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  1. Ultimate Frontier Buffed?

    Really looked forward the tier 7+ Operations. Less so for the tier 6 ones, just not interested in my t6 ships anymore. With the removal of the original tier 7 (Narai?) operation & Ultimate Frontier being utterly broken & un-fun, only leaves the French gold convoy operation. The froggy operation wasn't bad, bit restrictive in ship selection & plagued by fps issues but otherwise pretty good. Narai was a blast tho got a bit old having to swap out to a BB because every man & his dog were queuing up in their Atlantas. I stopped taking mine because I didn't want to wait 10-15mins to get a game. Hope WG gets the message and un-fvcks this operation & returns Narai without breaking that one too...
  2. 'Gold ammo' or the massive credit cost for the 'Premium ammo' is being phased out in the next patch or two. The ammo (AP, APCR, HEAT, HESH, etc) will cost roughly the same but be balanced on attributes instead.
  3. Adrenaline Rush

    Expert Marksman is a contender for the '2 point' category. Ideally I'd like to have both. Twirly turrets are super useful.

    I really regret wasting 750k on the Musashi. The crap AA, a easy to hit citadel from most angles, wonky dispersion on main batteries & squeaky turrets equals a 'not fun' ship. Having 4 float planes in the air at once with Direction Centre might make it suck a little less.
  5. Ultimate Frontier Buffed?

  6. Like the OP, also get 'port lag'. Switching between flags, camos, consumables, upgrades, ships in port carousal, profile, etc all introduce some sort of lag / hitching. Running fairly up to date PC. - AMD R7 1700 @ 3.9 - RX Vega 64 - 16GB 3200 RAM - 512GB Samsung 950pro m.2 SSD
  7. Time for a French BB subforum

    Agreed. Can't be mixing Sushi, deep-fried Cheese Burgers, Bratwurst, Fish'n'Chips & Beef Bourgogne in the same pot. Simply uncivilized!
  8. Twitch Deal Is A Good One

    I'm guessing the 7 million is the freebie alternative if you already have the Texas in your port.
  9. premium cruisers

    The Prince Eugen should definitely be counted as the up coming buffs to her & the Hipper mean they'll become distinctly different ships. Prince gets a heal & Hipper gets a couple buffs including reduced reload on her main battery guns.
  10. POLL: Remove BB Reload Horn

    Didn't vote because no option for 'toggle on/off'. While I understand where the OP is coming from, doesn't really bother me. Having said that there's plenty of stuff in client I wish I could opt-out of. WG has a history of introducting crap no one asked for.
  11. Symbols from containers

    Think it's; -'Profile' menu under the 'Battle' button in port. -Click 'Service Record'. -Click in the middle of your default 'badge'. For you it'll be the 'Anchor' like the one on-top of all your posts. A small text button 'Modify' will appear. All your new 'Emblems' & 'Patches' will be there. To answer your last question, they serve no real purpose. They are the equivalent of 'tea-bagging' in shooter games. Great for trolls tho annoying for normal human beings...
  12. How to fail at Operations

    Same thing happened to our team. Our bot Richelieu ate 3 or 4 torps after crossing the map border and turned around to re-enter the map. Had the Richelieu maintained his original heading, would have been 5 stars. So frustrating :(
  13. Lol. This always bothered me as the Mighty Mo is a excellent ship to be compared to that Muppet. I call mine the 'Buffett Boat' because it provides a superior return on my investment. 😉
  14. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    No brains required, sailed in between a red GK & a Fat Freddy for shi!ts & giggles. seemed to work out ok. The second game not so impressive damage wise. The base XP and those plane kills were kinda special tho. :)
  15. Are ultimate mystery chests even real

    Stick to the credits/consumables/flags & Camo crates. You'll end up with with more of all of the above in the long run plus till get the occasional super container.