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  1. Willawaw

    WG please invigorate low tier play

    Experienced players can tell by the opening moves and positioning, match making monitor is not required to assess a players ability to synergize with their teammates. All I do is look at the players profile after match when baffled by mysterious playstyles. I think the most amusing was a Pommern on their 3rd match ever lol, that explained everything. ;-)
  2. Huge numbers of green players at high tier when they should be practicing at low and mid tiers is not doing the game any favours. This is what CV warplane saturation has done to this warships game. There was a time when low tier was active and there were zero bots. New players facing planes when they came for ships is not doing the game any favours or there would be no bots at low tier. Is there any thought at all going into this or is all just money? Where is the love of gaming WG? maybe only allow players with 1000 matches to play tier 9 and 10? I am seeing a lot of players with under 200 games at high tier now in large numbers each match. It totally throws matches.
  3. Willawaw

    What is the cause of toxic behavior?

    When we get to the point of calling it "toxic" behaviour, it is a direct result of the environment or in this particular case the game environment's effects on the participant. It is not entirely up to the player or their total responsibility, they are mere humans after all. It is up to the game designer to ensure toxic game design does not let toxic issues or triggers to proliferate. Yes there was a time when WoWs was toxin free, the player base did not radically change character together to create the current level of toxin so what changed in the game to make the participants toxic? That is where the answer can be found.
  4. Willawaw

    Thanks for all the planes.

    Many of you have missed the entire point. Having more than one CV per team breaks the game in its current design form hence one per team at tier 10 where there is reasonable AA and larger maps, by this rule WG actively endorses this point. I can't find the quote so I can't be 100% sure but did WG not state the fact clearly at some point to indicate why there is only 1 t10 cv per team? I do seem to recall a fairly clear statement of this fact at some point but am unable to find that tidbit. WG is know for this level of forcing us into game paradigms that are game breaking. Knowingly breaking the game leaves no leg to stand on. In World of Tanks they once nerfed a reward tank ( if I recall the T6 T50-2 that did 60 or 70kmh) because they stated that that speed broke the game, period. Now there are wheeled vehicles that do close to or beyond 100kmh. There is a point in any game design that is critical, if you exceed certain unit/game/performance parameters they will break the game. I used to hang out with friends in some of the largest gaming companies in their early days. I am no expert but I have seen what it takes to design a game and when devs say this (fill in the blank) will break a game, it is not spin. Once a company gets to this level of deception and spin doctoring the player to enhance profits, we are just cattle to the slaughter, whales to be harpooned etc. Many have joined the legion of free players. For the one responder to this thread that decided to troll and assume my behavior in those games via the CV topic, I was working my way through the Italian BB line. I finished the tier 4 in 3 or 4 matches and am partially through the tier 5 by being effective and aggressive. Half of those matches had 2 CV's per side Anytime I am up against 4 CV's yes I get salty, but I don't like letting team down(99% of the time). Recently in my Tirpitz I saw an opening in a 4 cv match and charged through and sank one cv with secondaries and the other with main guns. I will be honest while doing that I was salty as hell in chat regarding such a ridiculously game breaking mass CV mechanic. It has nothing to do with how I played or anyone else for that matter, it concerns broken game design paradigms that WG has not come clean on in any way. Clarity...integrity...gaming is fun yes?
  5. Yep this was once a very enjoyable game, but no more. Grinding low tier is not fun at all, playing low tier against this infestation of 4 cv matches is untenable. Not only does it make many drop the game as the primary game they enjoy, it also ruins the fun in low tier play that makes new customers wary of such broken mechanics.. WG it is a slap in the face to the player/payer that you state only one CV a team at tier 10 but everyone else has to play in matches with 4 cv's that WG know is broken and destroys the game of Warships. If you want an instant and exponential improvement to the game stop insulting your player base and forcing toxic 4 cv matches upon us, 1 per team for all tiers. Is that so hard and are you not bold enough to try out new mechanics that can improve the game and cash flow? Time to grow up WG and appreciate your customers for a change. Bravo Zulu WG
  6. Willawaw

    WHY...ranked games with CV...

    80% of matches tonight had CV's I am done with ranked with cv involvement when teams are smaller than what WG considers an overpowering cv presence. I am toxified beyond redemption. It is a slap in the face to the player payer. You tell us that one a team in tier 10 is balanced any more and it is not balanced yet you give us cv's in ranked play with 7 per team. Or worst yet is multiple cv's a t team in lower ranks where aa is even worst than tier 10. Honestly how do you justify that in plain english without spin doctoring the issue to protect one's job? You want to grow the game in a positive manner this world of warplanes within world of warships should reflect your own statements on the power of cv's in small teams and should end. No amount of spin can make this acceptable when WG has stated that they are op in small teams. Several friends of mine tried the game in recent years and quit at the beginning because of the overwhelming presence of warplanes when they came to play warships. If not well you will lose more veteran players. Bravo Zulu WG for showing total disregard for good game design and respect for the players that pay your way. Such great potential has been utterly wasted by greedy paradigms that were more important than game design that keeps people playing. This concept does not need to be explained as the players have stated in hundreds of pages in the forums why this is a most toxic game design point. Saying one thing and doing the opposite is bad management of resources and clearly dishonest. An easy solution, try a ranked season have some days with cv's and some without as a test and then look at the data.
  7. Willawaw

    Please remove double CV matches.

