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  1. delp5117

    Why is Dallas such a turd...

    I used to play cruisers at distance in open water for the most part. Dallas was the first cruiser that forced me to learn positioning - abuse of terrain, ambushing DD's, hitting ships distracted by teammates, etc. If you pick up the basics of this in Dallas, it can be a dangerous ship. Helena takes things to another level entirely. With IFHE, she is just a beast that makes ships melt.
  2. delp5117

    Wait, WHAT? (snowflakes)

    Only wins (a lot of folks have been running co-op for this). Amount of coal or steel depends on tier and if the ship is a premium.
  3. delp5117

    Xbox release date

    True - it has been stated that the console version launch will not include CV's...
  4. delp5117


    The flowers look droopy and sad.
  5. delp5117

    Buyer Beware... Prinz Eitel Fredrich

    Got an Ashitaka from Santa and it rocks!
  6. delp5117

    Mouse & Lert's Most Memorable Premiums of 2018

    Thanks for the additional Cossack feedback! I aim to get better at DD's one of these days, so I went and plopped down my $10.98 to get to 50 Guineas...
  7. I also recall the tech tree premium sale being after Christmas last year. I know I picked up three or four.
  8. delp5117

    Looking for a T9/T10 Scharnhorst

    Good suggestion! Alsace has speed and pretty good agility, but lower caliber guns (plenty of them). She's probably my favorite T9 BB...
  9. delp5117

    Better Progression for Ranked?

    This is a very clear example of why basing ranked solely on XP would not recognize strong team play in certain vital roles.
  10. delp5117

    Better Progression for Ranked?

    1) There are only five players on a team in this ranked sprint season. The success of your team is actually highly dependent on how a single player performs. Therefore, progression is not just based on luck. 2) "Save a star" behavior sounds exactly the same as maximize individual XP behavior to me (which you propose), as XP scores are an aggregate based on kills, damage, etc. Just keeping things fair, I hope you might consider reporting yourself for calling other forum folk "ignorant" for expressing opinions you don't agree with....
  11. With all of the snowflakes you can get on the ships right now that should get you to your coal number. You can use the crate items for other stuff...
  12. Depends on whether you want a ship that earns better than average credits and can be used as a captain trainer... two benefits of Musashi.
  13. I don't regret getting the Musashi, at all. She is a solid ship. Gonna be a big target when the carrier rework gets released, though...
  14. Pretty typical cruiser captain skills for me for the first 10 points: ...