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  1. Mavrick101a

    Enterprise Dive Bombing Damage

    Can ya tell me why the bombs drop wide and also strattle ships when they are on target. All CVs do this. You are lucky to get 1 bomb to hit!!! Aiming is so hard it don’t matter about damage.Saipan drops 6 bombs the Enterprise only drops 3 bombs you dodo heads!!!!
  2. Enterprise DBs are weaker than the Ranger and Langley. Ranger (Teir 6) Damage is 9200, Langley (Tier 4) is 7300. Yet, Enterprise (Tier 8) Damage is 5900. It sure is a terrible way to treat the Highest Decorated Ship is American History!!!! I have the Enterprise and loved playing her but now she is just a Target Ship. Lexington DBs Damage is 9200 and Saipan DBs Damage is 11200. Both are Tier 8. Japanese Kaga (Tier 8) DBs damage is 8800 and Japanese Ryujo (Tier 6) DBs damge is 6100. Ryujo has AP bombs. Just seems so wrong for such a Historic Ship to be rated so weak. Why is that? Japanese Hosho ( Tier 4) DBs only 3000 damage!! That is just so poor you might as well remove the DBs all together. I hope we can see a fix. Please look into this problem. Thank You.
  3. Mavrick101a


    Dev you think the AA is fine. Double the planes on CVs not HP on planes. Then everyone would have fun have the playing Marinas Turkey shoot. AA is set way to strong on WoWs. The HP on the planes in this game are so low, I think I am flying a Squadron of Star Wars Tie Fighters. Damage done by planes are so small all other players kill everything and leave CVs tiny crumbs to mob up. Aiming is so wide doubling planes would not matter. I have learned that the only way to Bomb and Hit is from Bow to Stern it is the only way to have a bigger target. American Planes have Selfsealing and and Armor so aren't US planes stronger that the rest? Plus Dev allow th US the use ofTiny Tim Rockets so why not allow the Japanese CVs to have kamikaze fighters? Ship Speeds on all the ships are set to fast even the BBs can out run Torps. I hate that a DDs can wipe the floor with me even when I hit the DD 27 times with rockets the DDs survives it and sinks me. You allow a Tier X DD to fire 15 torps but only allow planes 2 torps and a 3 planes for a attack run on a Tier X CV. If you are lucky you get 1 hit and after that all your planes are shot down. Britsh Tier 4 Hermes CV get a 1 plane to attack with 1 torp. That is so bad you might as well not even launch. This will never sink anything because the plane is always shot down. You ask any sailor that served on a CV it is a INSULT!!! The only time CVs were actually fun to play was play on the CBT server.
  4. Mavrick101a

    Tirpitz and Asashio are back in action

    Will there is a US CV for Tier VI premium? I Suggest USS Wasp CV-7!!!! She was an awsome ship!! She once trained with USS Ranger before WW2. I hope to see her in the game soon!!
  5. Cvs are supposed to be hell!!! WTG Wargaming. I just wish DEV allowed rental CVs. AA guns were MURDER!!!
  6. Why is it that you can do more damage on Random battles than Coop? Coops ships are overpowered and the players guns and armor are nurfed. You get garbage for your effort playing as well. GET A CLUE WARGAMING!!! I was using my Cleveland I hit 107 times for only 79,000 points of damage. That is only 25% of the Max damage you can do. That sucks!!
  7. Mavrick101a


    I think is time to start playing War Thunder. They even have PT Boats and you can fly your planes and bomb ships instead of alll the AI bullcrap WoWs WG has. CVs in WoWs is failure!!! DEV go back to Designing school you suck!!!
  8. Mavrick101a

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Enterprise still has the wrong ATTACK PLANES ON HER AS WELL!!! It is supposed to have Corsairs not Hellcats!!!
  9. Mavrick101a

