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  1. Buffy can look at me any way she wants.
  2. Sacré bleu, she's still proudly available in the premium shop. Ignore the 'no smoke' consumable, simply a bug. ;P
  3. Silly question, Le Terrible of course...
  4. SlightlyComatose

    Out of curiosity, what lines can we expect this year?

  5. SlightlyComatose

    What are the odds we'll see Musashi and Kronstadt again?

    While the Kronstadt is a bit meh it's useful to have for events like the last stage of the PEF mission.
  6. SlightlyComatose

    The hardest two ship grind?

    Another vote for the FDG & Colorado. The FDG is a fatter, slower, sluggish less fun Bismarck, couldn't wait to get the GK. Ultimately worth it tho. Funnily enough I re-outfitted my FDG with upgrades & 14pt captain for the snowflakes, not as bad as I remembered. The buff to the MB & secondaries probably didn't hurt. The Colorado another slug with wonky dispersion. Again the next ship in the line made pain go away. Honorable mention goes to any DD with squeaky turrets and the Iowa A hull. Had hundreds of battles in the Mo before unlocking the Iowa so grinding this tier 9 was a shock.
  7. SlightlyComatose

    Signal flags are missing from the shop?

    Running low on India Bravo Terrathree, hope they fix the web shop soon. On a side note, when are they going to add a cart to the shop?
  8. The PEF missions are definitely annoying especially after all the grinds in the later part part of 2018. Never been a fan of tier 6 ships (except maybe the Perth) & the PEF isn't changing that opinion. Probably struggle to get it done because it's so mediocre and I'm a bit burnt out after all the recent events.
  9. The CV rework looks like a bit of a mess at the moment. A few things worry me (already covered in thread) specifically the AA guns. If CV planes are to be infinite, shouldn't that also mean that AA mounts are not permanently destroyed? Would seem somewhat unfair to go one-on-one with a 100% combat effective CV vs a crippled BB/CA/CL/DD stripped of her AA defences?
  10. SlightlyComatose

    Well well well... Dispersion bug

    Firing at range I figured just had a bad RnG roll. In knife fights with Cruisers & DDs known to have tight groupings...rare bug my ar$e.
  11. SlightlyComatose

    Iowa Vs Missouri

    Credit earnings, radar & consumables aside, the Mo is a little bit better than the Iowa on several points; better rudder shift @ 0.1 Better AA @ mid range, 317 vs 302dps. Better armour on the fore & aft citidel plates (368 & 297 vs 287 & 216 on fore. 368 & 16 vs 287 & 16 on aft) Mo has 38mm on the upper torp belt, Iowa has 32mm. Mo also has slightly different hidden stats on the gun dispersion. Can't tell you if it's worse or better tho. Mo does lose out on HP & short range AA (176 vs 195dps)
  12. SlightlyComatose

    Wargaming...sly devil you...

    I think WG objective is a little different. It's a method to rebalance the value of FXP. I imagine a lot of players will burn thru their stock piles of FXP to unlock a few extra Tier 9 &10s for steal snowflakes. Probably a safe bet some wallets will open to convert ship XP to FXP...
  13. SlightlyComatose

    The most entertaining thing in WOWS

    Drive-by deletions & murdering planes.
  14. 2nd post in thread. 62 small crates 20 big crates (note have all but 11 premium ships before opening crates) Totals; Small 300 doubloons : 3,600 10,000 Free XP : 70,000 2,500 Coal : 10,000 2x Type 59 camo : 4 4x New Year Streamer camo : 52 50x Zulu signals : 250 50x Zulu Hotel signals : 350 50x Equal Speed Charlie London signals : 150 50x Papa Papa signals : 300 Big 1,000 doubloons : 6,000 6x Type 59 camo : 6 10x New Year Streamer camo : 30 15x special Red Dragon signals : 15 15x special Ouroboros signals : 15 15x special Basilisk signals : 30 15x special Scylla signals : 30 15x special Leviathan signals : 30 Ships Tier VIII Roma (small crate) Tier VII Ashitaka (big crate) Tier VII Z-39 (small crate) Tier VI T-61 (big crate) Tier V Krasny Krym (small crate)
  15. Had a battle tonight in the Fat Freddy. 14 citadels in 2 successive volleys in a drive-by two Musashi's, 7 citadels a piece. Two dead tier 9 IJN BBs. Wonky German dispersion be damned!