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  1. soko99

    Anti Sub People

    I think people are sick and tired of mechanics that are broken being introduced and the playerbase having to be the beta testers with the majority of their complaints ignored over and over again
  2. I see 4 of each class.. perfectly balanced..
  3. Anyone else thinks this may be a purposeful distraction to ensure people forget the CV debacle going on?
  4. soko99

    GameCenter update

    Why does game center insist on updating the PT before the actual game client? It's rather annoying to constantly have to manually change the order. You'd think the game would automatically pick the game server over the test server!!
  5. soko99

    But...DDs can't fight aircrafts!

    So your solution is to only play 1 ship because CVs are around almost every game. Great solution!!
  6. soko99

    Summary of Sub_Octavian's Q&A

    Or realize how easy CVs are to play and not bother with the other ships. Would love to see the results of that "TEST".
  7. soko99

    Fun and Engaging

    I did use it on the second strike as I did not expect him to hit the DD and come back and did not want to iust waste it on a single attack. The replay also does not show the sector being reinforced.
  8. soko99

    Fun and Engaging

    You could not be more wrong.. He sacrificed barely any DBs to kill a very valuable target in the game. Here's the replays.. Sorry for the quality.. turns out youtube also [edited] around with the settings ARGH.. The second clip you can see how much that 1 drop deleted from the health of the DD and if it wasn't for us winning on time, that 2nd drop would have finished it.
  9. soko99

    Fun and Engaging

    Uploading the replay to youtube. He came in with a pre-dropped squad.. First drop 10k second drop only 1-2 hit, but the DDs misplay was using his DC after the first drop and burning down. Now, of course I stand corrected.. The same CV later on in the game also dropped an Harekaze with the same 10k drop per single strike, so clearly he knows how to use his bombers, but still. Ps. Anyone know of a good way to compress the 3gig files for youtube's use without losing quality?
  10. soko99

    Fun and Engaging

    Just watched an Al Yukikaze get nuked by a midway 2 mins into the game through 5 ships worth of AA, not like the DD didn't have a DM, a Seattle, a Missouri and a republique as AA cover for support.. but of course. it made zero difference.. Good job on that balance there WG..
  11. Anyone else thinks the RNG of the missions is rather crappy for the access to the BBs? I know the last few have been like that but it is super annoying to be at such mercy of RNG.
  12. soko99

    Fix the "Near smoke" penalty

    I understand the mechanic.. I just think it's dumb that a ship sitting INSIDE smoke would benefit from the gunbloom of a ship sitting OUTSIDE the smoke and hence be able to see it. If you can't see outside the smoke normally, why should you be all the sudden able to see the other ship just because it's close to your smoke. I understand the mechanic was there to stop DDs from smoking up infront of the BBs and hence the BBs could fire with impunity without being seen. However, there should be a check in the logic where if the ship is also inside the smoke it should not be able to see OUTSIDE if there are no other ships detecting the target. Kind of like how airplanes work right now. If nobody sees the airplane, it can make as many attack runs on the ship sitting in the smoke it won't be visible.
  13. soko99

    Fix the "Near smoke" penalty

    But that supposed to apply for ships INSIDE the smoke, not OUTSIDE the smoke.
  14. soko99

    Fix the "Near smoke" penalty

    So you see nothing wrong with the DD smoking up after I shot and still being able to see the ship while the ship can't see the DD because it's covered by smoke? His torps were launched way before he smoked up so like I said, the outcome would not have been different. The point being made is that I should have gone undetected when he smoked up the same way he was undetected for me because of his smoke.. this magical 1 way smoke is just plain dumb.
  15. soko99

    Fix the "Near smoke" penalty

    I have no clue what you are trying to say man..