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I have been a long time fan and member of 4 years. I really love the game but I have to tell your Planes need to fixed. Currently the mouse controls are to very touchy plus I have noticed on Random battles all Ships can out run and out turn CV Planes. Aiming is so short you have no time to recover if you make mistakes in the attack mode and AA is still to strong. I love CVs yet, Dev has made CV play terrible planes and the CV are targets for everybody to kill. The CV Captain get nothing. It is a joke. Nobody protects the CV. We get very little Achievements and stats because the CV and it planes are killed very fast. High Tier (8 and 10)I am lucky to get one pass at a ship. 3 planes are a joke. AA wastes the planes so fast in high tiers what the point in playing. Low Tiers (4 and 6) planes do very little damage. 1 plane on Torp attack? What a joke. The torp is so slow all ships can turn and make it miss. Bombing runs so short by time the animation of the is over you can'y drop the Bomb. I chat with a lot of players playing non CVs, They have loads of fun sinking the CVs and all planes. I want them to be scared of CVs!!!! Just to let you know War Thunder is taking alot of your Customers. Look into the game. Still waiting on Submarines. I had loads of fun playing Subs during 2018 Halloween Event. Hear is thought, if you can't make CVs work in World of Warships then make a game Called World of Carriers or put the Carrier play in World of Warplanes instead. I hope you will read this. Thank you for your time.
  10. Mavrick101a

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Very Upset!!! No new updates for Kaga, Enterprise, Grafzepplin and Saipan!!!! 8.0.1 Update needs to Adress it. Your Attack Squads of 2 and 3 planes are a joke!!! Especially on Tier 8,9,10. All planes get shot down so fast with the flood of AA. DB Planes bombing pattern to short and the aiming animation wastes all the time you have to aim. Attack planes are great. I can aim and cause all kinds of damage. TBF Planes torp drops are still to spread a part. All ships on the Battlefield even slow BBs can evade. DDs have 3x the torps drops and DDs spreads are much tighter. We need our fighter cover back 100% of CVs are sitting ducks for all non CV ships. DDs are a Menace for CVs!!! CVs hardly gets aircraft kills anyone. Please make the Essex a Tier 10 Premium CV. Maybe even Saratoga CV is Lady Lex's sister we need her as a Tier 8 Premium. I hope some day even Yorktown will be in the game. Even IJN Shinno CV for Japan as well.
  11. Mavrick101a

    BUG on the Enterprise

    Also Spec for F4U-1D are wrong on the Enterprise.
  12. Found that the F4U-1D Corsair has the Skin of a F6F Hellcat. Can the DEV crew fix this please.
  13. Mavrick101a

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    We have a problem with the new CV config. We CV Captains lose the ability to protect the team. There is no way to send fighters to protect our teams ships from fighters and bombers. The old config allows fighter caps. Without fighter caps the CV is a floating target!!! Flying is fun but AA in the game shoots down all attacking planes in Two seconds. AA is way to Accurate. You are lucky to even get a pass on high tiers. Planes are very slow. I like that you can use the W key for turbo boost but the speed is used up fast. Is it me or has the BBs and Cruisers speed been buffed? Ships evades Torps too easily. Coop Bots are way to accurate with AA. My planes get shot down so fast I have no fun. Dive Bombers attack attack run is to short. They go back up to fast you don't get to drop bombs. You damn near have to be prefect to drop your bombs. The Rockets have a better attack time. Torps why only 3 TBs at a time. Half the time my all Bombers are shot down after one pass. The torp spread is to far apart too. DDs have better torp spreads. Is that fair? Torp speed is slow everything evades them. Oh and Random battles must go. Too many solo players and not enough team work. Everybody plays more on Coop but benefits are terrible. I would love to see Cap base with shore batteries. I think it would be fun. I seen maps with Airfields why not make the planes attack us. Please use my input to make the game better.
  14. Mavrick101a

    Getting your Guns to do More Damage

    I also found that Bow and stern shots don't do a lot of damage as well.
  15. Mavrick101a

    Getting your Guns to do More Damage

    Well I am hitting better. The Enhanced Reticle helps. I found using it helped me lead the target so your rounds hit the ship and cause more damage. So, what was so hard for y'all to tell me that. Was it a secret y'all didn't want me to know? http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration ( Thank You for this link!!)