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  1. Arathus_1

    Best game EVER!

    Wow, I don't post much but seeing that brings back so many memories. We would combine that game with War at Sea, thank you!!
  2. Arathus_1


    A friend and I play mostly CO-OP, in division a lot. For some reason, about 90% of the time, we are placed in the middle to start. The times I play solo, mostly I'm placed on one side or the other, just wondering if this is common.
  3. Arathus_1

    Mod station update. No high fps allowed?

    From MatroseFuchs : Posted Friday at 06:59 AM Update modifications for client version Modifications of the FPS restriction (120 and 350) are temporarily disabled until the causes and bugs of the telegraph ship are clarified and eliminated. Update modifications occurs when you start ModStation and does not require reinstallation of the program, just run the program and, if necessary, apply the update previously installed modifications of the game Regards
  4. Arathus_1

    best yolo oink oink

    Love the Hotnik!
  5. Arathus_1

    Getting Set on Fire More Often by Bots?

    Funny you brought this up, seems like the North Carolina gets fires like mad lately, shrugs*.
  6. Been finding myself playing less these days, games have been so unsatisfying.
  7. Arathus_1

    Transport glitches in Narai

    Also have seen a couple of times where one transport just keeps going straight into the enemies.
  8. Arathus_1


    From my understanding, you can reset a ship line as long as you have researched the tier 10 ship in that line. I just got the Kurfürst and the guns but nothing shows I can do any kind of reset. Thanks.
  9. Arathus_1

    Stuck on Authorization?

    No problems til this morning and I am NOT on Spectrum, I have Comcast. Stuck on authorization screen.
  10. Arathus_1

    Directive progression

    My fault, skimmed over it.
  11. Arathus_1

    Directive progression

    Hello, the directive for Pyrotechnics is not advancing for me when I have set many ships on fire. Anyone else?
  12. Arathus_1

    Mercy rule in Coop sucks!

    Just had 4 torps just about ready to hit a Kirishima and the battle ends with 2 ships left, can't take much more of this.
  13. Arathus_1

    5 most played ships in co-op

    Scharnhorst 484 Gneisenau 267 Bismarck 234 Graf Spee 224 Katori 194 I'm kinda surprised to see the Katori in there, but it is a fun ship.
  14. Arathus_1

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Love the Massachusetts.
  15. Arathus_1

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Wasn't a fan of this ship at first.