    Well the real insult is when WG says only 1 cv a side for T 10 ships that have adequate AA. To then make every other tier suffer when they admit it is broken by making sensible rules in T10? I venture this broken rule/mechanic has single handedly destroyed low tier play which was active before the CV involvement in game intensified. WG needs to realize that openly disrespecting customers with in your face paradox is never acceptable.
  8. Like many, what I enjoy most is easy. A match without subs or CV's. It has the highest joy quotient in my opinion as it lacks game breaking units that have too many OP buffs to make them function in this game design that in turn reduces the fun factor by a margin that is not visible on any spreadsheet. If it did not give me something I could find elsewhere I would have left this game in the dust after the CV rework fiasco. However I don't play as much as I want to because of aforementioned reasons. Gambatte!
  9. Willawaw

    So I got a Molotov, what do I do with it?

    Molotov is a great ship but requires a high skill threshold from the player to make it perform. It is on my list for favourite ships, the guns are amazing when used properly. Most especially against Cruisers and DD's are easy targets for he even at long ranges with Russian stalinium.
  10. Low tier play was gutted by allowing 2 CV's a side. We all know this WG and all you can say is OK then we will only allow 1 cv a side T-10. Well WG that is like letting a pedo operate a daycare, pure insanity from a game design perspective. The price we now pay is a multitude of inexperienced players at high tier, so much so that many random teams are dominated by low tier tactics and a total lack of knowledge about positioning and how to support team with ship's abilities at high tier. Up until the CV change low tier was active and enjoyable and new players only frustration was experienced players playing in low tier matches. Why is it WG that there are 2 rules concerning the amount of CV's per team. Logically one at t-10 with experienced skippers means there should be none until late tier or none until T10, for the simple fact by making this rule you admit CV's are broken and have no idea what to do other than just make money and distract player\payer base with "the shiny thing." By making 2 rules you admit there is a a serious problem yet the solution is the opposite of what needs to be done in game terms. Yes I know profit but that does not mean WG, that you gouge the player base and slowly destroy a great game with your toxic profit designs. WoW's seems to be just a dopamine fueled click factory now. Design a good game, the money will follow. It is really that simple, especially when you have the resources to do so WG.
  11. Willawaw

    Game is starting to become uncarryable

    Once WG killed low tier play and bots started showing up in random matches that was the beginning of the end of a well designed game as it transitioned into a cash machine with game'ish qualities. What killed low tier play some may ask well it is not hard to find that out. Toxic game unit design is a WG specialty. Low tier at one time was much fun and always populated until the "change that shall not be mentioned". It is always a sad when the suits take over in any part of life. The most dangerous uniform on the planet and where all the pathic individuals find a comfy home where they are rewarded for their madness. We need low tier to be fun again so people can learn the game again and not be saturating high tier play with low tier tactics and lack of knowledge. The writing has been on the wall for years as are many other egregiously toxic aspects of this game. The saturation point has forced many to drift away as WG has offered no anti toxin other than empty words followed by new toxic game ideas. Really is it not time you started listening to gamers for advice on making the game better. Years ago in the early days of gaming I had a friends that worked at EA and Westwood. Once a week or so I would visit and we would hang out, play upcoming titles and discuss game design. Much came from those that appreciated game design both in and outside of the company, suits really took no part in critical game design. Then the suits took over and many are aware how that devolved for EA. This is such a great niche game and I do hope another gaming house comes along that respects the player\payer and creates a solid game of this nature. Stop blaming each other, Wg is quite proficient in "throwing the dead cat on the table" or "look at the shiny thing" to keep us from seeing the true nature of what they have done to a great niche title. Bravo Zulu WG.
  12. Willawaw

    CV's should not be in ranked

    WG has broken their game as far as player joy is concerned. No amount of player feedback will fix this until the cash junkie that WG is realizes their addiction to toxic game design with insulting predatory marketing techniques. They just created a dopamine fueled click factory.
  13. Willawaw

    WG I know you have to make money..but..

    Hmm, if low tier play had not been gutted completely, we might have more experienced players at high tier. So many more rofl stomps now in the current game of WoW's, as a result of the lack of experience is going upstream far faster than their skill dictates.
  14. Willawaw

    Wargaming and Subs, Hell bent for Leather

    From a game design perspective, the submarine is a toxic unit as far as joy in game play is concerned. The 2 largest conflicts they have with the player/payer in this game design are both toxic units, CV's and now subs. Why introduce toxins to your player/payer base when the design should create joy not extract at constant rates that far outweighs positive changes to the game design. It is why I no longer pay for this game if all we are are marks for their con game to make as much money as possible and destroy a game that had such fantastic potential in a niche market.
  15. This has been a steady complaint for years now since the cv rework and not once has any attention nor any rational answer been given. I have had several friends start the game post CV rework only to be frustrated with so many planes that dominate a ship combat game. WG you say one is enough for t-10 but still allow CV toxification of lower tiers that only affects your bottom line as it scares away more customers than it attracts. Evidence of this well quite simple, bots in low tier play always spell the end of most games of this nature. This is not a smart move. This ship combat game is now saturated with planes and I am down to a fraction of my usual play time. WG you suck. after all this recent [edited] can you please start listening to the player base that is willing to pay to play but not at this current level of toxic game design.