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  1. Matchmaking Monitor, is it good or bad?

    One thing to remember when using it, it only shows the stats a player has in the current ship. They could very well be really good player but can't get the current one to work for them. Also, this doesn't work on the steam version of wows.
  2. Matchmaking Monitor, is it good or bad?

    I don't believe that in the slightest as I very rarely see anyone mention anything about stats if ever.
  3. Matchmaking Monitor, is it good or bad?

    MM Monitor doesn't have the chance to win crap. Only shows individual stats of each player in that specific ship.
  4. Matchmaking Monitor, is it good or bad?

    Then don't use it. Simple as.
  5. Never had that happen myself since Aslain first added his pack.
  6. @Aslain, the team aware mod, is it supposed to spam out stuff like in the following screeny? Only seems to happen when in div chat and not team chat.
  7. Has anyone gotten the matchmaker monitor to work on the steam version of wows? All other mods work fine, just not this one.
  8. Winning related to dmg/performace

    I know exactly how you feel, Gin. And I div up with something every time I play.
  9. To drink or not to drink while playing WOW .

    I drink Jack & colas when I play Saturday nights....so starting soon.....
  10. It all disappeared.....

    Was just about to post on this. On Shards, no islands or trees. Well played wg, good game letting the red team win so easily.....
  11. Weekly operations question

    I am curious, out of the different operations such as defense of Naval Station etc, which pays out better for xp and credits or are they all the same?
  12. So a better M key map? As in the map that appears when pressing M? Or even have it in options to remap it to the minimap or leave it as is?
  13. Returning player on Windows 10

    @Actionsdower, a few of us had similar issues earlier tonight. Click GAMES at the top of this page, then game website, then GAME again at the top. Do NOT click play for free. For some odd reason, clicking play for free gives you a funky .exe file. But the other way works as it should.
  14. Did the same for me with the same weird exe file. Click GAMES at the top left, then game website right side. Then click GAME at the top, not play for free. Should give you the right file.
  15. Unable to download installer

    Ok, went another route & got the normal .exe file but what the heck was that other one? The from url is still the same that doesn't exist. At least not as a web page.