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  1. Akeno017

    why is detonation a mechanic

    Wow, im glad we have a mechanic there to punish poor angling of ships. After the lowering of US bb citadels and the subsequent lack on every line after its good to know theres still something to fill that niche.
  2. Akeno017

    why is detonation a mechanic

    Its okay, FDG is such a laughing stock of a ship the player probably was happy to be free of playing the battle. That's what I say when I think of the Izumo I detonated in Taihou once and gave AFK penalties to..
  3. Akeno017

    why is detonation a mechanic

    Detonations don't bother me. It was the shell landing smackbang on the front of my alabamas bow such that it hit at the angle to not pass autocheck, meaning it got to land into my cit. This then detonated me. In a ranked match.
  4. Akeno017

    HMS Rodney free XP ship

    I'm fairly sure WG have just said blanket Nos to non-deck mounted torpedoes. Hence why none of the ships ingame have them, and probably why an added Rodney would also lack them. Of course WG also said a blunt No to submarinos and well.. that's happening
  5. Can't say I can relate on this topic. No premium time or anything fancy on the skill level and when I played I didn't struggle with affording consumables. Though something like the 4 consumable monster ships like kitakaze were somewhat painful on the PB result screen.
  6. Akeno017

    You favorite anime

    At least we got Isekai Quartet, which was confusing and somewhat hilarious, having watched the 4 quarters of it before. That's getting a second season too. Isn't a Tanya movie in the works?
  7. Akeno017

    You favorite anime

    Being a British Comic strip? No, being that anime in definition is Animation, normally of a set style, made in Japan. So unfortunately I would say not.
  8. Akeno017

    You favorite anime

    oooooh I'm very impressed, its quite rare that people have watched similar to me in that sense, or is it just coincidence? Do enjoy Mirai Nikki, probably rewatched it 2 or 3 times now, as a Yandere I of course must pay respects to the tropes queen in Yuno. Though I am afraid you lose me at Gurren Lagann, an anime I've heard of but little interest to watch, mecha not being something I particularly enjoy as a genre. Tend to watch anime which have girls that look pretty, being transgender and therefore thoroughly desiring to look or be seen like them, so I must watch, to observe, to become. Hence why im kinda bad at listing favourite animes but could easily reel off anime girls and tell you why you I like them in detail. xD
  9. Akeno017

    You favorite anime

    Wouldn't it just make sense to leave and ignore this thread then? Call me captain obvious but thought i'd ask, seeing as when I see similar things in that I dislike just walk past without a second thought.
  10. I think WG was angry we didn't like NTC ( and still don't *cough* ) and so pulled the idea, which was originally meant to "compensate" for the imbalance NTC would've caused in stats.
  11. Akeno017

    You favorite anime

    I don't really have a top 3 for animes themselves per say far easier to do with characters themselves, but ill try list some off? But Higurashi, To love ru, Net-juu susume, pre-17 Darlifra is good, Asterisk War had some good characters, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is always a good rewatch, Noragami, K-on, Kashimashi is in my heart but I cant really rewatch it, Mirai Nikki is a good one, Otome wa boku ni koishiteru and Simoun are nostalgic for me, Elfen Lied was interesting, I suppose Guilty Crown could be stuck in there, Date a Live, Log Horizon. I wouldn't really say Highschool DxD was good, despite my accounts namesake, far too much ecchi makes it difficult to really say I watched it as spent looking away in disgust.
  12. Akeno017

    Well, now WG's targeting me

    I did not quit because of a lack of ships but strong dislike of mechanics changes in the game. Therefore it is common sense that a rental ship wont alleviate this issue and make me comeback.
  13. Akeno017

    WWhat is this object?

    The first iteration of those mines was so good.. loved em.
  14. Akeno017

    better "Research Bureau" idea

    Does the NTC therefore imply a decrease of revenue from other sources enough that WG needs what will amount to a massive moneysink? Because to me that sounds like WG needs to investigate whatever caused those issues in the first place. As for the actual proposed idea in the thread. Im quite happy to regrind to a line provided I still get to play my Yamato at the end of doing a big kongou or fusou grindfest. Anything that causes me to lose a ship as such is immediately off the table for me.
  15. Akeno017

    Mouse Needs Your Help! (Data Crowdsourcing)

    ARP Kongo to all my knowledge is an identical clone to the maxed tech tree equivalent and so should work, although it'd be hilarious if they were different. At the very least, tagging it in your message as an ARP variant should be enough to solve that issue.