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  1. @Edward_Liu The first Perma-Visual and Perma-Economic Bonus will be discounted. The current full price will be broken up between them (for the first acquisition). Current: 5,000 Doubloons for a Tier 10 Permacamo Future: 4,800 Doubloons for a Tier 10 Perma-Econ Bonus Future: 200 Doubloons for a Tier 10 Perma-Visual This choice is for each ship.
  2. There is an option which allows the clan to redeem a large amount of Oil as Containers for clanmates. Also, it's fun to have a challenge bar to push for during the weekend.
  3. Ahskance

    people reporting because you play a cv

    Chat Restrictions from Customer Support disable chat entirely, not just during battles. Also, Chat Restrictions from CS are recorded and will be escalated on. Repeated problems can result in permanent loss of chat.
  4. Ahskance

    people reporting because you play a cv

    I sad to hear that :\ If someone is being obnoxious to you in chat, please make a Customer Support Ticket and send the Replay. If they're treating you badly, they're treating others badly too :\ You might be having a problem with the Flak Walling that happens when Flak gets to high levels. You can attenuate that to a degree by turning during your attack run. This video can help you understand how to avoid Flak.
  5. Ahskance

    CV's in Ranked

    Ships are balanced for Random Battles as that is the primary game-mode for World of Warships. That being said, it's very uncommon for a CV Driver to find themselves fighting against 11 enemy ships. Flanks usually break teams into halves and then ships tend to disperse out into sub-groups of 2 or 3 ships. In terms of 6v6 Ranked, CVs will typically interact with 2-3 ship Sub-Groups, so the AA interactions are actually fairly similar. There is another aspect of Ranked play which impacts how a CV is played. CV strikes are quite accurate often because of teammates threatening gun-fire angles and "pinning" hostile ships to certain positions/angles. When the Ranked format has less teammates, that can result in more movement options for enemy ships which can reduce damage impact/influence.
  6. I watched your match and my biggest question is: "How do you see that match playing differently if there was no CV?" The constant triple BB threat in Ranked makes aggressive positioning in a Cruiser rather tough. Your southern line push stalled out as you'd have to charge 3 (later 2) Battleships, which is after the CV completely abandoned interacting with you. What would you have liked to see in the match that you felt was not present?
  7. Ahskance

    people reporting because you play a cv

    The "Unsporting Conduct" is actually because of dealing 0 damage with Planes. If you want to spot, that is fine, but please deal at least some amount of damage to an enemy ship with your planes during the match.
  8. Ahskance

    OK Just for fun.....

    It's significant, but not that high. It's about 2/3'ds of a player worth in XP. We have a video about the Economy that explains it:
  9. Ahskance

    What is with the TV Dish

    OP's question has been answered. Some removed posts show this topic will go nowhere good if left unlocked.
  10. Ahskance

    Cherbourg and Cherry Blossom

    CVs can hit Bunkers/Buildings. Sometimes the aiming can be a little strange, but it's certainly doable.
  11. Ahskance

    Hornet QUESTION 11.4

    Not really sure why that would have happened. There weren't any changes to her.
  12. Ahskance

    Is operation Narai still worth it ?

    You can get great returns in Narai, but you might consider joining a group so you can make sure you are sharing the XP/Rewards. Solo queueing can be hit or miss since there are many players which are extremely good at farming the rewards with practiced ease and leaving little for others.
  13. Ahskance

    Strange wake effects

    When you get home, please uninstall the Mods then update your Graphics Drivers. After that, if you continue to have issues please take some Screenshots and put them in this post for us.
  14. We've placed a post in General Discussion to collect your Feedback there! Please visit this post:
  15. Ahskance

    Strange wake effects

    Please try the game with no Mods installed just to make sure there's no weirdness there. If you can, please provide some screenshots of the issue?