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  1. No real interest in subs. Dunno why WeeGee is attempting to introduce another awkward mini-game bolt-on. First there was RTS, next came WoWP and now they're trying an under water mode. Came to WoWs for surface action and not this other nonsense. Also where Subs are concerned, currently half the ships in game have no counterplay. If all your DDs or CLs are sunk, CAs, BBs & CVs will just be food for the submersible sausages.
  2. SlightlyComatose

    Going Old School (PVE Thread)

    Also don't get the Donkey hate, been flogging mine well after I picked up the Moskva. She even has her own 19pt captain. Personally found the Fat Freddy (pre buffs) & Lion to be the worst tier 9 grinds. Never grinded the Uzumo but later bought her as she's one of the better tier 9 BBs now.
  3. SlightlyComatose

    Swirski: Strong-Willed Campaign in Co-op (PVE Thread)

    The Ikea DDs are kinda tough to make work in PVE. Definitely struggling with them myself. Personally been playing them like the French DDs ie opportunistic ambush style. However that's not ideal either as the froggy boats have harder hitting Torps, better torp angles, better guns, more durable (higher HP, funky damage saturation mechanic) and much quicker getting into position (higher top speed & better speed boost). Use islands as much as possible, don't be first spotted unless you can disengage quickly. If no cover available get creative, sail towards the friendly bot US DD and pinch their smoke, they're not going to need it. Execute the red DD quick and steal their smoke for some farming. Abuse the speed & reload on Ikea torps, even the red bots have a hard time cheating, 'cough' I mean dodging your fish. Pick up the captain skills that emphasises torp reload. Spam fish on cool down, one of the few DDs that can dump torps more than twice in a PVE match. Doing the 4th mission myself, if I can't make the Swede tech line work to clear stars, just spam the Friesland and just hold down the left mouse button till the match ends.
  4. SlightlyComatose

    "Mercy Rule" is fixed - what problems did that reveal?

    Hate having full team of humans. Match usually goes one of two ways. Either your in full competing mode with fellow green ships to eek out a whole 300 BXP game. OR watch as your team go full potato and sail to back of map for a lazy flank manoeuvre and I suddenly get lit up with 7 reds aiming at me. Team composition aside, the next thing I'd like WeeGee to sort is the bot ramming algorithm. It's great that bots are hyper aggressive but a bit of restraint would be nice before launching their ship sized torpedos at each other.
  5. SlightlyComatose

    Research Bureau, Who reset a line and why

    Did the RB thing once to get Ohio in January. Reset the Haru line not because I particularly like 'replaying' these DDs (tho 8-10 are great daka-daka boats) but due to economics. The Huragumo line is cheapest to skip up to, something like 670k per trip? Had no interest in regrinding any of my ships Personally the RB was just a convoluted 'cow clicker' way to lose almost all my FXP and lose a big chunk of credits after purchasing back my DDs to clear the stacked RP points. Never bought back the tier 6 & 7 DD even tho there is 6k worth of RPs uncollected. Doubt I'll do it again, horrible system. Would have been more honest of WG to say "he's the shiny'est new Tier 10, it'll cost you 3+ million FXP and at least 25 million credits (single buy-back, grinding thru significantly more in credits & time)..." Even compared to the latest lot of tier 10 FXP ships (2mill -wth), this is stupid expensive. The alternative is sinking a lot of time to grind One line repeatably, no thanks. I remember the good ol days when tier 9 FXP ships (Mo, Musashi, Kronstadt) cost a mere 750k...sigh.
  6. SlightlyComatose

    If You Could Re-Tier Three Ships.....

