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  1. Kind of hard to hide in Musashi, genuinely ill just try to do whatever it takes to win, usually that's what gives the most exp/credits anyway so it surprises me that people don't follow suit.
  2. Its a correct spelling from Britain. Warchester is actually the incorrect version, I think Jingles explains it in one of his videos. It makes sense when you consider that the English language makes no sense.
  3. The coming meta change

    Think you'll find that the only change will be on CVs, Worcestor doest do anything that any other ship already does. The main difference is that Worcestor AA divisions will just take the AA divisions to an even more extremity, which reduces CVs existence.
  4. If what I've seen of previous ones happens. It works in steps, where events that happen are tallied and shown, you'll definitely be able to see who gets First Blooded and kill scores, in somewhat detail I'm pretty sure.
  5. This is why im struggling, I cant think of anything that has not been leaked before release for the last several months. Not to mention that Musashi, as the most recent Fxp premium got her announcement on SEA well in advance. Potential FxP premium Kronshtadt has also gotten her namesake port. It just seems so hard to believe that this is being kept underwraps for something that seems to be a T9 FxP that's close to release. Something that is no small event in WoWS. Meanwhile, theres not even been a flash of lightning before the Thunderer. I guess the Conquerer Class concealment is just that good?
  6. Yeah, Its also not a premium.
  7. The HSF Camos for Musashi and Yamato give extra commander experience.
  8. A.. premium Conquerer? ummmmmmmmmmmmmm? Heres to hoping it has the 457mm loadout, id be all over that.
  9. Wait, where are these buyable 19 pointers? I could use a few of those to fill some holes in my roster.
  10. Honestly cant blame you that camo is just so nice, shame I wasn't able to get it at the time.
  11. Imho, a premium ship gives you a new ship, which will give you something entirely unique for playstyle or increases your roster of ships, while a premium camo does not. Buying premium camo would depend on whether you play a T10 so much that'd it become worthwhile to have it, or are suffering from credit loss from running that T10 that the camo would prevent.
  12. Lul, have a +1. Imma actually try this and see if it works in randoms.
  13. Took me 3000 games to realise my mistakes, then I started improving.
  14. Random battles are not competitive. Why else would you have Ranked queues and team battles clan wars.