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  1. She should be similar to other Event Commanders in that you can have multiple like Statue of Liberty. I believe the Twitch mission for her is completable by watching the official twitch stream or any of our CCs, so you should have options to choose from.
  2. Yes, the Voiceover is added to the existing Commander. The Twitch Drop is a way for players to attain if they don't have her already.
  3. Ahskance

    Z-42 Should Have Been Better

    If you'd like, you can see the history of the ship via the Wiki: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Z-42
  4. Ahskance

    Z-42 Should Have Been Better

    The Z-42 has not been altered since she became available. - You may be referring to stats which only existed on the DevBlog when she was revealed as a ship that would be coming to the game. Shortly after the DevBlog was published, her stats were adjusted heavily so they would be more correct when starting the testing process. Test ships are not available for players outside of special programs. YouTube videos would reflect the final version of the ship. Test ships are not allowed to be used for content until they are in their Final or nearly-Final state. This prevents incorrect information as the testing process can have significant changes applied over a short span of time which could make older content no longer relevant.
  5. As others have said, in a less-coordinated environment the "safe-to-safe" push (your Home cap to their Home cap) can work out, but it requires two things: Immediate aggression from every player on your team. Tempo is important to avoid risk of cross-fire from the contested-cap flank. This is by no means guaranteed as many players learn to kite/trade instead of hard-and-fast pushing. Forward-heavy positions from the enemy team. If they are turned out to kite away, they can bleed time for their contested-cap allies to take positions and help. The A-to-B push has to happen so quickly and so violently that all of the enemy forces at B are annihilated before the C cap forces can set up to crossfire. If the B-forces kite out and delay, pushing into B could be extremely unpleasant. Further, if the push to B is sufficiently stalled, forces from C can instead wrap down to backcap A while looking for deeper flanking action. - It's not to say it can't happen, but it's really a very risky play to ask of a team that's not in comms and executing on pre-planned decisions.
  6. Ahskance

    Potential Damage

    Very nice! I think my highest is around 5.5m and that's got me beat handily :D
  7. To be honest, I did a Google search for "Ships sailing over the horizon" and that looked the most not like a container ship~ The ensuing conversation over what ship it could be was kinda cool, though <3
  8. Ahskance

    Hermes AA sector reinforcement

    Priority Sector deals %HP damage which is quite significant. It also occurs to every enemy squadron that is in range of the sector'd side, so you can deal a lot of damage when it affects more than one air group. In general, the %HP damage makes it always worth using. Buffing one side does decrease the other side, but as long as you are shooting at least 1 squad it'll work out. Exmaple: Ship has 100 AA dps and using Priority Sector on the left side. There are planes Left and Right of the ship. 150% left side = 150 dps 50% right side = 50 dps If there was a squadron on the left and the right, you're still dealing 200 dps overall which would be the same as if you didn't use Priority Sector. Not at all. The AA strength just returns to normal (100% on both sides) during the cooldown period. You can verify this by hitting "Alt" in client and it'll show you.
  9. Commanders! Do you see the masts rising over the horizon? Ships are coming in for testing soon and we'll be the first to talk about them <3 Join us on Wednesday, March 15th at 5pm CST over at https://www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships!
  10. Ahskance

    Stop bullying and stupid reporting.

    The beginning and end of this is that stuff like the Port message in the OP are not allowed. Things which directly violate our EULA should be Ticketed so they can be addressed because we don't want it in our game. Port Messages that break our rules can be Ticketed here: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/help/31336/31337/31345/31347/ In-Game Message that break our rules can be Ticketed here: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/help/31336/31337/31345/31346/
  11. Ahskance

    Brisbane Campaign Missions Full List

    Congratulations to you both!! You blew the event out of the water <3
  12. Ahskance

    Hermes secondary task false failure.

    Do you have a replay which shows this issue?
  13. Ahskance

    Research Bureau: Unique Rewards

    Yes, that's correct. I just checked in-game to verify: I'll let our guys know to update the article. Thanks for the catch!
  14. Ahskance

    Are subs being more accepted.

    I'm not sure off-hand what percentage of a whole is needed to give a representative sample, but the forums represent around a 1-2% section of the playerbase for the server. I don't think that's necessarily a blocker for polling as 20,000 people could be used as a sample of a 20,000,000 heavy populace. Samples are often generated through random selection of the whole to avoid a biased section over/under-weighting an opinion. The forums draw the attention of players that are, for lack of a better term, forum-goers. That by nature is a subset of the whole as 98+% would not fall under the "forum-goer" group innately as they don't frequent the forum. The views and concerns mentioned here are recorded. We take feedback from anywhere it exists and the forums are quite literally one of my main work areas. It's just worth remembering that an oft-repeated point on a forum is an oft-repeated point on a forum as opposed to a resounding cry from any and all walks of life. Common pain points regarding CVs, Subs, Matchmaker, and more are voiced in many places, which echoes forum sentiments but isn't proved simply by their existance in this one place.
  15. Ahskance

    Stop bullying and stupid reporting.

    I have edited out the name in the screenshots. Naming and Shaming is not allowed. As others have said, please make a Customer Support Ticket so that situations like this can be addressed. Port messages like that can be Ticketed here: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/help/31336/31337/31345/31347/.