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  1. Personator

    RN BB skill suggestions?

    Uh... Lyon is a French battleship - MN BBs aren't the same as RN BBs. So if you're trying to build the same way as you did with your MN BB cpt, you're going to struggle.
  2. The prohibition sign over the IFHE skill does not prevent you from taking the skill - it's just an indicator that it's not wise / highly recommended to take. In which case it's correct for DM and Zao - why on earth would you want to?
  3. Personator

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    Getting put on the better or worse team is just a matter of RNG. Even I can't help it. I just go play other games if i feel my luck with teams is bad. Don't burn yourself out by keeping on playing through the bad MM RNG.
  4. Personator

    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    And eggs. What blasphemous being doesn't have bacon with eggs? Staying on-topic, that means Minotaur should have her torps removed too right? After all it's a "High DPM" ship.
  5. Personator

    Hatsuharu - Is she a worse Fubuki?

    So far, I've found it funny that most who replied here seem to prefer Hatsuharu over Fubuki yet the poll shows that majority who voted prefer Fubuki over Hatsuharu (including myself).
  6. Hatsuharu: the Tier VI IJN destroyer in the IJN "gunboat" line. Featuring: 11,700 base HP Six (2x3) 610mm torpedoes with a range of 10km base at 59 kts and alpha of 16,200 HP Four (2x2) 127mm guns with a reload time of 7.5s, range of 10.8km, and initial shell velocity of 915m/s 36.5kt base maximum speed, 2.3s base rudder shift time, and 580m turning radius Base 6.66km surface detection and 3.51km air detection She seems rather inferior to her Tier VI "torpedo boat" counterpart Fubuki, which features: 12,900 base HP 9 (3x3) 610mm torpedoes with a range of 10km base at 59 kts and alpha of 16,200 HP Four (2x2) 127mm guns with a reload time of 8s, range of 11.5km, and initial shell velocity of 915m/s 35kt base maximum speed, 2.5s base rudder shift time, and 640m turning radius Base 7.02km surface detection and 3.78km air detection Similar maneuverability, main batteries, and torpedo aspects between the two. However, there is a major difference in the torpedo armament between the two, in that Fubuki has one more triple tube set. Notice that both have the same reload (for each triple), range, speed, and damage potential . But what also sets them apart is their concealment - Hatsuharu has better base surface detection by 0.36km, which is somewhat significant. But what about the difference when factoring in Concealment Expert and camouflage? It's actually still very much the same - 6.13km full concealment for Fubuki vs 5.81km full concealment for Hatsuharu - 0.314km difference. But what's the point of concealment for these ships at this Tier? Concealment allows destroyers to get as close to their enemy targets as possible without being detected before firing their torpedoes at said target. This also allows them to spot other enemy destroyers provided they have better concealment than their foe and can keep their distance from said enemy destroyer to spot them undetected. E.g. enemy Fubuki doesn't have concealment (7km detection) but Hatsuharu does (5.8km detection), and Hatsuharu stays between 5.8km and 7km from Fubuki. Now what is the time it takes for these torpedoes to reach a target at 10km? Well, it turns out to be 68.2s. What does that mean? Well it means that 59 kts roughly translates to 0.1466km/s. If you go use the google conversion calculator, it'll tell you 59kts = 30.35 m/s (or 0.03035km/s) - this is the wrong number to use for the game. This is due to the compression of the game (see forum thread here, also technically the calculation in the link would yield 0.1587km/s for 59 kts). Now let's translate that to ideal ranges that Hatsuharu and Fubuki will fire their torpedoes at with full concealment (for simplicities' sake we'll just do +0.3km from their detection). A target 6.43km from Fubuki will require approximately 43.86 seconds for the torpedoes to reach. A target 6.11km from Hatsuharu will require approximately 41.68 seconds for the torpedoes to reach. The difference in time for the torpedoes is negligible. Now what about the torpedo area coverage? The distance between the center of my ship and GK is about 0.3km from her stern. Using that approximation, we can conclude that GK is approximately 0.6km-0.7km in length. Now with aiming the torpedoes. At 10km, the thin spread width barely covers the entirety of GK. Additionally, using the same approximation based on my position to the GK, this means that the coverage of a triple tube at 10km is approximately 700m. Giving each tube set the same distance between their torpedoes and assuming ideal firing coverage (approximately 0.35km left-center and center-right), this adds up to an approximation of 1.75km coverage at 10km for Hatsuharu. How did I get this number? Taking 6 torpedoes, there would be 5 gaps total (# of torpedoes - 1 = # of gaps). 0.35km x 5 gaps = 1.75km. Applying this to Fubuki's 9 torpedoes, she has a far better area coverage of approximately 2.8km, 1.05km larger coverage than Hatsuharu. This also means that Fubuki has a higher chance of hitting her target, should the target vary in speed based on rudder shift or speed change. So, just by having one more triple, Fubuki should have a higher average damage (on server average) right? Wrong. - NA - EU - ASIA - RU Across all servers, the average damage and win rate for Hatsuharu is higher than Fubuki. (Although one could say that the sample size difference is quite large and this comparison is inane.) Thus so far, it seems that they either are on equal footing or Fubuki might need a buff. Although I'd like to incline that Hatsuharu would need it more based on her lower potential "damage per minute" than Fubuki. Thoughts?
  7. Personator

