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  1. delp5117

    Ouch, A Costly Blunder

    I guess the captain shouldn't have turned off the Collision Avoidance alert in his settings...
  2. The real question here is how OP is Musashi?
  3. delp5117

    Bonus Code I Found On FaceBook

    Thanks for posting this! It will help heal my sorry from this morning's ranked experience...
  4. delp5117

    Baby Ranked party thread

    Absolutely not. Playing the Emerald makes you a real man.
  5. delp5117

    Weird Picture

    The salt and toxicity has coalesced to take human form! Either that, or another mystery to unravel like last year??
  6. delp5117

    The Official "Carry Harder" thread

    Let me translate: "He's trying to say that his signature explains that he has a lot more battles on his main account."
  7. I only display patches. Showing off a special insignia is one way to get sniped (by hovering over the players on the team roster prior to the start of the match)...
  8. There is nothing that is broken enough in the current mechanics to warrant "fixing" it. DD's have torps and Cruisers have HE to counter BB's already. This change is unnecessary.
  9. delp5117

    well this game has got me to surrender now

    It's deadly serious. Especially to Aobas...
  10. delp5117

    well this game has got me to surrender now

    As you may know, Stephen Hawking predicted that AI is a clear threat to humans and apparently to fragile IJN cruisers, as well. I think this thread has illustrated quite clearly that the we are on beginning of the road to the end...
  11. delp5117

    Can't unsee this

    I thought this was headed to a discussion of reproductive organs, as well...
  12. I buy premium time on multiple WG games (and maybe a bunch of Santa crates? I can't recall...), but I don't spend money to convert free XP, either!
  13. Good addition with regard to Free XP. I will add that I only use free XP to purchase "free" premium ships these days (I have Missouri, Nelson, and Musashi). I never use it personally for upgrades or to skip ships in a tech tree line. Stock ships in WoWs are far better equipped to be able to contribute in battles than stock tanks in WoT.
  14. In other words, to get to a ship that is at the end of a line in a tech tree, you have to play the ships preceding it (which will be in the same nation).