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  1. DeathLord1969

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    I loved and played the game more back during the earlier stages during the closed beta weekends & then closed beta.
  2. DeathLord1969

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    And there lies the problem with this game. That happens so often, players have taken the "IDGAF" attitude & just play whatever way they want. Doesn't matter if it's a suicide rush or hug the borders away from the fight and it kills the game for anyone else involved. Had a sprint match last night where a Pensacola stayed at the back for the entire match til it was too late to bother coming up to fight. Same match, had a dd taking pot shots at other BBs beside our BBs.
  3. DeathLord1969

    Season 4 sprint ended early?

    I was at rank 3.
  4. Thought it was supposed to end at 5AM EST? Instead, it ended at 4:40AM EST. Guess it was slated for 4:30AM end time....
  5. DeathLord1969

    Current Season of Ranked Sprint

    I'm having a helluva time. Took 3 days to get out of rank 3 only to get crapped on one star into 2. Was on epicenter with 2 BBs, 2 cruisers, 1 dd per side. The 2 BBs proceed to head out at the slowest possible speed while the rest of us went to the other side. Arizona went afk in the middle circle for the rest of the match & the fuso heads straight for the border costing us the match as it came down to him & the dunk. Fuso used he the entire time. Seems people cannot comprehend how to play that mode.
  6. DeathLord1969

    please ban VALVeisGod

    No account turns up with that name.
  7. DeathLord1969

    Real time stats

    Ok, so to add to this, MM Monitor does not seem to work in ranked sprint this time around. It does work for randoms though.
  8. DeathLord1969

    Real time stats

    I have as well. But it does help to see how stacked MM makes teams sometimes. The teams I see I'm like "wow wth" due to all the purples on one side and nothing on the other.
  9. DeathLord1969

    Real time stats

    It's not an ingame "mod". They can't detect it's usage at all. Any app that is run outside of their own program, cannot be detected at all, UNLESS the mod hooked the game. Which it doesn't.
  10. DeathLord1969

    Real time stats

    It's matchmaker monitor, but since it's not an ingame mod, there's nothing WG can do other than close access to the api. I "think" WG once stated there's nothing they can do about outside mods.
  11. DeathLord1969

    How do you use your old account before steam?

    Locate the file named steam_api.dll and rename it. Then just log in with your original account.
  12. DeathLord1969

    Where is the Guillio Caesar

    I don't get in to play until late Saturday/Sunday nights. Oh I know, I just haven't had the same results.
  13. DeathLord1969

    Where is the Guillio Caesar

    Ya, I have heard that. Just not experienced it as being OP myself....
  14. Been using it regularly this Santa crate season including just last night, but I am in Canada.
  15. DeathLord1969

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    Well, think I did ok this time with 5 mega crates. 6000 dubs, marblehead & some camos. I paid $26 CAD & got upwards of $50+ worth.