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  1. Oh good, I’m getting that same issue
  2. Flynag86

    Smolensk in port

    You are correct, with this latest update Smolensk went back to looking the way is was supposed to. Thanks for the help!
  3. Flynag86

    Smolensk in port

    Has anyone seen their Smolensk classified as a special ship in port? I normally don't have those selected in my carousel to eliminate clutter, but saw my Smolensk faded out and not with the other Soviet ships. What's up with that? I contacted WG and as of yet not gotten a very good response (go figure)
  4. Is anyone running any mods? Not sure how this would work on a mac
  5. What are the odds that the update tomorrow won't crash us? I hope not, things have been running well Mike
  6. I tried that and it still doesn't work. I am still able to back door the program however using the file-run command Disregard...I followed Kishan99 instructions and its working perfectly so far!
  7. I downloaded and installed, still no WGC. I can get game to run by selecting file, open, worldofwarships.exe Mike
  8. update did not work with my iMac. I still do not get anything when I open up game center, including after downloading the patch from the google drive Mike
  9. Thanks, what exactly is the smart horizon mod? I'm not running any mods
  10. Hi All, I feel fortunate because my machine has been running fairly well. Haven't had any major glitches in a while. I do have a question though, it seems the AA is the biggest drag on the graphics and causing slowdowns and glitches. Is there any way to turn off the tracer fire? Thanks Mike
  11. I have updated to 3.3.0 and so far so good
  12. I have the same problem. WGC updated itself yesterday to 3.1.13 and now I get the same message, will not run on Catalina
  13. Have you tested out the new OS coming in October yet? Catalina I believe? I’d like to check ahead of time before I update the os thanks mike
  14. I was using the debug version, I re-downloaded everything and it seems to be working fine now I have to take that back, I’m getting crashes during gameplay again
  15. I am getting frequent crashes now, both in game and exiting a game to port. I've attached the crash log wgc-2019-09-20-07-38-12.txt wgc-2019-09-20-07-54-03.txt