    It's already there except it's called the Bourgogne. Yeah I miss the old Alsace too. I really miss those doubloons I spent on the permacamo as well. She suffered a few nerfs and the latest effecting all high tier French BBs with IFHE pen on 152mm secondaries.
  7. SlightlyComatose

    Weekend Spree: May 1 to 3, 2020

    It's great to have the bonus 200%, been a while tho incredibly stressful as you want to make the most of it before it ends. Grinding out more lines than I care to & almost exhausted my stock of Draconic flags & type 59s. T7 Kiev, 1 T8 DD unlocked, working on 100k for the other. T7 Shchors, additional XP for split. T9 Donkey, additional XP for split. T10 Moskva, XP component for UU. T8 Albemarle, approx 50k left to Drake. T8 Orkan, approx 100k to Ostergotland. T9 Mogador, approx 120k to Kleber. T9 Chung Mu, under 100k to Yueyang. T9 Brindisi, maybe 70k left till Venezia. T10 Z-52, XP component for UU. T10 Gearing, XP component for UU. T10 Zao, XP component for UU. T10, Henri IV, XP component for UU. T10 Conquerer, XP component for UU. ...
  8. SlightlyComatose

    Length of battles

    Bold move Cotton lets see if it pays off...
  9. SlightlyComatose

    Which Premium is the highest 'Earner'?

    Short answer, aside from credit earnings, yes an Iowa with radar. Yes she has been power crept plus didn't receive the same buff to the heal as the Iowa. Other than that the Mo is a slightly better Iowa due to better armour profile specifically on athwartship & citadel athwartship.
  10. SlightlyComatose

    Best Tech Tree Ships?

    All the tier 10s have their charms, tho the road to them can be rocky. If one were to judge journey rather than destination (for the grind doesn't start till tier 7), I'd pick; BBs Japanese & French. The tier 7, 8 & 9's in these lines are all solid. The Uzumo used to be dumpster fire everyone FXP'ed past, not any more. The French gets a bit wonky at Richelieu but all forgiven with Alsace despite the nerfs. USN, RN, KM & Russian all have at least one, two or all stinkers between 7 & 9. US it's the pudgy Colorado, RN it's the garbage barges Monarch & Lion. KM tho the Gneisenau is a bit iffy the Fat Freddy is the bloated tart you'll gladly part with the FXP to end the torment. Ivan's Fantasy Island boats I just didn't care for period. Cruisers USN Heavies, Russian, RN Lights & KM are all pretty solid between 7 & 9. Almost didn't include the KM because of Roon. Despite the funky reversed turret arrangement, still decent. DDs With the exception of missing the top end Russian & Shima boats, liked all the pew-pew Lolliboats with exception to the French & Pan Euro. Haru line, USN, RN & KM were all a enjoyable grinds 7 thru 9.
  11. SlightlyComatose

    I detonated a friendly

    Agreed. All bots red or green are the enemy. Having said that I never intentionally shoot a 'friendly' ship.. except on that one occasion 2 days ago. A low health 'friendly' Des Moines was about to cap out the match with 2 relatively healthy red bots left. Fired the salvo, deleted that sucker, and took the pink penalty. Didn't lose any sleep over it. :P
  12. SlightlyComatose

    Will there be new Research Bureau

    Agreed. The RB is WG lazy way of sponging back credits & FXP from players without offering a 'meaningful exchange' for the effort. As a PVE player, it was an expensive exercise for me to get my Ohio as it burnt thru most of my FXP and large chunk of my credits. This was accomplished by resetting the cheapest line (Haru) five times. Still haven't bought back the tier 6 & 7 DDs to claim the X5 RPs back and I bought the Ohio back in early January. Would have preferred an extended mission or campaign to obtain these tier 10 boats rather than the convoluted mess that is the RB.
  13. SlightlyComatose

    Co-op Economy & General Advice

    Plus you'll be refunded the cost of any premium consumables in your inventory. If you have any missions that reward consumables like the Legendary/Unique Upgrades do, grind 'em out now. The LU/UU give 50 prem consumables, that's 1.1 million credits each. Just realised WG has replaced the consumables rewards with credits.
  14. SlightlyComatose

    Trading Steel for coal

    Personally I'd never convert steel to coal but OP specifically stated he'd never use it due to CV only play. God help us if WG ever released a CV for steel.
  15. SlightlyComatose

    How To Puerto Rico

    Haven't played mine since Christmas break. Did the same, brought the 3 boosters and ground out the rest. To me the PR wasn't the 'highlight' of the 2019-2020 season, it was the gorgeous froggy baguette ... Bourgogne. The Puerto Rico event provided me the last lot of steel needed to purchase. Anyway, Bourgogne is the superior 12 gun Heavy Cruiser! 😜