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  1. SlightlyComatose

    Premium Ship Review - Marco Polo

    Was tempted to pickup the MP. After watching some select vids on YouTube & reading LWM's review then reconsidered. Hate the Roma which only comes out during flake events. Tier 9 Roma...., no thanks. That's $100+ AUD I'll be hanging on too.👍
  2. SlightlyComatose

    Why did they change skills in the first place...

    Think I'd rather be hobbled by Cathy Bates than endure that horror. In the book she doesn't use a sledgehammer, it's hobbling by axe & blowtorch too... If WG doesn't attempt to fix brawling ships, have to have a long think about my future in WoWs. The techtree ships aside, I'm out of pocket in money & time on a whole slew of premium/special tier 8+ brawling & brawling hybrid ships ; Kii Ragnarok Musashi Hizen Shikishima Massachusetts Massachusetts Black Alabama Missouri Georgia Alaska Alaska Black Puerto Rico Ohio Tirpitz Tirpitz Black Odin Graf Zeppelin Pommern Agir Bajie Wujing Gascogne Jean Bart Jean Bart Black Bourgogne Yes clearly some of the ships above are clearly not optimised for brawling. I'm primary a PvE player and it was how l played them in game.
  3. Believe someone mentioned this above...open seperate program to play music (I use trustly old Winamp) then map the basic media player functions (play, stop, skip, volume, etc...again use Winamp for this) to keys on keyboard. These will work regardless if player is in background. Winamp also flashes up an overlay of new track playing. Maybe try mapping the alt fire key to the spacebar.
  4. SlightlyComatose

    More than 2 DDs in COOP is Too Many

    Yes your absolute damage number might be higher without DDs but your credit earnings won't necessarily be higher. XP & credits is calculated by the percentage of damage done to a target and their relative tier. 10k damage to DD (~50% of high tier HP) is worth much more than 10k to a BB (~10% of high tier HP).
  5. SlightlyComatose

    New Russian T5 Premium Destroyer!

    The switch from a flat 1-1.25°/per second (small calibre) to % based was a bit bone-headed. It's WG...where all the best decisions are reached towards the bottom of a can of avgas.., cough, I mean vodka.
  6. SlightlyComatose

    More than 2 DDs in COOP is Too Many

    Probably should be a hard limit of 3 & soft limit of 2 DDs per green team. It's just too easy to wipe a lane/flank in a semi-decent destroyer. In strong DDs like Shima, Haru, Sommers, Benham...the other human teammates might as well go afk for all the 'fun' they're about to have. In the Yolo Emilio, you're almost guaranteed 3 one-shot kills per match if you don't get screwed with a bad spawn location.
  7. This is something that occurred to me also. Best to assume we won't be compensated further for any major changes to Commander skills. This is why I'm leaving almost all my captains unskilled till this mess has stabilised somewhat.
  8. SlightlyComatose

    Need Streamers Help - Reload Booster Not Firing

    Also being noticing this bug. This occurred to me a couple nights ago while playing Hizen. On multiple occasions the 4th/back turret refusing to fire with shells loaded and reticle green. Super annoying.
  9. Approx 5mil not that it matters. The 'Skill rework' kills whatever enthusiasm I have left for the game. Secondary Battery ships (BB & super cruiser) were my favourite ships to play. The time & money spent on these ships just wasted. If the rework goes thru as is, want a refund on the premium ships.
  10. SlightlyComatose

    Testing the Shortlist theory.

    Have most of the premium ships in game. These were the ones i was missing pior to opening any Christmas crates. IX Neustrashimy IX Azuma VIII Champagne VIII Indomitable VIII Cheshire VIII Ochakov VIII Mainz VIII Orkan VIII Z-35 VII Flint VII California VI Erich Loewenhardt VI Admiral Makarov This is the order i received ships in the Christmas crates; VI Admiral Makarov VIII Ochakov VI Erich Loewenhardt VII California VIII Mainz VIII Champagne VIII Cheshire VIII Indomitable VIII Z-35 VIII Orkan Note every single ship was accompanied by a Super Crate animation. Be interested to find out what the Doubloon value compensation is for someone who has every single premium in the Christmas list. If anyone wants to gift me some crates to complete the set (missing Flint, Azuma & Neustrashimy), I wouldn't say 'NO' for the science experiment...
  11. SlightlyComatose

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    Big BXP games are definitely harder to achieve since the CV rework and the changes to PVE. 1189 BXP - Des Moines
  12. SlightlyComatose


    Thanks OP. Anyone know what it drops?
  13. SlightlyComatose

    black friday.

    Black Friday 27th of November. 'Black' ships are different ships not camos for the standard premium ships. i.e; Tirpetz. Tirpetz Black. Alaska. Alaska Black. Usually purchasable either via crate (gamble boxes), individually or bundle.
  14. SlightlyComatose

    Event container mission code: Coop? Nope.

    REMEMMBERREMEMBER389 Works, thanks. So this is a Random only mission?
  15. SlightlyComatose

    Wow - New Record for damage - GK

    The stars truly have to align to get that kind of damage number. Only cracked 300k a few times (Republique, GK, Moskva & Pomeranian) but nothing near 390k. Well done.