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  1. SlightlyComatose

    Remove all signals button.

    Yep long overdue. Would also like a global 'dont charge me gold if I run out of flags/camp's button Got caught out the other week during x200 first win when I burnt thru my stack of type 59 camos, lost 600g before I realised what was happening..
  2. SlightlyComatose

    Benham missions are too grindy, I concede defeat

    Agree with everyone above. The grind for this Tier 9 DD is a little excessive. If the event was more spread out timewise & with a greater margin for error when It comes to attaining fuel tokens, would be more enjoyable. Being a paying Co-op player (prem time/full economic flags), there is no way in hell I can complete enough objective to even gain half the fuel tokens required. That would mean I'd have to spend north of $170+ (AUD) to obtain the Benham. The alternative is to shelve all personal responsibilities and grind like Ritalin addicted teenager. Of course after the month I'd be so salty & hateful I'd need some serious therapy and a 6mth break from game, minimum. Wonder if WG has investigated the long-term effects on player retention of these grindy events. I know I've taken longish breaks after the especially brutal ones. Actually hasn't been much of a break between the Brit CV/global rework & the 2 part Russian events. Maybe now is time to schedule in some Wows free time?
  3. SlightlyComatose

    What is the Point of the Yoshino?

    One reason to get the Yoshi, 1 extra SC per year...
  4. The lag-fest & poor layout of the UI. Laggy interface has always been an issue but WG seem to be making slow progress until a couple patches ago. Dunno why they thought introducing more scrolling (ship modules) & extra clicks (missions) was a good idea. Having said that, I could deal with the crap layout if the UI was snappy. Alas we get the worst of both worlds.
  5. I can certainly understand some players need to skip ships with FXP. WG have no doubt put several 'road-block' ships in every line to incentivise bypassing certain 'lemons'. Tier 9 being the obvious candidate in most cases. Can only think of a handful tier 9s that weren't complete sh!te, Alsace (pre nerf), Kitakaze, Fletcher. Personally I've accelerated thru most of my tier 9s, not because I couldn't handle the grinds but because there was a discount on the tier 10s. One ship I completely skipped was the Izumo. Later bought her when WG buffed the suck out of her.
  6. SlightlyComatose

    In what ship do you have the most Co-op battles?

    Holy crap, some crazy numbers here. Hats off to those that have found their 'spam-boat(s)' ;P BB: Missouri - 349 CA/CL: Des Moines - 143 DD: Lightening - 86 CV: irrelevant
  7. SlightlyComatose

    Georgia Question

    What I like about the Georgia, it makes me play the Missouri more.
  8. Co-op games with a full human roster is just painful where the mercy rule is concerned. Majority of battles have at least 1 red left floating, doubly frustrating when 2 are left. I cough up cash for premium and always run a full set of economic flags to make the XP/credit gain not completely suck. Mercy rule just needs to go.
  9. SlightlyComatose

    We heard you like flags

    Yep it's crazy. Only really wanted 2 flags, skull & crossbones & a fat ginger cat chilling on a black background. Got both of those so life now complete. Wouldn't mind a national flag but can live without it.
  10. SlightlyComatose

    Time to go to Vegas?

    So that's what a steel SC looks like. Nice.
  11. SlightlyComatose

    Henri IV is a Beast!!

    The tier 10 Frenchy has a unfortunate acronym regardless on the preceding pronoun. Just gotta go prepared with protection... :P
  12. SlightlyComatose

    My co-op wish list

    Fair points by OP. I could definitely go for a 8v10 or 10v10 match. Probably also add the dumping of the 'mercy rule' & and a reduction of bot-on-bot collisions in the cap points.
  13. SlightlyComatose

    5 BB Boxes worth 150 tokens?

    Short answer, burn the tokens you can afford to lose. I got my final tier 8 BB unlock in a freebie crate. Already received the 3 other BBs in the 14 premium boxes bought beforehand.
  14. SlightlyComatose

    Who has gotten a Russian BB mission?

    Bought 14 crates (2x 7 bundle) received the tier V, VI & VII. Bought 5 of the freebie creates with tokens & received the tier VIII.