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  1. Hes not the only one, I don't see why WG has been making missions and campaigns increasingly difficulty lately.
  2. Why are you even bothering with poking holes into my statement in the first place? Ill admit its not the clearest of things, but its sarcastic and never meant as the absolute truth you try to make it out to be in order to prove it wrong.
  3. The thread you linked showed that just under 200 people had been punished for "hacking" or "cheating". The average NA population online is ~15000, 10% of that is 150., about right on mark.
  4. 90% of accusations in WoWS random battles do not come under this.
  5. FD Richelieu missing color streamers?

    I hadn't seen this image before, maybe its for Alsass or one of the others BBs? You can tell from the Bowsprits and positions of the streamers that its a separate camoflague though, theres none of the gold decoration on this one that there is on the other.
  6. Richaloo vs dunkerque thing.

    She bowtanks perfectly fine, its about knowing what can and cannot overmatch you.
  7. FD Richelieu missing color streamers?

    Streamers is Gascogne camo.
  8. Theres technically 4, Black, Fletcher, Chung Mu and Kidd 171 to go WG!
  9. Despite the fact that theres another equally loud crowd demanding that gimmicks/consumables ruin premiums and should be avoided wherever possible? Octavian even said himself that WG struggles because of the 2 crowds and differing views.
  10. Gross, no. The game is already full of AA heavy ships, so lets just not.
  11. I thought WG would have learnt by now that forcing players to land obscene amount of torp hits for the game is absolute infuriating and completely retarded from doing Duke of York. But apparently they haven't, and I increasingly feel pressured into attempting gameplay style that are toxic or unhealthy for the game, simply trying to complete this unbelievably hard missions. Why 25 ship torpedoes for a BATTLESHIP mission, when these ships have zero ships in the entire line that utilize them, it makes no sense and feels like WG is attempting to coherce this unhealthy game style of forsaking the objective and game in order to land often just 1 torpedo hit. Missions like these isolate out individuals who do not use this weapon in the slightest and continually drive those who try it to change their gameplay ultimately making the game from being enjoyable into a downright turd and I will never understand the need to gate missions like this with such specific, missions that force you to play a certain way or use a ship, why do I have to free exp to a Shimakaze just to even have a chance to do this mission without it turning into some horrible stress producing grindfest of "Do I hit a torp or completely waste yet another 20minutes doing nothing but achieving complete rage at the horrid mission" of hitting maybe 1 torp even 10 battles, while doing nothing but making me want to play something else.
  12. Re Dragon Ship offers....

    I don't remember a Dragon Inc. company sponsoring WG.
  13. Can I have a No DD MM option please? Can I have a No BB MM option please? Can I have a No Radar option please? How about, no?