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  1. Ashy_GB

    Air Supply Containers

    That part of the event will be available on patch 8.1
  2. Having missed the last space event, I'm very much looking forward to this. Should offer up a welcome change.
  3. Ashy_GB

    So whats your favorite OP?

    Dynamo. It's different, interesting and had me playing again and again.
  4. Ashy_GB

    So CVs are ... but BBs are ok?

    CVs are fine, if not a little underwhelming. I played a match two nights ago in an Atago, I solo hunted both the enemy CVs who focused me, I was able to dodge most of their torps, rockets etc and take them both out along with taking out around 24 planes in a ship with "meh" AA stats. CVs aren't invisible, they aren't over powered and with a bit of work, easily removed from the match.
  5. I completely agree, we all have our opinions on changes whether it be good or bad but some have essentially acted that this tier change is the single worst decision ever made
  6. I'm not sure what's really happening either, some ship is being moved up one tier and this had caused players to repent and declare the end is nigh. Forgetting the fact that WG have stated in the past that Premium ships are not exempt from future buffs or nerfs
  7. Ashy_GB

    The Great Forum Shuffle!

    Got the same thing when I clicked on a post called "looking for a clan" just noticed half the forum is missing now
  8. Ashy_GB

    Musashi + Ranked

    Agreed. +1 for flying Musashi armed with phasers.
  9. Ashy_GB

    Musashi + Ranked

    Shweet. I'm away from the pc tonight but I'll upload the replay tomorrow and see what happens Yes that 302k damage is far too low, while we're at it, make the Musashi submersible.
  10. Ashy_GB

    Musashi + Ranked

    Cheers, I'll remember that Musashi is a slave to RNG. Sometimes she'll wipe others from the face of the planet and other times it can't land a single shell Yeah I've had a couple clan mates say the JB is a fantastic ship, only reason I went for the Musashi was due to the announcement of it being pulled from the Arsenal.
  11. Ashy_GB

    Musashi + Ranked

    Fair enough I can see your point there, it is essentially a Yammy with no AA
  12. Ashy_GB

    Musashi + Ranked

    Broken in what way? I can agree with the Kitakaze but with the Musashi's dispersion I think it's fairly balanced. As you see in the video, the enemy Musashi that appeared a couple KM a head of me had a perfect shot to my cheek which should had blown my ship away but yeah..
  13. Ashy_GB

    Musashi + Ranked

    I wasn't too sure either, I opted for playing the replay and recording it with OBS