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  1. You do realize that karma would increase because of your play regardless of chat right? You could have chat on, do well, be helpful etc & still get upped karma.
  2. How is this fair ?

    Since there's no skill bassed MM, people are free to play wherever they want.
  3. im getting servers down

    JUST happened as the match ended.....
  4. Brock Lesnar Vs Daniel Cormier?

    Ok gotcha.
  5. Brock Lesnar Vs Daniel Cormier?

    Curious as to why you say it's fake?
  6. Need some clarification on some shots

    No help then?
  7. Does Warships today exist anymore?

    Still just a blank white page with a single ad at the top.
  8. Does Warships today exist anymore?

    2 different browsers, both show a blank page.
  9. Well, the boring blow outs are back

    Just had another one at tiers 8, 9 and 10. I'm done. Bad enough the matches suck, but when you start seeing your shots turn mid air, it's time to give up and uninstall. Not sure how wg thinks they can retain with the stomps becoming more frequent, just like they are in wot.
  10. Does Warships today exist anymore?

    All I get is an ad now.
  11. Well, the boring blow outs are back

    They never left. But having said that, I don't remember any a year ago. Now wows is getting closer to wot battle wise. WG in relation to wot, wanted ppl to get in as many battles as possible. I think that is starting to happen here. Blow outs are not fun for either side.
  12. Situation Report - Ranked Battles

    Ranked is making me want to bash my head against the wall due to the sheer crap I have seen in ranked. 2 matches tonight where no one on my side knew how to focus. One was a stomp match.
  13. Situation Report - Ranked Battles

    There was zero reasons for him to NOT cap as there was only 1 red ship there. He just simply didn't want to bother. And because of his defiance, we only ever got one cap while red held 2.
  14. Seeing so many ranked complaints again

    The problem is, why enter competitive mode if you're not competitive & have no intention of being competitive? That falls under unsportsmanship.