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  1. Ahskance

    They really screwed up CV's

    Right now, players are still trying to look at what they were doing a week ago and figuring out how to do it now. The answer is... the game is different now. You as a CV should accept that while you can help with DDs that are spotted by your team, or engaged by your team, you're just not going to be able to effect them consistently outside of that. Put a different way, your team has to step up. It might take them a while to learn that... and they may fail at the task... but that burden isn't on you in the same way it was before. ----- Some folks say the strength of CVs is spotting, or damage, or a myriad of whatever. The strength of CVs lie in their "Possibilities". They CAN do X, or Y, or Z, or A, or B, or C, or D, or ... That's not to say they can do them all -well-, but when you have so many possibilities open to you, it's easy for others to just imagine you can handle the situation. Like some over-stressed secretary for a high-powered executive... you'll "handle it". This change is the Game Devs telling you, "You can HELP with this, but your TEAM needs to HANDLE this." Take that for what it's worth and accept that the other possibilities are the priority now.
  2. Ahskance

    They really screwed up CV's

    There are more teams trying double Battleship since the change, so it may become more of a thing. CVs aren't necessarily supposed to be a big source of damage, because overlapped AA really can deal with them quite effectively. The spotting and information they provide is the biggest selling point, as well as the rapid response "Oh no, I just took a bad trade. CV can I get some support to try and salvage this?" The Flak change in 10.1 and the improved Fighters have made CVs much weaker, especially in coordinated play. So while you can capitalize on your enemy's mistake/isolated positions, I find it's much more about supporting your team's effort than expecting your own effort to carry the day.
  3. I can be tempting to see the "Everything shoots at once" as a return to RTS, but the damage numbers of a full flight are still within the boundaries of the other CVs. Also, RTS could have 3, 4 or even 5 FULL FLIGHTS of damage dropped at the same time. This is limited to one flight shooting once and then the CV making a return trip... so the damage is spread out over multiple interactions (which is in line with the Rework concepts). ----- Changing it so that "every plane kill matters" is likely a direct response to feedback where players say plane kills don't feel important. I thought it was a cool idea, and I hope it functions ok in higher tiers. Much as folks rag on AA, plane kills DO happen.
  4. My clan buddy said my titling form is too bland <3 I went not just with some Clancy, but a Hammer pun in the description of the video. No worries... only Seconds were used in the naming of this video, no Minutes were harmed.
  5. So, I don't know if I add this to my compendium or not... but I will put it here since folks keep asking me. I recorded a talk-through on stream about what the other CV options are, and talked about how they fit into the team/play experience. Note: Probably no Language in this one? Still, I doth do swears~ Raw Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nhjbGc-KHQ
  6. Hidden Menace, you mean? It's usable right now, but it costs you planes. If you're shooting at a ship from 1km away, then the retreating planes that just attacked at climbing to cloud cover in the full power of the target's AA. The Russian Skip Bombers will likely recall at 3.4 or so, so they would be in mid-range and inside of flak spawn. Torps could be similar with the longer ranged drop. With the 2 Squadrons on deck, the reduced speed of return means you still have options (until planes are dead, anyway). Nope, but there are players that already push up with other CVs that can't maintain that pace. The reason the Soviet CV might push up is more because of the slow speeds on the planes. Slow planes are ineffective planes. It's more time for an enemy to see what's coming and plan for it. It's more time for an enemy CV to get in position to fighter an approach. It's less about blitzing resources and more about actually getting to use those resources before the enemy has braced and positioned to stop their being useful.
  7. I explore the blog post revealing Soviet CVs! I invited along a clanmate from our competitive team to provide a bit of surface ship perspective as well~ These CVs are said to rely on detection so they can get close enough to drop the Hammer Blow. Can slow planes and low health hold them back? Seems plane losses actually reduce the incoming damage in a completely direct way! Note: Language Warning. Some Casual Swearing~ Raw Link: https://youtu.be/2OidUAIvKwo
  8. Ahskance

    Hak and FDR banned from Clan

    There's always a rental option for folks that just want to play. I'm sure they'll have something that fits as a work around for newer folks in early leagues.
  9. Ahskance

    Let's Talk About Short Sightedness

    Something else to know. I was about to quit the game when it was announced CVs would be put into Clan Battles. That one decision by WarGaming saved this game for me and has led to me devoting easily 200 hours a month to the game and community.
  10. Ahskance

    Let's Talk About Short Sightedness

    The Hakuryu wasn't super special, but she was used in maybe 70-80% of matches I'd guess. The FDR is likely still an outlier at lower leagues. This will force people to diversify their CV choices a bit. I wouldn't be surprised if the bans lift after a few weeks of folks trying other CVs for a while.
  11. Ahskance

    Total N00B playing CV

    Personally, I use Def AA depending on what the enemy planes are more than whether they're after me or not. Rocket planes can be juked assuming I have the room to maneuver, so they're a judgement call (since you juggle AA on and off). Stopping Bombs or Torpedoes that are en route to a friendly ship is definitely a moment for DFAA to shine.
  12. Ahskance

    Total N00B playing CV

    Yep. Bonus points if you prep yourself so that you not only force them to accept action but you can rotate the ship to force them to stay in a Sector. The +3 flak from the Slot 6 Upgrade and 4-point skill gives the Halland a 50% increase in flak. Without warning the AA is coming, those initial flak placements can be brutal and force either a pre-drop to bail or a recall altogether. I love my Halland <3
  13. Ahskance

    Total N00B playing CV

    This is a more normal example of a player who has played for a time, but still need guidance on the concepts for aiming and movement. This is why I note that you're atypical, but I hope you continue to play. If you get a chance to run CVs in a higher tier Ranked session, you'll find a more consistent level of challenge to show what you can and cannot do with more regularity. Randoms can vary quite wildly. Raw Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87TM7diyNXc
  14. Ahskance

    Total N00B playing CV

    It makes me sad to see Hallands that don't shred planes. Some folks don't spec for AA on a Halland (which is sadness), and other folks haven't learned how to use their kit to trap and kill planes. When you meet the Halland that has a clue, you will know~
  15. Ahskance

    Total N00B playing CV

    Actually, not garbage at all. It's not uncommon to have 40-90k damage games even at Tier 10 if you're running around trying to help your team. If you're focusing on damage farming, a Tier 10 probably provides about 150k damage in general before you run out of resources. More damage if folks let you roll fires on them or misposition and give you more Damage Per Plane (as your Resource to Damage conversion is the limiting factor on damage farming playstyles). You'll need to learn how to get citadels with German CVs. It's a more advanced line that require precision targeting. If you're not getting citadels, then you won't keep pace with the influence/pressure from the other CV.