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  1. Alsace or République... or both?

    Have to revise my opinion regarding Alsace & Republique. Alsace was my favourite BB. Glad I finished grinding her before the nerf tho, it's just not the same. Wasn't that enthused about picking up the Republique tho finally did last weekend due to sale. Think I'm converted, probably rate it on par or above the Großer Kürfurst. If the 'Super Alsace', err I mean the Bourgogne is released for anything other than steel, I'll probably change my vote again.
  2. Expensive Weekend

    Been waiting for a tech tree sale for months. Blown half of my credits to get the following; - Helena - Myoko - Chapayev - Charles Martel - Neptune - Iowa - Republique 66 million credits gone. Anyone else hurting for credits since sale began?
  3. If the OP is after a tier 8 cruiser, my vote is for the Prince Eugen. There is always the Kidd since no tier 8 CA/CL or if you're patient the Alaska or the Salem.
  4. What are the most satisfying ships to play?

    Out of the ships I'm not actively grinding (MAASS, Hipper & Seattle), these are ships I'll usually take out at least once; - Alsace - Kronstadt - Missouri - Des Moines - Großer Kurfürst - Conqueror - Prince Eugen - Tirpitz The Yamato comes out occasionally but only because of the epic gun sound & the unique upgrade grind.
  5. As above, the Leander is decent, Fiji is where the Brit Cruiser line gets really good.
  6. Coal question? Salem or wait?

    In a similar situation as you Praos, almost enough coal to purchase the Salem. Personally I'm going to wait as I already have the DM with perma-camo. I'm more interested in picking up the French T10 Bourgogne BB or Brennus CA. This is assuming they're available for coal. The Alaska & Jean Bart is likely to be FXP.
  7. Operation Dynamo Scenerio Questions

    A fully AA spec'd Sims will get you 111dps on the DP 127's with ctrl-click. (BFT, AFT, Manual Fire Control + AA mod & flag) 444dps with Defensive Fire active. Actually these dps figures are probably higher with ctrl-click.
  8. Yep same issue with 'off the charts' News item. The New notifications has always been bugged. Can we have an option to disable News notifications altogether? If I want to check the lastest, I'll alt-tab and check in my browser. The Scale Form IU in port is bad enough as is.
  9. Nelson or the Yet to be released Alaska?

    My thoughts too. Probably skip the Jean Bart, not that interested in a tier 9 Richelieu. Alaska, yup. Kronstadt is surprisingly fun, more thanks. Bourgogne, he'll yes. A tier 10 (un-nerfed) Alsace... yummy. Be very sad if steel only however.
  10. Aside from the 11k HP & secondary layout, the Alsace is a worse Richelieu a tier higher when bow on. Still enjoy the Alsace tho the shine is definitely a bit duller post nerf.
  11. UI Scaling

    Looking forward to checking the UI scaling on my 2560x1600 monitor tonight. I agree with OP, scaling options for individual UI elements would be nice. Not sure I'd like to scale up the 4 row carousel in port up with everything else. Oh well having the scale option is long over due regardless.
  12. Doing the same. After trading for Worcester shark Camo, will use the remaining tokens for 83 crates. Original idea was to pickup the Salem tho might wait till another tier 9/10 ship is released.
  13. What to do with those Shark tokens? Hmmmmm

    Some very disconcerting thinking regarding 'loyalty' for completely fictional teams that'll disappear next patch. There is absolutely no reason to cling to either side once the 75 point cap has been reached. Those that stay are cheating themselves of a ton of flags, camos, coal and potentially a free ship. Personally I'll be switching as soon as I get the invite as I've maxed Shark loyalty today. I'll pickup the freebie Worcester Camo then blow the rest on crates. I'll be blowing all my Eagle tokens on crates as well.
  14. The Kronstadt pays a hefty fee for that extra HP. The Alaska has; -Better armour (thicker belt, smaller citidel) -Good gun handling (better dispersion, heavy shells & increased auto bounce angles) -Good AA. Out of all the FXP ships, play the Mo & Kronstadt the most. The Musashi is the inferior Yammy with some tier 7 puppy-kicking bonus spice. The Nelson is a floating advertisement for free citidels to almost a BB's she faces.
  15. The New WGC Launcher

    While I have little interest in using WG's new launcher, I think people should be more worried about Win10 telemetry gathering. It's pretty disturbing what MS has been allowed to get away with.