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  1. Google was fined heavily enough that it got real serious about an old law protecting kids from having info harvested about them (context: youtube harvests viewer/demographic info for sales). There's a new box for "Video's for kiddos" vs "Not for kiddos". Check as appropriate. Because "For Kiddos" doesn't get targeted ad revenue bucks, YouTube is concerned folks will make videos for kids, but say they aren't (for sweet sweet ad revenue). Expect an algorithm that misidentifies videos and causes drama, though actual fines will likely only end up being enforced against actual offenders. Many folks will likely have de-monetized videos while the code screws things up.
  2. Ahskance

    Ranked is a joke for BBs

    German and Jap BBs are also armored against HE spam, though all BBs have enough armor to shatter all HE spam from Smolensk. Superstructure is the only pen-able area. The best cure for raging chatter is the "Block Messages" option. If your strategy is sound, you will climb. If your strategy is weak, you won't. Whining teammates don't alter that.
  3. Ahskance

    CV: Planes Circle

    As said by others above, you're experiencing packet loss. The gamedata is delayed and the planes don't understand where the real position is, so the animation freaks out trying to play catch up.
  4. Ha, I thought our flanking Kremlin was dead when he didn't back off to let the Haru torp-rush your Kremlin. That guy lived forever. I've found it's good to move west on that map. Station up between the caps at a small distance back in case of that eastern flank.
  5. Yeah that one was super close. Second one was close too, but I think my team just had better aim.
  6. I feel pretty awful at the moment, otherwise I'd verse you. Perhaps tomorrow around 6pm EST? A duel to the death! Or de-rank :p
  7. Oh good, a second CV player. I hit rank 5, had a win and a loss, then a wasteland of nothingness. Good to hear folks are getting there.
  8. 1) All the planes are remarkably fast, especially the torpedo and AP bombers. 2) The AP bombers have no windup time, so you can drop immediately for slingshot scouting. 3) The torpedo bombers take a bit to aim, but they have some of the tightest dispersion available. 4) As many have said, the secondaries are a big feature. Try to shift points into the range increase for fun and profit. 5) Rocket planes are low damage, but have good penetration values. They aren't great, but they're fairly consistant.
  9. Ahskance

    Getting back to CVs

    Planes aren't unlimited, so each one your lose counts. You can regen planes over time, but they average about 1 to 1.5 minutes per plane, so it'll be awhile if you burn all the ones you have every time you fly out. Tiny Tims have extremely high Pen values (66mm I believe), so they are excellent at hurting whatever they hit. The issue is hitting things. You can hit most of them on a bow-in run at a Battleship, some of them on a cruiser, and possibly one or two on a DD per pass. RNG-dependant.
  10. Ahskance

    Is 1 mil FXP worth $64.99?

    Um, I enjoy the Alaska a lot, but $65 is a bit much.
  11. Ahskance

    Why there are no CV's in Clan Battles?...

    2) Why stop at a hundred? We can easily say "balanced around thousands of things". This is a forum after all. Planes die to AA. One ship's AA isn't enough to kill all the planes, so two passes is guaranteed. Two ship's AA severely damages planes and may only allow one pass. Three ship's AA forces one pass, or perhaps none if the planes can't get to target. This is how the game is currently balanced. DD's are not strong in AA, they can be counted as .25 ships or .5 ships for AA purposes. 3) They remake clan maps frequently to keep things interesting. This is nothing new. 4) You can, in under a few minutes, find the top 100 players of a preferred CV by visiting http://na.wows-numbers.com Oddly enough, there are a lot of folks that don't suck in the new CVs, and a talented recruiter who has unlocked the ancient art of messaging can contact them in game.
  12. Ahskance

    Ranked vs Random

    In games with limited playerbases, having multiple Queues can dilute the player population. Ranked being an event causes a temporary drop in Random queues, until people rank-out or get the number they want and stop playing it.
  13. Ahskance

    Why there are no CV's in Clan Battles?...

    1) Not much to say in response to personal attacks. Not very classy, man. 2) CVs are balanced around AA bubbles. Solo ships get hurt, 2 ship groups ward off followup attacks (usually one pass, sometimes two), and three ships guarantee one attack pass or less. With 7 surface ships, that makes 2 pairs and a trio, or two groups of 3 with a scout that can retreat to friendly AA. 3) Simply making the clan maps slightly smaller guarantees a CV can be harassed by battleships and long range cruisers before they get to cover. Map spawn is an easy way to allow CV retaliation. 4) Any competitive scene has to scout talent. This is nothing new.
  14. Ahskance

    Why there are no CV's in Clan Battles?...

    I have heard that CVs may be included in next Clan Battle season. They are currently evaluating a spotting change which makes the enemy ship positions appear on the minimap for teammates, but not where they can see them. Somewhat like a Hurricane event causing low visibility.
  15. Ahskance

    AA Ships

    Or, don't play the game as though there isn't a CV in it. Again, don't go aggressive in a Cruiser when a Battleship or three is staring at you. After the Battleships are dead, go ham. Wait until the rocket planes are wiped out/used elsewhere before going aggressive. If the CV is conserving rocket planes, only push forward when smoke is available to force the CV to waste time circling or find other places to apply pressure... then fall back to your teammates until smoke is back up.