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  1. soko99

    "Legendary Upgrade" for the Shimakaze

    My torp tubes get knocked out constantly wasting reload time.. Not destroyed often that's true..
  2. soko99

    Why You May Not Be Doing Good In Ranked

    I take it you like being the guy that screws everyone in the games over.. So much for team play.. Yet when we call people like you out in the game, we get chat banned.
  3. soko99

    DD reimbursement

    Nerfing the floods are BOUND to make your torp boats better.
  4. soko99

    DD population in Randoms?

    umm.. your flooding lasts 50s less... so yeah.. it's a big thing.
  5. soko99

    DD population in Randoms?

    more BBs.. like most other changes..
  6. soko99

    DD population in Randoms?

    nope.. cause you get the ping that radar is active and the minimap location so you can start aiming before it becomes visible.
  7. soko99

    DD population in Randoms?

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Update_0.7.10 Matchmaker In response to numerous requests from players, the forthcoming Update will introduce a "soft" limit on the number of destroyers in Random Battles to a maximum of four per team. The rule will be triggered if matchmaking for a battle takes less than three minutes for the first player in the queue for that battle. If the timer passes that point, the "old" matchmaking rules will apply. I stand corrected.. it was a SOFT cap.. not a hard cap.
  8. soko99

    DD population in Randoms?

    I call [edited].. considering there is a hard cap of 4 DDs per side..
  9. soko99

    Ranked needs better MM

    Measure of skill.. Not which side had a better MM roll.. I mean 2 missiouris, 1 krons and 3 DDs. Tell me how you will outplay that with ZERO radar on your side? (the DDs were the same IIRC kitaz/fletch) Given EQUALLY well playing players.. Because yeah. a super unicum team can [edited] that up big time.
  10. You are misunderstanding.. the 1% is ONLY if you hit 2 separate compartments.. and even then the duration is more than halved.. Without taking flags into consideration. 1 torp hit (old style) 60% HP vs 2 torp hits (new style) 40% damage. That means ONLY broadside targets.. with the bow tanking that is happening you will be doing 1 torp hits with a flood for 20% damage.. that's a 3rd of the old system.
  11. Because floods will still be an insta DCP due to the speed reduction. But now.. even 2 torp hits of floods will do 20% less damage than a single one did. That is if you are even lucky enough to be able to hit 2 separate zones on the target.
  12. WG you know how unfair the radar inbalance is in the game ESPECIALLY in your ranked games. So when you stick 3 on 1 team and NONE on the other.. Gee.. wonder which side will win..
  13. soko99

    About the CV rework

    I tried low tier CV.. so ranger.. and wow.. t5-t6 ships and the planes are garbage.. Here's my end of round.. 2 torp hits to do <5k damage? it's ridiculous. Even if I could bomb the ships non-stop and not lose planes.. that's still 53000 HP I am supposed to take out 3k at a time?? What on earth were the devs smoking??? I am not at all surprised they're going after DDs, at 2k damage to a DD with rockets VS 3k to a BB.. the DD is way better a target.
  14. soko99

    About the CV rework

    Except the khab is a cruiser labeled a DD. try that with no heal, no AA and guns thst reach 12km. Oh. And how is it every game post radar still has 2-4 radar ships? That sure died down eh??
  15. soko99

    About the CV rework

    So your strong AA dd is fairing well. what a surprise. how did your aa do before rework??