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  1. Inspection tonight and I messed up my parade boots... brown polish on black boots? yessss!!

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    2. _Lady_


      I actually don't terribly mind it!

    3. Wolvenstorm


      I won't say I hate having to polish mine, but I don't look forward to doing it either, lol. Probably wouldn't be so bad if I didn't wait till I needed them to do some polishing though. I sometimes wish I had the older boots that from what I have been told were easier to get shined than the newer boots I got issued on basic.

    4. _Lady_


      It is easier if they are polished every so often, that way the wax doesn't dry out too much. I prefer the older style of boots personally but I know many people that like the newer ones. Once there's a good shine though there isn't much difference.