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  1. What is the point of operations?

    The Operations have been great way to grind out credits, FXP, commander XP and dust of those tier 6 prems. Running around in Sharnhorst, Atlanta, Belfast, etc has been especially profitable in the tier 7 group. Wondering if tier 8 Operations will ever find it's way into the game, now that would be something.
  2. The port UI in general is terrible. Personally I'd like to the following fixed; 1. Lag. Switching between different ships and various elements within port is beyond annoying. 2. All consumables should be under a single tab. Flicking between camos, signals & consumables is annoying enough but combined with lag... Really F'ing annoying. 3. Carousel. With 4 levels I find it difficult to locate my ship even with a few filters applied. As Frodo mentioned in his post regarding the dimming of the ship portraits, it not sufficient to hide ships you're not interested in. My suggestion the carousel needs a 'favourite' filter. You right click on a ship to add to Favorites then apply the Favourite filter. Every ship not tagged should be completely removed from carousel. Be also nice to have a 'Reserve' option for those Port Queens that you don't want to see or sell. 4. UI scaling. While it would be nice to upscale the UI in port, it would be more useful in game. Particularly the Minimap & aiming reticle. Throw some contrast options on shell traces while you're at it for maps with poor lighting. Armoured Warfare had a semi-decent UI around 12mths ago before they went full reta7d when porting the game for gaming consoles. It's now become a 'clicky / scrolly' mess. I agree with all the posters above regarding their suggestions for improving the UI.
  3. As the title says, you get hit with additional charges if you decide to gift to other players in different countries. I don't remember this being a thing and I've spent a bit on sending one of my Polish mates gifts. Current Price of Santa's Big x5 pack $16.75 (AUD) What it costs to send to mate in Poland $17.57 (AUD) This is accompanied with the message; "Price Changed - The recipient resides in a country where the price of this item is different"... I selected some random names (not sure where they're from) and this can go as high as $19.00 (AUD) for this item. Has anyone else had any experience with this? Price of Santa Big x5 for me in Australian Dollars; Price to send same gift to friend in Poland, again in Aussie Dollars;
  4. Your Best and Your Worst Purchase

    I thought it was a bit meh first time I took it out. Then you realise it does a bit of everything, well. It's like a Sharnhorst at tier 6 but with better torps & defensive fire/hyro. The Swiss Army knife of boats. :)
  5. Your Best and Your Worst Purchase

    Best: Tirpitz, Missouri*, Scharnhorst, Graf Spee. Worst: Bama, Nelson*, Santa crates**. *FXP ships, still cost time and cash for the camos & flags. I thought the Hood was a bit meh but at least it's consistent. The Nelson is all over the place. Some games are absolute monsters, other games you eat a ton of crits thru it's enormous nose. **Santa crates were fun except for 8 Emdens I received. The 10pt German captains as a consolation were ok however.
  6. PayPal Pack [edited].

    Was planning to purchase this package today. The restrictions for Premium Tier 8 ships for the XP, Commander XP & FXP only is disappointing. Having said that, the same bonuses (reduced, +25/+25/+50 respectively) are still applicable for Tiers 1 thru 7 however. Might still be worth it for me as I'm still grinding some tier 5, 6 & 7 ships.
  7. New effects -- Awful

    I'm mystified by some of replies. Are people on the forum playing the same game as me? Perhaps the graphic settings do alter the 'level of visual impairment' offed by the new effects? I'm playing at 2650x1600 with graphics setting set to med/high. Have details and draw distance set to highest level if I remember correctly. From where I'm sitting, the new graphic effects are a straight up nerf to aiming. We already have some nasty RnG to 'balance' that called dispersion. Bad enough when my own ship is a wash with flames & black smoke. God forbid if I'm trying to shoot at the same target the rest of team is aiming at. Water splashes completely obscure the enemies ship heading. Should I cheer when my teammates can't shoot for sh!t so I can aim at red bote unhindered? Comments regarding effects being realistic, WoWs is NOT a simulator, it's an arcade game. Perhaps a couple compromises can be reached. WG could either provide an option to turn-down/disable or add the enemies ship as a silhouette when masked by fire, smoke or water splashes.
  8. Changed my mind. The effects are range are NOT okay, they're just as obnoxious as when knife fighting. Trolly dispersion is more than enough RnG when trying to target a ship obscured by water splash effects.
  9. Shopping cart for the premium shop?

    Silly oversight. Come on WG, help us help you to throw money at you...
  10. At range the new effects are kinda ok. When knife fighting, the effects are obnoxious.
  11. WoWS 2nd anniversary is coming...

    Same. Those Dragon flags are fantastic for earning obscene amounts of FXP & commander/elite commander XP.
  12. No. Don't see the point in typing unconstructive comments in chat. Considering it was a bot, not sure I'd be able to hurt it's feelings... ;P
  13. Had similar problem a couple weeks ago in a PvE match with my Missouri. :Craddock the arsehat launched 3 torps into the bow of my ship barely a ship length away. I had no chance to evade. We were navigating between a crowded string of islands and there was no chance of this Muppet's torps hitting a red ship. Was waiting for the apologies then realised it was a bot. It just triggered me so fired my forward guns into his Fiji. I removed half his health which immediately reflected the damage to me turning me pink with a bonus trip back to port. I've earned pink status before but I've never deliberately fired on a friendly before. I consider bots on my team red ships in disguise now.
  14. HMS Nelson Grind thread

    If it had to do the FXP grind again, I wouldn't change the order. Mo first then the Nelly. Regarding the comparison with Dunkirk, the similarities are superficial. Had real trouble with the guns flinging shells every which way. The Nelly's guns are far better behaved. The AA becomes decent with the AA mod & AFT spec however. It's no Gneisenau spec'd fully for AA, things a no fly zone. In short the Mo is worth the wait. :)
  15. Finally completed last task. Did it in my Bismarck tho i was a little worried when i saw a division load in with a Yamato, Iowa & F.Der Grobe with me in the PvE match. Only bots but still nerve racking solo'ing a Yamato & Iowa.