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  1. too rich for my blood too bad, I was looking forward to steel monsters.
  2. ronbo1680

    Amazon Pay not working ISSUE!

    paypal and my visa are not working due to cyprus issue. took me 3 days , 4 calls to my bank to make a 99 cent purchase! No more until amazon pay is fixed!
  3. ronbo1680

    "Daily Shipments"

    I was getting them but I havent seen them for a few days, are they over?
  4. ronbo1680

    Transaction error

    game client needed to be closed down and restarted tried this 4 times still no joy. this crap has been happening frequently since the last update.
  5. ronbo1680

    Question on getting steel

    ok, I thought maybe the changes were perment to ranked, as long as regular ranked lets you earn steel then I am ok with it. thanks for the info. I am a veteran player , Just not very good. alas, I am trying to get better and having a lot of fun.
  6. With the changes to ranked play rewards, how are we to earn steel? I look forward to the changes in tier, and understand that the rewards should reflect the challange. will there be a new way to earn steel? I am not that good a player but I was slowly accumulating steel and want continue.
  7. ronbo1680

    Check below for additional rewards

    reloading the page works but must be preformed each time.
  8. Same here. I checked for bonus today and none available but no delivery.
  9. I just completed a mission in my Gallant. 3 defended and 4 captured ribbons but a defeat. I was credited with completion of only the flags on bases, but not the guard the home waters mission in task 3. I thought that all missions ran concurently? Could someone explain? Other than that I am enjoying the royal navy event!
  10. https://worldofwarships.com/en/userbonus/# used to take me to a page to check if I had any rewards, but now there is nothing there. I have not been able to find it .the new format for the portal needs a search bar! NEVER MIND WORKING NOW...LOL
  11. ronbo1680

    Devils Triangle game

    Something strange, I just finished my first game of the day. Just an average game in my Richelieu. After the game ended, I got the Victory screen for just a sec. and then I was back in port. No stats personal or otherwise. I clicked on the i and no notifications, clicked on stats 0. No indication I had even played a game at all! My match was completly gone with no record. I never lost my internet . The game was however in my replay folder so it did happen. anyone have this happen to them?