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  1. Ashy_GB

    In which computer fo you play World of Warships?

    Recently updated my pc on the cheap thanks to some hefty Christmas sales Tower: NZXT S340 Elite (white) CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700x Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 black RGB edition Motherboard: Gigabyte X470 Aorus ultra gaming RAM: 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 2933mhz Drives: Crucial 256GB SSD (boot drive) Seagate 500GB SSD. 1TB SSHD. 2TB HDD Graphics: EVGA GTX 980TI SC Misc: NZXT RGB strips.
  2. Ashy_GB

    Is this a good time to buy and play the Smolensk?

    I was deciding between the smol and Thunderer, decided on the Smol. No regrets what so ever, the ship is a blast to play but the ship really does need a minimum 10point captain. Thankfully I had enough free commander exp to get the 3point captain to 10. I've built mine with range in mind, spamming BBs 19km away is greatly amusing.
  3. Ashy_GB

    WG Has a New Dockyard Video

    I just paused the video and read the comments for a good laugh.
  4. Ashy_GB

    Before i sell all my NON black ships

    Don't sell premiums, I think you can only restore one per 6 months and even then it's not a guarantee
  5. Don't worry, I bought one a few days ago, it's WR and stats shall plumit shortly.
  6. Ashy_GB

    Word of Warship Survey

    They don't want your opinion anymore
  7. To me this is just an excuse to save face and seem like the heroes. I'm sorry but they would not sink this amount of time, money, development and advertising in to the dockyard if it was aimed at the 0.1% of the player base. It was an attempt, ab experiment to see how far the my could push the boundaries of cash grabbing.
  8. Ashy_GB

    Smolensk thanks you for your Puerto Rico outrage

    I hate the Smolensk with an utter, burning, fiery passion. So I decided to purchase her a couple days ago. With all of this PR fiasco, I've received zero abuse! Shocking as I got a delightful message a couple weeks ago from a lovely player hoping I'd get cancer for being a Minotaur f****t
  9. Ashy_GB


    If the player base roll over and let the issue die then the sith lord at WG HQ will see it as a sign that the community easily forgets and forgives for being overly greedy. I do believe that this community needs to stop frothing at the mouth with anger, be constructive, let your feelings be known and what their actions will entail i.e. less money spent on goods etc. Taking your anger out on players who bought the PR is not constructive or acceptable. Throwing insults and being generally rude to the staff here is again not constructive or acceptable, they are staff, they work for the sith lord and have to follow what they are told, again, not the staffs fault. Keep the posts up, be constructive, let your feelings be known but do not act like a 5 year old having a tantrum, it will get you nowhere.
  10. Ashy_GB

    PSA: PR Harassment Needs to Stop

    I've seen two players with the PR receive flak yesterday. I don't condemn them for buying it. It's their money after all and they can do what ever they want with it. I get that everyone is upset/angry but don't take it out on other players. It is not there fault WG went for a cash grab, they had the money and wanted the ship. If you want to be angry, do it constructively and let your feelings be known to wargaming. Bullying players for doing what they want with there cash isn't the answer and could lead to one less player in this game.
  11. I won't be doing it, I won't be ignoring my family for 28 hours a day and at this time of year I don't have a lot of cash to throw at boosters etc. I'll play as normal, if I unlock the T7 then so be it but not a priority.
  12. Personally I think this is a great idea, donate to a very worthy cause and be rewarded for such action. WG have got a lot of flack lately but they're now doing one thing right.
  13. I absolutely hate the Smol, I hate the constant HE spam, the over pens when I hit the f-ing thing, my ships being constantly on fire so... I bought the Smol the other day because I want more abuse
  14. I would normally accept an apology but there are a few things that just makes me think this was completely intentional. The hype from the CCs, when I saw this showcased by the CCs, we got hyped, it was different, well thought out and damn right interesting, we all expected a grind but it would have been worth it, especially for a tier 10 ship with the added bonus of reusing this feature that your Devs clearly spent alot of time/money developing. Expectation - most of us never expect anything for "free" many of us understand that we have to work for many of the unique premiums you guys throw out there but it is also Christmas, the season where WG is usually the most charitable, a sorta like "thank you to the player base for their continued support, here's a grindy directive but it'll be worth it" - this isn't grindy, it's insanity, we work, we have families and it's the Christmas season. Why would it be hyped up, casually announced that you dont have to spend a dime, making it seem that it shouldn't be much of an issue to blast through the directives, why put in so much detail and thought to this if you're aiming this at the 1%. This was a cash grab to me, a big ole F you to the player base, getting everyone hyped and then letting everyone down the moment it was released.
  15. Ashy_GB

    Is it impossible to grind for the USS Puerto Rico?

    I'll leave this here