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  1. I love the De Grasse and the higher tier Frenchies are more like her. The only hitch in the line for me was the La Gal (ok - not great). One of my favorite lines overall.
  2. Who cares? That's part of the fun.
  3. Chat banned while already being chat banned

    This short video from Wargaming outlines the new Chat Ban policy that folks have been noticing. Unfortunately, I am not sure that any appeals process exists...
  4. Friday night down?

    Got kicked as soon as my game ended.
  5. Friday night down?

    Same here. So much for 200% XP...
  6. DO NOT reveal your ally position!

    Hate it when people do that. It's one of the worst offenses you can commit, in my opinion. Agree that removing ALL chat would be a good solution, as it's not needed for team communication, anyway.
  7. Thar Gray Paint on the De Grasse

    I believe she was struck and discolored by a large wheel of brie in that area as it was being hoisted onto the ship. The easiest remedy was to just paint over the stain...
  8. Just don't broadcast your laughter to "All" chat. Share it with your team only. I know that a few times that I have gotten Devastating Strikes in Fuso, I've said, "that never gets old." I just keep it to my own team, though...
  9. Current WOWS banner header pic:

    I happen to work in the pet business. There are plenty of factories in China that would make dog float coats (like the one on the current header) or carriers for WG. Just like the torpillow, however, it comes down to whether they would sell enough to make it worth the effort.

    Squishy low/mid tier cruisers are perfect XP and Dev Strike piñatas...
  11. Warships gets its own anime?!

    So this is where Steven Seagal is going?
  12. I have the same problem with some debit transactions. If WG is going to sell in NA, they need to have local handling of our transactions so you can use flexible forms of payment. The lure to manage corporate tax rates will prevent that from happening, though...
  13. Why did you pick your patch?

    Since people were very upset about the patches to begin with, I chose a magical and friendly Unicorn to flash on the kill cam as a goodwill gesture. I feel that it is both far less menacing than a sloth or shark, and more noble than an insect or a rodent. I am really hoping that the rainbow animation enhancement I have requested (by ticket) will arrive in the next patch.