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  1. DeathLord1969

    Musashi + Ranked

    I've had my best match damage wise in ranked with Musashi, 269,134 in total damage.
  2. DeathLord1969

    The problem with ranked

    Right, you can't gain by simply saving a star.
  3. DeathLord1969

    Ok, my turn to rant a bit...

    Even though I have a few prem dds, I am not a dd guy by any means & would never jump in at tier 9 either.
  4. That's really weird as I know whenever steam has an update, people had to rename that file & it returned it to it's normal state every time. Might have to do a clean install.
  5. Just rename the file again or run, if it exists, steam's integrity check.
  6. DeathLord1969

    Ok, my turn to rant a bit...

    I never expect to win ever time. I know better than that. I do expect decent matches, not wot style matches. I'm stuck at 10. I don't blame the weekend. That to me is a cop out. And for the record, I never said I did well in every match, did good in some, not so good in others. It happens.
  7. DeathLord1969

    Ok, my turn to rant a bit...

    I understand that, but I started off with decent matches. Then it went south. But it was never like this last weekend or during sprint. All seasons of sprint, no matches lasted less than 9mins.
  8. To start, I typically only get to play weekends due to the crappy shift I work. I only currently play ranked. Tonight, started off with a loss, but saved a star in JB. So switched to Musashi. Won 2 with one match being my best ever at 204134 damage, 2 kills & 4 cits. Then the [edited] started. 3 matches that ended in less than 9 minutes each. All on my side due to my dds dying fast & early. 2 of those matches were full stomps with no red deaths with one at 2 red losses. I've not seen this in ranked with this many FAST, wot style matches let alone this many stomps in such a short time. Only been playing a few hours. In all 3 matches, my dds died first. In all matches, the team splits up. Last match, our Iowa is screaming for assistance almost right from the start. Ok rant over....
  9. DeathLord1969

    are all moderators mean? how do i report them?

    You have no such right in a privately owned/run forum. Never have, never will.
  10. Wows playerbase is way too small for that. Wot's wasn't at the time it was implemented there.
  11. DeathLord1969


    So I rebought the FDG & set it up for secondary spec, but cannot use ifhe, says "this skill inefficient with the ship's configuration". I'm using my 19 point Bismarck captain that had ifhe. Even after redistribution, it still has that skill crossed out when nothing has been selected. Nevermind, never knew I could still select said skill.
  12. DeathLord1969

    Update 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    When I logged in, it told me 3 CVs were researched, yet I didn't have any to start & the ones it said were researched aren't in the tech tree either?
  13. DeathLord1969

    Unauthorized Account Transactions

    I find it funny you refuse to mention what pay vendor you used. That alone is important info as not everyone in the wows community uses the same thing.
  14. DeathLord1969

    Unauthorized Account Transactions

    And just what/who was this pay vendor you used? Do you not think that would be pertinent information for the playerbase?
  15. Playerbase is too small to allow us to opt out of anything, even maps.