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  1. I think you should consider taking over as clan commander to set them on the path to improvement!
  2. Which cruiser?

    Roon and Henri are my favorites out of your list. Donskoi was alright when upgraded, and I made it to the Zao a while back, but did not have fun with Ibuki at all.
  3. End Situational Awareness

    Not everyone takes PT, depending on the ship. I think a good number of folks take PM (as suggested by the wiki on dd's - as below), instead, and assume they are getting targeted when in range of enemy ships.
  4. End Situational Awareness

    Just because players know when they are spotted doesn't mean they actually have any actual sense of situational awareness.
  5. Finally got Kraken!!!

    Congrats! Krakens and Devastating Strikes never get old!
  6. I think you should be put on Double Secret Probation, instead...
  7. Pissed off player

    If you are this frustrated at 55 battles, you are going to be VERY frustrated when you are low tier at Tier V and above for multiple games in a row. If you want to stay sane, you have to try to enjoy the game from the perspective of helping the team to the best of your ability in each game win OR lose.
  8. Is USS Arizona worth the price

    I have never regretted buying her. She helped me get my first captain to 19 points and I used her a lot in Tier VI ranked. Still like playing her, even though she is slow. Good guns and armor make up for it...
  9. Looking for tips on the Kirov.

    I play the Molotov quite a bit and it is the same squishy hull as the Kirov one tier higher. You can have great games in these boats or take a complete beating. A few things I try to practice... 1) Situational awareness through the minimap and use of the captain skill Primary Target is key. 2) When you are in the open, keep moving and changing your angle for those folks shooting at you, as well as waiting to turn away from pressure until after you have been fired upon (so you don't give a full broadside target when they have loaded guns). Best to stay at least 10km plus out in the open, too! 3) Use terrain to your advantage when you can. The gun arcs are not high, but you can still find spots that you can shoot over islands (of the ends of islands) to temporarily minimize your exposure. 4) Go dark or get lost in the crowd! When you have multiple ships shooting at you, don't be afraid to hold fire for 20 seconds and go dark (undetected) for a minute or two so you can reposition in a safer spot. You can also steer your boat behind a teammate like a BB to take the heat off of you and pass it to a ship that can take fire a lot easier than you. Hope that helps!
  10. All that luck with Santa and now this?? Can only be chalked up to clean living. Congrats!
  11. When you finally see this...

    Lost six in a row one star away from 10, too...
  12. Maybe the early inhabitants of this island installed a pump system to create the waterfall, using a secret energy source? Then they could hide their pirate treasure behind the curtain of water at the bottom...
  13. Please Delete Thread, incorrect forum

    Need to submit a screen shot through a ticket, not here on the forums (not supposed to post names).