both UK and USA CVs squadron always end up getting hardly any hits on Random battles. Also, currently there is no way to avoid AA Flak. The screen goes up and down not the planes. Lingering Flak clouds (not the flak) are shooting down planes as well. Can you tell me why the long range guns and flak are set 100% hitting targets and never misses as well? Does AA really need to be that accurate? That is impossible in Real Life!!! Hp is extremely low on planes. The AA is set so high a squadron of planes can be shot down in one attack. Especially on CV Tiers VII to X and * Superships as well. Remember too if you have many ships near each other the AA turns into a bloody massacre for a squadron it is crazy!!
  6. Mavrick101a

    People quitting the game

    I am not quitting. I have to many ships invested to quit.
  8. I love playing Subs since the new updates. Underwater times are good. They make being a CV a nightmare. I am primarily a CV Skipper in Random. Playing Subs in Coop is really fun!! Thank you for adding them!!
  9. Mavrick101a

    Texas Independence Day

    I just would like to have a flag like that to put on my USS Texas BB!!
  10. Texas Celebrates it every year. I was wondering if Wargaming.com could honor Texas with a gaming Celebration for our Players like me and my fellow Texans proudly put a Camo or a Flag on our USS Texas BB. Texas Independence Day - Wikipedia
  11. I would like to see a Destroyed Assist Ribbon added. Too many times I have watched a player camp and wait until the ships I have hit many times are almost out of HP then the camper shoots and gets the Destroyed Ship Ribbon. It is unfair that players can do that. Please consider this. Everyone will win in the Destruction of a ship since they helped. It is just fair for the players that do beat the ships down. I hate doing all the work and not getting any credit!! If I can't get the Kill at least getting an assist shows I helped!!
  12. Mavrick101a

    Armada: Nueve de Julio

    Original Name: USS Boise Screen Name: mavrick101a Server: NA
  13. Well the Dev has Destroyed the last remaining fun of CV play. CVs are now completely defenseless!!!! What a sad sad sad day. World of Warships is DOOMED!!!!! 6 years and 161 ships down the tubes!!! Shame on you guys!!! Oh and your Grand Battle is a JOKE!!!
  14. Mavrick101a

    PT 0.10.4, balance changes

    Have any of you played a CV? How do you say BBs AA flak terrible? I have seen many players beef their AA using Commander buffs and AA can be murder in high level play. One thing if a BB group stays together the AA flak will shoot all the aircraft down so fast it ain't funny. If you Solo a BB against a CV, you are COMMITTING SUICIDE!!!!! I love it too. I will bomb you to death!! lol!!
  15. Mavrick101a

    PT 0.10.4, balance changes

    Is Dev ever going to fix the severely unbalance of CVs to Surface Ships? The planes are the only vessels with timed attacks. This is horrible. No other vessels has limitations like that. Squadrons are to small. DDs can launch way more Torpedoes. Plane can attack one after another in real life. You don't have this in the game why? Make squadron attack point set area and allow all planes to do their attacks. It so unfair to have ships hunt you down your CV has no equal defense. DD skippers make a mockery of the CV Skippers in the game. All ships in the game out run / out maneuver the torpedoes even with the new speeds. CV need all planes to drop all their ordnance at once. This make the out maneuver of torpedoes harder . Dive bombers and torpedo bomber times are terrible. Targeting for bombers are inaccurate. I am unlucky get a bomb to drop on a ship. When I do the damage is very weak. Planes turn to wide. A CV plane slows down for tighter turns and it gets blown out the sky by AA flak. There is no way to avoid the AA flak. In high level AA is so strong all CV planes are blown away before the planes get close to a target. CVs need away to try to avoid AA flak. Overpenetration should cause flooding and not a free no damage stat.