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  1. Mavrick101a

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Very Upset!!! No new updates for Kaga, Enterprise, Grafzepplin and Saipan!!!! 8.0.1 Update needs to Adress it. Your Attack Squads of 2 and 3 planes are a joke!!! Especially on Tier 8,9,10. All planes get shot down so fast with the flood of AA. DB Planes bombing pattern to short and the aiming animation wastes all the time you have to aim. Attack planes are great. I can aim and cause all kinds of damage. TBF Planes torp drops are still to spread a part. All ships on the Battlefield even slow BBs can evade. DDs have 3x the torps drops and DDs spreads are much tighter. We need our fighter cover back 100% of CVs are sitting ducks for all non CV ships. DDs are a Menace for CVs!!! CVs hardly gets aircraft kills anyone. Please make the Essex a Tier 10 Premium CV. Maybe even Saratoga CV is Lady Lex's sister we need her as a Tier 8 Premium. I hope some day even Yorktown will be in the game. Even IJN Shinno CV for Japan as well.
  2. Mavrick101a

    BUG on the Enterprise

    Also Spec for F4U-1D are wrong on the Enterprise.
  3. Found that the F4U-1D Corsair has the Skin of a F6F Hellcat. Can the DEV crew fix this please.
  4. Mavrick101a

    Getting your Guns to do More Damage

    I also found that Bow and stern shots don't do a lot of damage as well.
  5. Mavrick101a

    Getting your Guns to do More Damage

    Well I am hitting better. The Enhanced Reticle helps. I found using it helped me lead the target so your rounds hit the ship and cause more damage. So, what was so hard for y'all to tell me that. Was it a secret y'all didn't want me to know? http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration ( Thank You for this link!!)
  6. I am always doing very light damage what am I doing wrong?
  7. Mavrick101a


    So, y'all never ever seen a player steal your kill after you pounded your target nearly all by yourself get stolen from you in this game. But yet if you don't play coop or missions you will never see this happen. Random and Ranked I can see the damage and teamwork. No ONE really cares about getting the kill as long the players kill the other team or Cap their bases.
  8. Mavrick101a


    You are right. My poll really is meaning less. I do thank y'alls input cause I see that my pounding of ships does help a lot. Why don't the Devs put more achievemnets for us big damage dealers?
  9. Mavrick101a


    My poll seems to support the kill campers. I wonder why?
  10. Mavrick101a


    That make sense. I know damage stats are good. I guess kills are really nothing to worry about.
  11. Mavrick101a


    Finally someone that understands me.
  12. Mavrick101a


    Well you are right about that. Only in operations play I see it a lot. Not some much on Random or Ranked.
  13. Mavrick101a


    Then why must there be achievements for kills. Why do I see greed kills on the game. I have had players shoot me on my team and run into me as well to keep me from shooting at targets. Or is it that you people responding don't play on the NA server. Help me make sense of this then.
  14. Mavrick101a


    I think the kill should to the player with the most damage to the ship. Clarifying this. Damage points not hits. Because, some ships do hit harder than others.
  15. Mavrick101a


    I been playing 3 years now. I have seen way to many player sitting back and waiting to get the last shot on ships to earn the kill. This unfair to the players that pound on ships only to be ripped off with the kill going to some lame camping punk getting the last shot and kill. This really needs to be fixed.