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  1. Brainstorming a Mothball Fleet Option

    The other reason to keep tech tree ships is occasionally WG gives away these ships thru missions. This means you get the credit value when received.
  2. Alsace getting Nerf'd

    Agreed it's complete [edited]. WG needs to polish the other turd tier 9 BBs (Izumo, Freddy & possibly the Lion) before chopping the legs out from under a ship only out for a few months. Not only that, they have the gall to announce a new French tier 9 premium ship that will probably surpass the Alsace's current server status. Sleazy WG, just sleazy.
  3. USS Alaska is coming!

    Looks like this will be superior to the Kronstadt in every way except HP pool & shell velocity. Probably an instant buy providing WG don't nerf her too much.
  4. Why the "opt in" for Bastille Day mission

    Good question, curious myself.
  5. RN Cruiser Premium?

    Agreed a high tier RN Cruiser is sorely missing. Regarding the Belfast, even those who have her, she's a poor captain trainer due to requiring IFHE.
  6. Agreed. The only tier 9 BB that didn't completely suck to grind. Fat Freddy - awful. Lion - mediocre is being polite. Izumo - tragic by most accounts not that I'd know because I skipped it. Iowa - ok probably not as terrible as the 3 above judging by the Mo. Still grinding the NC. Totally pissed I blew dubs on the perma-camo. Want a refund if the Alsace nerfs go thru. (Off to corner to have a tantrum & a sulk)
  7. Yorck vs shchors vs Helena vs Myoko

    Just finished re-grinding the Omaha today. Wasn't particularly enthused about doing at the start however found myself enjoying it. Forgot what it's like to play with USN cruiser torps (B hull) outside the Atlanta. Regarding OP, all the tier 7 cruisers are good. Only one I'm not sure about is the Myoko. Only up to Aoba, 6 guns & bad Torp angles...sigh. Most memorable tier 7 for me was the Fiji & Shchors.
  8. Actually I do remember at least one occasion where the Dragon Flags were sold individually. If i recall correctly you had to login to see the big lots (50/100) which could only be bought once per each of the five types. Small lots of 20 could be bought unlimited times tho obviously more expensive per flag.
  9. 55 premium ships total. Not going to dwell on the cost. did score a chunk in santa crates however.
  10. wth is wrong with izumo's gun

    I skipped my Izumo grind. There was a discount on the IJN BBs at the time, had already finished my Amagi grind and had plenty of FXP to unlock the Yamato. My rational; - I'd lose 8 million after selling her. - I'd lose countless hours + being miserable for a ship that's universally panned as the worst in game. - Save myself a ton of flags & Camo trying to accelerate the grind. - It's a game, why are playing to be sad. Enough 'feels bad' in RL.
  11. Super Container Rewards

    Yeah I don't think that's right. FXP ships aren't available thru SCs. I think he meant the tier 6 Mutsu BB? Also never received a boat via daily SC. Received maybe 20-30 & always Camo, flags, FXP, dubs & a few modules. Received 7 days prem in last one. Bulk of my boats were either deliberately purchased or santa crated.
  12. Another +1 for the IJN 460's. Truely an epic cacophony of unrestrained savagery. Aurally it sounds like two massive slabs of hardwood colliding. I don't particularly like the Musashi/Yamato sisters either. Last time I got such joy from game audio was in WoT. Specifically the 150mm guns before the last big sound patch. Brawling in a Borsig with the big gun wasn't particularly bright but damn amusing for the sound alone.
  13. ¿ Is it fun to play with Kronshtadt?

    Perhaps I should have prefaced my comment 'in my opinion'. The Musashi and I don't get along. I try to shoehorn a playstyle it's clearly not designed for, brawling. Plus the wonky dispersion drives me nuts. While I dislike the Musashi, I can tolerate the Yamato sisters for the big 'boom boom sound guns make when go bang!' Only played a handful of games in the Kronstadt but so far I a can brawl in her and almost get away with it unlike in the Musashi. In short the Russian athlete is more fun than the IJN fixed fortification. Again my opinion, feel free to disagree.
  14. ¿ Is it fun to play with Kronshtadt?

    The Kronstadt is no Missouri but it's certainly more fun to play than the Musashi. This cheeki breeki Slavic BC is definitely growing on me. Needs a high skilled captain to make it work tho.
  15. Mouse Needs Your Help for Salem Review

    Kutuzov - 725k Musashi - 582k Prince Eugen - 552k Kronshtadt - 166k Musashi - 251k Missouri - 413k Prince Eugen - 466k