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  1. Slightly less, but that 95% due to no Alaska yet and 5% to CV rework.
  2. If I had the space, I'd pick up the Trumpeter 1/350 USS Alaska, looks like a good kit...
  3. JTninja

    Discussion of +1/-1MM

    Why not offer a separate mode for +1/-1 matchmaking? Instead of selecting "Random", select "Quick Random" (+2/-2) and Random (+1/-1)
  4. Or 21, same thing. Got back to 1 million fxp, balls in your court WG. If they were going to announce this for 8.0, should it have been done by now?
  5. Yes, its worth the coal. While its easy to confuse her as a long range sniper, she really shines in the medium range at 14-18km that helps with her occasional shotgun effect. One of the voting options should be to use the search function on the forums instead...
  6. JTninja

    The hardest two ship grind?

    Grinding from the Pensacola to NO was easy for me. When she was at T7, Pepsi was very challenging to play, but very rewarding when done right. Kiting at 12+km was key, and printing citadel ribbons was easy. Got my first Krackens with her. Roon's a bit hard for me, but Im struggling to adapt to her playstyle. Algerie isn't clicking either.
  7. Congrats! Thats a great score I got 50x restless fire camos today....just like last time
  8. JTninja

    WOWS should be sued for POS Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    I saw someone get a kracken today in one, so its not useless. Maybe its just you?
  9. JTninja

    PSA: T6-T9 Perma Camo's On Sale

    Thanks for the info
  10. JTninja

    Farragut or Monaghan

    No need to get the Monaghan right now, im sure she'll be on sale in the future. In the mean time, the Farragut will do fine for you, and will help you work on the rest of the USN DD's, which have excellent high tier ships. Most people tend to feel "meh" about most T9 ships, mainly because they face their T10 sister ships. The USS Fletcher is the exception. She's worth all previous struggles.
  11. Im at 16mil, im okay with those flags haha
  12. JTninja

    Is Iowa a straight upgrade from North Carolina?

    She's a lot slower to turn. I like the NC, shes a great ship and can decently dodge a wave of torps if you plan for it. Iowa takes a lot longer to make the turn because of how massive she is. She gets the great guns, great AA, great healthpool, but it comes at the cost of the size of the ship and her ability to turn.
  13. JTninja

    Is Buffalo Good?

    Its a good ship, and does very well when played correctly. Standard CA rules apply, play near larger targets, don't be the lead ship, AP on broadsides, HE on angles. USN 203s are good shells, the only downside is the reload and the flight time. She's ok at Kiting if needed. She doesn't do anything great (expect when landing those APs on a broadside CA), but shes not horrible and anything either.
  14. JTninja

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    5 Mega 30x Scylla Flags 20x New Year Streamer 20x New Year Streamer 30x Ouroboros Flags T6 Monaghan Meh. Im just glad I didn't get the Krasny Krym (seemed like an auto win for most people)