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    Des Moines is a much more punishing ship to play than Worcester simply due to her relatively high citadel and relatively thin armor compared to most other Tier X cruisers - she can't bow-tank like Moskva, she can't get away with going broadside like Zao's troll armor, she can't speed-tank like Henri, and she can't just run around in the open until she finds a destroyer to kill like Minotaur. She also doesn't have access to Defensive AA Fire and Hydroacoustic Search simultaneously - she must choose one or the other. Furthermore, she doesn't have the best stealth - she has the fourth best concealment of all Tier X cruisers at 10.6km. And on top of all this, she has extremely floaty shell arcs for 203mm shells, although they are the USN SHS shells (I'll get into the pros later). However, her best traits are her rate of fire (best out of all heavy cruisers), best short-range penetration (including normalization, she pens at really odd angles much better than all the other CAs), and great anti-air defense (second only to Worcester). This means that at 12km and under, theoretically, she can easily out damage other cruisers (provided the player is utilising all 9 guns). Worcester, on the other hand, has a low citadel, extremely thin armor (much like Des Moines), the best anti-air defense of any ship, great rate of fire (4.6 second reload per turret), great turret traverse, great concealment on par with Zao (0.2km less than Zao), and has access to Defensive Fire and Hydroacoustic Search simultaneously. Most of the time you will be able to get away with going broadside to battleships unlike Minotaur or Des Moines simply due to how low the citadel is (only at close ranges). Ships with high shell velocity will have a higher chance of overpenetrating your citadel the closer they get to you, meaning that you can technically and theoretically "tank" by going broadside. Although doing this requires a certain degree of experience and understanding of game mechanics. You can also just let out a constant stream of fire at a higher range than Des Moines, and combined with your shell caliber, this means you can easily hit enemy ships hiding behind islands much better than Des Moines simply due to the shell arc. It also works on straight-lining, slow enemy battleships such as Yamato. Overall, Worcester is far more noob-friendly than Des Moines.
  8. Lemme start off by pointing out a thing in this post that is very wrong Black vs Yuugumo F3 Torpedoes Black Yuugumo 96 second reload 104 second reload 2x5 Torpedoes 2x4 Torpedoes 13.7km range 8km range 21,600 alpha 21,333 alpha 43 kts - 0.9km concealment 76 kts - 1.8km concealment DCP Smoke Engine Boost OR Defensive Fire OR Radar DCP Smoke OR Torpedo Reload Booster Engine Boost Now the thing is, Yuugumo doesn't have to use the F3 torpedoes - she has access to the mod. 2 stock torpedoes with slower reload and worse alpha but more range and slightly better concealment AND the mod. 3 torpedoes past the F3 which have again worse reload but better alpha, range, and slightly better concealment. Now here's the better part - why do you think Black's torpedoes are broken? Simply because Really? You're reacting at the moment that they're spotted to turn? That's a huge case of EBCAK. Anyone, even a battleship, can easily dodge those torpedoes just by turning the slightest bit. Why? Because they're only 43 kts. (48 if you have Torpedo Acceleration but that doesn't matter much either). Now with the IJN torpedoes, if they turn slightly, you'll still hit 1 or two torpedoes. Plus on top of Yuugumo's torpedoes, she has access to TRB consumable. Oh boy what does that mean? Doesn't mean much when she can pump out twice the number of torpedoes she already has right? So i guess being able to dump 16 fast, hard-hitting torpedoes is less OP than being able to dump 10 super slow and stealthy torpedoes
  9. Personator

    Strategies for japanese destroyers?

