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  1. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    No Orkan in the Premium shop today?

    Heres hoping California is released on Friday...or Odin
  2. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    How was your Part 2 Opening Day (BRN CA's)?

    lmbo...why waste roughly...25,000 doubloons on tokens for a mediocre commander? You should play Random more so you can get the missions done quicker instead of lame Co-op
  3. Copy pasta is stronk! LOL
  4. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Premium shop - what's there, what's not (observations).

    They won't be coming back....until next year maybe. They need to release the California already
  5. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    USS California Release

    I was hoping to buy Cali tomorrow....screw the Arp crap.
  6. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    The 3 New Pan-Asian Premium Ships (Bajie, Wukong, Siliwangi)

    How many did you buy?
  7. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Login issues, 15 Jan 2020

    just wait it out
  8. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Stage 1 Done + New BRN CA Impressions

    Question, but whats with the logo on the top right side of your Port screenshots? Would like to see the ship stats list
  9. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    PSA: Puerto Rico Doubloon Boosters Expire Today

    Not worth it.....i'll only get done up to Phase 25
  10. So I am already halfway done Stage 4 and only bought 1 booster. I am struggling with Directive 3 even though I have Gorizia. Have 7,000 doubloons and it says I'll complete up to Phase 26 of the PR build. Could someone help me calculate if buying the 2nd and 3rd booster will be enough to get PR without paying the 35000 doubloons? I'm currently getting 618 points per minute.
  11. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    1 Year Premium Sale In RU Shop

    Ugh....still no California
  12. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Huh? New British Premium Ships?

    Was browsing the extended tech tree in ModStation and saw these..... TVIII Cheshire and TVI London
  13. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Pestering a Puerto Rico

    Looked at his stats....he only survived 1/6 battles in PR so far. LOL
  14. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    $800 dollars in, got Mo

    Less than 1,000 battles and you decided to drop $800?
  15. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    California Release

    Oh, okay thanks for the clarification.