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  1. Console versions of WoWS

    Now don't get me wrong here, I am very aware of the time, making, controls, coding, blah blah blah of it all. I am fully aware of the issues of the controls and time even amount of people to make and do so for it. Be aware though if they made it for the literal mobile phone instead of going to console then their is a high chance of it. Yeah I know about the connecting the controller to the computer and if your smart enough to try and figure how to do it all your good but know that their is people who prefer Xbox more, PS, even apparently mobile for these games. Take example for WoT, I hate the PC version of it now because of a lot of issues in it but I still love the Xbox version of it. I barely do PC WoWS because using keyboard and mouse a lot will get annoying for me especially if ya don't got the correct position and everything. Blah blah about the "moving to this and that spot " or even I know a few will try to say "connect it to the tv as a monitor " or something. Let it be know that people have their preferences. Either it be console, PC, or mainly phone we still like what we like. If you still try to argue this and that about literally nearly everything I said and think your preference is better then go bug someone else. This I believe it should be on console very soon especially if it's on mobile. That's just "come on wargaming" moment. If mobile can be done so can console and because of this I would right then and there argue to y'all who argue about console controllers and such about the mobile controls even though it's probably simple to mobile users already. Another example is your a PC gamer and PC controls are already easy for ya but yet some just prefer controller and a console to go on instead of PC because of many reasons I should not need to explain because again, we all have our preferences. That is all I have to say about this. I am aware some will try to argue with this anyhow and probably try to mention "console is stupid anyway" then the back and fourth or blah blah blah when y'all just need to least try to do what some of these companies are doing. The cross platform makes it where nobody can really argue and is just the same game on a different console. Deal with it, play it, have your kind of fun in the game and maybe actually help people want more spread of the game for any platform so they can enjoy the game like you can. Maybe even show support to the company and other kinds of platforms so people would not only enjoy the community more but might try to do multiple platforms just to play with the possible new friends they gained. Probably even would surprise you you would enjoy the console much as ya to PC, if not then least ya tired instead of saying "it's stupid" or "controls are gonna be bad anyway" stuff like so. That concludes of what I got to least try and tell about the console and so on about everything else. If ya still wanna argue about it then that's probably to bad. I posted it, it's out there more, and just sad day idc. I want it on console because to me it'd be fun and my preference, plus I'd be on it more then PC.