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  1. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    2nd Steel Ship

    so I already have Flint and Black and now with the 25% steel coupon, I have enough for either Bourgenone or Incomparable. What would each ships gimmick be?
  2. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    It's 17 F right now but I don't think I'm going to complain about the cold

    It can get to -40/-50 in northern Canada too. Currently a chilly -30 where I am. :)
  3. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Facebook Ban LOL

    you spelled "like" wrong also teh is not "the"
  4. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    RIP, Meatloaf

    Playing Bat out of Hell while in battle. RIP
  5. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    PSA: Sackville Camo

    For those who have HMCS Yukon, there is a free Sackville camo for her under the Camouflage tab.
  6. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Canadians Confession

    Imma cast you some Timbits and insulin!
  7. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    I got it :(

    I just had surgery on January 7th......tested negative even after surgery. Either my immune system is strong or Omicron hates me lol
  8. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Big Santa Crate Reward

    Used up the last 3 New Years Certificates to buy 1 big Santa Crate...... Tell me shes a fun bote.
  9. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    My Luck Lately.... Jeez

    So, I opened my daily reward from the Armory which was a Santa Small crate. What did I get? ....
  10. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    my 40 Mega Crate Haul

    We have Lotto Max and 649 up here in Canada. I went and boughta ticket and only won $2.00.... enough for a coffee on my way to work on Monday :P. And I have mostly all of the ships minus Agir, Hayate, Tulsa, Kersarge, Carnot, M Immelman, Marceau, Rochester, Belfast 43, Bayard, Ochakov, Tiger 59
  11. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    what steel ship next?

  12. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    my 40 Mega Crate Haul

  13. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    my 40 Mega Crate Haul

    So work gave us each a $200 prepaid Visa gift card this year for Xmas. I loaded a Karma Koin card and decided to buy 40 Mega crates. I fell out of my chair..... I now have enough leftover doubloons for Schefflins camo and am now just hoping for Agir then I'd have saved 3M FXP. Merry Christmas all!
  14. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Visa Pre Paid Gift Cards

    Ticket sent :)
  15. Adm_Nate_Ellis937

    Visa Pre Paid Gift Cards

    So I got a $200 CAD gift card and I registered it and whatnot but when I try to buy something that's well under the limit, I keep getting an error. Has this happened to anyone else?