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  1. Difficulty setting for AI sets how well they aim - highest difficulty makes them pinpoint accurate to the point that it's virtually impossible to "throw their aim off". Lower settings makes them aim... funny - you'll see them shoot off to the side of your ship, too far in front, or too far behind. I'm not sure if their pathing algorithm changes with their difficulty setting.
  2. Personator


    It's by far better than Yorck for its tier, and far better than Emerald. If you want the worst ship in the game, go play Emerald. I can guarantee you that
  3. Personator

    Penatlies for Team Damage

    If you're using short range torpedoes and you hit a friendly, that's generally on you, not your teammate. Don't go blaming others for your mistakes.
  4. Personator

    Russian battle ship suggestion

    I'm sorry, Trabant = Russian? Since when did this happen?
  5. Personator

    What's up with Kronshtadt dispersion?

    Kronstadt's dispersion been this way since it was released - it has the same dispersion formula as Graf Spee's. Unless you've played Graf Spee or Scharnhorst, the dispersion should be similar - not that great that is.
  6. Personator

    Conqueror 457mm proposal

    I like how you rant on about him focusing in average damage and not looking at the WR for the ships themselves, with the top 5% clearly showing conqueror having nearly on par win rate with Republique. Totally in the middle of the pack there
  7. Personator

    Conqueror 457mm proposal

    Biggest mistake here I see is using the inaccurate rating system for the guns and ships. Just go ahead and use the 457s to see if they fit you or not before suggesting buffing anything. Also, buffing the 457s is a buff to the ship; why are you vehemently denying that logic?
  8. Personator

    Is Stalingrad the most Overpowered ship?

    You're only halfway there with your analysis, but there are a few more key things you left out What constitutes "high" and "low" PR for you in your analysis? You said highest and lowest in the ship, but overall it's a fluctuating metric. At least clear this up Did you consider solo vs div stats for each of the players in question? Did you consider what ships they specialize in? Which class is their favorite and how it could influence their playstyle and thus WR in Stalingrad?
  9. I feel old from the fact that this thread managed to get to 32 pages long
  10. Personator

    I want your opinion on a Shop Name: A Poll

    Suggest a change to 3rd option 'Admiralty'. Doesn't sound anywhere close to the other 2 nor is even related to weapons, but more so to people.
  11. Personator

    "Legendary Upgrade" for the Shimakaze

    The English is correct - if you cut the speed of anything by 80%, that's an increase in time required, not reduction. You're thinking about the traverse speed time, which confused you. 6s is the base time, not the speed.
  12. Personator

    Vigilance on BB captains

    Practically useless for me. I just guess most of the time where the torps will come from and mainly rely on others to spot the torps before they get close. Basically, none of my captains have it.
  13. Personator

    RN BB skill suggestions?

    Uh... Lyon is a French battleship - MN BBs aren't the same as RN BBs. So if you're trying to build the same way as you did with your MN BB cpt, you're going to struggle.
  14. The prohibition sign over the IFHE skill does not prevent you from taking the skill - it's just an indicator that it's not wise / highly recommended to take. In which case it's correct for DM and Zao - why on earth would you want to?
  15. Personator

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    Getting put on the better or worse team is just a matter of RNG. Even I can't help it. I just go play other games if i feel my luck with teams is bad. Don't burn yourself out by keeping on playing through the bad MM RNG.