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  1. Yet another predatory cash grab and another nail in the coffin that contains the joy I once held for this game. WG seems only to know how to chase away loyal customers, well good on ya one more is so close to gone. I am weary of their total disrespect of the player/payer base. You get what you give.
  2. Willawaw

    Quick Reaction to 0.10.4 Announcements

    So long as you keep in mind Wargaming's end run only monetizes game design instead of exceling at game design, you won't be disappointed overmuch. Of course with quality game design comes quality gameplay that ensures long term financial success. Every gaming house is known for certain traits. WG makes great arcade style pvp wargames that are eminently enjoyable. After a particular player threshold is reached, monetization begins in earnest. The evolution of WoWs is a fine example of this. The irony of course, from a gamers perspective, the game is in a devolutionary state as monetization increases to every niche and profit possibility. Monetization is a WG specialty with dubious ethical directions that toxify their product for the long run. We are the generations that will set the ethical protocols by how we use the wallet.
  3. Willawaw

    WOWS End of life?

    You did read the last sentence I wrote before responding yah?
  4. Willawaw

    WOWS End of life?

    WG conducts business like a psy op to maximize profit by abusing human weakness rather than providing a well designed "game' that does offer a great escape through gameplay from the predatory profiteering world we all live in. Another simple minded company with base vision and a distinct lack of sensible game design to ensure sustained joy of play. It may not end for years but it is designed to addict and has evolved by slowly decreasing free rewards. The blatant monetization exposes the dark ethical approach to toxic game design that the WG house is known for it their most successful titles. It will lead to relying on turnover to sustain profits, pay to win. Many will still play, but a mere shadow of what once was and spend little or no money.
  5. Willawaw

    Stop with the 2 CV games already

    Shame on Wargaming for showing such contempt for the player base by ignoring this glaring issue we have been screaming about for years now. Damn boardroom needs to get out of the games room.
  6. Don't play the solution many have come too realize. The WoWs incarnation of the CV is a game breaking unit design.
  7. I posted this elsewhere. It may seem to be out of context as it concerns WoT. The reality is it is totally relevant to what is happening in WoWs. Wargaming is a predatory marketing company that sees us as cash cattle and not customers. I have also played this for years and am close to calling it quits as a result of WG's lack of pride in their product and respect to the player/payers that pay to enjoy the game not enrich their portfolio's.
  8. Wargaming you are the child with great potential that just squanders it away for short term selfish gain. You can still grow up......
  9. I am on the fence now. I am totally fatigued by more broken than fixed or "playble with joy" in WoWs, but most of all I am compeltely offended by their complete lack of respect for the player base in general. Their marketing is more an agressive psy ops campaign to extract money rather than wise game design to ensure return customers that will reccomend the game to others because of said customer service and marketing. WG gets an E grade overall. Not an F because the game does look good and despite their rapacious greed people come for more. Gambatte!
  10. I am a firm believer in respecting the paying customer. If you pay to play, there should other benefits. If you pay there should be an option to play Warships without Warplanes destroying the surface combatant game we all came here for. A proliferation of CV's has entirely toxified this game for reasons amply stated in so many posts and videos. Or get rid of multiple CV matches. One per team is the rule for t-10 why subject all other tiers to this extremely toxic game mechanic that WG refuses to amend even though it has laid waste to low tier play.
  11. Willawaw

    It has begun; Flamu on CV imbalance.

    This game was a hobby for many. Toxic game design is not good game design, it is playing games with your customers to extract as much money as possible. I can understand the need for profit. Once you use toxic methods and transparently extreme spin doctoring, integrity is lost. Furthermore as is reasonably evident is a toxic gameplay paradigm that is the preferred gamestyle for Wargaming. Total lack of synergy with the player/payer that was willing to put up with a lot. My level of fatigue with World of Warplanes insertion is such that last night I logged in to play my Asashio and first match was 4 cv's. I bade them good luck and good night. I am sorry that style of gameplay is not interesting nor any fun for anyone. WG knows this and has ignored that paradigm for years now. It has laid waste to low tier play and that is the alarm bell they were deaf too. You want to make a profit WG. Show premium payers some respect and give them the choice to play in matches without CV's and see how popular that is. You might even see a resurgence of play in this game. I would pay again. Gambatte!
  12. A predatory marketing technique will only end in a loss for WG. Just imagine if they had understood anything about customer service? Where would this game be right now. Instead of integrity they keep dishing out straw for yet another broken back that will no longer be the payer player. After the Puerto Rico fiasco, only the most serious apologist with a high degreee of cognitive dissonance (or a WG paycheque) will say they did a good job with customer service in all of its levels of meaning particular to the gaming industry. Flamu is just another target of WG customer service structure run amok.
  13. Willawaw

    cv haters and bullies

    We are all entitled to our opinions....some are quite better by a wide margin. Empirical evidence will determine the better opinions in this particular standoff.
  14. This banner cannot be removed without consenting to cookies. Sorry WG I gave you money for years and now you demand my cookies! Sorry they are my cookies and if you can't play nicely you don't get them.
  15. Calibration...ha ha ha. Soon you will be able to buy your way out of "calibration." Next level monetization.