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  1. Actually, someone in the wot forum recently posted a month to month server pop for the wot servers & it's not been dying.
  2. I haven't even really begun to filter what hardware I want. But since I've been using ASUS, I have had zero issues with them so far. Current is the RoG Rampage Formula. For video card, it has to have HD audio like my HD7950 does as I do not want to add a dedicated sound card.
  3. So the wows server is staying by itself in San Jose? They are moving both east & west wot servers, leaving wows alone.
  4. How much did your system cost? I don't really want to spend more than $2grand to accomplish this.
  5. I too will be doing a whole new build next month. But even though I mostly play wows, I need a machine that can also run anything else I can throw at it. Games like BlackOPS, the last CoD games etc.
  6. So I went back to the prem shop to see if it was still gone & it came back. So I bought a Shiny Horse for $39.
  7. I think it's part of the random "coupons" they added to the game months ago. I had gotten slots from one & some prem time before for free.
  8. So I got one of these tonight & debated on getting a prem ship. Money is tight. So I go to the shop to see what the prices are like for me in CAD. $38 for the Scharn. Ok, think I can do that. Click purchase, click paypal. Page proceeds to tell me to pick an available payment method...... So I reload the page to try again. No more coupon. Thanks WG. So thoughtful....
  9. This is frustrating the ever living sh!t out of me.......I cannot game because of this....
  10. As I mentioned, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with video cards as I had tried two different video cards that have different architectures. So yes, clean installs for both had been done with no luck. This is also a fresh windows install.
  11. I am still racking my brain trying to find a cause/solution to this issue. It's not firewall related. It doesn't seem to be video card related as I have tried 2 different architectured video cards & both got the error. Doesn't matter what the "x" is as it could be a game or it could be a browser. Any ideas and I have been googling this for a long time. But it recently popped up again after a fresh windows install. DxDiag.txt
  12. I am waiting for a check, so sometime next month. I am in SW Ontario Canada. Current ssd is only 120GBs. I do want bigger and better. Just wasn't feasible with the current system as it's not getting the speeds it should. Psup os an EVGA Supernova 850 B2 Bronze edition. This is a new psup as of last year.
  13. "Without issue" as in being not locking up for no reason at all when it ran fine for the last 2 years.... I came here from wowp during the beta weekends using a Radeon HD 6870. Used to play wows on high that entire time til one patch last year. It would them just lock up for no reason and wg support couldn't find out why & told me to find someone smarter. I then replaced it with an HD 7950 which ran the game maxed out since the early winter last year until recently where the driver just crashes, even on low settings. It was after a fresh install of windows that it started & still, after 4 installs of the OS, cannot figure out why. Also tried various drivers with no luck. The issue I have no is I am now getting the error "application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware". It can be a game or a browser that it does it on. Guess I should list what I have now..... ASUS Rampage Formula Intel Q6600 Corsair XMS2 DDR2 Kingston HyperX ssd Radeon HD 7950 Royal King RVGA Supernova 850 psup Swiftech water cooling system
  14. Because it's new? But too costly what what I actually want. It's not just for wows. I want a gaming system that can play games like wows, Grid, BlackOPs all on very high settings without issue. I know nothing about the AMD Ryzen systems yet.
  15. Looking at the mboards alone has me overwhelmed. The LGA 2066es are blowing me away. I may just have to price out the i9s.....maybe the i7s instead... lol