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  1. Q___________Q

    RNG is it inherently different for different people?

    Did you know that dispersion looks much tighter if you play on a smaller monitor? Amazing stuff. It gets even tighter if you push the monitor farther away. It’s like magic
  2. Q___________Q

    Who is lurking the forum right now

    On phone and done my rounds on social media and discord. Might as well lurk
  3. Q___________Q

    Missouri vs Musashi credit payouts

    It’s much more consistent to perform in the musashi. Missouri doesn’t really get big money if everyone angles and the dds are playing conservatively
  4. Q___________Q

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    I want mine to to go 33 like the Iowa. How else am I supposed to catch up to dds and hit them with my sword
  5. Q___________Q

    Dear WoWs Santa!

    I could use a gremy
  6. Q___________Q

    2018 Secret Santa!

    I predict a missouri for everyone but me. enjoy!
  7. Q___________Q

    Kutuzov really an OP ship?

    it's good at farming damage and not much else since the smoke change. If you've got really good aim it can still be annoying to destroyers but it's a lot harder and much, much riskier
  8. Q___________Q

    PSA: West Virginia '41 is a monster!

    My massachusetts is pleased with this development. It desires more t6 battles filled with delicious squishies
  9. Q___________Q

    Why why why why BB players

    10km is nothing for a bb vs dd. Then again the guy has 138 battles and is probably playing with South Carolinas so that changes things I guess
  10. Q___________Q

    Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    Secondaries are still bad, she doesn’t have range on them and the citadel is too exposed to brawl effectively
  11. Q___________Q

    PvE guys

    Most of the time I get pve battles where there’s only two or three human players. As a bb in coop you have to be extremely careful because bots charge, and if you push right from the start you’ll just get bombarded by torps from multiple angles. If you die early it’s much less likely for your bots to win. Much more consistent to be patient and play it safe
  12. Q___________Q

    Question for 60% of all DD users

    I might not be the best dd player, but I’d like to mention there are a lot of factors, many which have been discussed already. Wows is a pretty slow game, won’t have a second or two to make a decision before you decide wether you gun or not. The primary consideration is who stands to benefit more. You have to consider gunpower relative to the enemy dd, as well as support. Before you engage, that a look at the minimap and consider your team vs theirs, and how much help you have. Make a decision about whether to fight or retreat from there. Even long ranged support salvoes from capital ships can be devastating in the opening moments when dd movement is fairly predictable. Use your team to your advantage, and you’ll find yourself having much easier games as the dd
  13. Q___________Q

    Who have you seen in game

    Senpai noticed me :D
  14. Q___________Q

    Any one got ship from in game FREE black boxes?

    Asassyho B out of my free one
  15. Q___________Q

    Lets Talk Ranked and its Bias to DDs

    I’m too used to nuking destroyers in my high tier battleships. Going back and trying to get good nukes when the destroyers have shrunk is a huge pain. Much easier to just take a Nicholas so you don’t have to worry about your destroyers being useless trash. I’ve done around 30ish ranked battles and I’ve only seen maybe two or three dds play well