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  1. Small counterarguement to this, if Stalingrad is available in the Arsenal for steel. She can technically be picked up outside of clan battles, by performing well in ranked battles or inside of supercontainers. --- Im sure this isn't what the person wanted in regards to this form of distribution but this is most likely WG's answer.
  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  3. Dev Blog - Balance Changes

    Sealclubbing isn't fun for the others though, which Is why its getting nerfed I think.
  4. French BB Line Changes?

    Could just be a split, we have T9/10 now. Its more likely Jean Bart is free exp, Xalsace is Coal like Salem.
  5. Bout 1.2k here. I mostly play T9/10.
  6. PSA Salem

    This the issue. Salem doest really offer this. In theory Salem should be able to play more aggressive then DM and have more staying power in fights. But her other consumables have been neutered to the point where DM actually would do this better imho.
  7. Sure when I get an option to filter out all DDs from my high tier battleship games.
  8. Archer Artoria from Fate Grand Order

    My knowledge of the fate series begins and ends with that dress. I saw it once online and thought it looked pretty, might get one if I don't get the full amount I need to upgrade my 6-7year old CPU.
  9. She isn't, but salty fanboys mean no changes happened.
  10. Sure, buff Montanas accuracy. But only when you return her citadel to punishable levels in return.
  11. The New WGC Launcher

    WGC is not new in the slightest, Its just nobody wanted to use it because its vastly inferior to the current launcher.
  12. The New WGC Launcher

    That's the beauty of the simplicity of the launchers, unlike the seething mass that is the GMC the old launchers have little to them, and thus probably have little maintenance to them.
  13. The New WGC Launcher

    I'm not interested in an improved version of the Game centre, and that's ignoring the fact that it still destroys my laptops resources on all fronts, this it has done since release and is not present when the GC is removed. Even if the game centre did not suck resources like it currently does I, and many others, would not be interested as these threads clearly show. What we want is a simple launcher, that functions purely for showing the news and the game, as this one currently does. Not something with many irrelevant functions that actually cause more hassle then not, especially with regards to the drain on system resources and loss of control of the system as the GC performs automatic updates and requires the use of task manager just to even close it. For all means promote your game centre, but please consider the amount of people that do not use it and consider exactly why they do not. I certainly do not want a launcher that does anything more then I need it to do, regardless of the perceived no inconveniences I find this a nuisance and unwanted on my system and computer. For the people who don't use the WGC, realise its because they do not want to use it. The idea along of going through the WG centre and the issues it brings is far more likely to make me not click on that game login and play and eventually continue spending money on this game. What is it likely to do is make me think of the issues, what it does to my computers resource pool, the effort involved in fixing those issues and decide to play another game or do something else that requires less effort.
  14. The New WGC Launcher

    Exactly my thoughts on this. I'll go further and say "benefits" such as automatic updates are actually negatives, I want to control when and where my downloads occur and especially hate things that run in the background and do things like this. I shouldn't have to go to additional effort to close down a program that shouldn't be open, or prevent it doing things it shouldn't of ever had the chance to.
  15. The New WGC Launcher

    So I just read this. Why are you doing this WG? The old launcher was GOOD because it was basic, it didn't use more resources then required, it didn't show things I didn't want to see. It provided easy access to the news feed, but it didn't do anything more than that. I liked that, I know I'm not alone in this and I've seen the game centre ruin computer performance on systems which is something I entirely want to want to avoid, and no that doest not mean optimization will make me like the new launcher. I don't want this launcher, anything to do with it or similar and no amount of compensation is going to change my view. Just provide an option to use the old launcher and lets be done with it.