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  1. SlightlyComatose

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    This is my 'most flies swatted' & big base XP games; Conqueror - 62 planes, 1023XP Conqueror - 68 planes, 1065XP Des Moines - 70 planes, 1151XP Des Moines - 77 planes, 1189XP
  2. Might have been worth it had WG filtered out the trash camos and only included the beefy ~200% XP varieties. +1 for the Dodgeball reference.
  3. SlightlyComatose

    What class is Halsey best suited for?

    Halsey splits his time between my Dez Memes & Mo. If I had Salem, he'd be in that too. Halsey & the US/UK clones are quite flexible on suitable ships. The KM/Russian clones are a bit of a head scratcher.
  4. SlightlyComatose

    WG Loot Box’s and Their Current State

    I agree the current themed loot crates (standard & premium) could do with an overhaul. Didn't mind the token /sovereign system introduced during UK DD introduction. The ability to trade tokens for stuff you actually wanted to offset saltiness from rubbish RnG drops. Kinda lukewarm on prospect of Christmas crates this year. Last year made out like a bandit (still have ~300 Frosty Fir camos + filled gaps in prem ship roster) so not that fussed this year. Personally I'd be after things like Coal, Dragon Flags, a couple specific Combat flags and maybe a couple ships I skipped during year. Of course other players may have different priorities.
  5. SlightlyComatose

    WOWs and the Great Cat Conspiracy

    Completely agree with OP, cats are the enemy of Wows. Despite WG's affection for ginger kitties, my four clearly have an issue with me sitting down for a game... The white Balinese is a impostor, she's a ginger in disguise.
  6. SlightlyComatose

    Buy more RN containers or wait for credits?

    Personally I just keep spamming the crates for Dragon Flags, oil + the occasional AA flags b/c swatting planes is fun.
  7. SlightlyComatose

    Thank you WG!!! Just got my first premium in a SC!

    Congrats! Never received a ship in a SC myself. :(
  8. Pretty much this. Switching to 3rd person view prior to drive-bys is key to successful one-shotting Reds. However 50% of the time your probably on fire by the time you get that close. Kinda difficult to aim when your view is completely obscured by smoke & flames. One of the reasons I hated the extra fire/smoke/water effects patch. If I have DC available, I'll trigger it a second or two before firing. Dunno if it's me or not but seems some ships have rubbish gun depression. Ships like the Yammy & Kronstadt. Then again if your doing 'drive-bys' in the Yamato, something has gone horribly wrong.
  9. SlightlyComatose

    Hero of Dunkirk + Raptor Rescue = Pain

    Definitely the most frustrating RN mission so far. Took me 5 or 6 goes before completing. Just cycled thru my Prem Cruisers + one turn in the Warspite. Really need high DPM cruisers to have a chance. BBs are kinda annoying to play due to constantly rotating guns from port to starboard. Lots of time wasted not firing guns. DDs are a wasted slot unless player is exceptional. One of the saltiest couple hours I've spent in WoWs. Do not recommend.
  10. Interesting Aussie captain, he served on both Commonwealth ships in game, HMAS Vampire & Perth. Love to have 'Hard Over Hec' leading the Commonwealth "Scrap Iron Flotilla".
  11. This has been happening a lot recently for me as well.
  12. SlightlyComatose

    Co-op battles ending abruptly...

    Pretty much. It is incredibly frustrating for game to abruptly end when there's HP still left on the board. Wondering if asymmetrical co-op matches (a couple extra Reds) could be a thing.
  13. SlightlyComatose

    Battlewagon Wednesday - The German Navy

    As far as I can tell only one real stinker in German tree - Fat Freddy. Großer Kurfürst, Tirpitz, Sharnhorst, Hipper/Eugen, Leberecht Maass.
  14. Not really a binary choice as each has their charms Currently prefer the brawlers, Großer Kurfürst & République. If Alsace 2.0 (Bourgogne) gets released, that'll probably join the list. Yamato gets a special mention due to epic 'cleve the world in two' sounding guns.
  15. SlightlyComatose

    Whats going on with Coops?

    Don't mind the Devs programming a bit more sense into bots. Do have an issue with bot having a bit too much self preservation at the expense of playing the objective. Just finished playing Epicenter (sigh) on Tears of Desert. As predicted, bots 2.0 hit the outer circle, hit some resistance then promptly starting doing donuts back to their spawn. All the friendly ships moved up, captured all 3 circles & slowly picked off the remaining bots. The match went on longer than it should have. Also what's with the bot CV's just parking where they spawn the entire game?