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  1. Arathus_1

    Commander Skills, Premium Ships and PVE

    I'm real close too. Scores seem down and it's just not fun right now.
  2. Arathus_1

    Server Overloaded?

    Same here, looks like Ill miss out on the Strasbourg.
  3. Arathus_1

    Quitting Due to Secondary Nerf ( excessive )

    I mostly play co-op and ops and find secondary builds a lot of fun. I'm gonna see how this plays when its out and then make a decision. If the fun factor is diminished, I'll take a break.
  4. Arathus_1

    Your Best ####... (PVE Thread)

    Co-op games played: 8729 Most damage ever done in a game: 310,161 (Kurfurst) Most kills in a single game: 6 (3 way tie) Most planes shot down in a game: 65 (Agir) Most played ship overall: (Scharnhorst) 670 Most played premium BB: (Scharnhorst) Most played tech tree BB: (Gneisenau) 267 Most played premium CL/CA: (Graf Spee) 242 Most played tech tree CL/CA: (Fiji) 193 Most played premium DD: (Okhotnik) 42 Most played tech tree DD: V-170 74 Most played premium CV: 0 Most played tech tree CV: 0 Most damage done in a BB: 310,161 (Kurfurst) Most damage done in a CL/CA: 235,204 (Minotaur) Most damage done in a DD: 139,638 (Okhotnik) Most damage done in a CV: 0 Most kills in a BB: 6 Most kills in a CL/CA: 6 Most kills in a DD: 4 Most kills in a CV: 0 Most planes shot down in a BB: 65 Most planes shot down in a CL/CA: 65 Most planes shot down in a DD: 12 Most planes shot down in a CV: 0
  5. Arathus_1

    No daily shipments for North America

    Yep, same here.
  6. Arathus_1

    They did it again! (PVE Thread)

    I've played a few randoms and more ops and have got zero achievements so far. So much for this one.
  7. Arathus_1

    They did it again! (PVE Thread)

    I don't post much here, but I do read the forums quite a bit. I would also be out the door if this happened.
  8. Arathus_1

    HMS Hood any good?

    I was thinking the same thing about Cheshire too.
  9. Arathus_1

    Pommern in COOP

    First game in her yesterday. Love it so far!
  10. His SO (significant other?) has the issues from what I gather.
  11. Arathus_1

    Best game EVER!

    Wow, I don't post much but seeing that brings back so many memories. We would combine that game with War at Sea, thank you!!
  12. Arathus_1


    A friend and I play mostly CO-OP, in division a lot. For some reason, about 90% of the time, we are placed in the middle to start. The times I play solo, mostly I'm placed on one side or the other, just wondering if this is common.
  13. Arathus_1

    Mod station update. No high fps allowed?

    From MatroseFuchs : Posted Friday at 06:59 AM Update modifications for client version Modifications of the FPS restriction (120 and 350) are temporarily disabled until the causes and bugs of the telegraph ship are clarified and eliminated. Update modifications occurs when you start ModStation and does not require reinstallation of the program, just run the program and, if necessary, apply the update previously installed modifications of the game Regards
  14. Arathus_1

    best yolo oink oink

    Love the Hotnik!