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  1. I choose World of Warships..... why are there so many freaking planes in this game. CCVFS is kicking in. WG in case you had not noticed it creates huge divisions in the player base, destroys enjoyable elements of "warship" play and just the plain fact of that many CV's is not fun for "Warships." 4 t-8 cv's in a match is a game killer.
  2. Willawaw

    Multiple cv's a side has to go WG.

    Ha ha me, every day? Oh you are frustrated. Necroing old threads is offence that can get you banned, that is directly from the forum moderators fyi. I said daily because this is getting attention ..... daily.
  3. Willawaw

    Multiple cv's a side has to go WG.

    We are all allowed to voice our opinions. The simple fact is I have tried that route already. One thread had around 30 pages of replies and suggestions, analysis etc. How is this a hate thread? Where have I said get rid of cv's altogether? Every new idea has been proffered but WG continues to hammer the square piece into a circular hole. You must evolve and realize you will always hear dissent in a dysfunctional system taking this attitude frankly is oppressive and signs of a closed one track mind that is all about itself and denies the other any dignity or respect. And frankly any comment posted on these forums has a 90% probability of being a repeat. It is time to start rejecting "thought police" attitudes and accept the opinions of others as valid in expression but perhaps not content according to "your" gaming paradigms.
  4. Willawaw

    WoWs players have a HUGE karma problem.

    Mine ends at zero every play session regardless of the many pluses I may get. The salt of the sea ends up on the tip of my tongue. Mostly for justifiable reason but alas sometimes I just lose it lol! I never cuss or swear though. The closest I got was calling a deliberate tk'er an insipid piss waffle.
  5. Willawaw

    Multiple cv's a side has to go WG.

    I think the high frequency of rofl stomps we are getting in many matches is also a product of cv proliferation as many skippers are too intimidated to play boldly when they are spotted from mere moments into the match.
  6. The daily post on the most relevant problem in the game. It is driving away new customers or forcing people into cv's further perpetuating the problem. In every way WG has followed the path of other gaming houses. Following in the footsteps of EA, Blizzard, Bethesda among many others that lose sight of the benefits of superior gameplay as the paradigm instead of profit at any cost. Such great potential squandered by lack of vision or humility in their inability to listen to an experienced player base that is/was devoted to your product.
  7. Everyday there is a new post about this topic WG. Please we are suffering. New cases of CCVFS are so common it is now an epidemic. Chronic CV fatigue syndrome. Is it not time to make a change asap?
  8. Willawaw

    "Sky Cancer"

    You can pontificate about details and strategy, but the base issue regarding CV's in game is glaringly obvious. Multiple CV's in matches is destroying the player bases enjoyment of a great game. That simple.
  9. Yep, waaaaay too many conformists with narrow margins of tolerance.
  10. Pay attention...Multiple cv's a side in a match. 1 cv per side in a match is entirely acceptable. Understand the context before replying please. I am going to assume you don't read instructions either?
  11. You are quite the articulate herd leader.... well done. Conform or go away is all you can think about lol. We are all entitled to our opinions, but some are better than others. The greatest irony of all. I felt uncomfortable doing this today I even apologized to my team. If I was some crazed sociopath I could care less. You seem to enjoy the chance to make others feel apart and isolate and demean in your own way. Have I done so to my fellow skippers at any point? You are entitled to your opinion.........
  12. This is not about the team or letting my fellow skippers down it is about WG forcing us to conform to a game dynamic that is counter intuitive to a naval warfare game that focuses on shipboard guns and torpedoes. It is about that...... period. My form of protest is my own choice and I choose to quit matches out of the need to protest and if that upsets you tough luck. I guess I shall be hung for treason ;-) C'est la guerre
  13. Ha ha love the trolling but there is a limit for all of us I reached it today. Not a baby by any means just tired of the ridiculous amount of planes at sea as we battle it out in our ships in a Ship "game" ( for all you word wardens).
  14. If this is the only way we can protest then I shall and If I get banned so be it. Multiple cv's a side is not doing this game any favours. I no longer enjoy playing against planes in a battle of ships. Are there ships in World of Warplanes, World of Tanks? It is no longer restricted too low tiers as the plethora of newer cv players get their high tier vessels. Tier 8 matches are getting more and more multiple cv matches and that will ruin the game for many. The fun factor is gone when so many planes run about the map. So I want to apologize for my own refusal to play this way that affects the outcome of said 4 CV+ match and for others that may protest this way as well. I like this game because it is a "Ship" sim.
  15. Simple solution curtail CV play, it is tiring and destroys the fun factor of WoWs for many skippers.