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  1. JTninja

    Why all the Hipper/Eugen hate?

    I found them to be very successful while playing near full range. Work with others and spam HE at BBs, kite incoming shells. The ship can be quite agile, and can quickly infuriate enemy ships. Every wasted shot on you with one not shooting a good or stupid teammate. If working with a DD, it can help with CAPs if theres cover and Hydro enabled. The ship doesn't have great DPM, HE is meh, and AP is incredible under 13k. Survivability can be good depend on the range and opposition, but dont get caught out under 3/4 power. The ship is especially good late in the match if you still have a decent amount of health. Hipper was my favorite ship in the German CA line, and the primary reason I chose the line for reset.
  2. JTninja

    ST 0.10.3, new ships

    I dont think we'll get one for a while. WG will keep that in their back pocket until they run out of paper ship ideas and premium ship sales start to slow. Then we'll finally get a late war WeeVee...
  3. JTninja

    Supercontainers aren't all bad

    Nice! My SC 2 days ago was only 7 days of premium. :)
  4. JTninja

    American Cruisers?

    The range is fine. You have a great rudder and kite, while firing 203s every 5.5 seconds...the ship is great. If you care about range, play her like this
  5. JTninja

    previous dockyard ships

    Anchorage would be great with a small reload buff WG will do whatever they want, despite whatever they've said in the past. We've seen steel ships become coal ships. We've seen them sell T9 and a T10 ship, even some that were coal or fxp ships.
  6. I would have PM'd him after the match. Something about an aching back because you carried his [edited]in that so called terrible ship.
  7. JTninja

    Rumors on any new coal ships coming out?

    Holy cow, well done!
  8. JTninja

    Winners — Deck Poets Society

    The Grey Ghost She was the most decorated ship of the war Ever holding the line on the front America's flattop, always ready to fight When the Japanese struck, she took the brunt Laid down in 34, launched next to her sister Purpose built carriers installed with the latest tech So alike these two ships were They had to paint her initials on the deck She was away from Pearl when the rising sun attacked The main targets were out at sea So the battleships were hit, the Arizona gone The rest of the fleet were floating in Debris Revenge would be had, vowed the Enterprises crew In the Battle of Midway the tide was turning The three Yorktown carriers finally met the enemy Four Japanese carriers hit, sinking and burning Next in the Solomons the Marines took the offensive The engagement was brutal, at the cost of many a man With the Hornet lost, she was the only carrier left Written on her island, "Enterprise vs Japan" When replacements finally came she was sent home Repaired and upgraded, more deadly than before Back into action, specializing in night operations The first night attack by radar for a carrier in the war As the front line moved closer and closer to Japan Enterprise was in the thick of it, displaying her great powers Over Iwo Jima, her constant presence was known Her aircraft continuously aloft for 172 hours While supporting off Okinawa, she was badly hit A Kamikaze plane finally managed to break through Her forward elevator was directly hit Blasting up, 400 feet up it flew By the end of the war, no ship was more decorated The enemy had claimed on 3 occasions she had been sunk But The Grey Ghost was unbeatable, and would always return To prove of Americas valor, the foes story bunk Never was there a ship so famous, proud, or strong A force to be reckoned with, she could not fall Attacking 35 ships, with 185 planes shot down Awarded 20 battle stars, she was the greatest of them all How can one not love this amazing ship? Though the CV-6 USS Enterprise is gone A Starship and a Space Shuttle were named in honor With loving memory, her legacy lives on
  9. Seems like it. You know what this means? Subs coming 0.11.0
  10. JTninja

    WG can you buff Pensacola.

    Remember when her detection was really bad at 15.7km? You'd get spotted before a Kongo!
  11. JTninja

    WG can you buff Pensacola.

    Pensacola is a difficult ship because of its well known weaknesses. However, it has very large potential to do very well. The ship does not need a buff, it just needs to be played right. That said, the T7 Pensacola was my favorite ship in the game. She was even weaker then, though better at kiting.
  12. Same here, 55k base xp wasn't a problem, still had a few BB games after to finish
  13. JTninja

    California vs Gneisenau

    California is a bit underrated. It certainly has a lot of flaws, but it can be a strong ship
  14. JTninja

    Hizen and the yahagi

    Omaha is a good ship when played correctly and not uptiered Yahagi is a decent ship when played properly. When played poorly, it'll fall just like the Pensacola
  15. JTninja

    Smaland or wait

    Same boat as you, not a great DD player (im "meh" at best in a fletcher). Not sure if there's anything good on the horizon to replace it though...