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  1. SlightlyComatose

    The Doldrum Days....

    The dockyard is on-going. The next 2 weeks are kind of grindy. Give yourself some personal goals rather than wait for WG to provide them for you. Regrind a line. Sort ships by games played, play some that you haven't taken out much. Put your 21 pointers thru prem ship marathon for additional EC XP. Always need lots of that. Sort ships by win rate, fix stats in those you like playing. Go thru campaigns, complete missions you missed. Plug holes in techtree for ships you initially skipped. Grind ships modules to get elite status.
  2. SlightlyComatose

    HMCS Huron's Initial Performance

    Tier 3: Vampire Tier 6: Perth, Mysore Tier 7: Haida*, Huron Tier 10: Vampire II *Removed from sale tho available in Christmas crates 2021/22 Seems other tiers have some glaring gaps. Tiers 8 & 9...
  3. SlightlyComatose

    Fun and Engaging Coop!

    Also miss the 2:7 Coop games. Definitely the highpoint of my time in WoWs.
  4. As the title says, I'm curious as to why? This particular member is not a forum moderator nor a CC. I can't really discuss who that member' is only that I prefer not to see their posts.
  5. SlightlyComatose

    Monthly Super container

    Trash, 50x New Year Camos.
  6. If memory serves, the most expensive Community Token prem ship container was not the optimal ones to purchase when farming for dubs. Think the tier V crates were best value. Even if you put in a half-arsed effort to obtain the tokens (standard live server missions, PTS missions, Twitch drops & crates), wasn't difficult to get at least 2 before they were pulled from Armory.
  7. Was a real shame WeeGee removed the prem ship crates. Guess they'll didn't like idea of older players farming them for dubs. Now I just spend tokens on 1.5k crates for the eco signals.
  8. SlightlyComatose

    I did it, finally i can breath.

    I felt a epic bout of Dockyard Grinders Remorse after getting mine. That's a thing right...?
  9. SlightlyComatose

    When I want to de-stress...

    Agreed, 2/7 was the last time Coop was fun. Every change WeeGee has implemented since has me wondering when to uninstall.
  10. SlightlyComatose

    want to give yourself a real scare?

    Gave up ciggies a couple years ago, saved a small fortune especially due to cost of pack in Australia. Definitely cut back on my WeeGee spending over last 2yrs. If I need some motivation to 'cure' my warship problem, I'll grab a copy of my transactions. Thanks OP for highlighting option. 👍
  11. SlightlyComatose

    Server down/problems?

    yep having same issue.
  12. SlightlyComatose

    CO-OP changes

    If you're here long enough, like old ship hulls, one 'collects' barnacles. Except on forums these creatures are called 'trolls'. It used to be sufficient to add these so-called 'trolls' to one's Ignore List. Unfortunately these tenacious organisms exhibit characteristics similar to blue green algae and cockroaches. What I mean to say, 'trolls' will down-vote unquestionably sound logics for sh!ts & gigs. Oh yeah and Coop is still a hot sloppy mess WG. Simple solution, fix your mistakes and we pay you money. I know right..., radical concept.
  13. SlightlyComatose

    Co-Op Suggestion to Help Long-Term

    Exactly. I'd up vote you but I burnt thru my allotment today already. 👍
  14. SlightlyComatose

    CO-OP changes

    I've requested the removal of Two Brothers from Coop for ages especially in 'Standard Mode' games for this very reason. The fact this happened in 'Domination' would trigger me so hard, likely costing me a new keyboard and worried glances from the partner. I can't give WG the benefit of the doubt anymore. We're clearly in a hostile and abusive relationship now.🤨