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  1. Interesting it seems WG did not like the title of this topic that I initially labeled it with. "2 cv's a side is killing the game slowly". The WG propaganda machine hard at work. Shame on you who ever did that! Very disturbing . I just changed it back.
  2. Ok it boils down to CV play feeling like an addon to the game rather an integral aspect that enhances the gameplay. It is rather obvious that CV's in every match and in multiples does not enhance the game for a very large percentage of the player base. Personally when I played CV's at low tier especially the Bogue, I would gain air superiority then perma-spot all enemy ships, even using an unladen bomber as a scout. In the right hands the CV has always been a superior force multiplier far beyond any other vessel in the game. I grew bored of the playstyle of cv's in WoW's, I find DD and CA play far more challenging and enjoyable. We do not need to get rid of CV's but In feel they should be limited to one per side in any match until the can balance this mess. As it stands there it is broken and it is breaking the game for some skippers. Gambatte!
  3. CorradoG60 pinpointed the main issues. It is that simple and cv's are destroying the cat and mouse elements of the game. I am not going to go on and on about subjective issues, it is an objective assessment of game style and presentation. I am not going to give you fodder to further divide the player base. To many sycophant trolls are just enjoying personal attacks on people in the ongoing weakness of the us versus them strategy.
  4. Hello, First off I do love this game but CV's and their style of play do not fit into the game concept as it stands. I assume WG employees are reading posts as this is a crux moment where it is all or nothing. I am ready to quit this game entirely after spending hundreds of dollars for a fine product. Many fleets are watching their dedicated skippers resigning in frustration. It is a game conceptual problem that WG does not get. You need a different kind of employee that can key you on these critical topics of conceptual and evolutionary game play that devs and engineers can overlook. You need to listen to players that know and love this game, as it is said the customer is always right.
  5. Plague of plane makes the answer a NO. It totally detracts from the style of gameplay I came to wows for. 2 cv's or more a match is not acceptable, I tried again tonight and I can't enjoy this game anymore with cv's every damn match and co-op doesn't do anything for me as an alternative. 1 cv every second match is just in the acceptable margin. It has created a new meta that has divided the player base harshly.
  6. I kept my original post simple in order to elicit response. All my points were touched upon both good and bad. Some of the comments were spot on in their assessments of the current problems with this awesome game. I don't need to get better as a player and I don't need to suck it up. I am a CA main over 50% of all matches in a ca I think so I am in the current meta theory on countering the current CV swarm. For reasons stated in some of the brilliant posts by others, I just grow weary of "constant" air domination. It has eroded the fun factor that was present in prior incarnations. At the same time I don't mind cv's just not every freaking match and in quantity. This is a game changer for WG and in my opinion I think they need to get a handle on it fast. I assume a considerable portion of the player base is getting burned out given the nature of many of the comments on these forums. Many now hold their breath hoping for changes to stop the waning interest in surface warfare at sea. I will continue playing in that same hope. Gambatte!
  7. Howdy salts, My interest in the game has now waned to the point of perhaps no return. I never have like cv's in this game from the very beginning, but it was ok because only 10-25% of matches had a cv. Cv's spelled the end of traditional surface warfare in reality and it has done the same to this game for me and more than a few others. At least limit cv's to one a side. One match after the tenth battle in a row with 2 cv's I quit the match out of frustration. Please WG 1 cv per team across all tiers. Not to mention the fact that cv's have changed the game meta entirely to a passive blobfest in most cases. Argh!
  8. If this game had developed without cv's and never introduced them, I think it might have been a superior game.
  9. Willawaw

    Does the Atlanta need to be buffed now?

    The Atlanta's AA efficiency should have been scaled up to equal its prior power in the new system. It is that simple. By not doing so you betray the skippers that purchased an AA powerhouse.
  10. I did read that but assumed it was relevant as it appears as a mission for that particular ship. Not a huge issue but certainly very misleading. It would have been easy enough to ensure that mission does not come up and peeve people off. Bad coding indeed! Regardless as a point of promise it is a broken one.
  11. Howdy, The daily mission granting 250 doubloons 10 times for participating in a battle is not working. It appears but has not granted one bonus in 23 matches. I would not mind the 2500 doubloon bonus promised on purchase. Gambatte!