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  1. TheLastReaper

    Why is the Salem so bad?

    You didn't seem to read anything he said. He said it was harder to play for no benefit at extreme cost. He is correct. Super heal does not do away with that. Minotaur had smoke and a 9.6km concealment in addition to its heal for survivability and being a smaller target. It doesn't rely on the superheal for that survivability. And it can repair citadel damage. Nelson is a BB and has nothing to do with getting deleted since it has much more ho, armor, and sit back at farther ranges.
  2. By that logic nothing in economics means anything because it is all theories in vacuums without variables or nuance. But the economic theories that underlay and effect pricing are still demonstrably real and I'd think only a fool would write off the entire subject of economics because it is a humanities like psychology and not a hard science. In this case we are talking about what is a monopoly and what isn't. The idealized systems are totally applicable in demonstrating what is and is not a monopoly. I am not saying the perfect 100% open perfect competition MUST exist. Such technical 'perfection' rarely exists in reality but that doesn't mean having the opposite spectrum on an extreme monopoly is ok. Which is the real issue at hand. Not arguing for perfect free market competition but just getting away from the extreme warped abusive monopoly pricing WG employs. Also in this day in age idk why you'd get a masters in finance; get a CFA instead. Looks better. I have mine at level 2.
  3. Oxymoron statement, you can't take someone seriously who isn't present.
  4. Your logic is failing in my eyes. First actually what I suggest benefits everyone. You being able to buy the ship for less is a benefit to you even if you would have bought it for more obviously. So you propping up prices that makes it cost you and others more is to no ones benefit but WG's. Second, pretty obvious the majority of people do not pay for the premiums. So what i suggest is clearly good for the vast majority. Utilitarianism is a basic philosophical and logical concept that demands what is right is what results in the greatest good for the greatest number of people. So either way I'm suggesting the only right thing to correct an evil greedy out of control business practice that is harmful to society and benefits no one but the extremes of corporate greed. Good! You are much smarter in my eyes just for that! There are laws against material goods monopolies. We are just in an age where they haven't yet adapted them for equally abusive practices with digital goods. Again there is zero room for debate really; the fact is the pricing of WG is 100% monopolistic and has nothing of market competition about it whatsoever. Laws in the US just need to catch up like they have in Belgium ASAP. Otherwise I will flatly ban my kids from ever playing at games. Biggest middle finger I could ever give them is deny them the next generation of people for them to rip off.
  5. Sounds like you didn't read the second part of the sentence. I clearly said it was his money. But the idea just because it is your money you can't spend it in a way that is a net negative for everyone is totally wrong. Be selfish all you want but don't preach that you being selfish has no negative consequences for everyone. That sounds far far more entitled. Really the same thing as saying"I'm not ruining the planet for everyone because I spend my money to pollute the environment, I am justified in ruining it more because I spend more and that is MY personal decision..." It really the same thing. Instead of polluting the environment though you pollute the video game market.
  6. Historically Pc games have also been about $50 or $60. The MMO brought a subscription model but that was not half as broken as this. This has a sub model (premium) and selling broken loot boxes and selling pixel boats for retarded $60 price points. Wg has baked ALL the cancer of modern video games into one platform. Frankenstein level evil.
  7. Just as well. You probably couldn't afford the soapbox after giving all your money for pixels boats to WG and overpriced food... At least the food is very understandable. I'll let you borrow it sometime though. It is a very nice soapbox if i do say so myself. Yes they do. They are able to charge whatever they want and think people will pay. Competition, product replacement, doesn't really come into it at all. The only other game out there is a Chinese copy/rip off that doesn't belong in the same sentence and Gaijin will probably never get around to it at this rate. This is like Pokemon all over really. There being other card games doesn't make it any less of monopoly. It is able to price itself as monopoly clearly because there is no substitute and the price has nothing to do with supply or demand. It is all about charging whatever you want. There is no competition factor that reduces prices because other games are no substitutes. A fair pricing would be if the cost per ship was somehow related to the design cost of the ship. So it cost WG $20,000 to model Bismarck? They expect to sell 3,000? Then they can charge $13.33 a ship to make a profit of $20,000. And if it wasn't a monopoly if they didn't do that someone else would sell it at that price point so competition would force them to sell lower. That clearly does not happen in the pixel ship market. You aren't going to explain to me what a monopoly is since was an economics and accounting major. It absolutely a monopolistic market in its pricing 100%. People like you supporting WG with outlandish sums of money is how it has gotten to the terrible state it has. Finding ways to rationalize it by comparing it material goods doesn't work. At the end of the day it is your money but you are using your money to make it worse for everyone ultimately including yourself while being grossly overcharged. Sad. Why? They need more republicans around to set them straight, the pay, weather, and food here is all fantastic also. Why would I leave? I tried NY and hated it. I'd got to Washington D.C. or Nashville if I had to go anywhere.
  8. I wouldn't count computers as part of the cost. You are getting a hard material good here irrelevant of anything. Only what you pay to WG. Seriously alarmed you have spend thousands though. It is honestly a tiny handful of people like you who are destroying the video game industry. Instead of making hundreds of people happy they just get a tiny handful of thoughtless people like you instead. Been playing games my whole life and never has it been as greedy and poor value for extreme prices as now. I also don't see how people can compare a full meal at a very above average priced restaurant, hell I can eat toro suishi and drinks for 2 people for less than what you described here in LA. You are comparing hard goods you pay for that clearly have a justification to their costs in that their supply is inherently limited due to physical reality to total digital ones that have no inherent limit. Hell something died for you to eat meat. Sounds like intrinsically something that should be worth much more than ANY pixel crap garbage should ever be. I mean cost of meat should efinetly be more than pixels. I find it strange people would disagree... What WG have is essentially a monopoly of pixel ships with no limit at all to their supply. Cheapest product ever. And it is precisely abused the way that caused laws to be made against monopolies of material goods because it was evil and harmful to society. Just need to recognize doings so for digital goods is the same thing. You should really consider spending less if not for your own sake but wider basic principal and not letting such corrupt greedy evil practices get out of hand. You are feeding the monster.
  9. TheLastReaper

