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  1. I guess you came here to post about DDs right after a really bad game? It's never a good idea to post right after a bad game. Just close the game, go out for a walk, do something else. Then, if you still feel you could get help resolving your grievance, post something constructive. P.S. I was trying really hard to twist this into something funny but I don't have it in me today it seems.
  2. CPT_Nelson


    But the T5 Italian premium BB is fare game? Disclosure, I don't care but it seems wrong.
  3. CPT_Nelson

    If Giulio must be hit with a nerf--

    Will the GC be simply moved up a tier and left as is or will WG tweak it as well?
  4. CPT_Nelson

    Alaska ship

    Alaska friend if he knows more about it...
  5. Someone writes about something that has been covered ''use the search function man!'' They do that and lo and behold it's an old post ''necro man!''
  6. CPT_Nelson

    WG Finally Ruined Tier 7

    Maybe they should bring these kinds of MM back?
  7. CPT_Nelson

    Is MISSOURI coming back?

    Oh it's possible!