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  1. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    ModStation is Working

    Just opened ModStation and it downloaded updates and installed my selected mods correctly.
  2. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Happy Canada Day!!

    Happy Canada Day. Taking out my Haida, Huron, and Yukon shortly to say sorry to the reds!
  3. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Canada Day

    You forgot our hissy cobra chickens too.
  4. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Canada Day

    WG really missed the opportunity to put Huron, Haida, and Yukon in the shop and make an event similar to that the Americans get every single year......always events for our southern neighbours holidays but nothing for us except a Canada Day flag..... at least the flag looks good on my Haida.
  5. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Used up my luck for the year

    Hoe does one get a free Wings of Freedom Container?
  6. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Brisbane vs Minotaur

    Is Brisbane better than Mino even though she las longer range torps and HE?
  7. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Festivus: Airing of Grievances

    Time to get the pole out of the crawlspace.
  8. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Second Steel Ship Obtained

    Finally finished grinding all of my snowflakes and finally got my 2nd Steel ship added to my fleet..... *Reload or Range in Slot 6? I have PM, Gear Grease, Brisk, AR, CE, ERS, and ERE for Captain skills so far.
  9. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    PRIME Santa Gifts SUPER DROP!

    Use that ship with Lutjens in Narai
  10. So this morning, I logged in at 7AM before heading for todays final exam (I'm a college student) to get my daily reward.......it was a Santa box. Sweet! Then after the exam, get back home to try the Prime drops of the Santa crates.... Then I found out I passed the exam in the high 80s and passed the course (Cisco Network Routing). WG, can I have the same luck like this for tomorrows and Mondays exams? Make my daily login reward the 2 remaining Santa crates :P
  11. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    My prime drop rewards

    First off, I opened my daily login reward which was this: Then collected my Prime Rewards and got this...
  12. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    8 Certificate Mega Crates opened : )

    I got 6 Mega crates and got the Russian T6 Gulio Cesare
  13. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    First steel ship

    Bourge is a solid choice.
  14. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Steel in Santa Crates

    So I did the math, and once I finish my T9/9 snowflaskes, ill be short 1050 steel when coupon is applied for Incomparable. Is steel still a possible reward in this years Santa crates or just when I get all the missing ships?
  15. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Christmas came 18 days early.....

    She is! Played 3 rounds with her tonight and my average damage was 115k. Those guns SLAP and the APR2 mod in slot 6 helps.