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    This. For all the bad about speed, guns, and penetration, the armour is the major letdown. Bow on or angled doesn't matter, you're eating full penetrations from BBs and AP flinging CAs every time because of the ship's width; that alone negates any talk of this thing being a tank. It's squishy like none other and really reinforces why the Iowa (even without considering guns or speed) is the superior ship. If it were up to me I'd give the Minnesota Iowa calibre barrels because you can then at least have some measure of consistency to offset every other weakness she possesses just to gain three extra guns.
  2. Covalence

    Minnesota: Odin's beard.!

    An abundance of alcohol and lack of sense got me this ship and even that isn't enough to overlook the problems with it. For one the 40s reload is horribad. It would've been a decent balancing feature if the Minnesota had Iowa guns, but the Colorado level guns screw her bad at this tier given the penetration values and shotgun accuracy (sigma may be decent, but you ain't hitting many citadels even with half-decent volleys). IMO Flamu's recent video highlights this aspect best when you're arguably better off LARPing as a British BB half the time. Next is armour. On paper its bloody amazing, but in practice you're going to eat pens and HE damage galore because angling is difficult and random full-pen hits are a consistent reality. I could live with it if you could reasonably disengage, but that top speed? Yeah, you're a damage pinata. Oh and let's not forget that utterly lethargic heal throwing a wrench into what you should be best at. IMO this thing either needs a ~35 second base reload or improved heal to compensate for the innate weaknesses because unless you luck out with starting position or teammates you are at best only good for letting others top the scoreboard.
  3. Except the NM has the benefit of smaller map size pool, shorter main gun reload, and living in a tier with less HE spam. You might get the Kansas into mid-range, but you won't be lasting long given the armour scheme (especially when bottom tier), and that 40s reload will seriously hurt your damage potential if your accuracy die roll says "lol nope." Either the armour needs to be adjusted to allow for some measure of tanking (38mm deck would be probably be enough) or the guns need a <35s reload to help balance the shotgun accuracy. If she's going to be slow, a lethargic 12 gun broadside alone isn't enough to make up for everything else.
  4. The Mass is a North Carolina that can melt rushing DDs/cruisers and all but heal twice as fast - it's largely better in most regards and removes the need to have the NC occupying a port slot. The guns are the supposed weakness, but even secondary spec'd I've never had a bad game with them, at least if you're good at predicting. Once you get her into mid to short range you're golden and that decent rudder and turning circle help a lot with torpedo beats. I wouldn't say it's the absolute best tier 8 BB though; broadside you're dead (especially in uptiered matches) and it can be sluggish given the middling top speed. If you're good at positioning, angling, and understanding when and how to push, however, it's a ridiculously good ship and rewards smart play. Also nothing beats having AL Baltimore captain scream "FIRE!" every time you give a full salvo I'm honestly not too surprised it's so popular or has withstood the power creep.
  5. For all those noting or remembering the previous collabs, yeah I can confirm don't spend money you cannot on the crates. Two crates landed me two Baltimores, because obviously that's exactly what I needed with the American BB split coming up Seriously, if you're really wanting one and don't want to spend an arm and a leg only take the one crate and cross your fingers because this is a pure loot box money grab at best. Either WG needs to remove the duplication or allow for individual captain purchases; this sort of model is unsustainable given current market conditions.