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  1. Lets be honest. The game was already trash, the CV unwork just tipped it over the top that people started the complain. Like NTC, people will riot and immediately forget when theres a change, even when this change is nothing or even just passage of time. Its not the first time that terrible changes have gone unnoticed and people forgotten.
  2. Akeno017

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    Wait, you guys are really arguing over this game? Jeez all this ego-clash and none of you have the brains to quit while your ahead. What are you arguing for?
  3. Lowering the citadels of almost every battle and some cruisers made me lose interest in a game I spent heavily on. Lots of cash and time got freed up for my other interests from that. I also realised that you don't need an expensive pixel boat and X games to prove you appreciate a warship/shipgirl.
  4. Akeno017

    ST, New Year's celebration.

    Correction: not "people would find reasons to hate it", but "find people with reasons to hate it". You're implying that its the same group each and every time that voices complaints, which tbh I think just isn't true for this game until recently.
  5. Akeno017

    Conqueror False Advertising

    This was, and is, an issue with Thunderer, which stole the 457mm playstyle and left for dead all Conq players with it. WG just considers the minority ignorable to actually fix the issue.
  6. Akeno017

    Opinions on Thunderer

    I hate the Thunderer. It stole the only reason I grinded myself a Conquerer and left a dud ship in my port. That is my opinion.
  7. So basically. Your complaint is that lack of good IJN premiums. Because you refuse to acknowledge the good IJN premiums. Sounds about wows to me.
  8. Akeno017

    PSA: Friendly Reminder

    LoL. People dislike me for telling someone to stop having a strop and ruining the game for what? 11/23 other people, oh how rude and awful of me, attempting to reduce rampant parts that ruin the game community since release. At 16,000 battles the Op should know better, he clearly plays so much PvE ( which I really don't care whether people do or not, I'm quite happy to switch on how I feel ) that he do the 1 battle, regardless of whatever caused it This is a perfect example. The only thing I'd ask of teammates is this, to play as well as they can. Its exactly what I do in all my battles and therefore what I feel comfortable asking of others.
  9. Akeno017

    PSA: Friendly Reminder

    I don't really care if you only play PvP, or scenarios or PvE or hell only login to listen to the port music from time to time. AFKing without reason is trolling and ruins the game for every other player on your team. I'll agree that the defaults not taking account of what type is currently selected is a strange and alien concept that has no intuitive sense but even then, you can only make that mistake once. AFKing means you do zero damage and take zero damage, playing the game in any form is at least a salvo that potentially could've taken out a teammate that now keeps them in the fight. There is no such thing as "trying to play would hurt my team more", because you only achieve that by teamkilling, and that's not playing the game. Its just plain griefing.
  10. Akeno017

    PSA: Friendly Reminder

    AFKing a random battle in a CV? Theres no real justification to this, its just trolling. PvP or PvE its just decency to at least play for your team.
  11. Akeno017

    foward gun ships

    Not in game, but there was IJN cruisers with a 2x3 forward gun arrangement.
  12. Akeno017

    Why is ManSec kept in the game?

    I can't imagine what anyone what get a GK for outside of secondaries. you might as well stay at Bismarck as fDg is a fxp-skip ship..
  13. Akeno017

    Should I return?

    Gameplays declined significantly. The stats part remains the same, but I find myself amazed people take this game seriously still.
  14. I dunno. I just keep fish nowadays..
  15. Akeno017

    PSA: Sound Setup Guide

    I can't believe I had to read a thread on the forum to understand how a volume slider works. Why did you make this so ridiculously complicated? Did a programmer feel the need to show off? Sliders by their very nature control ONE THING, not separate ones. I wasn't even aware of any like this because everyone assumes the sole thing a "gunfire volume slider" does, is adjust the gunfire audio from 0-100% Its so basic, why on earth did you try to reinvent the wheel? Theres a reason nobody else has, and that's because you don't fix something that isn't broken. This isn't the first time either, the same thing when you tried "dynamic music", and someone felt the need to "improve" the original tracks by adding whatever they consider those horribly tinging sounds. Its a shame that in all things, this audio patch exemplifies, you are inept at managing your game and the QoL of the playerbase and have been on a downward spiral for the last 2 years. I really hate seeing what was once one of the best games I've ever played be constantly reduced by these stupid, trivial but poor, changes.