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  1. I have two fond memories of this game. First was getting to my first tier 10. Back 8 months ago I was what you would call a potato weekend player, so you can imagine the grind from the Edinburgh to the Mino was quite long in my eyes but when I got to her, it was great. Played the ship nonstop for weeks, I went from playing the game a couple times a month to almost a nightly basis and have now grinded up a few more trees, latest tier 10s being the Montana and Kremlin. My stats have greatly improved, I've learned alot more about tactics, team work and mechanics of the game. Second fond memory would be participating in the last event as an event player, this gave me a chance to give back to the community with special rewards (who doesn't like free stuff?) And also to try out some ships from trees I've yet to grind (Alsace here I come! ) but best of all I ran into Notser in a match where I was trying out the Belfast. He and his division mate where the last on the enemy team, points were pretty much tied but as luck would have it, ramming his Nelson with my Belfast won my team the game. As for my birthday wish, I would very much enjoy more premium time to help with the never ending upwards grind or even just some Perma camos for my lovely Kremlin / Minotaur. My birthday is also in a couple weeks so who knows!
  2. Ashy_GB

    Event Marauders Suiciding

    I would say this is true for many including myself during the event. Yeah I potatoed the odd round by pushing too aggressively and being focused by an entire team but I went quite a few rounds without being sunk. The yolo-ing was much worse during the turkey event, where we had to play an average total of 85 games over the weekend (I think that was the target) thankfully this was dramatically lowered for the last two events.
  3. Ashy_GB

    Event Marauders Suiciding

    There are no qualifications, you apply and are chosen at random. If a Marauder potatoes and dies quickly, oh well. It happens in normal matches more often than not. They're giving there time to bring in a bit of variety and reward other players, if they were all "trained" superunicums you'd all complain that it's too hard to get said rewards.
  4. Ashy_GB

    Event Marauders Suiciding

    It's going to happen if a few want to rack up there game count. Most of us played normally though and I even managed to hit top of team quite a few times and racked up a couple Krakens as a Maraurder this weekend.
  5. Applied. Enjoyed participating in the last two events !
  6. Ashy_GB

    Independence loss

    Err.. wut?
  7. Ashy_GB

    Best game

  8. Ashy_GB

    USS OverPen

    Purchased the Georgia yesterday, had 320k coal lying around and nothing had poked my interest since the Musashi. Taken a good few matches to get used to it given the fact I've been adjusting to the (so not biased) Russian BB's shell velocity. Anywho I uploaded one of my last replays to YouTube to show how well she can do when I am not going full potato, anyone considering blowing the coal for it; if you enjoy the Massachusetts then you'll enjoy the Georgia, especially with her ridiculous speed. For all its flaws such as the abondence of over pens, being citadelled at odd angles and the occasional shells firing everywhere bar where your turrets were facing .. Its a great ship and no doubt I will be playing it for a while.
  9. Ashy_GB

    Purchasing USS Memebote...

    Massachusetts is the better brawler in my opinion but the Georgia just feels a lot more fun. I have not come out of a with the Georgia and not thought, well that was a laugh.
  10. Ashy_GB

    Vladistock sucks

    I enjoyed the Vlad, I really did not enjoy the Soyuz though. Tier 10 is where it gets gud.
  11. Ashy_GB

    port ui

    Very true, I know quite a few people who have had this issue before but I always make sure that they do what they can to rule out any local issues before they pick up their pitchforks
  12. Ashy_GB

    port ui

    Have you tried anything in the post linked below? I run a less powerful CPU than yourself and have no issues within the port. My best bet would be making sure all drivers are up to date, run the repair tool etc.
  13. Ashy_GB

    Mute the Dead.

    Oh you can? Clearly I need to pay more attention! Thanks for correcting me
  14. It was up yesterday as of 17:30 my time. As for the OP, this is probably more a local issue as the PT was actually running smoother than the actual game itself..
  15. Ashy_GB

    Mute the Dead.

    I think being able to mute individual players would be alot better, no doubt we get a few "#YOLO" players who rush the map, die early and spend the entire game crying they had no support for their idiotic move. Some of the "dead" can be quite helpful, example: I was killed near the end of a game last night, match was pretty even and I noticed where the hidden carriers where hiding and pointed this out to the remaining 3 ships we had, two of which quickly changed course, found the carriers and won us the game by a few points.