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  1. Since folks have brought up the 19 point captains (which are awesome!), you might want to check out this podcast from Maddminister that talks about captain training strategy - including using flags, camos, other boosts, etc... https://www.warshiptactics.com/warship-tactics-podcast/2018/5/7/wtp-19-point-captains-051
  2. I do move my lead commander up the line with each new boat so I have my most experienced commander in the highest tier ship. However, if I really like a particular line and want to keep more than one ship to play, I'll reload one of the lower tier ships with a new new captain and start grinding them up, as well. Once you get to 10 points, you generally have a decent set of captain skills for a particular type of ship.
  3. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    It's a valid tactic to stay in a group of ships that can draw fire away from you if you are in a poorly armored ship like a CL. I expect to draw fire away from my teammates when I am driving a BB, too. What the OP describes is not always an act of selfishness...
  4. A Gentle Shift

    Being patient, but also having the willingness to walk (float) the edge of the knife.
  5. Sounds like dating. Glad I don't have to do that anymore...
  6. Greater interaction with nature

    Every ice map should have narwhals. No doubt about it.
  7. I'm In Love

    Was looking forward to the Boise, too, but kinda bummed she is going to be in her Argentinian garb (Nueve de Julio)...
  8. Regretting Alabama Purchase

    I love my Alabama. Don't regret purchasing her one bit. Directly comparing her and Massachusetts seems like apples and oranges.
  9. Has anyone calculated...

    Sleep well, as you are rich in experienced captains!
  10. Congrats Russia!

    Not very pretty to watch, but an effective strategy for Russia. Anything can happen in PK's!
  11. I would save your free XP and just work down a line you enjoy. Personally, I really like the French and German lines because you don't have to hide behind islands to play them effectively. It really depends on your play style, though...
  12. wth is wrong with izumo's gun

    It's not an easy ship to play, but the guns (beyond the wonky turret configuration) are not the problem in my experience.
  13. DeGrasse is my favorite for an all around mid-tier cruiser that is fun to play and a good captain trainer. She can still compete when up-tiered and can really excel when top tier. I play her in the open water a lot, since she has good mobility and access to speed boost. Cruisers that have to be parked behind an island all the time are not as fun for me (though she can do that, too, when necessary).
  14. Graf Spee or Duca Da Aosta?

    For some reason, I really enjoy tier 6 cruisers. Spee is unique and a lot of fun to play.