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  1. DeathLord1969

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    After the game has been started and you logged in, you can then exit the wgc as it doesn't need to be running after you log in.
  2. DeathLord1969

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    Answers in bold/italics.
  3. DeathLord1969

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    There's a second version of WGC that allows the option of where to install it. Took a bit to find out there was one. But this link should have the option for you. Upon opening the install file, click view settings and set your location. https://na.wargaming.net/en/wgc
  4. DeathLord1969

    Tallinn: IFHE or No?

    What about the P. Bagration? I've not been getting high damage in that. I do better with my Mainz.
  5. DeathLord1969

    Tallinn: IFHE or No?

    Ya, they screwed it up by having it go in sequence. I have 300 tokens atm. They never should have done the sequence crap.
  6. DeathLord1969

    Wows and firewalls

    This firewall doesn't have that option. It's either allow or block when it pops up the alert. It's also doing it for the same ips repeatedly and multiple ips for the same .exe file such as wgc.exe etc. Each ip change would be the last few digits such as xxx.xxx.21, xxx.xxx.22 etc.
  7. DeathLord1969

    Tallinn: IFHE or No?

    Please explain.
  8. DeathLord1969

    Tallinn: IFHE or No?

    For future reference; https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/213359-ifhe-all-night-long/
  9. DeathLord1969

    Ranked Battles: the Sixteenth Season

    You will never see divisions in ranked.
  10. DeathLord1969

    Wows and firewalls

    Don't think there's an option for that. Also, the files that keep asking already have rules inplace for them, yet it still asks.
  11. DeathLord1969


    I got downvoted for killing a Scharnhorst with my Mainz....
  12. DeathLord1969

    Wows and firewalls

    It does this for one specific file each time, but has a different ip most of the times it asks. This is a fully updates legal win10. It's Bitdefender that I use and have never had this issue prior to .9.4.
  13. DeathLord1969

    Wows and firewalls

    Non standard according to what? Have sent a post to them. Have run malwarebytes as well and all clean.
  14. DeathLord1969

    Wows and firewalls

    So I recently reinstalled wows for .9.4 after taking some time off. Now my firewall keeps asking for permission for everything wg related in regards to the wgc & wows. I have allowed the wgc.exe to send a TCP packet to various IPs/ports over & over. It also does this with other wows related files. I click allow, then it pops up again & I click allow yet again. How many times does this need to be done and why so many different IPs/ports?
  15. DeathLord1969

    Missing Ships (Not really, but still a bug)

    You're not alone as I have that as well after buying the Bagration.