    1 - Don't listen to allied teammates that tell you to go into caps while they aren't milling around it ready to defend you. There will be such players that tell you to capture the point but are in no position to defend you from the enemy - never listen to them. Make sure there's some people around to help you before you attempt to cap. If there's no allies or enemies around, feel free to take it then. 2 - Radar is supposed to counter your smoke. Just learn which ships have radar, learn their radar ranges, and generally keep outside of their radar range. But don't always stay outside of their radar range - if you know that they just used it, then most likely it's safe to approach them because it's on cooldown - Radar has a cooldown too. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Surveillance_Radar
  10. Personator


    Like I said, you can fling AP instead of HE. Also, fire damage is 100% healable, where as AP pens and overpens are only 50% healable. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Repair_Party
  11. Personator


    Generally for new players on Cleveland, the minimum skills needed to play comfortably are Priority Target Adrenaline Rush SuperIntendent Inertia Fuze for HE Shells Concealment Expert Lacking either IFHE or CE will be a rough day for you, but generally you want to get CE first because of that nice detection range coupled with your radar range. Additionally, if you don't have IFHE yet, you can get by with spamming AP at BBs instead of HE if you feel like you're not doing much with HE because of American normalization angles. As what @AJTP89 said, Smart players on the enemy team will know to focus you down as you're a threat to their destroyers. Furthermore, your lack of range and shell velocity makes it extremely difficult for you to hit anything at range. You will lose any engagement against a cruiser with better shell velocity (provided you're not kiting). In addition to your terrible shell velocity, you don't have the greatest armor - i.e. most BBs with 406mm and up can and will overmatch your armor, rendering angling almost futile - stick to hugging islands early on for protection. And as a general rule, go to where your team needs help the most with eliminating destroyers in the beginning so they can push through. Once most of the destroyers have been eliminated, feel free to go wherever you're needed in eliminating key targets. As for knowing which ship is a key target, that depends on the situation.
  12. Personator

    Perth vs. Huanghe

    If you're alone on a flank and there's BBs to shoot at, you can pop a spotter plane while in smoke to spot the BBs for you. With Huang He, you can't do that because you don't have a spotter plane. Also, it can act as a semi-hydroacoustic search since it can detect nearby torpedoes and DDs once it flies over them
  13. Personator

    Win rate

    If you don't know what you're doing wrong and don't know how to influence the game, then that's your problem and you should ask yourself how you could've done better. If you're not reviewing yourself about how you played or how you could've done better, then fine, play the game for fun at that point if you don't want to know how you could've won.
  14. Personator

    Perth vs. Huanghe

    Perth Huang He 4x2 152mm 7.5 sec reload 9% base fire chance 841 m/s initial shell velocity 12.8km base firing range 3x2 152mm 7 sec reload 12% base fire chance 950 m/s initial shell velocity 13.2km base firing range 2x4 torpedo tubes 96 sec reload 15,400 max damage 61 kt & 8km range 2x3 torpedo tubes 79 sec reload 14,400 max damage 60 kt & 8km range 32.5 kt base speed 640m turning radius 7.6 sec base rudder shift time 33 kt base speed 570m turning radius 6.7 sec base rudder shift time 10.08km base concealment 9.54km base concealment 27,100 base HP 24,100 base HP Super acceleration No super acceleration DCP Hydro Smoke Spotter Aircraft OR Catapult Fighter DCP Hydro OR Torpedo Reload Booster Smoke Can self-spot enemy ships Cannot self-spot enemy ships Access to spotter = more gun range Does not have access to spotter My thoughts? Perth is better by far simply because of her versatility and available tools at her disposal
  15. I really, really would like to know the developers' actual opinion of the rework. I'll be dissecting the screenshots below. As it states here, you guys are happy to push out the new aircraft carrier gameplay because it's ready. Now, as for technicality, I'll be dancing around it quite a bit. If you are happy that the new gameplay is ready, why don't you guys try it out on the upcoming Ranked Battles? In all honesty, this shows a lack of confidence in the balance department regarding the new ships themselves, but a sense confidence in letting the players test the new gameplay. Furthermore, this is to test out Ranked Battles with the Arms Race mode. But the underlying problem with implementing both of these things at the same time is not knocking out two birds with one stone - what am I getting at? Why aren't the developers letting CVs into the new Ranked? Might as well get to seeing how they fare in the new Ranked Arms Race and getting data as well. I'd like to stress out that a fair amount of players are dissatisfied with the upcoming rework, myself included. Sure, there's also a fair amount of players that are also dissatisfied with the current state of the CV class. But the further isolation of the class after the rework by excluding them from Ranked might as well point out to many current CV players that you guys just simply don't like / know what to do with the class as a whole. My actual point? I think it's a complete waste of resources devoting so much to changing a core part of the gameplay and then simply not go about gathering as much data as possible on it, as well as incidentally driving away some players by not including CVs in the upcoming Ranked. Again, from my perspective, it shows a complete lack of confidence with Wargaming's confidence in handling the whole class. There's probably many more things going on in the background at the developers' studio with handling the class, but this is a really sad state to see how the class is being handled (as well as bad marketing). (Then again, since I'm not a game developer, who am I to criticize? And totally not drawing from experiences with other games.)