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  1. Akeno017

    Funny little addition to the game

    Nah, I think we can keep things like that out the game.
  2. Akeno017

    WG I think your matchmaking is......

    That ones down to player over everything,
  3. I hands down quit if they remove odd tier CVs. I looked forward to the rework to have an enjoyable experience in Taihou again, but removing her??
  4. This drives me mad to no end. Alsace was one of my favourite ships before the nerfs, so much so that I instant brought her permacamo. I haven't taken her out since, and I knew as soon as I saw "T10 Alsace" that I had to have it, but now its locked behind a wall that I can never get past. So that's just gone for me but I'm not all that worried anymore, it just means I don't have to worry about grinding in a game which I have in all but name long quit, which is mostly attributed to the exact things you mentioned in your post.
  5. Akeno017

    The confused musashi

    I'm quite happy to secondary spec things like Prinz Eugen or Taihou, and have, but even Musashi imho is too far to be useful in a secondary spec. She is my only ship I have ever actually built survivability on, and I think its probably the best option. Musashi is all about her 460mm 18.1" guns, and survivability just keeps her, and her guns impact in the game for longer.
  6. Akeno017

    Raising the Dead, Discontinued Ships

    I was going to comment yes as long as they wernt removed for being too powerful..
  7. Akeno017

    What Actually Is The Rasputin Battleship

    Why did you quote me on a post from a year ago..?
  8. Akeno017

    Wargaming please give us Mutsu 1943

    The issue with the Ashitaka/Mutsu debate is that the pure reason WG released them was because they could easily reuse the assets. Very little if any resources were devoted to them no doubt.
  9. Akeno017

    Mouse's Premium Ship Proposal #1 - Prince of Wales

    I really like the idea of reintroducing that Duke of York concept back into the game. But I like the idea of Prince of Wales having a smoke consumable ala Denmark Straight shenanigans more, so its a no from me.
  10. I feel that this is to take away from this situation now, a little battle banter is fine but sometimes people go too far.
  11. Akeno017


    She's tankier then Yamato, on part of less vulnerable superstructure and 100 more hp.
  12. Akeno017


    ???? GK is still by far the best secondary ship in the game, simply due to having 1/4 pen on her guns. Republique secondaries don't have the chance to do sort of direct damage like GKs can.
  13. Arizona has a higher sigma value over new mexico.
  14. Akeno017

    Forum Game - Word Association

    US CV Loadouts.
  15. Akeno017


    My vote would be the original No-Alabama post. My own downvotes are very easy to note as being when I post changes/suggestions that people don't like and the opposite side downvotes me. IE BB Citadels.