    Why is the Salem so bad?

    Thing is that super heal doesn't matter since you can get deleted. Saying just 'don't get citadeled ever' to me doesn't take into account the short range and crap ballistics of US cruisers means they are often furthers forward of cruisers behind islands. Not getting citadel in this ship would probably be harder than any other tier 10 cruiser because you can and will get spotted parked behind islands since that is what this ship does. So a lot of the time you will die without getting to use all the heals. Or you play so carefully you are giving up dps becuase the ship revovles around being alive to use all its super heals. But that doesn't matter if you are stuck playing so timidly you aren't influencing matches; which without radar or a worse radar will be harder anyway I think. At the end of the day potentially killing a DD with radar, or securing the cap at minimum with radar, sounds like a bigger game winner than a Des Moines that has to be more careful so it lives long enough to make use of the 25% extra hp to me. i guess if you are selfish the Salem is better but I don't see that as being true for the team or winning the battle which is my primary concern.
  10. I attack the entire price of premium ships ALL the time; they are at least DOUBLE what they should be. Retarded they charge the price of a FULL GAME for one of their [edited] ships. i have laughed at it since the first day i saw it. Never at any point have I looked at their brain dead $50 pricing for tier 8 Bbs as anything but a joke and total complete evil. I can pay $15 for a book that last 24 hrs and doesn't have loot boxes and evil crap trying to steal money from me. I can buy netflix with hundreds of hours of content for like 10 bucks a month. When i list all the the things I could do with $50 other than buy a [edited] pixel boat it becomes a joke really fast. Something digital like that that is an in game item being anything more than $20 is a total joke really.
  11. TheLastReaper

    Why is the Salem so bad?

    At least they can spot for themselves with radar... and not cost 240k oil.... the cost to benefit ratio seems non existent.
  12. Haha. Yea and EA gives guaranteed 'cards' in their packs. Doesn't matter. Making you pay huge amounts for worthless digital content that exists as data on a server is a broken abusive evil concept. Making the payout based on gambling for those worthless items makes it absolutely evil. This is the epitome of capitalism gone wrong to the point it is total evil. We have anti-monopoly laws so companies CAN'T brokenly charge whatever they want for something. It should 100% apply to this. Same concept. Charging broken abusive stupid pries JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN. EVIL. Make no mistake, all WG and EA have done is make me hate and despise them more than any other company on the planet save for Time Warner Cable.
  13. TheLastReaper

    Why is the Salem so bad?

    Yes but the inability heal citadel damage like the Mino and the huge over the water citadel combined with short range make me wonder how often you will really get to utilize the super heal to its full effect... It just does not seem like a fun ship to play either. Park behind an island Waifu and just hope someone sails towards you while spotted. It is not a credit earner. It wouldn't have taken much to make me want to save for this ship. I'm actively trying to convince myself to do so somehow, but frankly I really don't see it as being better than Des Moines super heal or not. Good radar on DM just seems too valuable I kind of roll my eyes at Hydro and Def Fire. It is the superheal that makes the ship or bust.
  14. TheLastReaper

    Why is the Salem so bad?

    ah, ok. Still... the only real benefit of Salem is a 25% service cost reduction and saving 5k doubloons for the price of 180k coal... which for me is like 4 months of playing at least. For a Des Moines with poorer radar. Mmmm. And then Jean Bart or Alaska may be sold for coal too. Mmmm x2.
  15. TheLastReaper

    Why is the Salem so bad?

    K, but you need to pay 5k dubloons for that premium camo right? Just seems 5k dubloons and 240k coal (180 with coupom) is a lot for a ship with a 25% service cost reduction that is a Des Moines with an Atlanta radar... I guess I just don't plan to play a bad tier X to save credits. I'd just grind credits with a different tier ship that isn't kind sucky. I don't see a reason to get Salem for the tiny service cost reduction unless you are someone who HAS to player tier X and can't get credits at other tiers.... I guess I was looking to see if someone would convince me to keep saving for it but it just seems like a bad deal unfortunately.