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  1. Q___________Q

    Ever wonder where they go??

    I don’t care what you do after you die. If you wanna be useful, type out whatever info you can give us. But if you’re still alive, talk less, fight more. Serious upsets are possible, common even, because people will put themselves in awful positions to grab a extra thousand damage when they think they’ll win. Solo warrior exists for a reason, after all.
  2. Q___________Q

    Does WG REALLY want you to play tier X in a BB?

    It’s just an very uncomfortable time to be a high tier BB since you’re just BBQ for the 4 smolensks
  3. Let me just blacklist everyone below 60% winrate at the same time each day so I won’t have to have them in my team ever again.
  4. Q___________Q

    Current Melancholy In World Of Warships (And A Tetris Song)

    I swear if that video is the history of the Soviet Union o the melody of Tetris I will find you and detonate you. Edit: swiggity swooty coming for that booty
  5. Q___________Q

    Times When SALT is Justified?

    Never, except in the presence of pepper. In all seriousness keep your salt to yourself. A genuine compliment is a great self confidence boosters and might be enough to give your teammate the boost they need to take a push. Being salty in chat will only make other people salty and disturb what playmaking potential hey might’ve had. If you don’t have something nice (or at least constructive) to say, just keep your mouth shut.
  6. Q___________Q

    How to play the CV ship?

    The old way was to park behind a island as far up as you could get away with for shorter flight times. With new cv I’m not sure, but I’d say it depends heavily on how confident you are at defending yourself
  7. Q___________Q

    Lost Ship Port Slots in a RB Line Reset

    I was under the impression that I’d get 10k for free since I have 5+ t10s. I also thought the first one reset would give me 20k since it had an x2 on it when I reset. But after resetting Kurfürst I still only had 10k points. I’d recommend waiting a few days and letting weegee sort things out a bit before doing it yourself
  8. Q___________Q

    the state of MM ruining games.

    Monitor is only good if you’re calm and good enough to use it. Call out unicum targets as high priority and support your best players. I’ve lost my fair share of games when my team is 10% or more ahead. Never underestimate how badly your team can play, especially if they think it’ll be an easy win
  9. Q___________Q

    Ranked for the average player

    Just pray that the enemy has more potatoes or you have more unicums. I’ve personally never worked up the motivation to grind past 9 even if I had a 60% wr up to that point
  10. Q___________Q

    Struggling with Moskva

    Pretend to be a battleship until you know the state of your flank. Kite away if it’s losing or help the push if it’s winning. Alternatively use a island to leverage radar then back off if your team can’t help you hold a forward position.
  11. Q___________Q

    What If CE Was Built into Every Ship?

    I haven’t played in a while, so all my captains are still in their pre cv rework state. Even with only 30ish battles in the last few weeks I can absolutely see the value of abusing CE on my BBs even with the nerf. If you’re willing to get a little closer, you will find that you really need that extra kilometer or 2 of detection to safely set up in ideal positions or turn out from the enemy push. It’s a lesser consideration if you’re playing a reactionary game, but if you’re looking to make in game decisions from a information based, premeditated style, I would consider the extra kilometer or two of stealth to be more important than even something like fire prevention.
  12. Q___________Q

    Finally, Someone Who Appreciates the CV

    People were more grateful with old CVs :P
  13. Roma has pretty good muzzle velocity, at short ranges, that translates into really highs vertical dispersion, so between some bad rng and the dispersion it’s pretty unlikely to get citadels. Also a lot of t6 and t7 bbs are pretty hard to citadel, I’ve dumped 3 or 4 salvoes from a sinop into a QE, New Mex and Colo each at sub 10km and not gotten an citadel once
  14. Q___________Q

    RNG is it inherently different for different people?

    Did you know that dispersion looks much tighter if you play on a smaller monitor? Amazing stuff. It gets even tighter if you push the monitor farther away. It’s like magic