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  1. Flynag86

    LWM Needs Help Crowd-Sourcing Missouri Data #2

    Random, no flags
  2. Flynag86

    Petropavlovsk vs Moskva

    Thanks everyone. I think I will save the coal and try out Petro first. If I like the play style maybe pick up Moskva. If not then perhaps Pomm or Marceau.
  3. Howdy All, This is probably a repeat post but here you go. I was thinking of getting Moskva for coal, however I should have Petro by the end of the summer. Any reason to have both? maybe spend my coal on something else? Thanks
  4. Flynag86

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    i tried the free version of GFN, was to painful to wait to log in. The founders version works much better at $5 a month
  5. Flynag86

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    I'll second the Nvidia GeForce, it works great. I also have WOW on bootcamp on my iMac but never use it now that I have GeForce. I do hate paying $4.95 a month though
  6. Flynag86

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    I got a Cossack, what did everyone else get?
  7. Flynag86

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    Well that was a nice email. For those of us staying and using other systems nice little bonus.
  8. Flynag86

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    Thanks, it’s $25 usd for 6 months, would be handier than rebooting to windows all the time. Using boot camp the game runs fine, just a pain to do so
  9. Flynag86

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    Has anyone paid for the founders access to GFN? I've been using the free one hour access which works great at odd hours, but many times I will log in and it will say 300 gamers ahead of me. I do agree the game runs great and the graphics are better than what I could run through codeweavers.
  10. Flynag86

    MAC and using Virtual Machines

    I tried the free version of parallels but it didn't work worth a darn. Bootcamps works great so far just wanted to avoid having to reboot the computer to play. It does hinder how much I play since I'm not rebooting my computer very often.
  11. Flynag86

    MAC and using Virtual Machines

    So I don’t have to restart the computer whenever I want to play the game.
  12. With Wargaming dropping mac support for wows, has anyone tried using VM fusion to run warships? Seems like the more cost effective route versus parallels. Thanks
  13. My understanding is we had until January?
  14. Howdy All, With the last patch, I can not get the war gaming center to open up. It gives me the message "The application has stopped working", I tried reinstalling WGC but to no avail. Any help would be great. Mike
  15. For what it’s worth I just installed Windows 10 via boot camp and so far it’s working. Hate having to reboot iMac just to play, especially since the wrapper was working so well. I guess now I can investigate the mods everyone talks about. also, did not have to buy a key for windows. Running it for free until Microsoft changes their mind.